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To say that she was irritated beyond possible was an understatement.

Every fiber in her body felt strained from anger, leading them to blindly rage against the enemy who had caused their long-lasting dilemma.

Sharp tingles dashed over her creamy skin, insuring that every clothed and exposed centimeter had been delightfully disturbed by their presence.

All these visibly unnoticeable signs were aftereffects from her now subsiding outburst. That or they were just another step closer to losing her already crumbling sanity.

Though the indicator that especially showed her still boiling insides was the itch residing in her sweaty palms.

It had taunted her, offering to participate in bringing her sadistic, grim and rather gruesome thoughts to life. It offered to steal her tormentor's last breath of life and restore the peace that had been lost ever since his ear scraping speech had begun.

She wanted to agree, honestly she did, but as pleasant as the deal had sounded the laws in her country forbid her to perform such an inhuman act. That, and the insignificant fact that the one who had been mentally torturing her was none other than her bratty, annoying, idiotic excuse for a best friend.

Because of those reasons she had been forced into a search for a suitable substitution to play the part of Mr. Cooper Law.

Thankfully her hunt had ended briefly after its beginning. The found replacement being the white, plush pillow occupying the side of her bed.

The moment her savage gaze unwittingly fell over the plush object her strained nerves broke through the last barrier keeping them tamed. And so now, the said pillow laid on the carpet covered floor, bitten, torn and pummeled too brutally for the strength a normal teenage girl could possess. But Ross had stepped over the "just a normal human" line ever since she first arrived in the city three years ago.

Her brutality and unkind nature had won her a reputation of an intimidating girl, which most people preferred to avoid for the sake of their still functioning limbs. Ross wasn't very popular on high school ground either, though to her being well-known was not a primal achievement.

She gripped tightly onto her bed sheets, causing her knuckles to become ghostly pale from the strained skin covering them.

A savage snarl vibrated in her throat as the memory of the occurred events earlier that day continued to determinately repeat in her head.

It seemed as though his voice had been imprinted in her mind with no available way to be removed or erased.

And all this torture Ross had been forced to endure was because of a stupid, fucking, shitty game, which, by Cooper's words, was the best mankind had ever created.

Earlier that day she would have given everything just to make him shut up, regardless if it would require the use of physical force. But unfortunately, before she could introduce his face to her royal fist and rid humanity of his unbelievably annoying presence he was unwittingly able to save his skinny ass. His escape from her deadly intentions being a simple request.

"Please just try it."

She assumed that her desperation had reached its peak because not a moment after the question had been voiced she had gladly agreed, hoping that her choice would silence his apocalyptic speech.

For a short time she had felt victorious because of the well handled situation however, her act of despair had brought her to her current and rather unpleasant situation.

She was curled on her bed, her hands wrapped around the improvised pillow she created from her bed sheets.

Her heavy eyelids had been pulled over her eyes to prevent the setting sun's rays from temporarily stealing her vision.

Her pulsing head laid sunken in the white covers, willingly letting their plush comfort embrace her aching cranium.

A dark mass of hair covered her pale face, easily providing her with much needed solitude and peace.

Neon colored headphones were secured over her thick hair while various songs blasted hard through her screaming ears. Their tones sounding higher than what Ross knew was the normally safe limit.

A light sigh left her parted mouth while her embrace on the improvised pillow abruptly tightened, a convulse caused by her dissolving rage.

The girl was one who adored adventure games and their bloody and mind straining nature. However, her adoration would usually be accompanied by her harsh and rather unforgiving criticism.

Not many games were able to reach her high standards for which she was rarely seen occupied by one when enjoying her free time.

Because of that Cooper had declared it as his foremost mission to find a game, which would overpower even her smallest caprice.

A soft chuckle rumbled in her throat as the memory of his determined face settled in front of her closed eyes.

The boy may be annoying and slightly too nice and giving, but those were the characteristics that had rivaled him the spot as her closest and most cherished friend.

Her headphones were pulled away from her burning ears, letting the bruised, hot skin cool while her sluggish thoughts continued on.

She greatly valued their friendship and did enjoy his warming presence when he was calmer, though this small amount of information she preferred to keep to the boundaries of her mind.

A soft vibration emitted from the pocket of her jeans, pulling the teen out of her deep cogitation.

She reached in her pocket, pulling out the cause of her interrupted thoughts, which appeared to be a slim, blue cell phone.

"Go away." she pressed the phone against her ear, an irritated expression carved in her features from the awareness of her disturber.

"Hey Ross" a familiar voice sounded from the other end of the line, seemingly too happy to acknowledge her cheerful greeting.

"Speaking of the said hyperactive idiot."

"Did your parents lock you out again?" mockery dripped from the girl's naturally sarcastic voice before she freely released the ominous laugh residing in her throat.

"Ok, that was one time. Once!"

"Yeah, you keep thinking that." a grim smile slid over her pale features while she started to lightly tug on her ruffled hair, a habit she couldn't eradicate "You poor, poor, little boy."

A loud exhale was forced out of Cooper's mouth while he continued to listen to his friend's delightful laugh.

He was sincerely grateful that in the years he had grown immune to both her mockery and sarcasm. However, the short yet frequent period where she insisted on measuring the damage her knuckles could cause while using him as her test subject was slightly hard to appeal to.

Ross preferred to wear a harsh and relentless mask when dealing with the civilized society, but she did have a hidden, kinder side...supposedly.


"Anyway! Did you try the game yet?"

A soft rumble emitted from the girl's chest before she turned to her computer, seeing her now downloaded game marked in a light blue color.

"Sorry dweeb, still installing." she mumbled softly while her limbs soundlessly carried her away from the comfort of her bed.

"Really? Thought you'd be done by now."

A warning snarl was send at the light tone of mockery he tried to hide, though obviously failed to do so.

"Wait! No! I didn't mean it like that." he growled loudly before his hand was scraped over his light hair in an attempt to calm his hastily panicking body "I meant that your computer is, "

"Cooper, relax! I got it."

The boy sighed softly, feeling his face redden in embarrassment.

He had tried to rid himself of the annoying habit, but whenever he was placed in a tense situation he lost control. He would stumble over his words, unable to stitch together one decent sentence to pronounce so much as a replay.

Even more embarrassing was the fact that his panic worsened whenever Ross was near him in the time of suffering through such a situation.

"Well you will tell me what you think of the game tomorrow, ok?" he slammed his thumb over the glowing red button, leaving the girl no time to even muster a response.

He groaned loudly before his forehead was forcefully slammed against his desk, the act of despair causing pain to spread over the sensitive area.

"I'm such a dork..."

Ross blinked in confusion, her gaze still fixed on her cell's now dark screen.

"Weirdo." she murmured softly before securing the valued item back in the safety of her pocket.

Cooper's abrupt outbursts were something she had appealed to over time, though she still did get irritated whenever he flipped the fuck out for no freaking reason.

Her shadowed orbs averted to her computer's wide screen before a light smirk made itself present on her dry lips.

Her fingers twitched in excitement while she moved them over the buttons on her keyboard.

Admitting her excitement to start a new game meant to betray herself and lose her pride, though she didn't deny to herself that there was a small spark of interest shining in her supposedly real heart.

The sound of tapping buttons echoed in her small room while her fingers slammed over her mouse in a hurried manner.

She dashed past various programs and icons until the empty slot for the game's installation appeared in the centre of her screen.


The process she despised most when dealing with a new game was almost complete.

Honestly, she preferred the time of download to be tripled rather than wasting her life with installations. At times it annoyed her to the point where she forced herself to leave her room in order to keep her computer alive.

A soft exhale vented past her nostrils before she slumped back in her chair.

Her neck was craned back, letting her heavy head sink in the soft headrest.

Her hands stood over her clothed stomach, loosely tangled in each other's embrace.

A raspy moan sounded through the room while the teen tried to calm her inpatient self before she unwittingly performed the honorable act of tearing one's computer to pieces.

The freaking game was taking forever!

Her computer was the most powerful PC she'd ever seen and the game took this long to install?

If it was running with such slow pace on her electronic monster than Cooper must have had one hell of a good month waiting.

A hasty beeping erupted from her headphones, indicating the now fully installed and hopefully smoothly running game.

Soft cracks erupted from her neck while she lifted her head to examine the glowing screen with hidden anticipation.

Her flaming bright headphones were slid over her ears once more, causing a painful pulse to spread over their still damaged skin.

Ross successfully ignored the agonizing sensation and focused her attention on the newly appeared skull present in the end of the long cologne of various icons.

Her usually sleepy and unfazed expression now showed faint signs of excitement as her hands repeatedly twitched over her keyboard and mouse.

The vivid glow in her eyes reminding that of a small child's when brought to a newly opened candy shop.

She hastily clicked over the freshly created icon, willingly letting the game take control of her computer.

Her stomach twisted from unrecognizable eagerness while her fingers loomed over the control buttons, ready to act once her new difficulty began.

A startled intake was stolen from the cool air, its cowardly presence led by the abrupt voice that tore through Ross' sharpened hearing.

Her black screen was replaced by a shadowed rough sketch shortly before the voice started to explain the slightly misted meaning of every following scene displayed on her computer.

Her concentrated expression was replaced by one of distance and daydream, led by the unknown voice's relaxing tone of speech. She was lulled into a dazed state while her mind hurriedly reproduced the battle scenes that were explained with the highest of details.

However, as pleasant as her current state had been when the word "executioner" was mentioned in one of the long, well constructed sentences the girls' sluggish mind was roughly dragged back to reality.

It took her a moment to realize the skull shaped mask her dark eyes were facing, though once she did a wide smirk was pulled over her thin lips.

"Cooper, you son of a bitch..."

The kid was well aware of her soft spot for the skeleton man long before this game had come to life.

The fact that he had enough brain cells to actually use the Reaper as a lure for her to continued listening to the wretched story instead of just turning it off impressed her.

The sly fox had probably taken notes whenever a piece of information about her had been revealed to his mortal being.

Her thoughts were brought to permanent halt once her eyes fell upon the unique design Death was presented in.

"Holy fuck..." she gazed in adoration at the massive, masculine male, feeling the lazy thumping of her heart quicken in excitement.

"This is Death?"

She slowly circled the cameras around his wide form, examining him from every angle her old mouse could perform.

The structure of his body and armor was something one could only admire.

He was incredible!

Her eyes glistered with marvel while she watched his dark locks contrast with his sickly pale complexion and creamy white, bone mask.

She could almost feel his wide, chiseled muscles move under his firm skin with the tips of her fingers.

A small smile appeared on her face as her eyes lifted from his body to his face, watching him blink with sublime interest.

"Nice touch." she mumbled lowly while a satisfied expression settled upon her harsh features, softening them to an unrecognizable state "The dork certainly learned from his notes."

Her fingers were tightly locked together before she pushed them forward, the strenuous act forcing them to pop in multiple places.

"Ok then, big boy." she jerked her neck to the side, easily earning a load crack from its slightly stiff form "Let's see how much those muscles can take."

Her fingers were firmly locked over the control buttons, prepared to lead her massive companion in an adventure he already knew of.

Maybe the game wasn't as bad as she had originally thought it would be. But even so, she would rather tear off her own nails than admit to the moronic excuse for a best friend that his game hunt had been successful.

She would let him spend a few more sleepless nights searching for a new replacement before telling him.

That is if she didn't forget.