Long day. A very long day. I had spent my entire morning busking like I did every morning and I had only managed to accumulate chump change. On a good day I could usually get up to Twenty-Five dollars in four hours. On bad days, like today I couldn't even muster up fifty cent. So after a long hard day I had dragged myself back from Glory Park and to my crumbling old flat. The mould stains in that place even had mould stains. It was home though. It wasn't like I could do much better with my income.

As soon as I got in I tossed the pitiful amount of pennies I earned playing in the park that day in my large glass jar, I was on my 6th jar of change right now. Putting my guitar down I headed straight to the shower, I had about two hours before I had to be at my actual job. I shivered as I got under the water, for some reason my boiler hated me and decided it would only give me tepid water. I had complained several times to the landlord but he had only really grunted at me then walked away.

At night I worked at a local bar called Dawn, Kind of a funny name, as the bar didn't close till dawn hit usually. The owner seemed to find that little fact hilarious and decided that he simply had to name his bar Dawn after that. After the quickest shower on record I was out and getting dressed into my uniform.

Did I mention that the uniform is meant to make someone look like a huge slut? The uniform for Dawn showed so much skin it was ridiculous. Shorts that could pass as underwear and a low cut vest top. I had told my manager that I would not wear that and as I had experience behind a bar and was willing to work cheap he conceded that I could wear black tight jeans and a black vest.

I was late by three minutes. Thing is, the bar is an hours walk away and two days ago my truck decided she wanted to go live in that garage in the sky. I loved that truck and all! So I had to make the hour long walk to get to Dawn. In the dark, my shift didn't start till ten so it was dark by the time I walking.

'Is that my Loca?' Jacob smiled at me from over the bar. I grinned at him. Jake had been my friend for the two years I had been working at Dawn. He was a bright and lively person, he was like a sun, he could always lighten up my day with very little effort.

'Heya Jake' I called over my shoulder as I headed to the staff coat room to deposit my bag, quickly punching my card so I was officially on the clock.

Tonight It was only Jacob, Angela and myself on the bar tonight. Angela was bending over, her head stuck in the fridge. I head a muffled greeting from her and called back a similar one. Picking up a random glass, I started to polish it with a rag, this was our routine before the customers really came in. Sure we had a few in early but they sat at tables on their own and were always quiet. At night is when everything really got lively.

After only an hour on my shift the bar started to fill up more. We had a lot of regulars. Dawn was really popular, but we were still in a bit of a financial rut. It was a good thing I worked cheep because they didn't really have the money to pay me a decent wage. It was a hectic night, I didn't stop once. Between taking orders and pouring drinks I was swamped. Early in the night I had gone to clean the glasses off a table, but unfortunately for me there was several drunk frat boys at the table, having clearly had one to many.

'Well hello there little lady,' on of them smirked 'Why don't you stick around for a while? I'm sure we can find something to entertain a fine young woman such as yourself,' He laughed, winking at his companion who was smiling drunkly back.

'Sorry, I'm on the clock,' I told them politely before turning away. Before I could even say two more words, the first guy stood up and grabbed me by my arm pulling me back. He suddenly didn't seem as drunk as he had minutes ago.

'Now listen here, I'm a regular at this bar, if you want to loose all the money I contribute to this place then you better sit down and fucking entertain us!' He slurred.

Jacob, clearly having seen what had happened was over in a flash, his eyes dark with anger. He roughly grabbed the drunks arm, the one that was holding me and shoved it off me. He looked murderous. Now Jacob was a big lad, he had gone through this idiotic growth spurt a few years back and had beefed up so much it was ridiculous. The drunks eyes bulged out of his head, he looked terrified.

'I think its time to leave, I don't give a fuck who you are, go. NOW!' He roared the last word. The whole table quickly got up and started to scatter. I laughed under my breath, Jake could be really scary when he wanted to be.

Once I had safely taken my place back behind the bar I waited for Jake to return from tossing the trash out.

It was only minutes later that he was back behind the bar, mumbling something under his breath. It didn't sound very polite to say the least.

'Why don't I stick to table cleaning from now on? I don't like the way those pervs look at you,' He told me. Looking at the empty table that the frat boys had been at only moments ago.

'You know I can take care of myself Jake,' I told him.

'Like fuck you can Bella!' he snapped.

'Jake,' I warned him, he looked abashed.

'Sorry, I just really don't want you hurt honey, can you blame me?'

I just smiled at him. He smiled back. 'And I know that you're a big girl with needs but seriously make sure that whoever the guy is he's not a total looser! Like me!' He winked at the last part.

'I don't have those needs Jacob!' I laughed.

'Admit it – You need to get laid!' Jake decided to say very loudly.

I could hear Angela from the other side of the bar laughing, 'Its true Bella!' She yelled so I could hear her over the loud music. I just rolled my eyes. Turning to Angela I called out 'You get back to work,' and then turned to Jake ' And you stop discussing my 'need' to be laid' I made exaggerated air quotes on the word 'need'

Jake just laughed and went back to serving customers.

It was four in the morning when the bar finally closed down. All the customers had left and even though it wasn't dawn we didn't really see any need to keep the bar open. So I ran to grab my bag and high tailed it out of there. I wanted to be in Glory Gardens by ten in the morning tomorrow, so I needed an hour or two of sleep.

I hated walking home in the pitch black in the early hours of the morning, I always kept my hand on sparky, my much loved taser which was in my bag. There was always a few drunks stumbling around, and you never knew if one of them could get heavy handed with you.

I was going through a park, it was small and dark, the lamps dotted around did a pitiful job of lighting the park. A loud yell from my right made me jump out of my skin. Turning round I only saw bushes. Maybe I was hearing things? I held sparky tighter and continued walking with my head down. That was a stupid idea.

Someone ran past me, not even noticing me. He was clearly running like he feared for his life. I had been so intent on looking at the back of the running man's head that I didn't notice when someone ran into me, I was knocked clear off my feet, hitting the floor with an uneasy thump, trapping my arm under me, I heard something crack.

'Ahhhh,' I moaned, grabbing my wrist, It hurt. It hurt a lot.

'Emmett! Go!' someone yelled.

A man crouched next to me, 'Are you okay miss?' he asked in a tight voice. I looked up, Oh my sweet... Hot! My mind rambled. Before me was an god, Copper sex hair and those eyes, deep green eyes. I think I had never been turned on by just looking at a guy.

'M-My wrist,' I whispered.

Before he could look at it I heard a gunshot, from in front of us, was that the guy chasing the other man? I turned to look at the man, then I was what he was wearing. His dark suit was covered in splatters of blood, and I could clearly see in his jacket was guns. Who was this? I thought. I shot up, ignoring the slight vertigo that came with getting up. The God got up as well. His hands were covered in blood, even his face was splattered with blood.

Right in front of me was the homeless man, on the floor, bleeding, dead. I let out a shriek. There was someone standing over him with a gun. The god grabbed my arms gently and started shushing me, I pulled away. They had did this! A car pulled up, a blonde man got out, going over to the homeless man and helped the large man with a gun pick him up. The blond suddenly noticed me.

'A witness?! He asked angrily. 'What the hell Edward?!' I started crying and sobbing. The other two seemed to have momentarily forgotten about the body that was on the floor by them.

The large man sighed, 'You'll have to bring her with us, we can't do anything else, it would be against the rules, you know that' The god (Edward I corrected) looked conflicted, then started pulling me towards the car. As soon as I registered what had happened I started pulling away and fighting, but he had a vice like grip on me. I was scared, what were they going to do to me

The other two had given their attention back to the body. I took this opportunity to use my free hand to grab sparky and get the god in the chest.

He was shocked to say the least, he let go momentarily and knelt on the floor, before he had any change to get back up or before his friends could grab me, I turned and pegged it. I ran as fast as I could, I knew this place. I heard the men behind me give chase. I had been on track in high school, I was a klutz at times but when it came to running I was fast, and I would out run these goons easily. It took me a while, these people were fast, I could feel my heart beating in my chest, I could hear the sound of their feet slapping on the pavement, but I knew where I could make hidden turns to get away. Tears slid slowly down my face as I ran. They had just killed a man, killed him! Twenty minutes later, I was sure they had lost me, so I started running home, It wouldn't be good for me to stay out in the open where they could find me. I ran in, locking all my doors as I went. I had to shower, I needed to get clean. Even with the help of the tepid water I couldn't stop the flood of tears, my wrist killed. I finally just sat down on the shower floor and pulled my knees up to my chest, letting the tears fall


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