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"LANIE!" Pitch shrieked. Fear overcame him, and he was lucky not one nightmare was around him to take that chance.

He ran forward, and caught her just as her knees buckled. She groaned, holding her stomach and had her other hand wrapped around the blade, careful not to cut her hand. Pitch gently laid her on the ground, not letting go of her head. Her face was twisted with pain and tears streamed down her face. Pitch felt a lump in his throat rise, and his eyes started to prickle. He gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, trying anything to calm her down.

"You…you idiot." He whispered, his voice shaking.

"You're worth it, Pitch." Lanie coughed, finishing with a hiss when a muscle flinched in her abdomen.

"Lanie-!" he started.

Lanie yanked out the sword from her stomach and let it clatter to the pavement. The Guardians could only watch in pure horror and grief. There was nothing they could do! And MiM was sending them feelings that this time, they shouldn't interfere. Tooth looked to Jack, and was surprised at how he was crying. Though no noise escaped his throat, hot tears fell from his eyes, his lower lip quivering.

"Jack…" she started.

He wiped them away, and then looked down at his feet. He couldn't say anything…he had no right to.

"What have you done?" Bunny whispered.

The forever seventeen year old couldn't take it anymore. He fled. He took off into the sky, and Tooth felt one of his tears hit her cheek when he bolted.

Blood was quickly pouring from Lanie's open wound. Though it was concealed by her fluttering dress, it stretched from the bottom of her chest to the middle of her belly, a few inches above her navel. Her dress was turning from a black to a dark crimson. Pitch didn't care. He cradled her head as she heavily breathed, trying to fight off the pain. She grasped at his hand, and he squeezed it tightly.

He kissed her forehead multiple times. "Come on. You're going to make it. We just have to heal you, that's all-!" a beam of hope started in his heart, but it was quickly shot down by the look on her face.

"Pitch…you know that isn't true." She cried softly, touching his face.

"Shh…don't talk like that. We'll get you back and we can have Palti back and-!" his voice broke, tears now pooling in his eyes.

Lanie gently leaned up with the help of Pitch's guiding hand on her back. Against her pain, she sweetly kissed him and wiped all his tears away with her finger. But it came to no use. They were immediately replaced with more. She gave a pained smile. She cupped her hand against his cheek, and he held it firmly.

"You are worth sacrificing my life for. You taught me how to see the good…I love you, Pitch Black. And I always will."

"P-please don't die." He whimpered.

"Pitch…I'm proud of you. We're…finally safe. You did what's right…though my body may leave, I'll always be with you…forever…I'll never let go…" she said hoarsely, her voice giving way.

Pitch and Lanie shared a kiss, and that small symbol of affection proved to the Guardians that he certainly wasn't faking.

Lanie's last breath escaped her lips, and she died giving him the last sign of love she could ever bestow.

When he felt her lips stop moving against his, he knew…she was gone. Oh he knew it; he just didn't want to believe it. At all. He slowly pulled away, laying her back on the ground. Her mouth was closed as well as her eyes. She looked like she was sleeping. The only thing that was missing was the rise and fall of her chest…but there was no heartbeat left in her.

Pitch laughed nervously, letting her face fall to the side, "Come on, Lanie. Stop acting…you're not funny this time…Lanie…Lanie, please…" hot tears fell from his golden eyes, his lip trembling as he scooted closer to her. "Please don't leave me…you said you never w-would…p-please…Lanie…Nalanie, no…"

The more he said her name, the more he lost control over his emotions. He was no longer that cool collected, arrogant acting Boogeyman. He was a real man losing the love of his life, feeling agony and complete distress.

Storm clouds that had no rain rolled above them, shielding the sun from the fallen couple only, the sun still smiling down on the Guardians. Tooth couldn't help but start to weep, and Bunny held her in comfort. Sandy looked up at North sorrowfully, and he could only look away with enough shame for not understanding his fallen enemy enough. The storm clouds thundered softly, knowing what the brutal force was arriving soon.

Out of the corner of Tooth's eye as she hugged Bunny, she saw the Boogeyman's hand snake towards the sword, still wet with his wife's blood. It made a loud noise against the gravel road, and as Pitch raised it up, lightning struck the sky.

"You're not leaving without me!" he screamed.

"NO!" now all the Guardians rushed forward, knowing this was the time to stop him. They ignored what MiM said, and finally found a reason to help their ex-enemy.

But it was too late.

By the time North knelt down close to the couple, Pitch was already dead. His body lay close to his wife, as if they were taking a nap in the sunlight.


The storm clouds were gone.

And were replaced with a bright, red sunset.

Back in Virginia Beach, Kimi ran back outside just as the sun set, and by the glow of the red sun against the grass that she could see by the kitchen window, she knew something was drastically wrong. She carried Palti in her arms, and as she ran down the hallway, Ben and her two sons followed closely on her heels.

They made it to the patio, and right when her eyes met the blood red sunset, Palti began to wail.

"They…they're dead." She gasped, covering her mouth with her free hand.

"Kimi…" Ben touched his wife's shoulder pityingly. Devonte and Kody just watched their parents, and then glanced back at the sunset.

That night, the Guardians laid Pitch and Lanie to rest, but not burying them. Spirits were forever immortal, but in a time like this, they could be woken up…in a matter of years. Possibly centuries, or even more than that. The night shone bright as Pitch and Lanie lay on their bier, a look of peace on their face. Tooth made sure that they held hands, showing even in death that they were together. North's elves jingled their funeral dirge with their hat bells as the yetis laid flowers and candles around the bier. Once the yetis, elves, and mini fairies left, it was only the Guardians. It was time to say good-bye.

All of them were there. Including Jack Frost. He felt extremely guilty, and he finally saw the unnecessary hate he put into their lives. Looks like he didn't understand him at all…

Sandy wiped a golden tear silently that leaked from the corner of his eye, and then folded his hands once more. North bowed his head, sniffing back any more tears that threatened his blue eyes. Bunny's ears were flattened to his head, and Tooth didn't bother to even crack a sad smile or give a hopeful hand squeeze like she did at Sandy's memorial. Jack quickly wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his sweatshirt, but it was soon damp. He sniffed, not looking away from the damage he caused.

"I really didn't mean to…I thought he would…" Jack cried.

"Don't blame yourself, Jack," Tooth said kindly, giving him a look of pure honesty and understanding, "we would've acted, too."

"Is there any hope for them to come back?" he asked, his vision blurring once again with tears.

"Who knows…?" Tooth sighed.

Palti was wide awake in his new crib. Unlike his first one, this new crib was white with green stripes and a pale green baby mattress. He stood up and glanced to the fuzzy yellow floor. The moon shone on the carpet, and the moonbeam made the little boy glance up towards the open window, where the white curtains fluttered elegantly. Palti smiled and silently shook the bars. After doing so much back with his parents, he knew how to free himself of his prison. The gate of the crib fell, and Palti gently and carefully crawled out and landed on his bottom onto the comfortingly soft floor. He stood up and ran to the window as fast as his stubby little legs could let him go. He crawled up onto the plastic primary colored table and sat on his legs, peeking out into the night sky. He was met with the gleam of the moon and many glittering stars. Two very bright stars shone the best, and it caught his attention before he looked to the moon. And when he looked back at the moon, the little boy smiled. Man in Moon seemed to grin back in a friendly manner.

"The hope could've been the secret they had."

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