Hi everyone! Well here is a new story "Eternally Yours". This is a Bangel story, but it is similar to Cinderella, but won't be the same. Angel is the prince and Buffy is Cinderella. You get the idea, so I hope you enjoy this. This story will be a little more mature and will be rated T for now, but it most likely will be M in the future. Hope you guys like it!

Buffy Summers is now the maiden of her evil step mother Jenny Calendar and her step sisters Faith and Drusilla. Prince Angel is a kind and respectful prince. They both want someone who loves them for them. They will go through obstacles, but everyone knows love is stronger than evil.


A long time ago, in a far away land, lived a man named Hank Summers. He was a sweet man and loved his daughter Buffy. They spent all of their time together, especially after Buffy's mother, Joyce died. It was an accident that took her life when Buffy was only 7 years old. After her death, all they had was each other. They lived on their piece of land, in their manor, just outside of town, near a beautiful apple orchard. They wouldn't be alone, they had one another.

Two years later…

Nine year old Buffy was playing outside with her dear friends Willow and Cordelia. They ran around the dirt path that led to a big oak tree. They ran around the tree chasing each other and laughing.

"I bet you can't get me." said Buffy as she laughed and screamed as Willow and Cordelia chased Buffy up to the stables. Willow ran up to Buffy and tagged her.

"Got you." laughed Willow and then Cordelia came around and tagged both of her friends. They ran to the green grass and they all fell to the ground, laughing.

"That was fun." said Cordelia as they all were out of breath and laid on the grass looking up at the clouds pass by. It was such a good day to be a kid, but the thought was interrupted by the sound of a horse galloping down the dirt road. Buffy looked up and could see in the distance her dad was here.

"Come on guys." said Buffy as she got up and ran to meet her dad. She smiled the whole way and couldn't wait to jump into his arms. The galloping stopped in front of the entrance to their manor and Hank Summers got off his horse. He turned and smiled as he saw his sweet little Buffy and her friends running in his direction.

"Daddy!" exclaimed Buffy as she jumped into Hank's open arms and gripped onto her dad.

"Hi sweetheart." said Hank and he kissed his daughter's cheek. He put her down and smiled to her. "What are you girls up to?" he asked as Willow and Cordelia joined the group.

"Playing around the property Mr. Summers." said Willow as she smiled. Buffy stood by her friends and hugged them.

"Ok, but don't get your dresses too dirty girls." said Hank as smiled. "Buffy, later on there is something I need to talk to you about." Hank smiled and his daughter ran up to him for one last hug.

"Ok, daddy." said Buffy as she kissed his cheek and then ran off with her friends. Hank watched his daughter and smiled. Hank walked his horse to the stables, then one of the maids took the horse from Hank.

"Thank you." said Hank as he appreciated what the house maids and servants did. The maid bowed and walked the horse to the back. Hank walked out of the stables and smiled as he heard the laughter and excitement going on. He went inside their manor and left his daughter to play.

After playing and eating dinner, Buffy found her dad sitting in the living area with a fire going. He sat in his comfortable chair reading a book. Buffy quietly made her way to her father's chair and tried not to let him hear her. She let out a slight giggle and Hank noticed, but didn't say anything. He acted as if he didn't hear anything and Buffy quietly jumped out and got her dad.

"Oh no you got me." said Hank as he laughed and played the part. He started tickling his daughter and she began laughing harder than ever. He stopped tickling Buffy and her laughter calmed down, but the smiles on their faces remained.

"What did you want to talk to me about Dad?" asked Buffy as she sat on the carpet next to the fire. It was very warm and comforting.

"Come sit on lap." said Hank as he motioned for Buffy to come. She got up off the floor and sat on her dad's lap. She leaned against him and the glow of the fire reflected off of her small face. "I met this nice lady when I went out of town last week." he explained and Buffy listened contently.

"Her name is Lady Jenny Calendar and I'm going to marry her." said Hank as he waited for a reaction out of Buffy. Buffy was quite for a moment, before she said anything.

"Is she going to be my new mommy?" Buffy asked as she turned and looked up to her father.

"You could say that." Hank said as he tried to look for the right words.

"Is she replacing mommy?" Buffy asked as she was worried that her mother would be replaced by this new woman.

"No, no honey. She could never replace mommy. No one could ever replace mommy." said Hank as he looked to Buffy. Joyce would never be replaced, she could never be. She is Buffy's mother and was Hank's beloved wife. "Lady Calendar has two daughters, Faith and Drusilla. I think you'll like them Faith is your age and Drusilla is 11." said Hank as he tried to cheer Buffy up.

"Ok." said Buffy as she still seemed a bit sad.

"Buffy, you are the center of my life and nothing will ever change that. You're still my little princess." said Hank as he hugged his daughter. Buffy smiled and knew what he said was true and he meant it. She looked up to her dad and smiled at him. "Are you ok with this, because if you're not then I won't. You are what's important to me." said Hank.

"It's ok daddy. If this makes you happy. It might be fun to have sisters." said Buffy as she smiled and that was an approval.

"Ok sweetie. You'll get to meet them in a few days, because that's when they'll be arriving." said Hank as he smiled.

"Ok." said Buffy as she perked up a bit.

"Ok, it's time for you to get to bed. Get ready and I'll be up to tuck you in." said Hank as he hugged his daughter once more and let her go. He took his cup and sipped his drink.

Buffy held her dress as she didn't want it to drag. She was up the stairs and ran to the 3rd room on the left. She went into her room and boy was it pretty. Her room was big, she had a princess style bed with a beautiful canopy draping over it. She had a very beautiful white veranda on the other side of her room that held her jewelry and other things. She had her closet full of dresses, gowns and shoes. Her dresser had her other clothes in it. Buffy walked up to the veranda and sat down. She looked in the mirror and smiled. She looked down to the beautiful silver and sapphire blue jewel encrusted necklace. It once belonged to her mother and it was given to her. It was one of the very few things she had left of her. She took it off and placed it in her jewelry box very gently.

"I love you mother." Buffy said as she took one last look at the necklace before closing the jewelry box. She got changed and got into bed and waited for her dad to come up. Hank walked in and sat down next his daughter.

"Ready for bed?" he asked as he tucked the layers of covers around Buffy. She nodded and smiled to her dad.

"Can you tell me about a story?" Buffy asked politely. That was one of her favorite things that her dad did. Hank would tell her stories about his travels, fairy tales, and stories about her mother.

"Sure thing princess, which one?" said Hank as smiled.

"Can you tell me the one about how you and mommy met?" Buffy asked. Her dad told her so many stories about how they met and all the good things that happened. He told her everything from when they wed to when Buffy was born.

"Ok." said Hank and he began. "I was working as an apprentice for a blacksmith in town. I was stepping out the small shop for a moment when I turned and suddenly saw the most beautiful girl in the whole world." Buffy smiled and Hank continued. "She looked to me and smiled. I was walking towards her direction and she kept smiling at me with her great smile. I didn't notice, but as I walked there were two townspeople walking with two large wooden crates to my left. I kept walking and then all of a sudden I walked into the hard crates and fell to the floor. Your mother came running to me and asked me I was alright. Despite the pain my head was feeling, I couldn't stop staring at her. Your mom had such beautiful hazel eyes and soft small hands." Hank stopped for a moment and laughed at himself.

"I got up and she asked me again if I was alright, but this time I assured her. She smiled at me and blushed. I gathered all the courage I had and asked her if she would like to go on a picnic. She smiled and accepted the invitation. We went on the picnic and had a splendid time. After being together for about a year, I asked your mother for her hand in marriage. She cried and leaped into my arms meaning yes. We married and located ourselves to the manor here. I got the occupation that I always wanted and we bought the manor and the property. It was our very first home together and by golly was it good. A few years later you were born and our world was complete. The day that you came into our lives was the best day by far." said Hank as ended the sweet romantic memory.

"That was really sweet daddy. When did you tell mommy you loved her?" Buffy asked as she wanted to prolong the time.

"I told her I loved her for the very first time, when we were at a small ball. Your mother wore a beautiful blue gown accompanied by a blue sash. She was so beautiful. She was such a good dancer as well. I was a bit clumsy, but she brought out the best in me." said Hank as he finished up the story.

"That was a really good story. I love hearing about you and mommy." said Buffy as she smiled. "I hope I find my true love someday." A small yawned escaped from her mouth and her eyes were becoming very heavy. Hank smiled and looked at his daughter and so much of Joyce and himself in her.

"You will Buffy. You will find your true love and live happily ever after." said Hank. His daughter would find her prince charming and be happy.

"Like you and mom." said Buffy as she smiled and leaned back against the pillows and began dozing off.

"Goodnight sweetheart. Pleasant dreams." said Hank as kissed the top of Buffy's head and dimmed the light.

"Goodnight daddy, I love you." said Buffy tiredly as she was falling asleep.

"Goodnight. I love you princess." said Hank as he smiled and closed the door to his daughter's room. Buffy smiled in her sleep as she dreamt of meeting her prince charming. Hank was still awake in his room as he thought about Joyce. He looked to the portrait hanging on the wall, it was of his family. He smiled as he saw Buffy sitting in Joyce's lap. She was smiling so radiantly and to think that she was only four at the time. He then looked to his dear, late wife and admired her beauty. He knew that Buffy would grow up having her mother's beauty and kind heart.

"I miss you much Joyce. Everyday Buffy gets older, the more she looks like you." said Hank as he continued to look at the image of Joyce. "Please watch over our Buffy and I. I love you so much." Hank dimmed off the lights and went into a peaceful sleep.

The next day, as Buffy played in her room with her friends, she had a lot on her mind. Willow noticed this, because Buffy wasn't joining them in the tea party.

"Buffy, what's the matter?" Willow asked as she stood up and walked over to her friend, who was sitting on the edge of her bed.

"I'm nervous about meeting Countess Calendar. What if she doesn't like me or think proper of me?" said Buffy as she started to grow more nervous.

"Don't worry Buffy, your dad said she couldn't wait to meet you right?" said Willow as she was getting to Buffy.

"Right." said Buffy in response. She wondered where this was going.

"Well, then you really have nothing to worry about. What's not to like about you. You are really nice." said Willow as she complemented her friend. Buffy began to feel better and she smiled.

"Yeah. You are proper, but you still like to have fun." said Cordelia as she joined the conversation amongst the girls.

"You're right. Thank you girls, you are the best friends I have ever had." said Buffy as she hugged them and they returned to their tea party. Buffy pushed the nervousness to the back of her mind. Everything would be alright she thought.

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