I had been pacing round and round my hotel room for well over an hour now. I felt like I was slowly losing my mind. We had been in Texas for two weeks now and frankly if I didn't find that beautiful and annoying brunette soon I would surely loose it! Emmet and Jasper had gone out to get some food, I on the other hand was waiting for a phone call from a contact in a little town about twenty miles away from where we currently were.

At the moment all we were doing was going through town after town looking for any sign that someone had recently arrived. All we got for it though was absolutely fuck all. Every time we went somewhere new and found nothing I felt my sanity slowly slipping away, that was frustratingly enraging woman will give me a head full of grey hairs before I find her.

I didn't know why but something about her just kept drawing me in and as a result this job was far more personal than any job I had ever done before.

My phone rang, and I answered it right away before the first ring was even through.


'Boss,' It was Ben, one of the contacts we had in the south 'We have nothing here in Waco,' He informed me.

'Keep looking,' I hung up. My employees and contacts new that I liked to keep my telephone conversations to a minimum.

I went back to my pacing.

Jasper and Emmett had decided that it was time for us to move on to a new town and I happily followed their lead. At least they had an idea where to look. I on the other hand seemed to be wondering around aimlessly trying to find that girl. We were in the car within minutes. We had packed light, buying the things that we needed when we needed them. We often brought new clothes and threw them away because it was so much easier than keeping them, lugging them around with us and washing them.

'We're on the move!' Jasper declared, entering the room with Emmett hot on his heels.

'where are we going?' I asked.

'Little town about thirty miles south of here, we found a lead on the girl.'

We didn't need to say more than that, we were out and on the move in minutes. I sat in the back, letting Jasper drive. I couldn't concentrate enough to drive. I was a good driver but I would see a tree, think about the brown tree and the brown of Bella's hair and then I would be so distracted I would probably drive my brothers and I off of the road and land us all in hospital. That was the last thing we needed at the moment.

I was silent the entire drive there. Emmett and Jasper were in a deep discussion over guns, trying to decide out of both of their side arms who had the better one, Jaspers Glock (which had actually be bought from a crooked police officer) or Emmetts Smith and Weston.

Thankfully we got to the tiny town before my brothers could come to physical blows over who's gun was the best. Knowing that pair they would challenge each other to a duel with the aforementioned guns. We drove straight to the nearest motel, throwing down cash on the check in desk. The young high school student who was manning the desk looked shocked at the wad of cash. He was a lanky boy with greasy shoulder length hair. We gave him little thought and walked up toward our room.

'I've got to go to the school tomorrow,' Emmett informed us.

'Why?' Jasper asked.

'I swear I got the brains and the beauty and brawn in this family! She's probably posing as a high school student she's only a few years older so she could get away with it if she really wanted to'

Jasper nodded. It made sense, even though I didn't want to assosiate Bella with the gaggling masses of a high school.

'Fine, we'll do it while on a general search tomorrow,' Jasper decided.

'Lets sleep then,' I declared before turning and making my way into my room, to sleep and have dreams of a certain brown eyed girl... and probably jack off in my bathroom sink like the dirty degenerate I had turned into.

Morning brought a very hyperactive Emmett and a slightly cranky Jasper. They did have a tendency to tick each other off, sometimes they just grated on each other. It would take a few coffees before Jasper mellowed out and a bit of convincing to calm Emmett.

'C'mon grumps,' I playfully punched Jasper. 'We have a school to check out!'

We piled into the car and drove to the high school. You could practically smell the hormones and desperation that these pubescent hormone factories were giving off. I never liked teenagers they were just so awkward. School was just finishing so they were all piling out into their cars or hanging around in gaggles.

A lot of the females were starting at us. Just what we needed. Why did we always seem to attract this age range? Was there a flashing sign over my brothers heads saying 'Come and get us!'

'Where is the office?' I asked one girl, she pointed me in the direction and I quickly made my way in that direction before she could maul us.

It was a high school, anything was possible!

My brothers and I stuck out like a sore thumb when we walked through the corridors. All of us dressed in expensive designer suits, we were quite the opposite of all the jeans clad, greasy haired masses. Not a single one wore smart clothes. I muttered this to my brothers and Jasper laughed.

'If you wore a suit to high school you would just be asking to get beaten up!' Emmett nodded in agreement.

My brothers and I had to walk through a lot of corridors and follow a lot of ambiguous signs to find the Admin Office but despite our efforts twenty minutes later we had yet to find the office. Jasper was getting crankier and crankier with the attention we were getting and I could practically see the steam coming out of his ears. I was close to loosing my cool as well but I unlike my brothers would end up shooting someone. If I started firing bullets in a public high school we would be in a world of trouble and then my father would end up killing me!

'Lets look in here,' Jasper muttered 'Maybe we can find a teacher,'

We followed, and entered the English Department. We knew that because there was obnoxious signs everywhere telling us in loud bright colours, I was getting a headache just from looking at them.

'Edward!' Emmett suddenly snapped. I looked over where Emmett's attention was and I choked on my breath.

Bella. She was there. Wearing a black pencil skirt and a white blouse. I could feel my trousers tighten at the sight. It was like a sexy secretary fantasy come to life.

She was surrounded by students and was passing papers out to them. A light bulb went off in my head. She was a teacher! She wasn't posing as a high school student! She was posing as a teacher! I did my best to keep dirty thoughts out of my head but seeing her dressed like that did weird things to my brain.

She was young though, how was she a teacher?

'Well look what we found!' Emmett grinned. Bella clearly heard him and her head snapped up, looking me straight in the eye. They flipped wide as saucers. She turned and walked very quickly into another classroom, we followed.

We found her in an empty classroom on her phone. 'Yeh, Jake, here. I'll come straight home, I can wait for you...yeh' She muttered, her back was to us so she couldn't see that we had entered.

'Isabella,' I called out.

She whipped round, her hand on her chest in panic. 'what the hell are you doing here?' She snapped.

'To get you,'

'Well go to hell, this is a public building, so you can't drag me out and I sure as hell ain't leaving with you!'

I smiled. Game on Isabella. Game on.

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