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I sat at my piano, completely absorbed in my music, with little thought as to what my mates were doing. It was a testament to my distraction that I actually jumped when Peter suddenly appeared beside me on the piano bench. Did I manage ta sneak up on ya, boy? I rolled my eyes and continued playing, a smirk appearing on my face. I knew how much he loved to watch me play; he must have been watching for quite a while, judging by the obvious bulge in his jeans. I ended the song I was playing and transitioned to a more sensual piece that I wrote with Peter in mind. The deep notes and minor chords were a musical interpretation of my powerful mate.

He moved even closer to me and growled low. I love to watch you play, boy, but I can think of much better places those pretty fingers can be right now.

"Really, Peter?" I murmured, pressing my leg against his, as he ran his calloused palm up my thigh. "And where might that be?"

I only missed a few notes when he growled again and grabbed my cock through my suddenly tight pants. How about I take you in the bedroom and show ya? I turned my head to the side and my hands fell from the keys when he crashed his lips to mine. I started laughing when he broke the kiss to sling me over his shoulder and run me to the bedroom of our lavish New York penthouse.

I loved our home; it was the perfect example of compromise in our unique relationship. Peter liked the city for the endless hunting available, Bella enjoyed the museums and libraries, and I indulged in the luxuries I had always enjoyed. I saw every Broadway play and attended countless concerts all over the City. I dragged my mates to parties and balls, enjoying the envious looks and lustful thoughts of the other guests. I filled our home with the plushest furnishings, and artwork from artists all over the world. My mates couldn't care less about the finer things in life, but they indulged my tastes, only reining me in when they deemed something to be too Cullen-esque.

"Quit thinkin' so hard, boy. I wanna fuck you. It's been too long." Peter's rough voice brought me back to the present. Why was I so unfocused today?

"It hasn't been that long, we had a rather nice shower this morning after our hunt." I smiled, remembering the taste of him in my mouth, and the way he pressed me against the shower wall to pound into me from behind.

That was eight damn hours ago. You've been stuck on that piano all fuckin' day. Baby girl took off around noon and I got lonely. I sobered instantly. The one thing Peter hated was feeling alone. He never needed space to think, or time to himself, so Bella and I tried to make sure one of us was with him, preferably touching him, all the time. My mate was strong, but he still had his weaknesses.

"I'm so sorry, love. You should have come to me sooner. I didn't realize I was distracted so long. I'm never too busy for you, Peter, you know that." I climbed over to straddle his lap and looked deep in his clear red eyes. "Let me make it up to you?" I pressed my groin against his and leaned in to kiss him gently. I knew I didn't have long to be on top of him before his instincts would kick in and force me back into submission, so I was going to enjoy every second. I loved the fact that I knew Peter and understood him better than he even understood himself. He was the ultimate alpha male, and I knew he had an absolute need to dominate in every situation. While Bella still challenged him occasionally, I worked with him seamlessly and was rewarded with his deepest love and trust.

Right on cue, he flipped me over and covered my body with his own, pinning my hands above my head and drawing out a low moan of pleasure. You like that, don't ya boy? He chuckled when I nodded furiously against his lips and arched my back, seeking friction against his hard cock. Bella was always teasing me about being the girl in our relationship, but I brushed her off. She was obviously the girl. I was the fucking boy, his fucking boy, and I liked it that way.

Peter's long tongue plundered my mouth as his strong fingers made quick work of my clothes. He got a twisted pleasure out of shredding my khakis and button-down shirts, preferring to see me in simple t-shirts and jeans. But I enjoyed his impatience for my nicer things and dressed up often, just to see him rip them off. He growled when I couldn't stop my laugh and thought You wore that shit on purpose, didn't ya?

"Maybe..." My smirk changed to a needy growl when he wrapped his hand around my throbbing erection and began stroking me roughly. My hips bucked into his hand involuntarily and I was quickly reduced to a writhing, moaning mess on the bed. The click of the lube bottle opening brought Peter's thoughts back into focus. I wanna love you good now, boy.

We bought the lube for Bella, for when she would let us both fuck her, because she didn't like things quite as rough as Peter and I did. It soon became a sign for when Peter wanted to make love to me, instead of fucking me hard. These times were rare, but he did show me his softer side every now and then. It scared him to show what he considered his vulnerability around me, but I was also the only one he trusted enough to do so.

His cool fingers prepped me gently, tenderly, before I felt his beautiful cock pressing slowly into me, inch by glorious inch. I couldn't hold in the moaned "I love you" when he was pressed into me fully, holding my body tight to his, with his mouth covering his mark on my neck. Love ya too, boy. My boy. "Only your boy, Peter."

He kept the pace torturously slow, building to an intense, burning climax that surprised us both with its strength. We lay there panting, still holding tightly to each other, until Peter lifted his head to give me an evil smirk. "Ready for more?" he growled lowly.

Before I could blink, he pulled out and flipped me over on my stomach, with my legs hanging down on the floor. Without warning, he plowed back into me, setting a punishing, furious pace. All I could hear from his mind was mine, mine, MINE until a startled Oh, hell yeah broke his rhythm briefly. I tried to turn and look at him but he pressed my face back to the mattress and thought, Who owns you, boy?

"You do, Peter, I'm all yours." I breathed out. Tell me louder- you like me fuckin' ya like this? "Oh yes, Peter! Fuck me harder, please!" I screamed as I chased my orgasm, finally roaring my release as Peter's teeth bit roughly into my neck.

The sound of clapping brought me out of my lust-filled haze and I picked up on Peter's amused thoughts as I turned and looked over his shoulder. Bella was standing in the doorway of the bedroom with a proud smirk on her face. "Having fun without me, boys?" My mind was still foggy until I suddenly realized she wasn't alone. The entire Cullen family was clustered around her, all with various looks of shock and disgust on their faces. I glared at Bella as I noticed I couldn't hear a thought from any of them and she laughed, "Oops! Did I shield them, Eddie? Sorry about that!" and released her hold on their thoughts.

What the hell? and Eww, that's disgusting. were the main themes of thought from my former family members. Only Jasper was looking at us with undisguised hunger. I raised my eyebrow at him and sent him my curiosity, trying to not growl as he blatantly eye-fucked my mate. What, Edward? I haven't forgotten how good it feels to be fucked by Peter. I did growl when his eye wandered down to where Peter was pulling on his jeans, still managing to block me from view.

Peter looked me in the eye and winked while he handed me his shirt. Might need to find ya somethin' to put on under this. Don't want 'em seein' what they're missin'. He finished buttoning his jeans and turned, leaving his scarred chest proudly on display. "Baby girl, wanna take our guests somewhere more appropriate-like?" Damn, that accent. Bella looked dazed before she jumped into his arms, kissing him soundly as he carried her out of the room.

The Cullens followed them slowly, glancing back at me as I sat there awkwardly in only Peter's old t-shirt. Carlisle was the last to leave and he glanced nervously between me and the door where Peter and Bella had gone. Son, are you alright? Abruptly, my anger spiked, bringing Peter and Jasper both to the door simultaneously. "I'm not your son, Carlisle. You lost your son ten years ago, remember?" I shot back at him.

I was shocked to find that I was still hurt by his callous dismissal over a decade ago. I had known he wouldn't approve of my diet or my relationship with Peter, but I honestly never expected to be completely disowned. I mean, hell, they let Jasper stay there! Even with his scheduled "slips" every three or four years. But for his oldest child, his first companion, he just kicked me to the curb with nothing but my Volvo and the clothes on my back. In a flash, Peter was in front of me growling back at Carlisle. "Git outta here," he snarled, black eyes flashing dangerously. "Bella, girl, get your ass in here now."

This is just one reason I love Peter. He knows I need his strength to deal with my past, but he also knows I need Bella because she was right there with me, tossed out like rotten garbage. I thought back to our one and only visit to the Cullen house. They were still in Forks so we had to sneak in past the wolves and hide from everyone in town but it wasn't that hard for us. Bella had quickly mastered her bloodlust once she was fed regularly and well. We wanted to let them know we would be traveling with Peter and we would meet up with them later, but they met us at the door, demanded our family crests and credit cards, and told us never to contact them again.

I was in denial for several months, waiting for a phone call that would never come. Peter and Bella stuck by me, trying to keep my spirits up and helping me move forward. For Bella, she had to work through her immense amounts of guilt. She felt that the Cullens' rejection of us was entirely her fault. Because she didn't roll over and play human, she had cost me my family. I was finally able to convince her of the truth- she didn't cost me my family, she gave me my mates. Without her tumultuous newborn year, there is no telling how long it would have taken for me to accept Peter into our lives. And I wouldn't give Peter up for all the Cullens in the world.

We finally moved on, changing our names to Masen since Peter didn't know his human name and he didn't want to continue using Jasper's. We couldn't use Swan because Bella had just "died" tragically on our honeymoon. Peter had plenty of money tucked away from his time with Maria and the years using his gift in Las Vegas and the stock market. It soothed his instincts to provide for our family, while it stroked my ego that we were using my family name.

"I'm sorry, Edward. I didn't mean to upset you. They found me out shopping and I just brought them back here to show them up. Let them see how happy we are and how we don't need them anymore. When we got here, I couldn't resist giving them a show, I knew it would seriously fuck with their heads. It was a stupid idea, I'm so sorry." Bella leaned against me, crying softly, but she didn't lift her shield so her thoughts must have been too chaotic for her to share them with me.

"What did he say to ya, boy?" Peter was on my other side with his hand on my thigh, more soothing than sexual this time. I sighed and took each of their hands in mine, keeping my head bowed so I didn't have to look them in the eye.

"He called me son," I answered quietly, before my rage built up again. "Ten fucking years without a single word and he waltzes in here and calls me son."

Can I kill him now? Peter asked, and if I hadn't known he was dead serious I would have laughed to ease the tension. He had asked me this several times that first year after we left, but I didn't want any of the Cullens' deaths on my head, whether I actually killed them or not. Peter was fiercely loyal and prone to vengeance as both Maria and Charlotte had learned the hard way. I still don't know if he ever told Jasper that he killed Maria, or if he wanted him to keep looking over his shoulder for the rest of eternity.

"Sorry, Pete, not this time." I took a deep breath to push back the last of the rage and hurt that were battling in my mind. "Let's just go see what they want and get them to leave before I have to fight Jasper for wanting my mate."

Bella laughed and shook her head. "Jasper doesn't want me- oh!" she stopped and looked at Peter, who was smirking again. Her eyes narrowed as she looked back at me. "Really?" She raised her voice after I nodded, "Not cool, Jay! He's taken! Like, really, really taken. Although technically, he does most of the taking, but that's beside the point. Keep your eyes to yourself, Major."

Peter shook his head and stood up, offering me his hand and leading me into the closet. Cover that fine ass up, boy. And put jeans on, I ain't got the patience for your frilly shit tonight. "Leave my shirt on, though," he added in a whisper, right behind my ear. He nipped my mark and I shivered in desire; even after spending the afternoon with him buried deep inside me, I would never tire of him.

Taking advantage of his distraction, I turned in his arms and pulled him close to me. His involuntary purr put a huge smile on my face. "I love you, Peter. Always." I breathed in his ear, knowing he doesn't like others to hear our words of affection. That's why most of his went largely unspoken except in our minds.

After I was dressed suitably according to Peter, the three of us walked back in the living room where the rest of the family had made themselves at home. I had to cover a laugh when I saw Alice perched primly on the edge of Peter's favorite chair. The chair he bent Bella over last night, and me the morning before. You would think with her vampire senses she would pick up on that, but I guess the animal blood really does put you in a dull cloud.

Bella snorted and shook her head, knowing exactly what I was thinking, but Peter just marched over and glared at her until she got up. He was mumbling something about never getting the deer smell out of the leather, but his thoughts were full of mischief and malice. He had tolerated the Cullens for years for Jasper, and also for me, but once the ties were cut they were enemy number one in his book.

He sprawled out in his deceptively casual position, patting his knees for me and Bella to sit. She rolled her eyes at his usual show of dominance, but I sat down and leaned over to kiss his neck, just under his ear where I knew it drove him crazy. Don't distract me, boy. I ain't here to be nice to 'em. "So, what y'all doin' here? Ain't a lot of deer and shit around here to be munchin' on. Don't need ya snappin' and takin' a bite outta one of our neighbors."

I focused on the thoughts around, getting used to them again after so long was a bit disorienting. Bella kept me under her shield most of the time and it was easier to tune out the humans around us since we were in the penthouse apartment and we bought up the entire floor beneath us as well. Rosalie and Alice had the loudest and most malicious thoughts, as usual. Rose hated anyone that took the attention off her, and she was insanely jealous of Bella's beauty as well. Alice has always hated Peter and the fact that he "stole" Bella and I just put him even higher on her imaginary hit list.

Esme and Emmett both missed us but they couldn't understand why we were living the way we were. Emmett understood the draw of human blood, but couldn't get past mine and Peter's relationship, or the fact that I was willing to share Bella with him. Esme was sitting on my piano bench, looking over my sheet music. She missed my playing and was thinking back to the time when it was just the three of us in the family. She still saw me as a little boy in her mind.

Jasper was jealous, thinking back to his time with Peter and Charlotte, before glancing at his wife with disgust. Then he shocked me by speaking to me sincerely. Your eyes look good that color, Edward. And I have to admit, I've never felt Peter this content in all the time I've known him. He loves you both, but I'm sure you already know that. I nodded and sent him my appreciation, smiling to myself when I felt Peter's arm tighten around me.

You gonna tell me what my no-good brother has to say? he asked me, with his eyes locked on Jasper's. "Later, love," I whispered as I leaned up to kiss him softly, drawing shocked gasps from everyone else.

"Oh, please. You all live in America and spend your time surrounded by humans. Don't tell me Peter and Edward are the first gay couple you've ever seen," Bella scoffed. "If you couldn't tell by what you walked in on earlier, they kinda like each other. So get over it, ok?" That's my girl, Peter thought.

Carlisle's thoughts had been swirling since we came in the room, but his mind finally cleared enough for me to pick up on it, just in time to wish Bella still had him shielded. I thought he'd get past this rebellious phase and be home with Bella by now. I don't understand why they're still here with that savage! He corrupted my beautiful boy and his perfect mate and they refuse to leave him!

I was in his face before finished his thought, unable to contain my growl. I'm sure my eyes were black as I stared into his golden ones. "Get this straight now, Carlisle. I am not rebelling. I am living. You and the Denalis are the only vampires in the world who have a problem with how we are living. Peter is my mate, just as much as Bella is, and together we are a family- a coven, if you will. The Masen Coven is in no way connected to the Cullens- or the Whitlocks- and we have no desire to be in contact with you now, or at any time in the near or distant future. So if you are going to sit here and insult my mate, you can leave." I turned to go back to my mates, but had to add one more thing. "I am not your boy. I'm his." I said, pointing straight at Peter, who was sitting up straighter now and snarling at my blonde sire.

Everyone stood when Peter did, crouching slightly when he pulled me and Bella behind him. We each put a hand on his back to soothe him, but his thoughts were calm under his harsh exterior. The Cullens looked between him and Carlisle as the coven leaders faced off. It was almost funny how quickly Carlisle backed down to the younger vampire. But then, I hadn't met anyone who didn't back down when Peter challenged them. He was danger personified. Of course, to me, he was also sex personified. Jasper gave me an exasperated look when he felt my lust. Really, Edward? NOW? Well, it's better than your decades of sexual tension I guess. Glad you're finally gettin' some. he thought as he sent me a wink, earning a growl from Peter.

Carlisle lifted his hands in a submissive pose and backed toward the door. I'm sorry, Edward. I'll leave you to your life, we won't bother you any more. The rest of the group followed him out, with Jasper lingering last. "Pete? We good?" he asked, as Peter's stance relaxed a bit.

"Yeah, Major. You're welcome here, just leave the meddlin' midget at home next time." I was shocked when Jasper just nodded his head instead of defending Alice. Told ya she wasn't his mate. He just ain't figured it out yet. Peter and I had talked about that in the past. Peter hated the way Jasper let Alice manipulate him, he said she was just like Maria. I had a feeling if Jasper and Alice split, she might meet the same fate as the southern warlord.

As my former brother walked out the door, Bella called behind him. "Hey Jasper? I'm not Charlotte. I won't share my boys- just keep that in mind." Jasper's quiet thought of damn it was the last thing I heard before Peter growled and pounced on Bella, who pulled me down with them to the living room floor. This is the life...