The once peacefully sleeping Draco Malfoy was roused from his sleep as he heard a cry in the room across from his. Getting out of bed, he checked to make sure his wife was still asleep. Her curly brown hair was spread across her pillow and she slept on. He walked out the door and opened the door to the nursery, he smiled softly and walked over to the side of the crib. Draco pushed the bars down and scooped the crying child into his arms.

"Hey, now. What's the matter buddy?" he cuddled the baby to his chest. He began swaying back and forth, trying to sooth his disturbed son. He rocked him gently as the cries began to quiet.

The baby's blue eyes began to flutter closed and Draco placed a tender kiss on his forehead.

"I love you Scorp. Don't ever forget that." he whispered and looked at Scorpius' peaceful face. Draco brought his hand up to move the blanket the baby was swaddled in away from his son's face.

Scorpius caught his father's finger in his small hand and wrapped his fingers around as far as they could go.

Draco smiled again, and continued rocking Scorpius to sleep.

"You're an amazing father, Draco." he heard a voice say. Looking up, he saw his wife leaning against the door frame. She was as beautiful as the day they had met.

"I just want him to have what I didn't." he looked back down at the sleeping boy in his arms.

"I know. And he will." she walked toward Draco and looked at their son.

"He's beautiful." she smiled and brushed her finger down Scorpius' cheek.

"Of course he is. He's MY son." Draco joked. She smacked him playfully on the arm.

"Our little miracle." she sighed and grabbed one of Draco's hands.

He looked at his wife, his eyes full of love and leaned down to kiss her. Their lips met softly, then he pulled back. "I love you." he said tenderly.

"I love you too." Astoria smiled and kissed him again.

Just a short little one shot I wrote (: