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Over the years, Jenny's dislike for Buffy grew. She made Buffy move out of her room into the small attic with a small old bed and just a small window. Drusilla took Buffy's room and was becoming more rotten. Jenny turned Buffy into a maid, a house servant, as well as Willow and Cordelia. Jenny took everything from Buffy and was not easy on punishment. She would hurt Buffy not only mentally, but physically. She would whip her and slap her if things were not done her way. Buffy held on and knew that she had to for her parents. Other than working, the only thing Buffy could do was read. She loved to read and it brought her joy. Jenny didn't allow Faith to hang around Buffy, but they still managed to find a way to be friends. Buffy held on and thought of her memories of her parents and everything they taught her. No one could ever break who Buffy is. Buffy hoped that soon her life would be better.

9 years later, Buffy is 18 now…

Buffy was on the kitchen on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors. Her hands were sore and were wrinkly from the water. She dipped the brush in the old tin bucket and scrubbed it on the floor. She wiped her hands on her apron making sure not to get her maid's uniform dress. It was a light blue workers dress with a white apron folded in half and tied around the waist. Buffy's hair was held up by a white bandana and she had black flat shoes. Buffy got up off the floor and dusted herself off and walked up to the wooden table in the center of the kitchen.

"Good morning Buffy." said Willow as she walked in carrying a basket full of vegetables. She set them down and washed them.

"Hey Willow. Was everything ok in town?" said Buffy. Willow had an exhausted expression on her face.

"I got everything that Lady Jenny asked for, except her eggplant." said Willow with a very nervous look. "But, the farmer said that he would have it in as soon as he could. The kingdom guards have to inspect everything before entering."

"Don't worry about it. Jenny has to learn how to be patient." said Buffy as she started giggle. Willow cheered up and then they went quiet.

"BUFFY!" yelled a voice that belonged to none other than Lady Jenny. Buffy looked to Willow and knew it was time to bring up her breakfast. Buffy grabbed the tray of Jenny's food and let out a sigh.

"I'll be back soon." said Buffy as she left. She scurried up the stairs and walked into what used to be her parents room. There was a tarp covering the portrait of her family and everything that had belonged to her parents, was inside of a trunk in the closet. Buffy walked up to the bed and sat down the tray in Jenny's lap.

"It's about time you bring my breakfast." said Jenny in a mean and sarcastic tone. Buffy tried not to pay attention and just stood in silence.

"Will that be all Madame?" asked Buffy as she stood with her hands behind her back. Jenny looked up and waved her off.

"No. Get back to work." said Jenny and Buffy bowed and left her sight. As Buffy was going down the steps, she met up with Faith.

"Hey Buffy." said Faith in a quiet and friendly tone. Buffy smiled and they briefly hugged. After everything that has happened, they were still best of friends.

"Hi Faith." said Buffy and then they heard Drusilla's voice from down the corridor. Buffy quickly went back down stairs before Drusilla caught them talking. Buffy went into the kitchen and helped with the chores around the house.

Prince Angel sat in his chambers getting some down time. From greeting all the towns' people and the meetings with the royal courts, he just needed some privacy. Angel looked out of the window of the large castle and saw the entire kingdom all the way out. He loved the kingdom and someday, he would get to be the king. A knock came upon his door and he slowly sat up in his chair.

"Who goes there?" asked Angel as he straightened out all of the documents on his desk. The doors opened and revealed his mother. He smiled and stood up.

"Hello my son. How are you?" asked his mother. Her name was Lilah and she was the queen. She walked over to Angel and embraced him. Her blonde hair was in a tight-knit bun with the jeweled golden crown on her head.

"Everything is well mother. I just needed to finish signing the documents and I will be done." Angel said as he went to his desk and signed away the last documents. He then handed it to a royal messenger and he was sent on his way.

"Your father should be arriving shortly from his venture to the other town." said Lilah as she walked over to the front of the desk and looked to her son. William, his father, and Angel didn't agree on quite a lot of matters, but they still managed to have a father-son relationship. He got up and put his long red cloak on and walked up to his mother. He offered his arm to his mother and they walked down to the grand entrance to greet William as he arrived. The doormen opened the door and Angel and Lilah walked out into the beautiful sunny day. In the distance, the royal carriage, drawn by 4 or 6 horses, was making its' way into the court yard. As the white stallions slowly came to a stop on the cobblestone, a servant opened the door.

"His majesty, king William." said the servant and a man about Angel's height, with brown hair that was graying and his still brown facial hair, got off the carriage and walked up to his wife and son.

"Hello my darling William." said Lilah as she bestowed a kiss on her husband's cheek and than a small peck was shared between both. "How was your visit to the other town?" She was glad that her husband, the king, was finally home. Now everyone was here and they could truly be normal again.

"It went quite well. Everything seems to be in order and everything is prospering." said William and then he turned to Angel. "Son, how have things been since my departure?" said William and he took his wife's arm and they all walked back inside.

"Everything has been smooth. All the documents have been signed and sent off." said Angel as he walked on his father's free side and just stayed looking forward. Lilah looked to her to men and could feel the tension in the air. Angel took off his cloak and handed to one of the servants to take back to his chambers.

"Good." said William. "Well on my travel, I heard some news from the Italian Emperor Chiviani. If we want an alliance with him, we have to sit down and come to agreements. Angel I expect you to have all your attention. I want your head out of the clouds and on track." Angel didn't like it when his father was demanding of him.

"What are you implying?" said Angel as he felt offended by the comment. Lilah could sense another confrontation coming on and it was breaking her heart.

"I'm merely speaking that with every major political event going on, you don't take the time to be there." said William as he was didn't like the way his son spoke to him.

"Everything is about you. I have to visit and do all the documentation in the royal courts. I'm the one who has to make sure everything is orderly." said Angel and his tone began to increase. "I'm your son and you always contradict everything I do." William's face was turning red and looked like he was about to blow up.

"Why I never thought that you would treat your father this way!" said William as his voice got louder and was angry.

"You treat your only son unruly." said Angel upset and he walked out the entrance.

"Angel. Come back please, your father didn't mean what he said." said Lilah as she called for her son to come back. She knew he needed time to cool off and to calm down. She turned back to William with a disapproving look. "Why?" she asked him. "You are always at odds with him. You're his father and he's your son."

"He should know better than to argue with me." said William. Lilah wasn't surprised by her husband's attitude, he was always so hardheaded. Lilah turned and began to walk away. William noticed and felt bad that this had happened. "Lilah, I'm sorry." said William as he walked over to her and rested his hands on her shoulders.

"William, this is not the way you should be acting. Angel is our only son and I want him to know that you do love him." said Lilah as she sighed. William thought for a moment and she was right.

"I know Lilah and I do." said William and then someone took his attention away from his wife. This was just like William, always working, but that was a part of being king. Lilah went on her way as she needed to meet with some of the noblewomen.

"Buffy." said Jenny as she walked out to the stables and found Buffy brushing the horses. Buffy turned and bowed.

"Yes Lady Jenny." said Buffy as she stood with the brush in her hand. Jenny walked closer to her and looked at her from head to toe.

"Drusilla and I will be going into town and I need you to pick some apples from the orchard." said Jenny as she turned around and saw Drusilla coming out. Jenny turned back to Buffy and wasn't finished. "After that, you can make our beds before we are to slumber. That is all." she and Drusilla made their way into the carriage and were off. Buffy knew that Jenny was wasting all of her father's fortune on herself and useless items. Buffy went inside and grabbed a basket for the apples. Faith walked in and smiled to her friends.

"Hey Buffy, Willow, Cordelia." said Faith and greeted her and were on their ways.

"Why didn't you go with them Faith?" asked Buffy. Faith sometimes went with her mother and sister into town, but she mainly stayed at home.

"What's the point if my mom and Drusilla always point out how I look." said Faith in a saddened tone. Buffy felt sorry for her friend and knew how cruel Jenny and Drusilla were towards Faith. They made picked at her because she wasn't as thin as they were, but that didn't matter.

"Faith, you are great the way you are. You shouldn't let anyone get to you and say such nonsense." said Buffy as she smiled. Faith looked to her friend and cheered up.

"Thanks Buffy." said Faith and Buffy was glad to help. Buffy wasn't going to take Faith putting herself down.

"Well I better get to picking. I'll talk to you later Faith." said Buffy as she made her way out of the kitchen and Faith trailed behind.

"Hey, sneak down tonight so we can hang out after my mother goes to sleep, ok." said Faith as she smiled and Buffy nodded in agreement. The only time that Buffy and Faith could hang out was when Jenny and Drusilla were out or in the evening after everyone was asleep.

Buffy walked out of the front and made her way into the apple orchard. She walked under the huge shady trees and looked up to all the fruit that had bloomed. The orchard was planted by her father way back when and it has grown into something spectacular. Buffy took the small stepping stool and looked around for the right tree to pick from. She found a huge tree that bared apples on the lower branches. Buffy saw a red and juicy apple just in her reach. She took hold of it, twisted it and pulled the apple off from the branch. It looked really good as she placed it in the basket. As Buffy continued to pick, she hummed a song that her mother use to sing to her.

After the confrontation with his father, Angel went out for a long walk. He was sitting in his favored spot. Out near the country side, on a small hill next to a little lake was where he went. Angel's found this place when he was kid and just wanted to be alone. He came up here to think or clear his thoughts. It was a place that he could get away from it all. Angel sat on the hill and tried to clear his thoughts. He got up and walked down to the smaller part of the lake and looked at his reflection. He walked past that and up and over to the other side of another hill. As he continued walking he heard a beautiful sound coming from the distance. Angel was drawn to it and saw a grouping of trees and he then saw a figure moving around the trees. He moved closer, but he didn't want to scare her off.

Buffy picked the last of the apples, but still continued to hum. "Excuse me." said Angel and Buffy froze in place and her eyes widened. She slowly turned around and saw Angel standing in front a few feet from her.

"Can you help sir?" said Buffy as she didn't know he was. With glare from the sun and shading of the tree, it was hard for Angel to make out her face. But he had to admit that she was beautiful.

"Was that you humming?" said Angel as he moved a step closer and Buffy slightly turned her face.

"Yes sir. What business would that be of yours if I may ask?" said Buffy as she just wanted to be on her way. She could tell by the way he was dressed, she could tell he was of the upper class.

"I just thought it was beautiful." said Angel. Buffy remained turned around, but was still able to see him.

"Thank you and if you would please hurry along, before the lady of the house catches me not working." said Buffy as she tried to hurry Angel along.

"What house is here?" said Angel as he looked around and saw nothing around but the trees and shrubbery.

"That's because it is just a short ways from here. This orchard is a part of the manor's property and that is only a 2 minute walk from the manor itself. Now if you would please, I have to get back to work." said Buffy as she started to make her way back to the house. From the impression Angel got, she was a maiden or servant. Whoever she was, she was gone now. Angel made his way back over the hill and to his spot. By the looks of the sun, he needed to get back to the castle before his father blew a gasket.

Buffy quickly made her way back to the manor and made it inside just in time. She reached the kitchen and wiped herself off as she had dirt on her from being outside. Jenny came in with more boxes of merchandise. It disgusted Buffy how much Jenny bought and it didn't even phase her. Everyone washed up for dinner and Buffy and the other house servants waited on Jenny and the others in the dining room. Buffy set down Jenny's platter in front of her and lifted the lid off. Faith was about to start eating, but then Jenny commented.

"Faith, you can eat vegetables. If you are going to go out in public, I won't let you looking like a cow." said Jenny and Faith's face dropped. Drusilla sat there and smiled at the comment. Buffy couldn't take Jenny's mistreatment towards Faith.

"She's fine the way she is and you are in no place to talk." said Buffy as she spoke up. Everything was silent and the only sound that was heard was the fork that dropped from Jenny's hand.

"You dare back talk to me." said Jenny as she was angered by the act she just witnessed. Buffy stood there and did not back up in fear. Jenny walked up to her and suddenly slapped her across the face. Buffy's head turned and she held her face. A red stinging hand print was left on her face as tears welled up in her eyes. "Go to your room and don't think about coming out until morning!" demanded Jenny as she walked back to her seat. Willow and Cordelia saw the whole thing and quickly scurried back into the kitchen. Buffy didn't say a word or even look in the direction of Jenny. All she did was make her way to her room. She got to the end of the hall and reached a door. She walked up a small set of stairs and reached an old wooden door. She opened it and sat down on the old raggedy bed and cried.

"I can't take this anymore." said Buffy as she sat up and looked out the window to a moonlit night. "I'm trying to be strong mom and dad, but Jenny is just so cruel." She continued looking up to the sky and hoped that her parents could hear her from up above. Buffy had to hang on and keep fighting on, she needed to keep going. After the entire incident, everyone except Buffy, Faith, Willow, and Cordelia were awake. They were gathered in Faith's room and sat down and talked.

"I'm so sorry Buffy. Thanks for sticking up for me." said Faith as she expressed her thoughts.

"It's ok Faith. I'd take a slap if it meant doing the right thing." said Buffy as she slightly smiled and then turned up to all the girls. "Thank you guys so much. If you guys weren't my friends I don't know what I'd do." Everyone felt touched and appreciated the friendship they had.

"You're our best friend Buffy." said Willow as she smiled and hugged her friends.

"We're your best friends and you can always confide in us." said Cordelia as she smiled. That was very true. Friends are there for you no matter what the situation could be.

"No matter what." said Faith as she added in last. Buffy smiled and she was blessed to have such great friends.

"Hey, when I was out picking apples, I kind of met a guy." said Buffy as she smiled and her friends didn't know what to say.

"Seriously?" said Willow in shock.

"Who was he?" asked Faith as she wanted more details.

"I'm not sure who he was. I was just sitting there and humming and then all of a sudden he comes up from behind me. He asked me if was humming and I asked why. He said it sounded beautiful." said Buffy. Everyone was having a hard time containing themselves.

"Did you get his name?" said Cordelia as they all listened attentively to the encounter Buffy had.

"No, I had to get him to leave before Lady Jenny found out. Plus, by the way he was dressed, he must be a part of the higher class of the kingdom." said Buffy. The others didn't know what to say. Buffy didn't know who that could be, but everyone else wanted to know who he was.

Angel was in his chambers and readied for some well needed rest. His bed was already made up for him by the maids before he came back. There was a knock on his door and in came Lilah.

"Angel, if I may I need to talk to you." said Lilah as she came in and sat on the edge of his bed. Angel sat up and wondered what could be the matter.

"Yes mother." said Angel.

"What happened earlier with your father, he truly didn't mean it." said Lilah as she tried to explain. Angel knew that his mother was trying to explain his father's actions.

"No he never means to do anything, yet by the way he acts shows it." said Angel as he was managing to stay calm.

"I know, but I think it's about time that all the confrontation stop and both of you resolve things." said Lilah as she was trying to get through to Angel.

"Ok. If this will make you happy." said Angel as he smiled and kissed his mother's cheek.

"That's all I ask." said Lilah and she kissed her son's forehead and left him to slumber. Angel would do what he could to please his mother and she was right. As Angel lay awake, he thought about the girl he met today and how she had such a beautiful voice.

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