"Tsh. What did I do this time around?" I sighed as my door swung open, revealing an obviously pissed blonde. "Hm, what brings you here, Mello?" I asked dryly as I continued to toy with my action figure, moving its arms and legs into different positions.
"You little shit! You know good and well why I'm here! What's up with this!?" He yelled, shoving a paper in my face. On grabbing it and setting down my toy, I saw it was the class list. Again, I was at the top, and Mello, right behind me.
I looked up at Mello with the usual blank expression. "Mello, since when is this any surprise to you? Aren't you use to being second place yet?" Of course, the comment sent made the hot head strike back, this time physically with a hand to the cheek.
"Don't you dare talk to me like that." He whispered menacingly, his eyes barely visible through his hair hanging down in his face. "You seem to forget that I could snap you like a twig. My patience is really wearing thin with you, Near, so you better watch it."
With that he fled, slamming the door behind him. After a few moments, I slowly stood up to collect my toys and put them away. He has a way of making me lose any interest in what I'm doing, and that can be fairly annoying after a while.
I walked into the bathroom connected to my room, and upon undressing, caught a glimpse of myself through the mirror. This first thing my eyes went to wasn't my face, but my body. I'm horribly thin; barely anything but incredibly pale skin covering frail bones. Thankfully my large, white clothes are able to cover it up, otherwise Roger would want me seen to. I don't particularly like the idea of doctors and nurses poking and prodding me.
Slowly my eyes moved up to my face. My left cheek was red and swollen, already beginning to bruise with a dark purple hue. The large mark made the rest of me seem that much paler in comparison. What is wrong with Mello? What did I ever do to make him so angry. What did I ever do to anybody to make them so weary of me? The only people who even bother to come near me are Mello, Matt, and Roger. The only reason that's the case is because one's a bully with a sidekick and one's concerned with my being L's successor.
Stop it, Near. No need in wasting your energy on such matters.
Deciding to take my advice, I climbed into the cold tub to take a shower.

When I woke up, it was only 5 am. Most likely, everyone else in the orphanage was still asleep, especially considering we didn't have classes. I'm surprised I didn't wake up sooner; I fell asleep right after my shower, which I took around 5. Again, no one came to wake me for supper. Just another day without food. Rubbing my eyes, I sat up in bed, which was still made.
My throat is so dry.
Acting on my thoughts, I slowly got up and walked out of my room and into the dark hallway. Tiptoeing to keep quiet, I silently made my way to the kitchen and begin searching the cabinets for a glass. Before I am even able to grab anything, I could hear the whispers of two familiar voices.
"Shhh! If you don't quiet down we'll get caught and we won't be able to get any breakfast! Now you be the- well, well, well, what have we here." I could feel a pair of rough, cold hands grab my wrist and jerk me up off the ground.
"A little out of character for you to be snooping around like this. Must be another advantage of being L's successor; you get to do whatever you want and not get in trouble for it. Maybe that's how you're always number one you cheat and get no punishment." Mello's hot breath hit my face, the slight smell of chocolate meeting my nose.
"I'll have you know, Mello, that I have never cheated and I don't predict me ever needing to. Also, I'm not snooping. Roger is aware of the fact that I do not attend meals with you and the rest of the Whammy kids, so I have full access to the kitchen when I want something to eat or drink. You two, however, do not."
He dropped me onto the floor, my head slamming against the cold, hard tile. I tried to prop myself on my elbows, but didn't get to far with Mello hanging over me.
"Looks like I hit you pretty hard" he snickered menacingly. Too my surprise, and extremely out of Mello's character, he lightly reached out and touched my still-puffy cheek. The gesture made me gasp and slam my eyes shut, partly from shock, partly from pain. When I finally opened my eyes I could see a twisted smile spread across the blonde's face, and I could feel his hand putting more pressure on my cheek. It took everything in me not to scream.
"You rat us out, Near, and your whole body will hurt like this," his hand moved from my face to the neck of my shirt, pulling me even closer to him. "You got that?"
I nodded, careful not to show any more emotion than I already had.
"Good." he said turning to face Matt, who must have rummaged through the cabinets because he held a back pack filled with what I supposed was junk food, soda, and undoubtedly chocolate and cigarettes.
"Let's get out of here."
And with that, I was alone again. Slowly, I picked myself up and walked back to my room; it seemed I'd lost my thirst and, again, my interest.