Letter Exchange

E/O Challenge: Bra – 100 words on the dot! Okay, absolutely no plot here, so I hope you're up for total silliness!

Dean makes it impossible to stay mad for long.

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"Where the hell are you!"

Fingers tap the wheel in annoyance.

"Of course it's me, who else you gonna call? So help me, if you answer with Ghostbusters…"

A crinkled brow.

"You're drunk."

A pissed off glare out the windshield.

"Why should I? You always do this!"

A weary sigh.

"I know it was a bad hunt, but you can talk to me. Where are you, I'll pick your drunken ass up."

A chuckle.

"You're where?"

A snort.

"You are so wasted!"

A guttural laugh.

"Why? Dude, you just told me you were in some skeevy bra down the street!"

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