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So in the previous chapter Buffy was trying to set Xander and Oz free. Faith got a good look at who Buffy had seen, Angel of course. Angel helped Buffy release her friends and they got to talk. Buffy told Angel her name was Ann Elizabeth, because she hasn't revealed who she is yet. Angel told Lilah about Buffy and she thought that she made her son happy. Buffy made it back to the manor before Jenny came back. Last thing, Lilah said she'd help Angel find Buffy. That was the best recap I could give, without repeating the last chapter. Lol!

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Lilah had the record hall look up Ann Elizabeth, but only could find Joyce Elizabeth. Since that was Buffy's mother's maiden name. She couldn't find anything on Ann, because that could be a distant cousin who just moved here. Lilah was pretty content with what she founded and wanted to tell Angel.

"Angel, I've found something that might help you." said Lilah as she walked outside and saw her son practicing his sword fighting. Angel stopped and gave his sword to one of the servants, as he walked over to his mother.

"What do you have?" Angel asked as he saw the documents in his mother's hands. She waved him over to sit down and listen.

"I couldn't find anything on Ann Elizabeth, but I did find some information on Joyce Elizabeth." said Lilah and Angel began to feel like they were getting somewhere.

"So these could be a relative of hers." said Angel in realization of the information. Lilah smiled at him.

"The only thing is, I wasn't able to obtain where she lives. But if you see her in town, then she must live here." said Lilah as she gave Angel some hope. Angel looked up and had the determined look on his face that meant business.

"You're right." said Angel and he kissed his mother's cheek and continued with his sword fighting, all the time thinking about what Ann could be doing.

Buffy was on the floor writhing in pain. Jenny had just whipped her and the pain was excruciating, she could feel the slight trickling of blood coming from the wounds on her back. Jenny stood above her and glared at her.

"You should not have gotten Faith's dress dirty." said Jenny as she walked around all the time staring down Buffy. As far as Jenny knew, she found the dress and didn't know how or why it got dirty. Jenny cracked the whip and hit Buffy again as she was screaming in pain.

"STOP! Please!" screamed Buffy as tears were streaming down her face, but she didn't let Jenny see any of it. Jenny set down the whip on the small table near the corridor. She came back and bent down next to Buffy.

"You should have known better." said Jenny in a mocking voice. "Get back to work." She walked away and left Buffy on the floor. Willow, Cordelia, and Faith peeked their heads out of the kitchen entrance way. They heard all of it. When they tried to stop Jenny from hurting Buffy, Jenny pushed them back into the kitchen and forced them there. They came out slowly and knelt down next to Buffy with tears streaking down their faces.

"Buffy I'm so sorry." said Willow as she tried to place a hand on Buffy, but she whimpered in pain.

"It's ok. I'm fine." said Buffy as she tried to put on the brave face, but she felt like she couldn't.

"I can't believe my own mother would do this." said Faith as she was not happy. Her mother was cruel and she felt that way from her own experiences. She couldn't take seeing her best friend hurt. Everyone slowly began to help Buffy to her feet, but the slightest motion hurt her back.

"We need to get her cleaned up." said Willow as she saw the trickles of blood on Buffy's dress. They quietly looked over and checked to make sure no one was coming. They walked into the corridor, past the kitchen, and into the restroom. Everyone piled inside and shut the door. They sat Buffy down as they looked for medical supplies. Willow pulled out some alcohol and Cordelia had found the gauze and bandages.

"Buffy this may sting a bit." said Willow as she gently poured it onto Buffy's open wounds. Buffy held back from screaming, but darn did it sting. The wounds weren't too big, but they would land up leaving marks. Willow stopped and grabbed the gauze and then bandaged over it.

"All done." said Cordelia as Buffy slowly moved. From the other side of the door, there were footsteps coming down the hall. Everyone went silent, but then they got even louder and everyone feared that it was Jenny. The footsteps seized and there was a knock on the door.

"Ladies it's me." whispered Xander and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. They unlocked and opened the door and Xander came rushing in. He closed the door and found all the girls gathered in here and wanted to know why. "What's going on?" He asked with concern. Everyone remained silent for a moment, but Willow finally spoke up.

"Lady Jenny whipped her. She's all cut up so we had to clean her up." said Willow as she was on the verge of tears again. Xander's expression was like someone had just slapped him in the face. How could this happen. Cordelia saw the look on his face and she went and comforted him.

"I can't believe her. She's such a witch." said Xander as he was enraged and felt like doing something.

"Xander, you can't just go and something rash." said Cordelia as she tried to knock some sense into him.

"She can't just do this to. I'll confront her myself." said Xander as he was about to walk out of there and tell Jenny to her face. He didn't care if got arrested and sold off to another kingdom, he was going to take seeing Jenny's wrath.

"No Xander. I'm fine, you just got set free and I don't think you want to risk it again." said Buffy as she asked Xander to step back and listen to her. As much as Buffy wanted to reveal Jenny for who she really was, she wasn't going to. Jenny would land up bringing herself down and she couldn't blame the people who are innocent.

"Fine, but someone will have to teach her some manners." said Xander as he gave in, but he wasn't happy about it.

"I think we should get back out there, before anyone gets suspicious." suggested Faith and she was right. If they were gone too long then Jenny would think something was amidst. They all gathered near the door and Xander cracked the door and looked out.

"We're good. Now let's go." said Xander as he opened the door and all five of them filed out of the bathroom. They all quickly made their ways back to their chores before anymore mayhem could be brought up.

Lady Jenny had finally come down from her room and called for everyone.

"Everyone come hither." said Jenny and all the servants and her daughters lined near the entrance to the manor. Xander and Oz were amongst them as Jenny looked to everyone. She looked to both of them, but didn't say or do anything. "I need to go into town. So, my daughters and the ladies will come." Jenny pointed that out to Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia. "The men will stay here and continue as they were." Jenny made her point clear and everyone did as they were told. They all made their way out and into town.

Jenny and Drusilla were inside the small bakery looking for something. All the others were outside waiting for them. Everyone in the kingdom was busy with their own business and it just seemed like they had little time to slow down. Buffy stood there in a daze and didn't realize that someone was coming up to her. All the girls saw him walking from the distance towards their direction. As he walked up to them, they curtsied and he turned to Buffy.

"Ann is that you?" Angel asked as he stood behind her smiling. Buffy turned around and couldn't take her eyes off of Angel.

"Hello prince Angel." said Buffy as she curtsied and felt her heart racing as he stood right in front of her.

"Angel, remember?" said Angel as he smiled and Buffy tried to hide her slight blushing.

"Yes I do." said Buffy in a sweet tone. Angel was probably wondering why she was dressed in the uniform she was in. "You're probably wondering why I am dressed like this." She said and Angel just listened. "I wanted to help my servant considering she's out. I thought why not dress up and feel the experience." She smiled. Angel couldn't help but smile himself.

"I understand." Angel said. He then needed to ask her something. "I was wondering." he started and Buffy listened. "Would you like to meet me this evening?" He was asking Buffy if she would meet him. Buffy felt her heart speed up when he asked this. Behind Buffy, her friends were silently cheering her on to say yes.

"Yes I would love to." said Buffy as she looked into his eyes. Angel was glad that she said yes.

"Say about sunset on the rolling hills." said Angel as he gave the time and place. That was where Angel liked to go to be alone or to clear his thoughts.

"I will be there." said Buffy for sure. She knew where that was; because it was a nice place that she liked to go. It was near the manor, but no one knew about it, except for her friends. Angel smiled and took Buffy's hand in his.

"I'll see you then." said Angel as he placed his lips on her hand. He bestowed a kiss on her hand and Buffy felt like she was dreaming. Angel let her hand go and noticed all the giggling girls behind Buffy. "Ladies." he said as he smiled and passed by them. As soon as Angel was far enough, the girls burst out in giggles.

"Prince Angel just asked you to meet him. Congratulations!" cheered Cordelia as she was hyped up. "He's really nice Buffy." Cordelia couldn't help, but hug her; heck all of them embraced her.

"Thanks you girls." Buffy was glad her friends were supportive of her.

"You're very lucky Buffy. Just don't tell Drusilla, because it would drive her crazy if she knew that the prince was into you." said Faith and Buffy couldn't help but smile at the thought of it. Buffy wasn't the type to throw things in people's faces, but she knew Drusilla would throw a fit if she knew. Buffy paused for a moment and her eyes widened.

"What am I going to wear?" said Buffy as realization hit her. She couldn't be dressed in her uniform. She couldn't keep borrowing from Faith, even though Faith was fine with it. They all thought about it for a second. Faith had a look on her face knowing what she could do. She caught Buffy by the arm, but made sure that her mother was still preoccupied. She towed all the girls down a few shops to the dress maker. Buffy stopped right in front of the door and figured out what Faith was doing. "Faith no." Buffy backed away, but bumped into Willow.

"Buffy, you are going to get a dress and have a really good time." said Faith as she was trying to drill the words into Buffy's head.

"But Faith, I hardly have any money. Lady Jenny won't let me touch any of what my father left." Buffy said in hopes that Faith would listen to her. Faith was not going to give in so easily.

"I can pay for it Buffy, it's no problem. I've saved enough money over time and I'm nothing like my mother. And no, you don't pay me back. I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself for once." said Faith as she smiled and made Buffy let herself give in.

"Thank you Faith." said Buffy as she couldn't express how much she appreciated this. They embraced each other and they were like sisters.

"You're welcome, now let's go find you something to wear." said Faith and all the girls were excited and went into the shop. There were so many beautiful dresses and gowns everywhere. They were made from all types of material, from silk to satin. They looked through all the dresses, but they were still in search a very good one. Buffy looked through a rack of dresses and didn't find the one that popped out. She turned around and a particular dress caught her eye. It was a silky light blue dress, it was narrower than all the other dresses that were poofed out. It was a little sleeker, but still puffed up slightly. There was lace trimming around the edges of the neck line and the cuff's of the sleeves. There was a beautiful gem design that wrapped around the sides, down the narrow waist, and stopped just below. It was beautiful and Buffy couldn't help, but reach out and feel it. She smiled and knew that it was the one. Faith turned and around and saw Buffy eyeing the gown. She couldn't help but smile as she walked over and took the gown down from the display.

"Excuse me, I would like to purchase this fine gown." said Faith as she went up to the counter and the older lady, whom was the seamstress and dress maker, smiled.

"That is a very fine gown and a very nice selection." said the elderly women as she took the gown and prepared it to be sold. "I have seen many noblewomen look at gowns like this, but they just seem to never buy it because they have no place to wear it." She came around the back and handed the dress to Faith. Buffy smiled and couldn't believe that this dress would be going home with them. Faith handed the lady the money and paid for the dress. "To show my appreciation, I would like it of you would choose a complimentary item. I don't get as many nice young ladies in here like you four and I know this dress is in very caring hands." This lady was very kind to give them something.

"Thank you so very much ma'am." said Buffy and it made the lady smile. They looked around the shop and saw a beautiful broach. It was silver and was jewel encrusted; it was in the shape of a flower. The lady nodded and packaged it up for them as well.

"Thank you and have a very nice day." said the lady as the girls left and went on their ways.

"Thanks Faith, I appreciate it." said Buffy as they kept walking along the path.

"No problem." said Faith. That was her way of saying 'you're welcome'.

"We have a problem, how are we going to hide the gown from Lady Calendar on the way back?" Willow asked and no one worried about that. Faith had another solution and they all had to hurry if they didn't want to be seen by Jenny. They ran up to the carriage and gently put the gown underneath some coats in the trunk.

"No one should find it here and when we get back I can sneak it in." said Faith as she closed the trunk and they all hurried back to the bakery and just in time as Jenny and Drusilla came out.

"Buffy and Cordelia take the bags to the carriage and do not crush anything." said Jenny and both girls did as they were told. "Willow, go and fetch some things from the farmer's stands."

"Yes my Lady." said Willow and she scurried off. Drusilla just smiled and loved it when everyone, especially Buffy was pushed around.

"Faith as soon as we get home, I need you to help Drusilla pack." said Jenny as she began walking back to the carriage with Drusilla by her side.

"Why? Where are you going now Dru?" said Faith as she didn't know for what reason Drusilla would be leaving.

"I got invited to a formal event to meet with some of the most well known noblewomen and maybe the king and queen." said Drusilla as she knew it was eating at Faith, because she couldn't go anywhere.

"I will be going with your sister. We'll be departing as soon as we get home, so that's why I need you to tell." said Jenny and Drusilla had a one of those looks on her face that you just wanted to yell at.

"Fine." said Faith, but then she remembered how Buffy would be going out with the Prince later on this evening. Faith looked forward to that and now that her mother and sister would be out for a while. She smiled, but didn't let her mother see it.

As they all got back to the manor, Faith quickly Buffy's gown in her room. Jenny had a servant helping her pack her trunks and Faith was quick to finish Drusilla's packing. Everyone was downstairs and Jenny came walking in, probably getting ready to leave.

"As all of you know, Drusilla and I will be leaving out of town for a few days. I expect all of you to continue on with your work." said Jenny and then she stopped in front of Buffy. "If there is a problem, then more chores and if I have to more physical reconditioning." Jenny made that a point for Buffy to hear. By reconditioning, she of course meant that she would hurt them. Buffy didn't flinch, but in the back of her mind she wanted to scream. "Well then I'll be back soon, and Faith." Jenny continued. "Watch over them." Faith nodded, but didn't know how to respond to her. Jenny was out the door with Drusilla on her heels and that was it, they were out and wouldn't be back for the next days.

Faith peered out the window and made sure that they were gone before they did anything.

"Ok, let's get you ready Buffy. By the looks of it we might have about an hour before you meet Princy." said Faith teasing. Buffy knew that they had to work fast. The girls ran up the stairs and started their make-over. First things first, Buffy drew a bath and had to scrub up. After, Faith helped her into the dress and did her make up for her. The last details were the broach and of course Buffy's necklace.

"How do I look?" asked Buffy as she was turned around, facing away from the mirror. Faith smiled and of course that was a good sign.

"Turn around and look for yourself." said Faith. Buffy took a deep breath and turned around. She looked like she was going to cry, but she couldn't. The dress, the natural look of her makeup, everything was outstanding. She hadn't felt like this in such a long time. "Buffy you look great and now is about time for you to go." Faith snapped her out of it and Buffy quickly got up.

"Thanks Faith." said Buffy and she embraced her.

"You're welcome. Right now, you can get down stairs and get going." said Faith as she was trying to get Buffy finished up. They both got downstairs and were met by Willow, Cordelia, Oz, and Xander.

"You look amazing Buffy." said Willow as she was the first to speak up.

"Very nice." said Oz and then he latched onto Willow's hand.

"Have a good time Buffy." said Xander short and to the point.

"Go knock him out. I mean have fun and spill when you get back." said Cordelia and then she smiled and let her friend be on her way.

"Thanks guys. Wish me luck." said Buffy and she smiled as she went out the door. Buffy went into the stable and went to the corner and found one of her lifelong animal friends. Her name was Isabel, but Buffy called her Bell. She was a beautiful white majestic horse. Her father had given her to Buffy when it was a small pony. "Bell, we're going to meet the prince, I mean Angel." said Buffy as she blushed when he spoke his name. "Be on your best behavior, but you always are." Buffy gently pulled her out of the stable and then climbed on. She gave the reigns a little flick and they were off. Buffy was going through the orchard and into the open hills. She hasn't ridden her horse for a while now, but she managed to spend time with Bell. Buffy was reaching the spot and the sun still hanging low, but it wasn't sunset. Buffy slowed up as she was at the top of the hill as she got off and walked Bell. Under the singular tree upon the hill, was a man standing next to a great white Stallion. Buffy walked closer and she knew it was Angel. The sounds of Bell's feet gave away to Angel that they were there. Angel turned around and looked like he couldn't keep his eyes off of the sight of Buffy.

"Hello Ann." said Angel as he left his horse's side and walked up to Buffy.

"Hello Angel." said Buffy as she was smiling and couldn't hold back. Angel smiled and was in awe of her.

"You look beautiful." said Angel as Buffy took his breath away. Buffy was blushing and tried her best to hide it.

"Thank you. Might I say you look very handsome yourself." said Buffy and she was giggling as she complimented Angel.

"Thank you." said Angel as he could tell that Buffy was an innocent person. "That's a very beautiful horse you have." Angel admired Buffy's horse.

"Thanks. Her name is Isabel, but I call her Bell." said Buffy as she pet her nose. Angel couldn't help but see that she was a kind hearted person and had a deep appreciation for everything, including animals. Angel slowly and gently put his hand in front of Bell to let her know that he was good. She nuzzled his hand and knew to trust Angel. Buffy couldn't help it, she wanted to cry seeing that Angel got along so well with her horse. "You have a very valiant horse." Buffy said and Angel gently pat Bell and turned his attention to Buffy.

"His name is Aragon." said Angel as he led Buffy to him along with Bell. Aragon stood just little bit higher than Bell, but he was still of reachable height. He looked very strong and fast, which made a good quality in a horse. "He's like a friend I can talk to when I can't talk to everyone else." Angel said as he patted his horse. Buffy liked how Angel was good with animals. Angel took Buffy's hand and gently put it onto his snout and Aragon quickly gave to Buffy. "He likes you." Angel was glad for that.

"As does Bell." said Buffy as she smiled and turned to Angel. He led her over to a blanket on the floor and they both sat upon the hill watching the sunset. "It's beautiful." said Buffy as the sun hit up against them and warmed them. "I could just watch the sunset and it would still be stunning." Angel liked how Buffy spoke in such loveliness.

"It is a very beautiful sight. It's something that show's its beauty." said Angel as he watched the sunset but all the while looking at Buffy. "If you don't mind me asking, who are you Ann Elizabeth? You are s beautiful and caring person, but I still don't know a lot about you." said Angel as he wanted to get to know Buffy. Buffy knew she couldn't just say right there 'I'm Buffy Summers, I'm a servant to my step mother.'

"I'm just a simple girl. I really am not that special, I'm just like everyone else." said Buffy as she was trying to sound simple. If only Angel knew her real life, but she would reveal that soon when she gets even closer to him.

"No, you are a unique person. If we all were like everyone else then we would all look and act the same." said Angel as told Buffy. "Ok, I have an idea." He said as he looked to Buffy.

"What?" Buffy asked as she watched his facial expression.

"You tell me one thing about yourself and I tell you one thing about myself." said Angel as he watched and waited for her response.

"That sounds good." said Buffy as she smiled and thought of something to tell him. "I love to read." said Buffy as she closed her eyes and kind of thought that he would laugh. Angel didn't laugh or scorn her. He smiled at what she said.

"That's really nice, I like that. Not many women actually like to read, but you. You're unique." said Angel as he complimented her. He has never met a woman intrigued by reading, until now.

"Ok, I told you something about myself. Now you have to tell me something." said Buffy as she smiled and slipped a giggle. Angel was turning a little red, as he must have already thought of something to say.

"This is one of my favorite spots. I found it when I was a kid and still come here today." said Angel as he paused for but a moment. "I came here when I wanted to escape home, when my father and I actually get into confrontation." Angel slightly hung his head. Buffy could tell that talking about it brought up some feelings.

"If you don't mind me asking," Buffy started slowly. "Do you and your father actually argue a lot?" She asked, but didn't know if she was getting too personal. Angel looked up and could tell that she was trying to comfort and get to know him. She wasn't being nosy; she was concerned and wanted to be there. Angel's mother was the only other person who was like that. Angel knew this was different, in a good way of course.

"I don't mind. My father and I have been at odds, but now more lately. It never use to be like this when I when I was a kid. He actually treated me like his son. But now," said Angel as he paused and let out a sigh. Just thinking about it made him wonder why. "I have to do a lot of business and I get it done accordingly, but he always seems to question me. He treats me like less of a son, but I try not to let it bother me." Angel concluded and turned to Buffy to see. Buffy didn't know quite what to say, but she knew that he needed someone to confide in.

"I'm so sorry. For you and your father to fight just seems saddening." said Buffy as she embraced Angel. Angel was caught by surprise, but he didn't let go of her. He enjoyed the way it felt to be hugged by her.

"Don't be. I probably have to sit down and get to the bottom of this." said Angel as they let each other go and smiled. Buffy couldn't help but still feel sad, but she pushed that aside.

"This is one of my favorite places as well. I like to come here and just clear my thoughts. The scenery and everything is so amazing." said Buffy as she told Angel. They both continued to have a good time.

"That's really nice. When you share something with someone, it has even more meaning." said Angel as he stared into Buffy's eyes and she stared back. They were lost in each other's eyes and enjoyed the time they spent together.

"It looks to be getting late." said Buffy as she noticed that the sun was already passed the horizon. All that was left was the bright orange glow trailing behind and the dark cover of night coming in.

"If I may, can I walk you home?" said Angel as he looked to Buffy with loving eyes.

"I think we'd be riding home more than walking." said Buffy as she giggled and smiled knowing that they had horses to go home on. Angel chuckled and knew what she meant. "I would love that." Buffy said as she answered his question. Angel smiled and offered his arm to Buffy and she gladly took it. As they were walking, they turned to see their horses were doing something. Buffy giggled at the sight and Angel couldn't help but smile. "I guess our horses are getting a little cozy." Buffy stated as she was in awe of them. Bell and Aragon were standing next to each other, but were nuzzling each other's necks.

"I see they have taken a liking for each other." said Angel as he and Buffy walked up to their horses and got on. "Which way is your home?" He asked and Buffy had a teasing look on her face.

"You'll have to catch me to get there." said Buffy as she snapped the reigns and Bell was off. Angel couldn't believe how incredibly fast Buffy was.

"Come on Aragon." said Angel and he cracked the reigns and his horse went galloping after. Buffy couldn't help but smile as she turned around and saw Angel inching towards her. They went over the hills and continued on, even as the night sky continued to fall. Buffy reached the orchard and Angel was at her side and they climbed off their horses. Angel could see the manor in the distance and it was quaint and nice.

"Is this where you live Ann?" said Angel as walked up to Buffy. She looked at him and smiled.

"Yes." said Buffy as she could see in the distance the light go on and Faith was in the window, but Angel didn't see that. Faith was probably smiling and trying to see what was going on. "Thank you, I had a really lovely time." said Buffy as she turned to Angel.

"I did too. Thank you." said Angel and he continued. "If you are not doing anything tomorrow would you like to meet me in town?" Angel asked and he hoped that she would say yes.

"I would like that." said Buffy as her stomach was doing flips and she couldn't help it.

"Great, does ten in the morning sound ok?" Angel asked as he tried to think of a time that was good.

"That sounds wonderful." said Buffy as she smiled at Angel.

"Great. I will you see you tomorrow." said Angel as he took Buffy's hand and bestowed a kiss on it. Buffy blushed and Angel noticed and smiled. Angel got back onto his horse and was ready to go. "Good night Ann." He said.

"Good night Angel." said Buffy and she smiled. Angel too smiled and then he began riding back. Buffy saw him leave in the distance and then turned to the manor.

She walked Bell back into the stable and gave her water and feed. Buffy quickly went inside and couldn't wait to tell her friends of the great day and the great news. She went into the dining room and found Cordelia and Xander eating dinner.

"Hey you guys." said Buffy as she smiled and Cordelia caught on quickly that Buffy had a lot to tell.

"Buffy! How was your time with Prince Angel?" said Cordelia as she wanted to jump into the details. Buffy couldn't wait either, but wanted to let everyone settle in before doing anything.

"We'll talk later." said Buffy. Xander turned and looked offended.

"Why? Is it because I'm right here?" Xander did seem offended, but that was not the reason.

"No Xander, I just wanted let you guys finish your dinner." said Buffy as she wanted to be courteous. Xander then felt stupid for thinking what he previously thought.

"Sorry." was all Xander could say and then he turned back and continued eating.

"It's fine. I'll see you guys in a while." said Buffy as she went off to find everyone else. Cordelia wasn't too happy with how Xander handled himself. She looked at him and just brushed it off.

Later that evening, as everything was done and everyone was settled down, a nice warm fire was going as everyone sat by the fire.

"Ok Buffy, spill." said Faith as she sat on the huge rug near her friend slash stepsister. Buffy smiled and she got comfortable as she tucked her knees in and placed her chin on them.

"It was amazing. I rode up and he was waiting there for me." said Buffy as she looked to the fire and was thinking back on the memories. All the girls smiled while Xander and Oz just continued on with their chess game.

"What did you guys do?" asked Cordelia as she was literally leaning over the chair she sat in. Buffy smiled and knew that her friends were happy for her.

"He called me beautiful and we just talked." said Buffy short and sweet.

"Buffy, seriously what did you do?" asked Cordelia as she felt that there was more that she hadn't said.

"Seriously, that's what we did. He asked me about myself and I told him I liked to read." said Buffy and she continued as her friends were getting somewhere. "He thought it was really nice. He told me something about himself too." Everyone went wide eyed, except the guys.

"What was it?" Faith asked and the others nodded in agreement with her.

"He told me that the place where we were at was his favorite spot. He said that he goes there to be alone or when he wants to get out." Buffy stated and she chose her words carefully as she didn't want to give away personal information that belonged to Angel. "He told me that he and his father have confrontations sometimes and that this place was somewhere he could clear his thoughts." said Buffy as she went on. "We both admire that spot." Buffy finished and when she turned around Cordelia was teary-eyed, Willow looked like she would pass out from the excitement, and Faith was all smiles.

"That's so nice Buffy." said Willow. She stood up and went over to Oz and planted a kiss on him.

"What was that for?" asked Oz curiously to his wife. Willow smiled and enjoyed the moment.

"I did that because I love you." said Willow as she watched Oz stand up and wrap his arms around her.

"I love you too Willow." said Oz as he leaned in and kissed Willow back. Everyone gave them some privacy.

"Something funny yet cute happened as we departed." said Buffy as she looked over to Faith and Cordelia.

"What?"asked Faith in excitement and wonder. Cordelia was so focused on the whole thing and she couldn't wait.

"Well, when we were walking back to get on the horses, the horses were doing something. Bell and Aragon, Angel's horse, were snuggling up next to each other and nuzzling one another." said Buffy as she giggled at the thought. "It was so cute and Angel thought it was funny too."

"Angel? The Prince let's you call him Angel?" said Cordelia in surprise. Buffy couldn't help but giggle.

"Yes, he does." said Buffy in joy and Cordelia just smiled at the thought.

"Nice." said Cordelia and they went back to the conversation.

"So the horses were getting a little close then." said Faith as she was getting at something. "The two horses like each other and you and Angel are getting closer." said Faith.

"That would be nice, but he still thinks I'm Ann Elizabeth. I need to find the right time to tell him that my real name." said Buffy as she had that on her mind.

"I know you'll tell him and from what you told him, that is what you like. You need to find the time to tell him." said Faith as she was trying to be enthusiastic.

"I will." said Buffy and she remembered something important. "Angel asked me to meet him tomorrow." said Buffy and everyone turned to her.

"Buffy, he must be really into you." said Cordelia as she plopped herself down on the floor next everyone. "What did you say?" she asked.

"I told him yes." said Buffy as she bit down on her lip and tried to contain her excitement.

"Awesome Buffy." said Faith as she encouraged her.

"This is probably the only time I'll get to spend with him, because when Lady Jenny gets back it'll be hard to try and get out of the house." said Buffy as she made it clear.

"We can help you Buffy." said Faith as she stepped up and would try her best to help Buffy. "If you are really into Angel and him you, then I'll do my best."

"Me too. Everyone deserves a chance at love." said Cordelia as she was glad to help.

"Same here." said Willow from afar.

"Thanks you guys." said Buffy as she was touched by all of them. As they sat by the fire, they all began drifting off to sleep. They would all go to bed soon, but for now all they wanted to do was enjoy the warmth and quite.

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