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Drug Dealers are without a doubt the scourge of the planet, I thought to myself, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be in this position, sitting in my fathers office with all the male members of my family considering how best to 'take care' of a dealer who wouldn't pay. The problem? Its a Friday night and I would much rather have been out to a club or two and picked up some random piece of ass before taking her back to her place then slipping out before she even woke up.

But no, instead of going out and enjoying myself here I was. My father Carlisle Cullen was sitting behind his big ass desk while me and my two brothers were sitting in various positions on the other side of the desk, putting some space between us.

'I say we just get rid of him,' my older brother Emmett huffed, running his hand through his short brown curls, he was built like a brick shithouse and could make anyone run with a single glare, that often came in handy working in the field we do. Emmett looks evil, that's a given, and if you piss him off her can be a vicious fucker, just like all the men in out family, but underneath all that I knew him to be the goofball he really was, the guy who was still at twenty six years of age, slightly obsessed with Mario brothers.

Jasper didn't look as evil as Emmett, with bright blue eyes and blond hair, much like out father, but he had the soft caring personality of our mother. He was leaning on a bookshelf on the side of the office, hands in his pockets looking pensive.

'We can't just get rid of him, he's a jackass but he's got a family,' Jasper muttered. Looking at the floor, not his family. We were in a father nasty catch twenty-two. One of our biggest rules in our family was to never, intentionally harm woman or children, directly or indirectly. That's what made us different from that scum the Vulture who were low as rats. They exploited the slave trade and they didn't care who they hurt or why.

This dealer, Laurent had mucked up shipments and owed us thousands, and usually we would just put a hit on him, a quick clean job and use him as a warning to the other dealers we worked with. If our family did bump him off though, his family would be left on their own, and how would his wife cope being a single mother to three? We were bad people, but we weren't harmless. Usually in this kind of situation we would take out the dealer and then make sure that the family was financially secure. I guess doing that kind of thing made it easier for my father to sleep at night.

Carlisle looked slightly unhappy 'He has three sons and a daughter. The mother is ill, terminally.' He shook his head slightly.

Jasper looked slightly uncomfortable. He was the most compassionate of our family, He knew that he couldn't tear a family apart like that. Heck, even my father, the infamous bastard that is Carlisle Cullen couldn't bring himself to do that.

'Boys we'll discuss this later,' Carlisle sighed, getting up from his seat. 'If I'm late for dinner your mother will murder me,' I laughed, that was actually true. My family is a Mafia family. Selling illegal firearms and drugs. It paid well, no Cullen would ever find themselves short on cash. We were one of the strongest families, and most respected. Nobody scared us; the world was out playground... But when it came to the women in out lives, primarily Esme, my mother, we were all powerless and at their mercy.

'yeh, has Ma got a new project or something of late? She's hardly around,' I asked, Dad smiled.

'She's constantly in the Glory gardens of late, I don't know why but she's became really interested in them, but that doesn't mean that you can skip Sunday, I like the ability to reproduce, even if I don't plan on using it!' He chortled. All of us smiled. For as long as I could remember all the Cullen's would gather home on a Sunday for a large meal, I had never missed one, you would be an idiot to miss it, two rules applied, one - you must be there. Two - don't talk about work when there. Sunday was family time. Esme Cullen would rather let a chimp decorate her home than miss family day.

Dad quickly gathered his bag and shooed us all out the door claiming that we must want to 'go have some sort of fun' he said it in a way which clearly stated that he really didn't want to know what we got up to in out free time. I smirked at him. Finally. Now I could enjoy my Friday.

My brother Emmett owned a popular club in the city, I was tempted to go down and see if I could pick someone up tonight, but I didn't know if I could really be bothered. Emmett was off like a shot, apparently Rosalie was waiting for him at home. The pair of them had been dating for almost a year and were very much in love, I couldn't really see why because she came across as a real ice bitch to me. She looked decent, and if I had got there before Em I would have hit that, but now I would never dream of it! Especially now I'd seen how much of a cow she could be.

Jasper said nothing and just left. He seemed more quiet than usual of late. I put it down to stress.

I jumped straight into my Volvo and drove toward Midnight, Emmett's club. I could easily afford a faster and more expensive car but I seemed to have a real problem when it came to fast cars. I had totaled one or two sports cars in the past and had decided it would be better if I just stuck to the Volvo.

The club was packed, Emmett must be turning over a good profit from this place, even though it would look like chump change compared to the rest of his fortune. making my way over to the V.I.P section I took a seat and started watching the dance floor full of dense bodies, looking for someone worthy of my time. After ten minutes of looking at the dance floor nobody stood out to me so I started looking round.

Emmett and Rosalie were sitting together at a table, clearly to busy with each other to notice anyone else, I gagged, and I would never turn all sappy for a woman, what was the point? Emmett was whipped and I wanted to remain in control of my life.

Eventually a blonde girl caught my eye, she was okay a decent rack showcased with a low-cut top showcasing what was clearly her only assets, and I sauntered my way over to her and whispered into her ear from behind, telling her exactly what I'd like to do to her. That was all I needed to do, she was now putty in my hands.

'why don't we sneak off, back to yours and have some fun,' I whispered in her ear from behind, slowly dragging my hands up her bare arms. I could feel her shiver at my words. Pulling her deep into my trap I knew that I would defiantly get laid tonight!

Twenty minutes later she was leading me into her flat. I never fucked at my place. Never. I wouldn't defile my home by taking whores home regularly, I tended to be a bit OCD when it came to my home, and if I took some random woman home I would become paranoid that she was infesting my home with dirt… I know I'm not exactly normal. I probably should have felt bad, sneaking out of someone's flay at three I the morning but it was what I did. I couldn't even remember this girls name... Tammy? Tanner?...Tanya! that's it. She was okay, not a bad lay, if I ever bumped into a club again I would consider taking her for a second ride. I very rarely considered that… That girl should take that as a compliment.

Only an hour later I slipped out of the flat and hailed a cab. Like I would stick around so she could simper over me in the morning.

It was 3am before I finally made it home, collapsing in my bed, I stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep. No matter how many women I slept with or what I did, there was always that something. Something was missing from my life, I had these odd empty feelings, but I usually ignored it. You can't miss what you have... Right?

Little did I know that I would be finding what I had been missing sooner than later.


I had been asleep for probably a few hours when an indecent ringing woke me. My cell phone. I rolled over, pulling it to my ear without even checking the caller ID. The only people who had the balls to call me at this hour would be my family.

'What?' I asked angrily. A laugh filled my ears. I knew who it was instantly.

'You sound cranky man! Rosie told me you got laid, but it sounds like your still a repressed retard!' My brother laughed.

'Get to the point Emmett,' I growled.

'Russians, now, downtown.' He said abruptly. 'Dad wants everyone down there, this could get bad, it's a Hit.'

Russians. Okay, they may possibly be worse than drug dealers. Between them and the Volturi they almost ran my family ragged trying to control their messes. Last year we ended up having to kill thirty-four individuals because it turned out that their loyalties lay with the Volturi and not the Cullen family. They were either shipping guns for a rival family or attempting to embezzle off our family. If some one tried to take money off our family they weren't jut killed, they were slowly tortured and made to suffer. We would be heartless to people who hurt our family.

I sighed, and hung up without saying a word. I dragged myself out of bed, pulling on a suit. No Cullen would ever be seen in casual wear, especially a tracksuit. Even at four in the morning. Then I only needed to grab my gun from my bedside table and I was done, It only took a matter of minutes before I was in my car, speeding towards downtown Chicago.

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