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Over all Summary

A/U – When Sam is injured on a hunt Dean takes matters into his own hands. He is getting both him and his brother out of the hunting business once and for all. He'd do whatever it takes and nothing will stop him, not his father, not the law and certainly not the fact that he's a child. One way or another they will escape.

Chapter Summary

Dean has some doubts…

Chapter Seven

Dean stared down at his soggy cereal, his thoughts whirling chaotically around his head as he tried desperately to figure out the best plan of action to fulfil his plan. He knew he had to get them out of this life style and away from their father before something terrible happened to Sam, they had to get to Bobby's house, a place where they had both been safe for once. It was where Sam had said he wanted to go and it was where Dean would somehow get him to.

And yet he knew that if he did manage to take Sam to Bobby's house then Bobby was likely to ring their father to let them know he had them and then their father would come all the way to South Dakota to drag them back kicking and screaming if that was what it took. Dean had only one chance of getting this right, if he failed then it would be Sammy who would pay the price with him and Dean couldn't allow that to happen. Whatever happened he had to keep Sam safe from all danger, including from their father's temper.

Perhaps he could get them to Bobby and strike a deal with their father while Bobby was there. Maybe if another adult was in the room watching what was happening then John would have no choice but to listen to what Dean was saying to him, perhaps he would realised just how serious the situation was if they simply disappeared from where he had left them. Dean needed to head to an adult he trusted, one who could help him. If it wasn't Bobby then he didn't know who they could trust.

It had to be Bobby there was no other option.

Dean frowned, rubbing at his forehead. All these thoughts and worries were beginning to give him a headache.

"I've finished Deanie" Dean blinked, turning his head so he could look at Sam, his worry banished at the sight of Sam's wide grin at him.

"Let's see" Dean commented, raising and eyebrow when Sam picked up his bowl carefully and tilted it towards Dean so that Dean could see that it was empty of food.

"What about the banana Sammy, did you eat that like I told you to?" Dean asked, pushing his half eaten breakfast away from him and coming to his feet, taking the empty bowl from Sam and heading over to the small kitchen area so he could dump it into the sink to wash up later when Sam was suitably occupied with something else.

"I ate most of it but it was yucky Dean" Sam stated, Dean glanced back over his shoulder, his gaze on the banana which Sam was holding up for him to see, a pleading look on his face. Dean turned to face him, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against the side, tilting his head to the left in a considering fashion before he sighed and shrugged.

"Fine" he said watching as Sam's face broke into a grin at his words. "You've eaten enough fro now Sammy but you'll be finishing that banana for your mid morning snack" he stated firmly, ignoring the way Sam's face fell at his words. He took the banana from his brother, wrapping the skin around it to help keep it fresh before he placed it on the kitchen counter turning back to look at Sam who's eyes had gone back to the television. It looked as though Transformers was on. "Come on Sam time to get dressed" he said. Sam nodded, sliding off his chair and heading over to the bed he had been sleeping in.

Dean followed him, lifting the small bag which held Sam's belonging onto the bed and unzipping it. He glanced back over his shoulder, looking out of the window, his attention fixed on the overcast sky with a slight frown before he turned back to his task at hand and picked out a pair of comfortable jeans and a long sleeve grey t-shirt for his brother to wear.

"I don't want to wear that top Deanie, its boring." Sam whined "I want to wear my batman one." Dean rolled his eyes before he looked again through the back, pulling out the t-shirt in question and dropping it on the bed.

"You can wear the batman over this top Sammy, its gonna be chilly outside" Dean remarked, patting his hand against the one he had already placed on the bed, he turned his gaze to Sam who was looking at both t-shirts thoughtfully as though he was trying to work out whether Dean's suggestion was a good one or not. "Are you going to be ok dressing yourself?" he asked, smiling when Sam's lower lip shot out, his eyebrows meeting together in a frown.

"I'm not a baby anymore Deanie, I can dress my self just fine." He scoffed at him, shaking his head as he grabbed the pair of jeans Dean had laid out on the bed for him. He was about to pull them on when Dean stopped him.

"Underwear comes first Sammy, you know that" he stated, rolling his eyes again and handing Sam a fresh pair before he headed back to the kitchen area and to the drawer which the money their father had left them was stored.

He pulled it out, looking at the large wad of cash in his hand. There had to be at least two hundred dollars for them which was more then enough for what he needed, it definitely could get them transportation into the next town.

He breathed out, his hand tightening on the money as he felt his resolve waver slightly.

Was doing this really the best thing for Sam? Perhaps it was better for him to wait until their father came back from his latest hunt and try and speak to him, if he hadn't been drinking then there was a chance, however faint it might be, that he would listen to him this time. Maybe he would agree to send Sam to Bobby's to stay while Dean remained with John and hunted with him. Dean would happily do it if it meant that their Dad agreed to Sam staying with Bobby. Dean would miss him but he could put up with the loneliness if it meant that Sam would be safe and happy where he wanted to be.

All Dean wanted was for his brother to be happy, nothing else mattered.

Dean turned towards his brother, opening his mouth to speak when he suddenly stopped his mouth closing as his gaze landed on his brother's injured back, an injury which should never had happened because Sam should never have been brought with them to the barn the previous night. Dean had begged their father to leave Sam in the motel room, safe and protected by the salt lines which would have kept any spirit away from him but the older man had refused stating that he knew better then Dean and if Dean simply obeyed his orders then his brother would be completely fine.

The man wouldn't listen to him.

If Dean spoke to him then he would simply ignore him the same way he always did. Worse then that there was a chance that the older man would realise that Dean was up to something and Dean couldn't allow that. Their father couldn't know.

"I'm done" Sam stated happily as he turned to face Dean with a proud smile on his face.

Dean nodded, glancing down at the t-shirt and rolled his eyes, stepping towards Sam with a shake of his head.

"You've got your t-shirt on the wrong way Sammy!" he stated with a sigh. "Get your arms up" Sam pulled a face at the order but obeyed it, allowing Dean to pull his t-shirt off. He turned it the right way round and put it on his brother properly, running a hand over Sam's light hair to smooth it down. "Go and brush your teeth Sam and then grab your coat, we're going out."

Sam's eyes lit up at Dean's statement.

"We're going out?" he repeated excitedly causing Dean to smile as he nodded

"That's what I said, I've got a few things to do but how about we go and get an ice cream once its finished and go to the park?" he offered, Sam nodded. "Good go and do your teeth" he said, calling after his brother as Sam turned and hurried towards the bathroom.

Dean bit down on his lower lip, looking after Sam.

This was the right thing to do, he just knew it.

Author Note

Hope you enjoyed it!