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As Beast Boy and Raven sat in Cyborgs lab back to back, letting the information they just received sink in. They both knew that life would not be the same for a long time.

*Beast Boy*

Why did this have to happen to me?

Why does it have to be her?

I know she doesn't completely hate me anymore… but still… why does it have to be us?


Why did it have to be him?

I mean, it could have been worse, it could have been Robin. He bosses me around all day everyday enough as it is.

But still, Beast Boy is so loud and annoying, and he tells horrible jokes. I need my space.

*End of thoughts*

Beast Boy was the first to break the silence.

"So… looks like we are going to be stuck together for a while…"

"Looks like it." Raven replied in her usual plain and uncaring voice.

"So… Maybe we can use this to get to know each other a little bit better? This could turn out to be a good thing for us."

"How could this possibly be a good thing Beast Boy? How? Cause to me, this seems like the worst possible thing that could ever happen."

Her voice has a slight bit of anger behind it when she speaks this time.

"Come on, I mean, it's not that bad… Is it?"

"Yes Beast Boy, yes it is that bad! And I would appreciate it if you gave me a bit of time without having to hear your seemingly never-ending, idiotic voice. Seeing as I am going to be hearing it just about every minute from now till who knows when."

Beast Boy sat shocked. Without being able to see Raven's face he is unable to judge just how angry she actually is. At a true loss for words, he silently accepts Raven's request for silence.

They both just sat there, in disbelief of the events that happened just a few hours before, and they stayed like that, quiet and motionless, for hours after.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN A FEW MONTHS?" Robin yelled the loudest he has ever yelled at one of his own teammates.

"I mean a few months. I told you I didn't know how the goo would react to their body?" Cyborg explained as Robin paced rather angrily before him.

"No! You told me they wouldn't be harmed and it would fall off on its own in about a week." Robin screamed as he turned to point at Cyborg before he turned back to continue his pacing.

"No, I said that it might fall off on its own in about a week or so, but it could possibly be longer."

"You didn't say it would be THAT much longer!" Robin bellowed.

After several deep breathes to calm himself, Robin speaks again.

"Where did you even get this stuff anyway?"

"Do you remember the time we crash landed on that strange planet, and we all got separated?"

"Yeah, of course, what of it?"

"Well, during that crash, I got broken into pieces, Beast Boy ended up helping me find everything and get myself put back, but when we were there, we encountered this slug thing that could shoot this sticky green goo. It could bind anything together. I thought nothing of it until we all got back home and I saw that I had some wedged in some of my gears. I did some experiments on it and was able to make it stronger. I made it infuse with the thin sheet of the metal on the outside of my body to the other sheets of metal is the different parts of my body. So I would never be knocked apart like that in battle again."

"Why didn't you tell me any of this before we planned this?"

"I didn't expect for it to bind under their skin. I didn't think it would treat skin the same as metal?"

Robin stops pacing and stares at the robotic frame that is Cyborg.

"And why did you think it wouldn't? Huh?"

"Because we were able to get it off before. That's why."

"But that was before you chemically 'enhanced' it Cyborg."

As Robin stares at Cyborg, Cyborg just turns his back in shame, and then speaks.

"Well, what's done is done. We both are at fault for this. But they shouldn't know we had a hand in it, at least not now."

Robin slowly nods in silent agreement, even though Cyborg can't see it.

And with that they make a silent agreement to not bring the matter of their plan up again until Raven and Beast Boy are separate once more.


After hours of uninterrupted silence, Beast Boy attempts to look back to Raven to see if she is ready to head out of the lab, which the two have now been sitting in for going on 5 hours.

He clears his throat.


He clears it again, this time slightly louder.

Raven sighs. "Uhhh….. Yes? What do you want Beast Boy?"

"Um…. I was wondering… that maybe, if you were done meditating that is, that we could… go somewhere else?"

"Okay… first of all, I wasn't meditating. I was just thinking. Second. You interrupted my train of thought just to see if we could change rooms."

"Well… yeah. I mean I'm kinda hungry and all. And… other things.

"What 'other things' are you talking about?

"Well…" Beast Boy responds slowly, due to his embarrassment.

"Don't tell me you're saying what I think you're saying, are you?"

"Well… maybe… depends what you're thinking?" He says, slightly scared for his life.

"No. We can go eat. Nothing else."

"But Raven…"

"I said NO!"

Beast Boy accepts reluctantly and attempts to stand up, only to fall back down after failing to do so.

"Wow," Beast Boy says in a shocked and depressed voice. "Um… how exactly are we going to do this?"

"I have no idea." Raven responds with an honest, yet equally depressed sounding, answer.

After many failed attempts to stand Raven remembers something Cyborg said.

"… it appears you can force yourselves to be apart for a few moments before you snap back, that means you can turn around to be back to back, front to front, or either of the two options of front to back all while remaining unharmed."

Raven suddenly gets an idea.

"Beast Boy, lay down."


"I said lay DOWN." She says as she hops up in the air and pulls Beast Boy's legs back and forces her body (and his) to lie down on the ground. Unfortunately for Beast Boy, this has the side effect of slamming his face into the concrete floor.

"Errrr!" Beast Boy muffles a scream with his face now firmly planted on the ground, in pain from the sudden collision.

"Sorry." Raven says flatly, a very slight grin on her face.

She then orders Beast Boy to start wiggling back and forth, as she begins to do the same.

After a while they start to build up momentum while wiggling and start going in opposite directions. This is slightly painful for both of them, but it is still tolerable. After a while, Beast Boy gives one final twist, giving it his all while simultaneously pushing off the ground with his hands. They both go spinning individually for a minute before they crash back on the ground with Raven lying on top of Beast Boy, both of which are now facing the ceiling.

Beast Boy yelps once again in pain, this time from slamming on the concrete with Raven on top of him.

After taking a moment to think about what had happened, Raven smiles, realizing that her plan was a success. She slowly begins to sit up and look around. Beast Boy, however, stops paying attention to the pain throughout his body, as he is now paying attention to the girl who is suddenly sitting on a very sensitive area for him and all males everywhere.

He slowly reaches up and taps her on the shoulder.

She turns around to look at Beast Boy, who is now blushing awkwardly.

"What do you want now?"

"Um… your kinda…" He says as he points downward from his laying position.

Raven follows his finger to start looking down and gains a blush herself upon realization of where she is sitting. She starts to pull away, only to find that Beast Boy is still attached to her.

After noticing this failure, she simply lies back down and slaps her face with her palm. She then yells at Beast Boy to wrap his arms around her.

He does as she instructs, only after a moment of hesitation and confusion.

She then yells at him to wrap his legs around her waist in the same fashion.

He reluctantly follows her instructions again.

Now that he has done that, Raven slowly but surely begins to stand up. Once she is up, she has to wave her arms to steady herself before hunching over and grabbing ahold underneath Beast Boy's legs.

Beast Boy's face widens with a smile upon his realization. He is going to be going to dinner on his brand new, top of the line model, the Raven Piggy-Back 5000. Complete with purple and gray paint job and adjustable cup holders.

He is about to make this thought out loud, but thinks better of it upon seeing that his new mode of transportation could easily fall backwards and hurt him even more.

As the two head to dinner, they both think of how interesting the following months will be. Having to work together to complete once simple tasks such as walking and eating, but even more so, how difficult it will be to work with the person they are attached to, both physically and emotionally.

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