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The day had come when Buffy would meet Lady Jenny and her daughters. Buffy was in her room readying herself. She wore her red silk and lace gown. She had her hair neatly up in a bun with only a strand of her blonde hair at the side of her face. Lastly, she put on her mother's necklace and she was finished. Buffy walked down the hall and descended the stairs ever so ladylike. Her father waited for her at the bottom and was stunned by his little girl.

"My Buffy is so ladylike, but still my little girl." said Hank as he extended his hand to his daughter and she gladly took it and giggled. They walked to the foyer and stopped before the doors.

"Are you ready to meet Lady Calendar?" Hank asked as he looked down to his Buffy. She smiled to him.

"Yes daddy." said Buffy as she hugged her father and then let go.

"Remember, just be yourself, because that is the true you. No one can ever change that." said Hank as he smiled and held his daughter's hand. Buffy nodded and they both proceeded outside. They walked down the small stone path area and could hear the sounds of horses in the distance. Down the road, came a small carriage pulled by two white horses. The carriage came to a stop in front of where Hank and Buffy stood. The carriage driver got off and opened the door.

"Introducing Lady Calendar and her daughters Drusilla and Faith." said the driver. He extended his hand out and a woman dressed in an olive green dress stepped down from the carriage. Next, two younger girls were helped down and stood next to their mother.

"Count Summers." said Lady Calendar as she curtsied and extended her hand out to Hank.

"Lady Jenny Calendar. Remember, just Hank." said Hank as he bestowed a kiss upon her hand. He then turned and smiled as he saw the young ladies, besides her. "These must be your daughters." They both curtsied and smiled.

"Please allow me to introduce my lovely daughters Drusilla and Faith Calendar." said Jenny and her daughters walked forward.

"Nice to meet you sir, I'm Drusilla." said Drusilla. She was so proper, her hair was a darker brown or black color. She was older than Faith and she wore an elegant light blue gown. She was slender and a little taller.

"I'm Faith and it's nice to meet you sir." said Faith smiling. She was a little less proper and seemed to be a fun person. She wasn't as slender as Drusilla, but that didn't bother her. Drusilla turned towards her and stared her down. Faith had a hurt expression on her face, but then made it vanish as quickly as it came.

"It's nice to meet you two lovely girls." said Hank. "I want to introduce my daughter Buffy." Hank turned and smiled to his daughter. Buffy smiled and walked from beside her father.

"Hello. Pleasure to meet you." said Buffy as she curtsied. Jenny smiled and was glad to finally meet Hank's precious daughter.

"Hello Buffy." said Jenny as she shook her hand. "She is certainly a darling young lady Hank." said Jenny. All of the bags were unloaded off the carriage and brought inside the manor.

"Thank you and your daughter are quite the lovely visions." said Hank and Jenny smiled. The carriage driver rolled his eyes and scoffed at what was said, but it went unnoticed. "Shall we go inside?" Hank asked as he offered his arm.

"Yes, please." said Jenny as she took his arm and they went in. The girls were left outside and they were quite silent.

"I like your dresses. They're so pretty." said Buffy as she tried to break the ice and get a conversation going. If they were going to be step sister, then they at least needed to get to know each other.

"You should, they are very expensive." said Drusilla in a stuck up way. She walked passed Buffy and snubbed her as she went inside.

"Don't mind Drusilla, she's just moody." said Faith as she smiled. Buffy smiled and felt a little better that at least Faith was talking to her. "I like your necklace." Faith complemented as she looked to the necklace.

"Thank you. Want to be friends?" said Buffy in a kind and polite manner. She really hoped that they could be friends and good ones at that.

"Yeah, plus we'll be step sisters." said Faith as she was happy to have someone to play with. Faith didn't have many friends and her sister was so bossy and controlling. She felt alone, but now she possibly had a friend. Buffy smiled and they went in. They ran inside and were up the stairs.

"Faith, stop running, you know better. You're a young lady and should act as such." said Jenny and both girls stopped in their tracks. Hank had been in the other room and did not hear what was happening.

"Yes ma'am." said Faith in a bit of a fearful voice. They walked up the stairs and arrived at the top after what felt like the quietest and long walk ever. Buffy and Faith walked down the hall quietly.

"Would you like me to show you your room?" Buffy asked. She wanted to cheer Faith up a bit and make her feel welcome. Faith looked up and pulled together a smile.

"Sure." said Faith as they walked into the room next to Buffy's. There were two beds, each for Drusilla and Faith. All of their trunks and cases were settled in the center of the room. Faith's eyes lit up and she felt better. "It's very pretty in here." Faith hopped onto the bed that she assumed was hers. She laid back and let out a sigh of relief. Buffy smiled and then turned to see a couple of the house maids walking down the hall.

"Ready to play Faith?" Buffy asked and Faith sprung up and smiled. They walked out of the girls' room and into Buffy's.

"Your room is nice and bright." said Faith as she looked around and was astonished. Buffy smiled and took Faith's hand and they laughed as they sat down to play. All afternoon was fun for the girls. They laughed, played, and got to know each other more. They sat on the soft rug with dolls and laughed.

"Tomorrow, I want you to meet my two dear friends, Cordelia and Willow. You'll like them and I'm sure they'll like you." said Buffy and Faith smiled as they began combing the dolls hair. Drusilla walked into the door and stood there.

"Faith, mother said to make yourself descent. We're leaving for the wedding half past the hour." said Drusilla as she walked in. Faith looked up and Buffy turned around as Drusilla had a disgusted look on her face.

"Ok Drusilla." said Faith as she gently placed the doll down and passed by Drusilla. Faith had her head hanging and was gone. Drusilla turned around and saw that Buffy was putting her things away.

"Same for you girl." said Drusilla as she flared her nostrils. Buffy rolled her eyes and was not going to take this from her.

"You don't control me. I already know what I need to do." said Buffy standing up for herself. She remained turned around and smiled. Drusilla had a shocked look on her face and couldn't believe it.

"Excuse me. I am older than you and you are in no position to tell me what I can and cannot do." said Drusilla as her tone slightly escalated. Buffy just rolled her eyes and didn't pay attention.

"Buffy." said Hank from down the hall as he was coming to check on his daughter. Drusilla scurried out of the room and just before Hank walked in. Hank saw Drusilla rush by, but didn't think anything of it. "Are you getting ready for the wedding princess." said Hank. Buffy quickly changed her expression and smiled to her father.

"Yes daddy." said Buffy as she went into her closet and picked out a dress to wear. She came out and laid down her dress on her bed. Hank kissed the top of her head and went into his room. He sat on his bed and had finished getting ready. He looked to the image of his wife.

"I hope I'm doing the right thing Joyce." said Hank as put his head in his hands. He felt like he was betraying his wife, but he knew she would have wanted him to be happy again. He glanced her again and couldn't help but smile. "You'll always be my one and true love." That would never change.

Everyone was ready and left off to the church. They had a small ceremony and everything was sealed up and completed. It was official, Jenny Calendar was now Buffy's step mother and she had to step sisters. Everything was going well and everyone seemed be to getting along. Buffy and Faith were the best of friends and Willow and Cordelia accepted her as their best friend. Drusilla was of course against all of this, but didn't bother with anything. Lady Jenny seemed to have taken a liking to Buffy and Hank was happy about that.

One day, Hank got some news that he needed to go out of town, for there was a problem. "Do you really have to go Daddy?" Buffy asked as she did not want to see him leave.

"Princess, I really have to go. The other noblemen need my help in the other town." said Hank as he saddled up his horse and loaded his things on.

"I'll only be gone a few days. You'll have Willow, Cordelia, and Faith and of course your mother will be watching over you." said Hank as he knelt down to his daughter and hugged her. He kissed her and then stood up and noticed another presence. Lady Jenny stood to the side and smiled. Hank walked up to her and kissed her. "Jenny, I love thee. Take care and please make sure everything is well here." Hank asked and Jenny nodded. Hank gave her one more kiss, then walked back to Buffy. He hugged her and then climbed onto his horse.

"I'll be back soon." said Hank and then he trotted his way down the road. Buffy watched as her father went down the road. Tears welled up in his eyes and all she wanted was for her father to stay. Hank looked behind and noticed that Buffy was down. It hurt his heart to see his daughter saddened like this. Hank turned his attention back to the road and all he could do was think about Buffy. Hank didn't notice, something startled his horse and sent it on its' hind legs. Hank fell off his horse and landed hard on the floor. He tried to get up, but was stomped on by his horse.

"DADDY!" screamed Buffy as she saw what had happened. She ran down the road and tried to reach her father before it was too late. She kept running, her legs were hurting her, but she wasn't going to stop. She reached Hank and the sight of how he was hurt, was so devastating. Buffy knelt down and placed her ear over his chest. She couldn't hear his heart beating or him breathing. She cried into his chest. He was already gone. "Please come back daddy. Don't leave me." she begged, but he wasn't coming back. Faith came up beside her and did what she could to help Buffy. She cried with Buffy, while Jenny and Drusilla just stayed back on the path watching from afar. Today was one of the worst days in Buffy's life. It was bad enough that her mother was gone, but now her dad. She didn't have anyone left, except her friends and Jenny now. It began to rain and some of the house maids tried to get Buffy off of Hank, but she clung to him. This was the last time that she saw her father.

In the next days, Hank's funeral was held. Everyone was dressed in black and everything was very sad. Everyone gathered under the tree that Joyce was buried under on the Summers's property. Hank was now buried next to his late wife and now their little daughter was alone. As the minster said the final prayers, he came up to Buffy. Buffy looked down to where both of her parents were buried. All she would do was cry, she felt like her whole world was falling apart. She turned and hugged the minster and then turned back to her parents. Jenny was saddened and went inside the house followed by Drusilla. Faith, Willow, and Cordelia stayed and were just as upset.

"Why? I have no one left now." said Buffy as she knelt down on the floor and cried more. All her friends came and knelt down with her. They all engulfed Buffy in a hug. Everyone was crying now and that would only be the beginning.

"You have us Buffy." said Willow as she sniffled and even more tears escaped.

"Your mother and father are watching over you." said Cordelia as tears streamed down from her face.

"There in heaven." said Buffy as she looked at the graves and then up to her friends. She was glad to have friends that were there for her. The girls sat there for a little longer, then went in and left Buffy alone to have some time. Buffy had longed stopped crying, but knew that she would cry more.

"I love you mommy and daddy." said Buffy in a whispering tone. "I'll miss you, but I know you're watching over me from heaven." she looked to their headstones. Her mother's read:

Joyce Summers. Loving mother and wife. You are missed dearly.

Buffy kissed her mother's headstone and then looked to her father's. His head stone read:

Hank Summers. Beloved father and husband. You are missed dearly.

Buffy cried and kissed his headstone. She got up and made her way back inside. Before going in Buffy looked back once more. As she went inside, she was greeted by everyone. They all gave their condolences to Buffy and let her grieve in the comfort of her room. Everything was different now, but she had people around her to help her through it.

Days had passed and Buffy was slowly opening up to everyone. She was playing with her friends and was handling everything very well. Jenny hardly talked to Buffy, which made Buffy think.

One day while Buffy was inside, she walked into the living area and found Jenny sipping tea. Buffy smiled and walked up to Jenny. "Hello Lady Jenny." said Buffy kindly. Jenny looked to Buffy and just stared her down.

"What do you want child?" said Jenny in a cruel voice. Buffy felt like she had been scolded. Why was Jenny acting so mean?

"I just wanted to bid thee good afternoon." said Buffy in a small voice.

"Well don't." said Jenny as she took another sip from her cup.

"Why do you act this way? I thought you liked me." said Buffy as felt of being on the verge of tears.

"Like you, ha. All your father cared about was you. He didn't even think anything of me." said Jenny as she began to raise her voice. Buffy backed away slowly and was scared out of her mind. "Your father's gone and now you belong to me." said Jenny as an evil smiled crept onto her face.

"But…"said Buffy, but was quickly cut off by Jenny.

"You'll do everything I say." said Jenny as she made it very clear. "I never could consider you my daughter. I just tried to impress Hank." said Jenny.

Buffy's eyes widened and her mouth was wide opened. Jenny made the entire thing up, she never liked her. Buffy's eyes welled up with tears. "How could you?" said Buffy in a soft whisper.

"Enough! Leave my presence at once." said Jenny as she yelled to Buffy. Buffy was glad to leave. She ran up the stairs and into her room and cried. Everything was different and things had taken a turn for the worst.

"Mommy, daddy I'm so scared." said Buffy as she lay on her bed sobbing. A laugh was heard outside of the door. Buffy glanced up from her pillow and she was angry. Drusilla stood there and showed no remorse.

"They can't help you. They're gone and now you're all alone." said Drusilla as she laughed a wicked laugh and left. Buffy cried, but then wiped away her tears.

"I have to be strong." said Buffy to herself and then she looked to her necklace. "For them." she said. She had to be strong for her parents and she would.

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