Ava Brett

Chapter One

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Author Note – Only one new story after this one to go!

This one is a very clear A/U! I always thought there was two ways Dean could have gone when it came to his father. The first was following him blindly like he does in the series and the second is blaming him for what happened and the life they lead afterwards, In short Dean resenting and almost hating his father. I thought I'd explore it and see what came from it.

Chapters will be short but everyone will make an appearance

Summary - A/U – When Sam is injured on a hunt Dean takes matters into his own hands. He is getting both him and his brother out of the Hunting business once and for all. He'll do whatever it takes and nothing will stop him, not his father, not the law, and certainly not the fact he's a child. One way or another they will escape.

Romances – Not in this one I'm afraid

"You remember what you have to do Dean?" John Winchester asked, staring down at his son. Dean was staring straight ahead of him, his face expressionless. He didn't answer in words instead giving one curt nod.

John licked his lips nervously, reaching out and touching Dean's shoulder ignoring the way the young boy flinched away from his touch.

"I'll be with you the whole time" he continued to say unsure whether he was trying to reassure Dean or him self. "I won't allow it to get you it's just-" his voice trailed off and he swallowed deeply, looking away from Dean's still body to stare at the building in front of him.

What could he say?

He was sorry but Dean fit the creature's victim pattern perfectly and so it made sense to send his own son into danger? Words seemed inadequate.

Dean hadn't said anything but Dean rarely said anything if it wasn't to do with Sam. It was as though his nine year old son had shut off the day of the fire, not allowing anyone to grow close to him. John had tried to understand him but Dean was beyond him. Sammy was easier to understand, as long as Dean was near him the youngest was happy. Take Dean away and Sam reacted. John already knew the best way to get his youngest to behave was to threaten Dean. That worked like a treat even though he hated himself every time he did it.

God if Mary could see him now. She would kick his ass her self.

"Are you ready Dean?" he asked praying for Dean to say something, anything to him but the boy remained silent, shifting his shoulder beneath John's hand. "Dean" Dean looked up, cold serious green eyes looking up to meet his with a look that chilled John.

Dean nodded once more, his gaze going to the car, a warm smile coming to his face as his eyes met Sam's. Sam was pressed against the window, his breath misting the glass, his eyes fixed on Dean, never once did they move from the older boy to look at John. It was as though John didn't exist.

"Go then" Dean turned away from Sam, not bothering to look at John again as he stepped forward and walked towards the building, hands stuffed in his pockets, playing the part of a lost boy. John wondered whether Dean had ever been a boy.

He watched as Dean slipped into the building and said a little prayer for the son who hated him.

Author Note – I know, proper short chapter and all but the others will be longer! This was only short because it was John's point of view.