This is just a random little dark and dirty one-shot. Everything in Twilight happened up to the wedding. After that, I'm having some fun ;) Very dark/dominant Peter, slightly crazy Bella, and Edward is pretty much just Edward. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story line, SM owns the characters I'm just having fun with them.

Being a mind-reader is more a curse than a blessing most days. You get to hear exactly what everyone thinks of you without the benefit of a verbal filter. Most of the time this is irritating, but occasionally it can be very, very useful. When you catch a thought someone really tried to bury, you can choose to ignore it, or you can hold onto it and let the idea grow in your own mind until it has a life of its own. One such thought has changed everything in my world, for the better. For the much, much, better...

It all started at our wedding reception. I was completely focused on Bella so most thoughts went completely past me without even registering. We were moving around, greeting our guests, when Jasper brought his brother over to meet Bella. Peter was very much a typical vampire, not at all like our family. He moved with the sleek grace of a predator, his red eyes missed nothing, and he carried a general air of danger about him. He had a very quiet nature, more silent observer than opinionated speaker, but he watched everything with a detached superiority. It wasn't that he was cocky or arrogant, it was just that he knew exactly who he was and what he was capable of, and he was completely confident in himself, regardless of the situation.

Peter had always secretly intrigued me. I met him about five years after Jasper and Alice joined our family, when he was still married to Charlotte. For some reason I piqued his interest the first time he saw me. He didn't say a word to anyone, just looked me straight in the eye and thought, I could have some fun with you, boy. I had no idea what he meant or how to take it so I just ignored it and tried to move on. Every time he would visit I would catch him watching me with a calculating look, but he always masked his thoughts behind scenes from the wars, or his numerous sexual encounters.

The last time he came to visit was just after I met Bella. He listened to the family talk about my new obsession and his eyes narrowed infinitesimally. He blocked his thoughts as usual but not before one leaked through- he's mine. Jasper must have picked up something from his emotions because he turned to look sharply at Peter before whipping his head back around to look at me. I quickly excused myself and headed straight to Bella's, where I followed her around until I was sure he was gone.

A few months after that visit, Jasper told us that Peter's wife, Charlotte, had left him. I actually felt bad for him until I overheard Jasper tell Alice what really happened. Peter caught her cheating on him and he killed both her and her lover right in their bed before they could move. The only reason Peter called to tell Jasper what he had done was to let him know he was going on the road for a while- he burned the house down with them. I ran straight for the woods and sat for hours trying to understand my reaction. I was not disgusted or horrified. To my shock and confusion, I was painfully aroused.

Back at my wedding reception, all these thoughts flashed through my head the instant I locked eyes with Peter. As if he could suddenly read my mind, his lips drew back in a slow smirk and he thought, Happy to see me, boy? I was utterly mortified when I realized that I was, in fact, very happy to see him. I pulled Bella in front of me to hide my growing erection and actually stuttered when I said, "B-Bella, this is P-Peter, he's Jasper's brother."

Peter turned his crimson eyes down at my bride with a toothy grin and said in his smooth Southern accent, "It's a pleasure to meet ya, ma'am. I'm honored to meet the woman who could capture Eddie's heart." I worried he had scared her when I heard her heart rate pick up; she hadn't seen any human drinkers since the battle back in June. Then I saw Peter's eyes darken just before I smelled her arousal. What the hell?

"I'm so happy to meet you too, Peter. Jasper has told me so much about you and all you have done for him."

Too my complete and utter shock, Peter laughed. First he smiles at her, and now he was laughing? Who is this man? "Oh, darlin', I highly doubt he has told ya all I have done for him. I do many different things for many different people." I shivered when he sent me an image of Jasper on his knees with his mouth wrapped around Peter's cock.

Peter brought his eyes back to mine and thought, Bring her to me when she's less breakable. You were both meant for much more than this ridiculous human charade.

Our honeymoon was decidedly anticlimactic. Sex with Bella was ok, but not the mind-blowing experience I expected. Based on her sighs and the looks she gave me, she was feeling the same way. Three nights of hearing her breathe Peter's name in her sleep was enough to make me bring up the subject of her change. We left the next morning for Alaska.

If I thought biting Bella would bring back the connection we were lacking, I was sorely disappointed. Bella was a violent, bloodthirsty newborn who wanted nothing to do with the family and fought me constantly about hunting animals. We lived miles from the nearest city but we spent most of our days chasing her down and bringing her back home each time she went after humans.

Rose and Esme left two months after she was turned. They were honestly scared of Bella and what she might do to them. Carlisle and Emmett followed only a week later when Bella ripped Carlisle's arm off and Jasper said he would have to start handling her like he did the newborns in the war. The first time Jasper brought her down with his emotional cocktail of fear and anger and started to remove her legs, she turned right back to him and unleashed all of her hatred, depression, and betrayal. It was enough to drop him to a fetal position and Alice had to carry him away. Before he was out of my range he managed to think two words clearly, Call Peter.

As I held Bella's legs tight to help them reattach, I asked her if she wanted me to call Peter. With the first rational response I'd seen in months, she looked me straight in the eye and said, "Only if he's taking me hunting his way." I sighed; I had nothing more to lose, so why not? When I called Peter I wasn't surprised to hear him say he was almost there. He had this way of just knowing things, and he knew we needed him. I just didn't know exactly how much we needed him.

When Peter arrived I expected him to bark orders at Bella much like Jasper had done. I was completely shocked when he carefully gathered her up in his arms and spoke softly to her, practically crooning. "Hey little one, have they been mistreatin' ya? Are ya hungry, baby girl?" She nodded against his chest and whimpered, a pitiful sound that completely broke me. What had I done to my poor mate? I listened to everyone but her; I abandoned her when she needed me most.

"You comin' boy? She's gonna wanna fuck once she gets fed. I don't mind takin' care of her, but it's your decision." As Peter spoke I realized I didn't mind him taking care of her, as long as he took care of me too. How could I have been so jealous of Jacob Black but so willing to share Bella with Peter? It just felt like we belonged with him. His tender look down at Bella was what sent me over the edge. With that, my decision was made. "Let's go."

We took off running to Juneau, the nearest large city, in search of our prey. Peter carried Bella and I ran close beside them. "So what made you call me, boy? Did Jasper try to control her and she turned his gift against him?" I was shocked but all I could do was nod. "He knew I was the only one who could help her- I'm the only other newborn who's done that to him before."

Running into the city, we slipped into an alley where Peter told us to wait. "Listen, baby, I'm gonna go find ya somethin' eat. Just stay right here and hold your breath 'til I get back, ok? Don't make it hard for Eddie to keep hold of ya. Be a good girl and I'll make sure ya get your fill, alright?" When she nodded, he handed her over to me. My arms brushed his and I held back a gasp at the shock of electricity between us. He looked me straight in the eye and thought, You belong with me. Both of you. Think about it.

As we waited for Peter to return, I turned to my wife and said, "Bella, I'm so sorry, love. I should have listened to you and not the family. I should have killed Jasper for hurting you. Can you ever forgive me?" Her black eyes turned to me and said, "Let me feed and then we can talk. I'm barely hanging on right now, but I know better than to disobey Peter." I agreed and just held her in silence until Peter approached. I put Bella down in front of me but held her arms back until he got closer.

He dragged a pile of unconscious humans with him, three in each arm. He picked the first one up and slowly approached Bella, talking quietly the whole way. "Listen, baby girl, I know you're hungry, but you need to go slow. Bite carefully and try to drink slow enough so you can drain them effectively. If you tear into them you'll waste the blood an' I know you don't wanna do that, do ya?" She whimpered again and shook her head pitifully. Peter nodded and brought the first neck to her mouth, praising her when she bit carefully and started drinking. "Good girl, I knew you could do it! That's my girl."

She finished off four large men before she was finally sated enough to stop. She launched herself into Peter's arms and hugged him tightly saying thank you over and over. Peter turned to me and then eyed the remaining two humans on the ground. Wanna eat with me now? I looked him straight in the eye as I picked up the nearest one and bit down on his neck. The liquid ambrosia flooded my tongue and brought with it a clarity of thought I hadn't had since my rebellious period. This felt right. This felt good.

As soon as I dropped the body, Bella launched herself at me and crashed her mouth to mine. Our tongues battled for dominance and I reached under her shirt to squeeze her breasts hard. Her nipples pebbled under my fingers and I dipped my head down to pull one into my mouth while I fingered the other one. As I pulled her shirt off I caught her eye and paused for a minute. She darted her eyes to Peter and I nodded slightly before turning and holding out my hand to him. He was watching us with dark hooded eyes.

"You sure, boy? If I take ya now, you're mine for good. I don't give up what belongs to me. You and the baby here both belong with me. We're cut from the same cloth, even if you don't see it yet. We were made for this life and I can make it a good life for ya."

"I know you can, Peter. I want it, I want you. Bella does too. We're yours." I barely got the words out before he grabbed me and pulled me up for a brutal kiss. It was like nothing I had ever felt. Where Bella was soft and yielding, he was hard and conquering. As he ravaged my mouth, his hand reached out and cupped me through my jeans. He groaned and his thoughts came through clearer than ever before. I've waited a long time for you, boy. I've never wanted anyone as much as you.

Reaching down he unbuttoned my pants at the same time Bella ripped my shirt off from behind. Her nails raked up and down my chest as Peter reached down and took me in his hand, pumping me a few times. I growled and looked up at him sharply. I'm gonna fuck you good, boy. You think you can take me? Show me. He let go of me and roughly pushed me down to my knees in front of him. I shivered in anticipation as he slowly unbuckled his belt and opened his jeans. As he leaned over my head to kiss Bella, I took him in my mouth and swallowed. I swirled my tongue around him and bobbed my head a few times before he grabbed my head and began thrusting roughly into my mouth. Following his directions in my thoughts I reached up and cupped his balls and then reached back to press firmly on the skin just behind them. He growled a rough, "FUCK" before shooting his load straight down my throat. I licked him clean and stood up smiling proudly.

"You're a quick learner, boy. I can have some fun with you. Now turn around. You're gonna take care of my baby girl while I take you. Got it?" I nodded and turned to face Bella. She pulled my face down to her level and said, "Edward, that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen." before she plunged her tongue in my mouth. I groaned when I realized she was tasting Peter on my tongue. I reached down to unbutton her pants and she shimmied them down before stepping out of them.

Peter came up right behind me and reached around to plunge his fingers deep in her pussy. He put his other hand on my back and thought, Take her. Take her now. I didn't say a word, just lifted Bella up and slammed into her as hard as I could. She threw her head back and started to scream but I put my hand over her mouth to muffle the sound. I pulled her face down to me and captured her lips with my own to hide her noises.

I felt Peter's knee nudge my legs farther apart and I bent my knees to compensate. His wet fingers circled my virgin hole and he thought Just relax. I'll take care of you. You know you want this, just as much as I do. I felt his finger enter me slowly, more gently than I expected, and he followed it with another soon after that. He licked my neck and grazed it with his teeth as his fingers worked to ready me for him. He pulled his other hand around and told me to spit in it, then he reached down and stroked himself a few times.

My breath caught when I felt his fingers pull out and his cock pressing at my entrance. Relax, boy. Just breathe. And then he pressed into me, inch by inch, until I felt whole for the first time in my very long life. We didn't move for a minute; my head was on Bella's shoulder and Peter's was on mine. You ready boy? I couldn't speak so I just nodded and he started moving. He pressed forward and I pushed farther into Bella. When he pulled back I pulled out. He was in charge here in every single way and I just let go of my control and went along for the ride. His thoughts were a mindless swirl of growls and snarls and the occasional MINE!

With every stroke we moved closer to euphoria and I felt more at peace with myself. He was what I was missing all this time. I had been denying myself and hating myself for a century and tonight he was giving it all back to me. I knew what he meant; I would never let him go now. He brought my wife back from the brink of madness; I knew she would never leave us either.

I felt Bella tighten just as Peter roared his release, and when I felt his teeth slice into my neck I exploded as well. I started to sag down but Peter pushed us up against the brick wall behind Bella and thought Just stay here for a minute. I need to feel ya for a bit. I've waited so long for this, for you. Just let me feel. At that moment it dawned on me just how lonely Peter has been. How many people have walked away and abandoned him because they didn't understand his ways, his mind. I vowed then that I would treasure him and let him know he had me from now on.

Bella finally broke the silence by breathing, "Thank you. I finally feel like myself again. I was losing my mind these past few months and I finally found it here tonight." Peter looked up at her and smiled. "I know, little one, I know. I know what ya need 'n how ya think. You're just like me. You're just like my boy here. Everythin's gonna be ok now. I've got ya both. I'll look after ya."

In that dark alley surrounded by bodies, both dead and immortal, filled with human blood and my two lovers, I finally found peace in the midst of danger.