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TheWantedHOA - Rydellington - Rated M

Rydel screamed as she heard another large clap of thunder and something crash onto the floor outside. It's bad enough she hates thunderstorms, but when she's home alone? Yeah, that's ought to work out well. She'd been sat downstairs on her own for ages with the lights on in the livingroom being a nervous wreck with the wind blowing about the constant clap of thunder and the strikes of lightening. It appears when her family is away and Rydel is left on her own, thunderstorms decide to be at it's worst then.

One of the many reasons she hates living in L.A. When she lived in Colorado with the other part of her family, storms like these weren't as bad. This just seemed like it was the worst storm Rydel has ever had to put up with. By herself. She sighed. Why couldn't she of just gone back to visit her family in Denver with the rest of them instead of staying back on her own? Then she wouldn't be shitting bricks right now.

There was a strike of lightening and rain began to pour down and smash off the floor real hard. "Stay calm.. Its just rain.." Rydel kept on whispering to herself "its just rain.."

Another strike of thunder and lightening came, but this time it made everything go out. The lights, TV, everything. She let out a huge scream which could of made the neighbours think she was being raped or murdered. She's surprised that they haven't thought that now and called the cops. One last strike of lightening and that's when Rydel had, had enough.

She got her cell and began to look through it. She wasn't staying here on her own, she would get a friend to come stay with her or she'd go to her friends house. She looked through the options she had. Quickly she looked at the time. 10:30 p.m. She sighed. It'll be too late to call anyone now.. Wonderful. But hey why not give it a shot?

She began to look through her phone book on her cell.

Laura Marano - Nope. She'll be in bed probably getting ready for an early start at Austin & Ally.

Raini Rodriguez - Same as Laura.

Calum Worthy - No... They're not that close. Plus, he'll be the same as Raini and Laura.

Maia Mitchell - She doesn't know if she's still in the country or has gone back to Australia for a little while.

She sighed, this was useless.. She couldn't think of anybody else. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door.. Who the hell would be knocking on her door at this time of the night? She got up and slowly walked to the door. She saw a dark figure stood at the door, whoever it was kept on knocking. She didn't know if she wanted to answer it. But.. Why would she want to leave some poor person out there in the pouring rain for?

Rydel opened the door, she smiled but her eyes widened too "Oh my gosh! Ratliff what the heck are you doing?!" Rydel asked "get in here!" She said pulling him into the house from the rain outside.

She shut the door and locked it before turning around to the soaking wet drummer boy before her. She wasn't going to lie. Ratliff looked hilarious when he was drenched in the rain. Also... Cute if she doesn't say so herself. She let out a small giggle "What are you doing here at this time of the night?" She asked smiling. She was kind of relieved Ratliff had came. With the weather being like and all. "Thought you'd be with Kelly?"

"Er.." Ratliff said looking for words. He didn't know how to say this to her without her saying anything or laughing more than she already is. It's bad enough that she's laughing about him being wet from the rain, what would she saw if she knew that his girlfriend - well ex-girlfriend - had just broken up with him because she was cheating. Yeah. That'd make him look like a fool "that changed.." He said sadly. It didn't mean to come out sadly.

Rydel frowned "What happened?" She asked "did you two.. break up?"

"Something like that.." Ratliff shrugged with a frown.

"Aww, Ell," She said as she walked over and wrapped her arms around him for a hug. Ratliff gladly hugged back and accepted it as he nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck "it's okay," She said as she tightened the hug a little "You don't have to feel embarrassed," She could tell that's what was wrong with him. He was embarrassed and ashamed. "wanna talk?" She asked, still in the hug.

"Not really," He said as he put his hands more around Rydel's waist "m-maybe.. maybe later.."

Rydel nodded in the hug before she pulled away, Ratliff's hands remained around her waist, they didn't seem to be going anywhere. Not that Rydel minded, it's just she thought he'd be more.. Hurting over his breakup then putting his hands on her. "Look, Ratliff," Rydel said with a small smile "if there is anything you need tonight.. Anything you want.. Just let me know.. I'm here for you!"

Ratliff nodded with a small smile "Thanks.." He said.

Rydel smiled up at him, as she went to pull away to walk into the livingroom again, Ratliff pulled her back and kept her there, making Rydel confused. Ratliff cupped her face before bending down and placing a soft gentle kiss onto her lips. Rydel was taken back. Why would Ratliff even kiss her? Not that she's complaining. She always has took a little bit of a liking to Ratliff.. But she didn't think he would feel the same way! With him having a girlfriend and all.

With it being her very first kiss, who's to say she wouldn't enjoy it? Especially with a guy who she's liked. Ratliff on the other hand.. Didn't know what he was doing. Sure there's always something that's attracted him to Rydel, but he just feels bad that he may be doing this to try get over Kelly. Even though he shouldn't be bothering. But when he kissed Rydel it was different from the times he'd kissed Kelly. It felt... More real.

Rydel wrapped her arms around his neck as she deepened the kiss. She was kind of new to the whole kissing thing, there was no doubt that she'd probably end up messing up. Though if she was messing up, Ratliff would of probably stopped by now. The kiss became more heated, Ratliff moved his hands down lower before he picked up Rydel wrapped her legs around his waist tightly. He then began to make his way up the stairs.

They got into Rydel's room, Ratliff kicked the door shut as Rydel went back onto her feet. Ratliff moved his hands down to the bottom of Rydel's shirt as he kicked his shoes off his feet as well as Rydel. As he tugged at the bottom of her shirt, beginning to take it off Rydel stopped him. "Stop.." She said as air became an issue for them both "what are we doing?" She asked as she got closer to him "you just broke up with your girlfriend... How do I know your not just doing this to get over her?" She asked,

Ratliff took a piece of Rydel's hair in his hand gently and began to play with it as their faces were inches away from eachother "Because.. I'm not.." Ratliff said. Anymore. He finished off in his head. Ratliff then bent down and kissed Rydel on the lips before both of them fell back onto Rydel's bed. Ratliff on top of her.

As their tounges battled together for dominance - needless to say Ratliff won and began to explore Rydel's mouth with his tounge - he soon began to get hard for her, and his crotch rubbed against her heat against the cloth of her jeans. Rydel moaned into Ratliff's mouth as she felt his erection rubbing against her. She moved her hands from Ratliff's neck down to the button of his trousers where she began to un-zip and pull them down until his trousers were practically round his ankles. Soon she made his boxers go down with his trousers exposing him, she then took off his t-shirt as well.

One thing was for sure if they were caught now, Ratliff would be killed by Rydel's brothers. By brothers she means Riker. Riker would practically wrap his hands around Ratliff's neck and choke him until he was dead if he found out that his bestfriend and little sister were about to have sex. Or had sex. Cause no doubt this was what the night was going to end in.

She moved one of her hands down to his cock and wrapped it around firmly before starting to pump it with her hand. Ratliff closed his eyes in pleasure as he tried his best t continue to make out with Rydel, but it wasn't working. He had to pull away "Rydel.." He moaned as she continued to pump his shaft "ugh.." Ratliff then laid down beside Rydel as she let go of him and then she got ontop of his naked body, as she was still clothed.

Rydel placed her lips ontop of Ratliff's as she still felt his erection rubbing against her, she then began to leave his lips down his chest leaving kisses until she made her way back downwards. Once she got there, she then took his cock into her mouth before beginning to pump it with her mouth. Ratliff flew his head back in pleasure as he felt Rydel's mouth around him, pumping him. He put his hand through her hair as she continued to suck him off. "R-Rydel..." Ratliff moaned again.

Ratliff lost it before he came into Rydel's mouth, Rydel then took her mouth away from him before kissing him back on the lips where Ratliff could taste himself from her lips. He then put his hands at Rydel's shirt before taking it off her and unhooking her bra. After that, he put his hands down to the zip and button of her jeans before taking them off her as well as her underwear where they were left ontop of eachother making out. Ratliff flipped Rydel over so he was back on top of her, he then placed his lips onto hers. Doing exactly what she had done before. Leaving trails of kisses from her mouth to her chest area. He then let one hand go down until it reached her opening. He stroked the outside of it with one finger practically teasing her until he put one in, moving it around. "Oh.." She moaned. Ratliff smirked. He was glad he could have this affect on her. He then put two fingers in and began to finger her moan. "Ratliff.." He removed his fingers from her opening before replacing it with his tounge. He inserted his tounge inside before beginning to flick at her clit with it. She gripped onto the bed sheets with her hands biting down on her tounge trying not to moan as loud as she felt the need to. But that didn't work. He gave it one flick with his tounge "Ratliff!" She moaned, loud. Loud enough that if anyone was in the house that they'd come running into the room to see why she was moaning his name.

He then moved his tounge from her opening before going back up to her lips, kissing them softly. Rydel put her hands around his neck again gently as he let his hands go to her waist. He let his hard cock hang on the outside of her opening, just waiting to thrust hard into her. But not yet. "Ratliff, stop messing on. Just do it." She said, in a demanding tone which just turned Ratliff on even more. He didn't have to be told twice. He then slammed himself into Rydel before beginning to thrust in and out of her slowly. "Ratliff.." she moaned "oh my god.." The effect Ratliff was having over her was amazing. This may be her first time, first kiss, maybe even first boyfriend but it was just so amazing. She couldn't even put it into words.

"F-faster.." Rydel managed to moan out. Ratliff then began to pick up the pace with the thrusting, Rydel began to move her hips along with it where they had a nice rhythm going. Ratliff began to feel Rydel tighten around him. "Rydel.." He moaned "fuck..." He was so close. "Harder, Ratliff.. harder.." She cried/moan. Ratliff then wrapped Rydel's legs around his waist, giving him more advantage to thrust deeper inside of her. He then slammed himself harder into her. "Ratliff!" Rydel screamed his name. "Rydel." He moaned. He continued to thrust in and out of her, giving them both mighty pleasure. Finally, Ratliff shooted his load into Rydel.

After a small while, they both stopped. Ratliff pulled out of Rydel before laying down next to her, pulling the covers over them both. He then pulled Rydel into his arms as they laid there breathless. "That was.." Rydel breathed out. "Amazing.." Ratliff finished.

With that the new lovers fell asleep in eachother's arms.

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