Sorry, this is not a true update but the announcement of a poll that I posted on my profile. As I have been totally focusing on 'Rise From the Ashes' until it's completion, I tried to think ahead on what story I should get back too when I finish 'RFtA'. On the poll are four options, 'Power He Knows Not' my Harry Potter Deathly Hallows rewrite, 'Night Is When the Lion Stalks his Prey' my Harry Potter time-travel attempt, 'The Will of Three' my Naruto story that starts after Wave Mission about what would happen if Minato's seal worked faster than anticipated, and finally 'True Meaning of being a Shinobi' my Naruto time-travel story.

The poll will be up for a month, because I believe that 'Rise from the Ashes' will have at least four more chapters and I am hoping that I can update it once a week.

Thank you