District Seven: Angeline Mason's Reaping

I tip toe through the kitchen, grabbing an apple for my breakfast on my way through. I glance at the old grandfather clock hanging above the shabby table and chairs. 2:45 am. Perfect. The meeting doesn't start until 3 am, but it's a fairly long walk, especially in the dark, where I am totally, one hundred percent aware of my surroundings.

I go outside into the fresh, midnight summer air and close the door carefully, taking care to make sure it doesn't make a loud sound like last time. It took me a while to get myself out of that one. I was grounded for weeks, even though I told my Father that I couldn't sleep and just wanted some air.

I hate lying to my Father, but it is better than him knowing the truth. I'd much rather he didn't know the truth. That I am part of a secret band of rebels. We meet in a small shack at the very back of the forest surrounding district seven to discus how we are going to take down the Capitol.

I walk through the forest on high alert in case anyone, or anything, jumps out at me or is hiding from me. I make it to the shack safely and go to the door. I do the code knock, three quick knocks followed by another two slower ones two seconds later. That's how to let each other know that it is just one of us, not any officials or anyoen unexpected. Unless someone does that knock, even if we know who is at the door, we are strictly prohibited to answer it, as if we get caught, then we are all toast. I know we won't get caught, though, we're too good for that.

Casper, one of the other rebels, lets me in and I nod gratefully at him. I was getting quite cold stood there waiting. I took my seat beside him and waited for the meeting to start.

"Firstly, I would like to welcome you all back and thank you all for your commitment to this group. Together, if we put in one hundred and ten percent, we can overcome the Capitol!" Karen James, our leader, told us.

We all let out loud cheers, excited at the prospect of no more Hunger Games. We can make as much noise as we want here because we are sighted in the middle of nowhere. Nobody can hear us for miles.

"However, if we want to overcome the Capitol and protect both ourselves and our loved ones, we actually have to do something instead of sitting here all the time, just talking about it. So, I propose that next year, not this year, we are far to unprepared, we bomb the tribute trains on the way to the Capitol on reaping day. What are the Hunger Games with no tributes? The Capitol will be at a lot, and as for President Snow, well, let's just say, dealing with him will be fun!" James tells us.

"That's all very well, Mrs James, but how are supposed to bomb them, we don't have any hovercrafts. Plus, isn't it a bit unfair, killing twenty four innocent children?" Casper asked.

"Well, Mr French, let me answer your questions for you. The answer to the first one is simply that is why I have gave us a year. I know someone in district six who can lend us a couple of hover crafts for the day, which have special powers to make the hovercrafts become invisable on demand. We can bomb them unspotted and then return the hovercraft and act as normal, waiting for the President's reaction. And the answer to your second question is, these children are all going to die, anyway. Even though, physically, one of them would win if the games went to plan, spritually, they would die when they killed their first tribute." James explained, tapping her long nails on the desk.

I walk out of the meeting once it is over, excited that we finally get to do something. I am certain that this will work. I know if we all work together it will work. We can take over and protect the districts from the games. I am absorbed in my happy thoughts all the way home.

I let myself into the house quietly and go to the kitchen. I eat the same apple I took earlier and gllance up at the clock. 6 AM. Everyone will be up soon, to get ready for the reaping.

"Couldn't sleep?" a voice asks, practically reading my mind.

I shake my head as my Father sits down opposite me. Ever since my Mother died when I was younger, my Father is super protective over me. I'm not allowed to do anything without his permission. That is why I don't tell him about the rebels, because I know he will never let me do it. In addition tot hat, if we ever get caught, they will question him, and it is better if he knows nothing. That way, he is safer.

My Father pours himself a coffee, one of the few luxeries we have, and sits opposite me. I eat my apple loudly as he sips his coffee silently, thinking. We remain this way until my younger sisters, Nomi and Dale come charging down the stairs.

"Dad, please, I need my own room! I can't share with her anymore, she snores like a pig!" my sixteen year old sister Dale complains, referring to my fifteen year old sister, Nomi.

"Well, I need my own room as well, because she is just so untidy. I swear, I am going to trip and break my neck on one of her stupid cuddly toys!" Nomi moaned, referring to Dale.

"Girls, can you please get along today. It's reaping day. Please. I've already told you. This house only has four bedrooms. One for me, one for Conner as he is a boy, one for Angeline as she is the oldest girl and needs her own space, which means as the youngest two, you two have to share. I know you both have to suffer a lot, but I think you two are very sensible and mature and handle it very well, like an adult" my Father continues to flatter them until they both wear down and call a truce.

"Fine, we can make it work, especially as I am so mature" Nomi muttered under her breath as not to start another row over who was more mature.

When Conner finally gets up, we all eat our breakfast, quietly, just wanting to enjoy our time together just incase the unthinkable happend today. We always eat like this on reaping day, just in case it is our last meal together. Even after the reaping, during evening meal, we eat like this, full of sorrow for the families that are probably going to loose their children/siblings.

After breakfast we talk about life in general and just sit there, grateful for this is one of very few occasions that we all sit together and talk like this. However, with the gloom of the reaping hanging over us, we can't quite enjoy it as much as we want to. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that this will be the last Hunger Games before us rebels strike next year.

At about nine, I get up to use the bathroom before Noni, Dale or Conner can get in there. They take ages in there. Especially Dale. I have a quick shower and wash my hair. We aren't rich-but we do well, we aren't poor and we can afford a few luxeries like a shower.

When I am finished in the shower, I dry myself then go to my own room and get changed into my reaping outfit, which consists of a green dress. The dress has ruffled sleeves and falls just below my mid-calf.

I dry my hair until it is all soft and shiny. I brushed my hair back until it looked all soft and nice. I slid on my pumps and walked downstairs to wait with my Father and Conner to go to the reaping.

"Where are Noni and Dale?" I ask, impatiently.

"Still getting ready" Conner sighs, rolling his eyes.

"You can go ahead and walk with Eva and Matt, if you want." Father told me.

"Thanks" I nod, giving them both a hug.

"Tell Noni and Dale I said bye, and that I'll look out for them at the reaping," I call, walking out of he door.

I walk towards Matt and Eva's house in silence. Matt and Eva are twins, and both my best friends. It's kind of awkward at the moment, to be honest, because Matt has a crush on me, and I don't like him back. We don't let it affect our friendship though, even though I often catch him looking at me longer than he should.

Eva opens the door and greets me with a high five. She runs in to say good bye to her Mum and Dad and tells them she'll see them later (ever optimistic, Eva, not even bothering to worry about the tiny chance that she will get reaped). She returns less than two minutes later with Matt who smiles at me.

"Hey," he murmers shyly.

"Hey!" I greet him friendly, trying to avoid his shyness.

We walk to the reaping, chatting about anything and everyone. When we get there, we sign in and then Matt goes to the boys section whilst me and Eva go to the female section and stand with the other seventeen year olds. I stand on tip toes, craning my neck to see if I can spot Noni or Dale, when I do, I give them a nod and a smile. They smile back and head to their appropriate age sections.

I wait patiently, chatting to some people around me until our district escort, Fredrick Glastonfest, clambered onto the stage in outrageously high heels and glittery green, exceedingly tight trousers and a baggy sparkly green shirt. His skin is dyed green to match his outfit. I roll my eyes and stiffle a giggle as he nearly trips in his heels.

Fredrick gives a long, boring speech, the same one he gives every year, about the dark days and about how 'amaing' the Capitol is. Then, he finally gets to the part which the whole district had been holding their breath for. He clatters over to the girls bowl and puts his hand in. He swivels his hand around the bowl and then plucks it out. He then unfolds the paper slowly and takes a deep breath for dramatic effect.

"Angeline Mason"


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