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Lost and Better Off Not Found

Chapter 6

"Welcome everyone, welcome," Dumbledore said as everyone from the Order of the Phoenix was now situated around the table at Grimmauld's Place. Everyone quieted down and turned to the front. "Now, as everyone should now know, we have found Harry Potter." Whispers and mutters broke out then quieted. "He is fine and healthy and will be attending Hogwarts when the students return."

"Is he really alright Albus," Molly asked, "He was out there all aloneā€¦"

"Harry is fine Molly, my dear," Dumbledore said kindly, "He has done quite well for himself and is very independent."

"He's arrogant and sloppy is what he is," Snape sneered from his seat, arms crossed.

Instead of yelling back, Sirius smirked. "You're just saying that because he kicked you in the balls."

Some people gasped and asked Snape: "Is that true?" & "Did he really kick you?" Snape glared venomously at Sirius but he just grinned wider.

"Why would he do such a thing?" Arthur Weasley asked.

"He did call him a rapist," Tonks offered. Snape looked away and glared at the wall, ignoring everyone's stares.

"Yes well. Harry's a bit...different," Remus stated.

Sirius barked out a laugh, "That's an understatement."

"What do you mean?" Molly asked.

Sirius thought for a moment on how best to describe him, "Well you know how Bill has long hair and an earring and that you don't like it?"

"Yes..." she said cautiously.

"Well he's like that only ten times worse."

"You're definitely not going to like it," Tonks said.

"I like his already," Bill said. Molly looked stricken, no doubt imagining the worse.

"He's not that bad," Remus said, "A little eccentric maybe but he's a good kid."

"Yes, he certainly knows what he wants in life," Dumbledore agreed.

"He doesn't care what people think either," Sirius said.

"Well, if he is what you say he is then this year is bound to be interesting," Heista Jones commented.

"Indeed," Dumbledore said, "Sirius, Remus, how did you're shopping trip with Harry go?"

"It went well. Harry had fun," Remus said.

"He's a bookworm!" Sirius wailed.

"Sirius..." Remus signed.

"It's true. He bought a whole bunch of books and looked like he was having the time of his life in Florish & Blotts."

Dumbledore nodded, "It does seem to fit. I managed to obtain a copy of Harry's school records. Despite his appearance, he does quite well."

"Really?" Molly asked hopefully.

"Oh no!" Sirius said.

"It's not a bad thing," Remus said, "Besides you saw how Harry is."

Sirius thought for a minute, "You're right," he grinned, "Know what he did? Made a contract with the trunk shop on a new design."

"He did?" McGonagall asked surprised.

Remus chuckled, "Yes. The trunk has wheels and a long handle. Since it was Harry's idea, he got in on the profits with the shop owner."

They all had to laugh at that, it seemed that Harry Potter was a character, and it was only the beginning.

The meeting went on to talk about Death Eater movements and any other sightings of Voldemort. After an hour people started to leave.

"Um, Albus, can we talk to you for a moment?" Remus asked.

"Of course my boy," Dumbledore said, "What is it?"

"It's about Harry's wand..."

"Ah yes."

"You know?" Sirius asked.

"Yes, Ollivander owled me when you left his shop. You see, the phoenix feathers that we used are from Fawkes and when he gave two feathers instead of just one. I thought I might...keep tabs on them."

"And now Harry has one and Voldemort has the other," Remus whispered, "What does that mean?"

"Just another way they are connected," Dumbledore said.

"What do we do?" Sirius asked.

"Nothing. There us nothing we can do as the wand chooses the wizard."

"Okay then," Remus said, "It won't harm him or anything will it?"

"No, whatever affects it has remains to be seen but it very well may do nothing. Anything else?"

"No, I don't think-"

"Oh, Harry's a parselmouth," Sirius said, voice lowering in a whisper.

Dumbledore's eyes widened then turned thoughtful, "I see."

"He had a snake, he talks to it."

"Does he? Well that is..unexpected."

"We don't know how it happened. As far as we know there have never been ay parselmouths in the Potter family," Remus said.

"No, I think it has to do with the night Voldemort gave Harry that scar."

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked alarmed.

"It seems that Voldemort unintentually transferred some of his powers to Harry that night, parseltongue being the result," Dumbledore explained.

"There's nothing else is there?" Remus asked worriedly.

"There doesn't seem to be, but we will have to keep an eye on him and Harry being who he is, we will have to keep a very close eye on him," Dumbledore said.

"If he lets us," Sirius muttered.

"Exactly," Dumbledore agreed, "Well, I must be off. I have to prepare for the students arrival in a few days, especially Harry's. People need to be warned."

"Remus and Sirius laughed.

It would be a good idea to do so; who knew what Harry would do once he got to Hogwarts. But they already knew that it was certainly going to be an interesting year.


Harry was to leave for Hogwarts at the beginning of the new week on Sunday so that left him two days to get everything situated. Apparently, they had found him just in time for the new term. Everyone was gone for Christmas holiday so he would be returning with everyone else. Lucky him. So he had to hurry and get everything together. Luckily, everything went smoothly.

He stopped by his high school and dropped out; he really didn't want to but he couldn't be in two places at once. He could take classes during the summer, he promised himself, that way he would at least get his diploma. Harry also went to his landlord to tell her that he was going away for school. She said she would miss him but he would still have to pay rent, though not electricity and water. He set up the bank to make automatic deposits every month to her and she would put a receipt in his mailbox.

That was another thing he did; he figured out a way to get his mail. He got the idea from after he explained what Harry had been doing for years was called apparation. Appartation was to be in one place and appear in another, so he thought; why couldn't he do that to his mail? So he got a simple wooden box that he had made in shop class a long time ago to use to place his mail in; it had been gathering dust in his closet, who knew he would ever have a use for it. During the night he went down to the mail room and enchanted both his mail box and the wooden box, willing for his magic to do what he wanted. After a few tests it worked; anything placed in his mailbox at his apartment would automatically appear into his wooden box, that way he could get his mail at Hogwarts. Whether or not it would work within the wards of the school remained to be seen. If it didn't, Harry guess he could give his box key to Remus or Sirius to get his mail so that they could owl it to him.

After all that was worked out, Harry set to packing anything he would need. Books, clothes and toiletries all went into his new trunk. Everything that he had bought was organized and put back in, He was not sure if his cell phone, laptop or iPod would work or not since wizards and witches didn't really have electricity like Remus had told him, which would totally suck. He brought them anyway because who knew, maybe he could get them to run on magic. That would be awesome. He also put Sylaria's habitat inside, putting the lid on so that nothing would fall out. Sylaria would stay on him.

It had been kind of weird when his owl and Sylaria met. They had stared at each other for five minutes then seemed to come to some sort of agreement and left each other alone. Harry had been afraid that his new owl would attack Sylaria, but he didn't need to. They actually got along.

After that Harry went out and bought several composition notebooks then went home and started reading his new books, taking notes as he read. He did that for the rest of the week, trying to catch up on everything he had missed. He even found a name for his owl in Hogwarts: A History, Hedwig. It was a nice name and she seemed to like it.

Eventually it was Sunday and it was time to leave. He had told Remus and Sirius that he would meet them at King's Cross, so he said good bye to his land lady and made his way to the station.

"Hey kiddo. Have everything?" Sirius asked as he came up to them.

"Yup. So how am I supposed to get to this Platform 9 3/4?" Harry asked looking at his ticket.

"Come on, we'll show you," Sirius said and led them inside through the crowds to the correct platform.

"It's right through there. You can run if you're nervous," Remus said gesturing to the spans of wall between platforms 9 and 10.

Harry looked at the both of them and at the wall, then back. "Do you want me to hurt myself?" he asked flatly.

"No, no. It's just and enchantment. You go through it," Remus said.

Harry looked at the spans of wall in front of him distrustfully before walking up to it and pressing his hand against it; it went through. "Huh," he said thoughtfully before going completely through.

On the other side of the barrier, there were swarms of people; kids saying good bye to parents and boarding a beautiful scarlet train.

"Sure is something, isn't it?" Sirius asked appearing behind him with Remus.

"Yeah...and this will take me to Hogwarts?"

"Yup. It's what the Hogwarts Express is for. Let's go get you a seat."

"Oh duh," Harry said seeing the name in the side as they walked toward it. People stared at him because of his unusual outfit and appearance and also because they didn't know who he was. Others stared and pointed at his trunk that he was pulling behind him; some students turning to their parents and telling them that they wanted one. Harry smirked to himself, Looks like business will be booming soon.

They found a compartment at the end of the train and they put his things away.

"Excited?" Sirius asked.

"A bit."

"Here I have something for you," he said and pulled out a small mirror that fit into his hand. "It's a two way mirror. I have the other one. All you have to do is say my name and I'll answer, you know, in case you want to talk or something."

Harry smiled and took it, "Thanks. I'll keep it on me."

"I have something too, though it isn't mine. It was your father's" Remus said handing him a package wrapped in brown paper. "Don't open it all the way," he said as Harry started to open it eagerly.

"Secret?" Harry asked lowering his voice.

"It's best that no one knows you have it," Sirius said wisely.

Harry nodded and tore it open on the side. Inside was a silvery material that seemed to shine. "What is it?"

"It's an invisibility cloak," Remus said.

"Invisibility? I can turn invisible? Awesome!" Harry exclaimed and started thinking of what h could do with it.

Sirius draped an arm over Remus' shoulders as he watched as Harry plotted. "He'll be a Maurarder yet Moony."

"I think he already it Padfoot."

"So this was my dad's?" Harry asked stuffing the material back into the paper.

"Yeah. It's been in your family for generations. Family heirloom. James had let Dumbledore borrow it before he died. We had him give it back so we could give it to you."

"So Dumbledore knows about it? Damn. Well, that's not going to stop me."

"That's my godson!" Sirius exclaimed proudly. He signed, "Too bad we couldn't give you the map."

"What map?"

"The Maurader's map. It's a map of Hogwarts. The four of us made it while we were in school. We lost it though."

"That's wicked cool. A map..."

The train behind them blew its whistle and started gathering steam.

"Time for you to go," Sirius said, "Pull a lot of pranks."

"Don't get caught and have fun," Remus said.

"I'll make you guys proud," Harry said and saluted. The other two saluted back with straight backs, gaining some unusual looks. Harry then boarded the train and away he went.


The train ride was uneventful and boring, he could hear others walking around outside his compartment talking to friends about their holiday. The only thing that happened was when a girl with bushy hair came in shortly after the train left the station.

"Oh hello. I thought it was empty."

"With all these people? Unlikely," Harry responded.

That got a small smile from the girl. "True," she muttered. "Do you mind?" she asked gesturing to the seat across from him.

Harry shrugged, "Sure. It doesn't have my name on it...yet."

The girl came in and put her trunk up into the rack and sat down, pulling a book of her own out. She glanced up at him. "I don't think I've seen you before."

"You haven't," he said simply, writing a note down on the margin of his book.

The girl floundered for a moment, "Ah..."

Harry glanced up at her, "I'm new."

"I figured. You're a little...older than what we usually get and late."

"My letter arrived late."

"I see. What year will you be in?"

"4th I believe, but I have a lot to catch up on."

"Oh, then we may have classes together," she said.

Harry hummed in the affirmative and continued reading. The girl in turn settled back and opened her book and started reading. The rest of the ride was quiet, interrupted only by the turning of pages.

Eventually Harry put his book away as the train stopped and followed the girl and the other students off the train to the platform and down a small road where carriages were waiting, being pulled by strange fragile looking horses.

"What the fuck are those?" he muttered eyeing them.

"They're Threstrals," came an airy voice from behind him.

Harry turned and saw a girl with long dirty blonde hair, wand sticking out from behind her ear and wearing weird looking blue and pink swirl paper glasses. "Are they?"

"Yes. Delightful creatures aren't they?"

Harry looked back at them. They were cool looking if a little odd. He watched as the other students simply ignored the reptilian horses, it was surprising really, they were hard to miss.

"They can't see them," the blonde girl said answering his unasked question.

"They can't?"

"No. Only those who have seen death can see them."

"'ve seen someone die before?"

"My mum. One day a potion went badly wrong. I'm Luna by the way."

"Um, sorry and nice to meet you. I'm Harry."

"I know," she said looking up at his hair.

Harry grinned, he liked this girl. "I saw my parents die... I think."

"You think?"

"It's really fuzzy. I was a baby when it happened."

Hum," Luna hummed and stared at him with wide unblinking blue eyes.

Harry stared back, never one to back down from a staring contest. For several minutes they stared at each other, neither giving in; students started to notice, slowing down as the passed. It would have lasted longer but something ran into his from behind, making him lose concentration and he blinked. He whipped around to see a guy with slicked back white-blonde hair and sharp grey eyes with a haunty expressing. The boy was clearly a spoiled brat by his impeccable clothes and annoyed expression. "Watch where the fuck you're going!" Harry snapped at him before the boy could say anything and he turned away back to Luna, who was wearing an unnerving smile. "Damn," he muttered.

"We should find a carriage," Luna said absentmindedly and drifted toward one.

"Uh sure," Harry said with a shrug and followed. As they headed to one of the Threstral pulled carriages, Harry passed a fidgety, round faced boy with light brown hair looking unsure where he should go, holding what looked like a cactus close to his chest. He saw several other students, some dressed in their school robes, what looked like an army of redheads, that snob and his cronies and the bushy haired girl from earlier, all moving toward the awaiting carriages. The bushy haired girl looked like she was having trouble finding a spot too.

"There's still room," Luna said stepping into a carriage.

"Thought so," he said, "Back in a sec." He made his way back through some of the remaining students to the round faced boy and took his arm and started dragging him forward.

"Wha?" the boy stuttered, but followed meekly as they made their way to the bushy haired girl; Harry grabbed her arm too and headed back to the carriage.

"What are you doing? Unhand me!" the bushy haired girl said, tugging at her arm, but Harry held on.

He shoved both of them into the carriage where Luna was sitting and closed the door after him, "There, all full."

The two other students stared at him uncertainly. "Um, thank you," the girl said, straightening her skirt. She looked around at everyone, "Hello Neville. How was your holiday?"

The boy looked up, "Hi Hermione. It was okay, I guess. Yours?"

"Splendid. I went skiing in the Alps with my parents."

"How fun..."

"It was. What do you have there, Neville?"

"Oh, this?" Neville's face brightened, "Mimbulus Mimbletonia. I got it from my great uncle for Christmas."

"How nice!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Looks like a weird cactus to me," Harry commented.

"Oh...yeah I suppose," Neville said looking down at his plant.

"What does it do exactly?" Harry asked.

"Oh um. Here I'll show you," he took out a quill and went to prod it but Hermione stopped him.

"You don't want to do that. I read that Mimbulus Mimbletonia squirts out stink sap as a defense mechanism," she said.

"Oh...okay then," Neville said and put his quill away and Hermione turned to the other girl. "Luna," she said somewhat tightly, "How was your holiday?"

Luna looked up from her upside down magazine and blinked slowly, "Oh it was wonderful. Father and I went looking for Crumple-Horned Snorkacks."

"Did you find any?" Harry asked, interested.

"No. We came close though. They are very good at hiding."

Hermione, her mouth growing thinner as Luna spoke turned to Harry the instant she stopped talking. "I'm sorry, how rude of me. I haven't introduced myself. I'm Hermione Granger and this is Neville Longbottom. You've already met Loony- I mean Luna Lovegood."

"Do you really?" Harry leered at Luna, lifting an eyebrow at her, but the blond wither didn't get it or didn't care as she kept reading. Hermione stared at him in disbelief that he had even said such a thing and looked at him disapprovingly. Harry just shrugged.

"You are?" she prompted.

"I'm Harry-" The carriages thumped to a stop and Harry looked out the window.

"Oh we're here," Hermione said and opened the carriage door and stepped out.

Harry followed and got his first look at Hogwarts. It was huge and absolutely incredible. It had an old yet homey feeling to it and it practically hummed with magic.

"Amazing isn't it?" Hermione asked looking up at the castle.

"It's not what I was expecting," he said.

"What were you expecting?"

"A regular school, not this."

Hermione tsked, "Didn't you read Hogwarts: A History?"

"I did, but I thought they were joking."

She shrugged and led the way up the steps where they were met by a stern looking woman that Harry recognized as Professor McGonagall.

"Make your way to the Great Hall everyone. Mr. Winston stop that! Don't make me give you a detention."

Neville frowned, "Why are we going to the Great Hall?"

"Is that not normal?" Harry asked.

"No," Hermione answered, "Usually we go straight to our dorms. There's probably some sort of announcement."

"The whole school is here!" Neville exclaimed.

Indeed there was. Four tables were set up with students lining the benches, talking to each other. They were obviously set up according to Houses as was proved by Luna who said her goodbyes and headed off to a table to the right and Neville and Hermione went to another to the left. Harry was unsure of where to go until two arms draped themselves over his shoulders belonging to a set of redheaded twins.

"You must be-"

"-the new kid everyone-"

"-has been talking about," they said.

Harry grinned, "How can you tell?"

"Just a guess," the one on the left said.

"It wasn't hard," the one on the right said.

"What have they been saying, good things I hope. I want to leave a good impression," Harry said with a smirk. It was obvious that he really didn't care as was proven by his clothes or anything about him really.

"Love your shirt by the way," one of them said as they led him to a table to the left filled with rowdy teens.

"Thanks," Harry said smoothing his shirt. It was black with white lettering that said "An Apple a Day Will Keep Anyone Away If You throw Hard Enough." He loved personalized shirts and chose ones that he could relate to.

"We tried that once."

"Mum didn't like it though, gave Ronnie bruises."

"Ron's our brother, he's right there," the one on the left said pointing to another redhead that was around Harry's age.

"So," they said as they made him sit down with both of them on either side. "What's your name?"

"Where do you come from?"

"How old are you?"

"Why are you so late?"

"What's your favorite color?"

Hermione interrupted their line of questions with a sigh. "Fred, George leave him alone, he just got here. He doesn't need you pestering him."

"It's alright," he said, "Let's see...My name is Harry, I'm from London, I'm 14. My letter couldn't find me so I never got it when I was 11 until just recently and my favorite color is green."

The twins grinned, "We're going to get along great Harry I know it," Fred or George said.

"So you're letter couldn't find you?" a sandy haired boy asked.

"Nope. Apparently I was hidden somehow that owls couldn't fine me," Harry answered.

"Then how did you get it?" a dark skinned boy asked.

"It was hand delivered by the headmaster and a few others."

"Really?" Hand delivered?" Ron asked.

"I was a special case," Harry said with a shrug.


"Shh!" Hermione shushed as Dumbledore stood up to address them.

"Welcome back students, I hope you had a wonderful holiday..." Dumbledore started and Harry zoned out, looking around the Great Hall.

As he had noticed earlier the school was separated by houses with students sitting at their assigned table. There were actual ghosts floating around! The students didn't even seem to care.

"...I would like to remind you that certain objects are banned..."

There were floating candles overhead held up by some sort of spell.

" student here..."

He would hate to be under one in case one of them fell. Above that there was the ceiling, but he could hardly see it as it looked like you could see right through to the night sky.

"...needs to be sorted..."

Harry could see the clouds up in the sky along with the stars, it was a really nice night out.

"...would like to welcome Harry Potter."

It was kind of spooky being inside looking outside. He wondered how they did it, maybe if they told him he could recreate it at home...

Harry blinked and came back to reality to see people whispering amongst themselves and looking around with wide eyes. He probably should have been paying more attention. He looked up toward the professor's table and saw them whispering to each other too. Professor McGonagall was standing up front with a stool and an old hat.

"Harry Potter? Harry, come up here please," Dumbledore called.

"Oops that's me," Harry said, getting stares in his direction.

"Y-Your Harry Potter?" Hermione asked, eyes wide.

"Yup," he said and got up and headed toward the front of the hall, "'Sup Professor."

"Potter," McGonagall said, relieved, "Sit."

Harry stared at the stool then at the hat in here hand, "You putting that thing on my head? Where's it been?"

"Just sit Potter," McGonagall said warily.

"Fine but if I get something from it, it's on you," he said and sat down on the stool and McGonagall placed the hat on his head.

Ah, I was wondering when you would show up Harry Potter. a voice said.

Holy shit! You can talk? Wait are you in my head?

Yes, I am the sorting hat and I-

Do you read everyone's mind? Harry interrupted.

Yes, everyone's mind is open for me to-


What? the sorting hat asked in disbelief.

Reading people's minds? Who knows what you're looking at. Oh god, what are you looking at right now? You're not looking at what I was doing last night are you? Sicko!

No! Mr. Potter I only read surface thoughts to see the qualities that each person has to place them in their proper house.

You better be, I don't want you blabbing any of my secrets or I'll sue you. I'll find a way even if you are a hat.

...well Mr. Potter. You are hardly made for Hufflepuff. You are smart enough for Ravenclaw, cunning enough for Slytherin and brave enough for Gryfindor. While you would do well in Slytherin you are too...forward and brazen to fully fit there.


That leaves Ravenclaw or Gryfindor. Where to put you...

My parents came here right? What house were they in?

James Potter and Lily Evans? I remember, they were both in Gryfindor, the hat replied

And Sirius and Remus?

Ah, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin? Both in Gryfindor as well.

Then there you have it. And hurry up your voice is giving me the creeps. I'm going to have nightmares. I better not get lice either.

Harry felt amusement and expatriation coming from the hat. Alright then, better be- "GRYFINDOR!" the hat shouted.

The whole school applauded, the table he was originally at the loudest of them all. Harry guessed that it was the Gryfindor table. How ironic that it was where he sat when he had come in. The hat was removed from his head and he was welcomed with open arms to the house of the lion.

Hehe, I had fun with the hat can you tell. Actually I had a lot of fun with the whole chapter. Anyways, Harry is finally at Hogwarts and now let the real fun begin! Thoughts and praise are welcome!