Summary: Part 3 – maybe I can stop torturing Dominic after this…

Rated: T – for language

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Letty woke up the next morning, feeling well-rested, stretching out like a cat before she even opened her eyes. Sunlight was glaring through the windows, and she chanced a look at the clock on the bedside table.


It was nice to sleep in for once. She registered noise from the bathroom and ran a hand through her hair before sitting up, grumbling about needing her hairbrush.

She went to rummage through her bag for what had probably been the twentieth time since yesterday, and dug for her brush. Letty was pushing a t-shirt out of her way when she was distracted by something distinctly shiny.

She stared down at her hand in confusion. "What the hell?" she mumbled, nearly shoving her own hand in her face. Letty thought quickly back to the previous night. Had they gotten drunk last night? No. And they hadn't left the hotel room after dinner…

Letty stood up and slowly made her way to the bathroom. She really hoped there was a logical explanation for this.

She stopped, leaning warily against the doorjamb to the bathroom.

Dominic spotted her in the large mirror almost immediately. "Hey, sleepyhead", he teased.

"Morning", she murmured, toes curling against the floor apprehensively as she studied his reflection only to find him watching her as well. Yeah, he was definitely up to something. The slightly nauseous feeling subsided, and it allowed her to relax marginally.

She smiled wryly and held her left hand up for inspection and pointed at her ring finger. "So, um… this wasn't there when I went to sleep last night", she noted curiously.

"It wasn't", Dom confirmed evenly.

"Was there an acid trip that I wasn't aware of?" she stared at him warily.

"You might have overdone it on the whipped cream", he offered.

"Dom?" she questioned, voice a whisper. She couldn't play anymore games.

He shrugged. "I figured if it was already on your finger you wouldn't say no."

Her head tilted, reading his nervousness. "You think I'd say no?" she murmured walking towards him.

Dom made an irritated noise in the back of his throat. "Hell, Letty, that thing's been burning a hole in my pocket for three months", he admitted wryly.

She stared at him incredulously. "You've had this ring for months?"

"Maybe", he grumbled.

"Holy shit, pal, I coulda done with some warning", she chuckled, sliding her arms around his waist.

He snorted, picking her up and letting her legs wrap around his waist. "What do you think the last five years have been?"

She kissed his cheek. "You know… you still haven't asked me properly", she murmured.

He smirked and carried her back to bed, tossing her in it gently and climbing over her. "Whaddya say, Let? Wanna get married and have a bunch of mini-me's?"

She raised both eyebrows skeptically. "Us? With kids? Are you nuts?"

He smiled softly. "It's okay. I have plenty of time to convince you what a good idea it is. I love you", he leaned down to kiss her jaw. "Marry me, Letty?"

She tilted his face to hers, looking a bit more surprised than she should be that he really meant it. She nodded. "Yes."

"That's a yes?" he grinned.

She nodded; something like wonder on her face. "We're getting married?"

"I knew when we got together that I'd never want anyone else", he said quietly, taking her left hand and kissing the knuckle of her ring finger reverently.

"I love you", she confirmed, shaking her head in amusement, "Even if you are a total cheese ball."

"Come on", he muttered, sucking a mark onto her neck. "It's not like I said you were my lobster or anything", he teased, referring to Mia's stash of all the episodes of Friends on DVD that they had all been subjected to over the years.

She snorted. "Good point."

Letty was more grateful than she could say that it had ended up like this. They had always understood each other. He knew she didn't need all the frills. She just wanted him. Dom putting the damn ring on her finger was a big enough gesture.

"I wanna get married on the beach", she said suddenly. "I don't care which one, but I want a beach."

He chuckled, "Anything you want, baby."

Letty smirked. "I love it when you say that", she teased.

"Yeah, yeah, anything else going on the 'Letty List'?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Small wedding", she murmured, comfortable underneath him, "Just some friends and family."

He nodded. "Who's going to tell that to Mia?"

"I'll handle it", she said with a laugh. "I just need you back me up."

"That I can do. Oh, you have to call your parents and tell them that I finally asked", he mentioned off-handedly.

"Why?" her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

He grinned. "Because I sort of asked for your dad's blessing when we went to see them last month."

She groaned, "Dom!"

He laughed, hands suddenly finding themselves busy with other things.

"What were you gonna do if he'd said no?" she demanded roughly.

"Then we would have gone home early", he said mildly.

She rolled her eyes. "I knew there was a reason for you putting up with me that weekend!"

"Mhm", he admitted, occupying himself with her collarbone.

She moaned softly when he found that spot on her neck. "You're a sneaky bastard", she grumbled.

He looked up at her in feigned annoyance. "Would you be quiet already? I'm trying to have celebration engagement sex here."

Her eyes sparkled with amusement before leaning up to kiss him fiercely, "Can't argue with that."


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