"The Uchiha are…a cursed clan," the white haired man said solemnly, his red eyes skimming over the crowd of dark haired shinobi as they gathered around what would be their future headquarters. He looked at his older brother who was an opposite reflection of him: ebony hair and tan skin, clad in shades of red.

"Tobirama, how many times do I have to –"

"Look at them, brother. Even with Madara –"

"While I'm still alive –"

"Hashirama!" he snapped, his annoyance growing of being cut off. His eyes flickered back down at the Uchihas whose faces were barely concealing their distaste as they disappeared from the building. From the watch tower he now stood alone at, he could make out the entire clan dispersing, all moving back to the corner district where the main branches of the Uchiha clan resided, thus the majority flocked to that area as well. Perhaps one day, there would be a strict location for them...but that was irrational. He knew that as long as Hashirama was still the Hokage, the Konoha Military Police Force would not be acted upon, but he was easing in the idea – and for now, that would be good enough.

He wondered how his brother could not see it, see the hate in the Uchihas eyes. They may have formed a peace treaty that Konoha was being built on, but they would perhaps never be able to coexist with the Senju clan – or any clan, really, that would rival them in strength. In their Sharingan eyes lay a thirst for power that would darken their minds and freeze their hearts. He had seen this one too many time in his life of two decades already – of Uchiha clansman killing each other in order to become stronger, to develop their Sharingan. None were successful, none but Madara.

Madara killed his own brother. Tobirama could not even amuse the thought of ever harming Hashirama, let alone for his own gain.

But Madara wasn't the only one who would kill family, he was simply one of the few that were successful. Yet they tried. The Uchihas were a dark, cursed clan and he was sure that every single one of them would fall into the dark temptation of power.

He looked around Konoha – a growing village. He imagined of ways he could help the village prosper, of possible systems he could establish. But his eyes kept on coming back to the Police Force that was all vacant.

All but one girl, standing in the middle and staring up at the building.

And even with the distance, he could see her: lips parted, black eyes wide and fists tightened with anticipation. But it wasn't just that that made the future Nidaime stare, it was the look in those eyes: the same expression that was parallel to his very own brother's.

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