Hi yall! I'm gonna need your help with new students and teachers. Just fill out the form and i will see what i can do. I dont own any of the parents but i do own their kids.





Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Favorite color:

Special class:

Hobby class:

Pet Peeve:



Relationship Status:

What you want to happen:

Here are mine:

Name: Abigale Croach

Age: 95

Parents: Archibald Croach... actually i dont have a mother, i was an experiment of his, i am made from some of his DNA

Bio: Well as i said, i am an experiment of Archibald Crouch, his first success! I'm made of his DNA and was born in a jar. I went through everything that Belle went through, the adjustments and being hidden when the school was built. I am the only child my father ever loved, and he visited me every chance he got when he wasn't dealing with the students. Now that Miss. Weaver is no longer the principle, me and Belle are now leaving our underground home... I wonder what happened to Doctor Bleak, we haven't seen him for decades.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Favorite Color: Black

Special class: Its a cross between Steam-Powered life support and Grave digging...

Hobby class: Cross-species transplantation and Genetic Engineering

Pet Peeve: People with touch me, or breath on me... and bullies

Allergy/Weakness: Flowers, they make me sneeze... and Rust, it makes me dizzy when im around it.

Outfit: I wear knee high heeled boots, leather pants, and a collared shirt with a tie. But i cover it with with a cloak, like what the grave diggers wear.

Relationship Status: I'm single, but for some reason boys always flock me.

What you want to happen: -

Name: Dina McGinty


Parents: Claude and Lucy McGinty

Bio: Ive basically grown up at Hollow Fields, my parents being teachers and all. When i was born, my mother inserted me with different dinosaur DNA. My parents decided that this should be an all grade school, so its from 1st to 12th grade.

Hair Color: Black, like my dads

Eye Color: Blue, like my moms

Favorite color: Red

Special class: Robotics

Hobby class: I like to create steam driven devices to help with everyday life.

Pet Peeve: Bullies and Evil Mad Scientists

Allergy/Weakness/Fear: Ghosts... the windmill

Outfit: I wear my hair in a long pony tail with a ribbon that my mother gave to me, i wear a mini skirt that ive needed to stitch together, flats, leggings with vertical stripes, a top with zig zagged stitching, and my spikes just go along my arms, legs, and neck, since i have the dino DNA.

Relationship Status: Ive been too busy for a relationship this summer, but i think i may this semester.

What you want to happen:-

Name: Belle Bleak

Age: 85...er i mean 13

Parents: Eleanor and Artemis Bleak

Bio: When my father went away on his trip, my mother found of she was pregnant with me. But it didst stop her from pursuing her personal project. When my father came home, i saw everything that my mother did to him... i still have nightmares. I was the 2nd one to get transferred to a new body, but my father told me how to make some certain adjustments that would prolong my body ten times as long as the engineers... almost forever! When the school opened, my mother hid me and my father where i got to know him alot better and he taught me more about mad science. He said i may know more than most of the engineers, but he's still the doctor. I tried to bust him out of our "Home", but i got caught and i hid him under the book shelf. I think stinch if afraid of me.

Hair Color: My hair color was originally blonde, but the experiment made my hair bleach white. But when i made the adjustments, some of my hair turned black, so now it looks like it was totally black with a swirl of white.

Eye Color: Green

Favorite color: Neon green

Special class: ummm, all of them?

Hobby class: My hobby is cross-species transplantation, i like to make new creations to be my pets.

Pet Peeve: The engineers, and my mother

Allergy/Weakness/Fear: The dark... electricity

Outfit: I wear kind of a lab outfit, but with more stitches and bolts, minus the lab coat. Instead of pants i wear a mini skirt.

Relationship Status: Well...

What you want to happen: -

I'll probably add more students, and i may make up some teachers on the way... But i really need some help and tips and new students and teachers!