Hilltop 26

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I walk into the school with Abby's paw in mine and I can feel a smile on my face, it felt good. I couldn't imagine what life would be like if I didn't have her, I didn't want to find out... Ever... I knew that thinking we would never break up was a foolish thought but I wanted it to be true so badly. I didn't want to have that feeling you get when your single, a pit in your stomach that nothing can fill no matter what.

Plus it would be even worse cause I know if we break up I'll be sad or worse and I'll have to hide it from the others... It's just better that way.. The less they worry about me the better is the way I see it. I shake my head throwing the thoughts out of it as I stride down the halls towards our lockers. We reach them and I grab my lock beginning to do the combination but I'm unable to finish it as I am jumped on by Robert, I shake him off smiling and open my locker turning to him. I see Eva standing behind him shaking her head and a goofy grin on his face. I scratch my eyelid with my finger and yawn saying.

"What are you planning there hmm? My back is not for you to ride. Ever. Period." He shakes his head chuckling and says mockingly.

"You know you enjoyed it." I narrow my eyes and out of nowhere Darryl walks between us, stops right between us, points to my face and says.

"The squinty eyes!" I roll my eyes and grab my schedule and mumble it to myself as I read.

"Calm... How wonderful and... Oh my gawd..." I feel my soul sink in my body and everyone looks at me confused and Darryl says with a raised eyebrow.

"What is it?" I look at him and say.

"I have a photography last block, kill me now!" I hear small pockets of laughter between my friends standing around me and I hear CJ say.

"Hey at least you aren't alone, me and Darryl have that class too." I nod and say with a slight smile.

"Yay I'm gonna be able to suffer through photo with you two! How splendiferous!" I hear Darryl laugh sarcastically and say.

"Itch don't use my word!" I look at him and shake my head chuckling, I can't deny he is funny but at times he can be stupid. I hear the bell ring and I shut my locker and bang my head against it a few times trying to somehow get away from going to class. Although this was going to do nothing but possibly give me brain damage, it was better then going to class. I feel a paw stop me from doing it again and I look to see Abby shaking her head and rubbing her paw on my head. I smile at her and she says in a slightly amused tone.

"Stop that Andrew your gonna do more damage then there already is." I roll my eyes and kiss her quickly saying.

"Too much damage already done babe, lets just go to this dreadful class." She nods and we begin walking down the hall, I can feel a certain bounce in my step that makes me smile. I adjust my watch on my wrist to make it a little more comfortable and we find the calm room in time, as I walk in I see probably the most boring classroom ever.

Tan coloured walls covered by black chalk boards, some shelves, white boards and bulletin boards with desks lined up in rows plus the teachers desk at the back. That was it. No posters, no books on the shelves that looked like they would collapse at any moment. I sit down in a desk in the middle of the class and Abby sits in front of me, I can already tell this is going to be the worst hour of the day. I look around for the teacher and almost as if on cue the teacher walks in and I have to stifle a chuckle as he does. He is a short middle aged grey wolf with what looks like a permanent scowl and angry ice blue eyes that looked like they could freeze you just by their gaze being on you too long.

I bite my arm to control my chuckle and I hear the bell ring, I twitch my ears slightly and watch the teacher move from his desk to the front of the class to his desk, he keeps going back and forth and eventually stops at the front and clears his throat trying to get the classes attention. After a few seconds everyone gets quiet and he says with a stern expression and stone cold tone.

"Welcome to calm, for those of you who don't want to be here, too bad. Your here so deal with it, if you don't do your work or listen to me you will fail this class, no exceptions. Follow the rules and do as you're told and you will be fine. Now then lets do attendance." I roll my eyes and as he goes through the names I hear most people say here or something else and as he says my name I put my paw up slightly saying.

"Mhm." He glares at me slightly and I return it, not even sure what I did but he marks me here anyway. I shrug and as he finishes he begins rambling on about something and decide to block him out, no point in listening to him when I don't give two fucks about what he has to say. He rambles on for a while and as he walks past Abby he stops and I instantly "tune" into what he's saying and I hear him say something so stupid I can't even believe it.

"What your wearing is inappropriate young lady." I look at her and see she's wearing normal blue jeans a light blue tank top and she has a darker blue hoodie of mine on her lap that she stole from me a few days ago. She scoffs and says.

"Really? Honestly? You can't see anything." I look up at him waiting for his response and he noticed me and says.

"Well what about the boy behind you hmm? What can he see?" She looks at me and I see a confident smirk go across her face and she says.

"Right now pretty sure he sees the same everyone else can but I don't need to worry about him considering he's my boyfriend." As soon as she says this the teacher looks away slightly and says.

"Fine, you win this round." I smirk and nod giving Abby a quick kiss on the cheek and whispering.

"I love you so much. God your amazing." She shakes her head smiling and the teacher keeps talking, practically steering clear of us the whole time and by the end of it he had blabbed on about the class' outcomes and all that stupid shit nobody cares about. I hear him say something about just waiting till the bell rings and I smile as Abby turns in her desk slowly so she's looking at me but her legs are ready to get up when the bell rings and she says in her sweet voice.

"So how was that first day of class?" I look at her and put my fingers in the shape of a gun and put it to my head making a bang sound and sticking out my tongue. She shakes her head and giggles slightly and I say.

"Yeah it was pretty much torture, better that you were here in front of me though." I take her paw in my hand and she smiles and blushes slightly.

"Aww babe I'm happy to help your boredom in this class, you helped mine too." I smile back and nod glancing at the clock quickly and looking into her eyes saying.

"Well it's my job to help out with any of your problems as much as possible, so I'm happy to be of assistance to my beautiful girlfriend." She smiles and the bell rings, I reluctantly let go of her hand and stand up, dreading photography class almost as much as having to leave Abby's side. I walk out of the class and glance at the teacher, I see him sitting at his desk not looking so I raise my middle finger on my paw that is at my side as I walk out of the room and I get a strange sense of happiness from doing this, I shrug and head down the hallway following behind Abby.

We reach our lockers after getting through the mobs of students trying to get to their last class of the day. I try to think if I need anything for my next class and I feel my expression darken as I remember I have photo, I look for Darryl and CJ. I see them standing at Darryl's locker talking and I stride over to them slowly, I feel a strange weight in my steps and I just shrug deciding it was from my disagreement of my next class. As I reach CJ and Darryl I see CJ turn his head towards me and he says in a overly happy and sarcasm riddled tone.

"Ready for photo! I'm sure it's gonna be super amazing!" I look at him in the eyes and say in a completely serious tone.

"Die." He chuckles and shakes his head saying.

"Aww come on it can't be that bad. I shake my head and say.

"Think what you want to think." He nods and doesn't respond so we turn and begin walking down the hallway, I silently hope in my head that there won't be anybody I dislike in the class but I have this tiny niggling doubt that's hanging on the back of my head that tells me otherwise... Or maybe that's Darryl trying to put something on my head, I rub the back of my head and find no paw there so it must be nothing... I walk into the class and as I look around I see a what you'd expect out a normal photo room, a bunch of cameras on a shelf, posters and photos of all types of things on the wall and computers and books for other types of stuff.

I nod slightly beginning to think it won't be that bad until I see him. A small white wolf wearing blue jeans and a red shirt who I can undoubtedly say is Mikhail. I sigh deeply as I see him and two of his idiot friends and as he looks at me his eyes flare up slightly. I roll my eyes and fight my urge to say something to him as me, Darryl and CJ sit down in three desk in a row, I look around the class to see other students I don't recognize but one in particular catches my attention, he is sitting by himself and doesn't look familiar, even though I most likely haven't seen all the people in the school. He looks new, it was hard to explain, he just had this thing about him. I shrug and look at Darryl and say.

"Should we try to actually be nice to the new guy?" He raises his eyebrow at me and says.

"What new guy?" I nod my head to where he's sitting and Darryl gives an expression of realization and nods. I nod back and stand up slowly, walking to his desk and sitting in a desk beside him and saying.

"Hey man what's up?" He looks at me slightly cautious and says after a few seconds.

"Hello... Who are you?" I glance quickly back at Darryl and say in as much of a nice tone as I can muster right now.

"My name is Andrew, and yours is?" He nods and says with a small hint of distrust in his voice which I can understand since he's the new kid.

"My name is Zack, any other questions?" I look at him quickly, he is a medium sized grey wolf with grey eyes and a blue and white shirt on with dark blue jeans. I nod and say.

"One more, want to come sit with me, my brother and our friend?" I point over to Darryl and CJ and he shrugs and gets up saying with the hint of distrust gone.

"Sure." I get up as well and we go back over to Darryl and CJ, sitting down in two desks and they begin talking and I fade out of the conversation, putting in a headphone and pressing play. As I do I hear "castle walls" by T.I. and Christina Aguilera, the latter of the two singing in a soft voice.

"Everyone thinks that I have it all
But it's so empty living behind these castle walls
These castle walls

If I should tumble if I should fall
Would any one hear me screaming behind these castle walls
There's no-one here at all, behind these castle walls"

I bite my lip slightly at the chorus but allow the song to continue since I honestly enjoy the song even though the chorus is a little saddening. I hear the bell ring and look at the clock thinking it took a little longer then it should have, once the bell ring the teacher walks into the class and sets down a coffee mug. He is a medium sized brown wolf with glasses, a tan shirt and tan suit type pants. As he begins talking I fade back into the song in time to hear this sung after the chorus.

"Nobody knows I'm all alone
Living in this castle made of stone
They say that money is freedom but I feel trapped inside it all

And while I sit so high up on a throne
I wonder how I can feel this low
On top of the world is beautiful
But there's no place to fall."

I take out the headphone and stop the music as the teacher explains what we are going to do this class, once again. Just an intro into the class and then possibly take some pictures. I smile slightly as he says we are allowed to use our phones to take pictures rather then use a camera. I fade away from him again as he begins going on about once again, the same in every class. Outcomes, honestly I wish they wouldn't do this but hey I guess it's kinda mandatory.

I put my headphone back in and press shuffle on my phone, as I do I hear "no mercy" by T.I. and The-Dream. It starts with a small piano sequence and then goes to a more bass centred beat as the chorus by The Dream begins.

"There's no mercy for me
No crying myself to sleep.

No mercy for me
Nightmares have become my dreams.

No mercy for me
Good morning reality
Will I wake we'll never know.

I'm late for my date with destiny, let me go."

I hear the teacher begin doing attendance so I take out the headphone and turn off the music, when he says my name I raise my hand and say in a bitter tone.

"Here." He nods and says Darryl's name next, he says the same as me but in a cheery happy tone which irks me, I don't understand how he could be so happy about being in tis class, it was torture let alone the fact that Mikhail is here. I guess I'll just have to live with it. After the teacher finishes attendance he says in a happy tone.

"You guys are allowed to go out in groups of up to four and go take some pictures around the school now, just let me know who your going with and come back and check in every 20 minutes." I look at the other three and point at all of us, receiving nods from each of them but a wary one from Zack and he says.

"You don't have to bring me with you." I nod and say in a serious tone.

"I know I don't have to, we want to." He shrugs and I stand up and go to the teacher who is now sitting at his desk looking at his computer and say.

"Sir. Me, Darryl, CJ and Zack are going together." He nods and I wave the other to follow me as I walk out of the door. They follow behind me and of course, a few minutes after we leave the room and are heading down the hall who else comes out of the class but Mikhail and his little goons as I like calling them. I turn down another hallway just to avoid having to deal with them hopefully and I say to the others confused.

"What are we supposed to take pictures of?" They all shrug and Darryl says.

"Good question, I don't really know but I think he said to get a picture of something shiny." As soon as I hear that I slip my hands into my jean pockets and look away hoping nobody notices the obvious things to take a picture of. But unfortunately CJ has to be more observant then a snail and says to us.

"How about we just take pictures of Andrew? He's pretty shiny." I roll my eyes and say back in a slightly annoyed tone.

"I'm not all shiny." He looks at me with a raised eyebrow with an expression of "seriously bro?" And Darryl says.

"No not all, just your neck wrists and hands, I'm actually surprised you don't have diamonds in your ears." I look at him and say.

"Are you trying to give me ideas?" He shakes his head chuckling and pulls out his phone.

"I don't know, maybe. Now quit hiding your hands and let us use you for easy pictures." I roll my eyes and take my hands out saying jokingly.

"You can't even take me out to dinner first? God." CJ rolls his eyes and they all take pictures and once their done I hand Darryl my phone to take a picture with it. He takes a picture of my chains and hands it back to me.

"Thanks." I say as I see Mikhail come down the hallway, I sneer slightly and put my phone in my pocket. He walks past us slowly and bumps into Zack obviously on purpose and throws Zack off balance, I catch his shoulder with one hand and straighten him out, he looks at me and I step forward and give Mikhail a light shove into a locker saying.

"Pick on someone your own size little boy, leave the new kid alone." He looks back at me and says in a pissed off tone.

"Protecting the weak again are we? Well aren't you just a sweetheart." I let a low growl out and say in an annoyed tone.

"Fuck you, this "sweetheart" will stomp your fucking head in." He snickers and raises his middle finger towards me and says.

"Bring it." I smirk and raise mine back, raising my left middle finger which has my gold ring on it. I say nothing and he just looks at it. After a few seconds of tense silence I break it by saying.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." I turn and begin walking away, letting my hand fall to my side as Darryl, CJ and Zack follow me towards the photo class. As we reach the class Zack taps me on the shoulder and says.

"Thank you." I nod and say.

"No problem, your my friend now and I don't let anyone fuck with my friends." He smiles and as I step foot in the class the bell rings so I turn and begin walking to my locker with CJ and Darryl following, Zack going to his own locker.

I reach my locker and open it, grabbing my stuff and looking to Darryl who is talking to Selene and I feel a paw on my shoulder, I turn to see Abby and I kiss her as I see her. She smiles from the kiss and breaks it saying.

"How was photo?" I shrug and say.

"Fine, had to stop myself from beating Mikhail's head in though." She nods and says innocently.

"I wouldn't have minded if you did it." I nod and say.

"Are you busy tonight?" She nods and says in a sad tone.

"Yeah, I have to do some stupid thing with my family." I frown slightly but kiss her cheek saying.

"Hey it's okay, we'll be good for one night without seeing each other." She nods and waves goodbye, walking away slowly. I watch her walk and I can't help but think about how lucky I am to have someone like her with me. I see Darryl walk to me in the corner of my vision so I begin walking towards the doors, him following behind and as we leave he says.

"Well that was an interesting day no?" I nod and say with a slight hint of enthusiasm.

"Quite, it isn't even over yet" he nods and we begin walking towards the car, I can't help but wonder what the rest of the day holds in store for us.

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