Hello everyone, I'm back again! *is pelted with tomatoes*
Yeah, yeah, it's taken me a while to write this, and it's short. I'm as upset as you, trust me. These past few weeks have been pretty crappy, but I'll try to make the next chapter much better for you guys ^.^


Dear God, my head is killing me.

Snapping my eyes open, I could tell from the atmosphere that I was no longer at Whammy's. Instead, I could tell as I moved my eyes from the ceiling to look at my body, I was laid up in a hospital bed, with needles and patched connecting me to some machines. I turned my head to the window, to see the blinds open and letting in the orange-tinted light of a beautiful sunrise.

Why am I here?

Slowly, I tried to lift myself up to look around me. Mid-lift, I froze at the sight of a blonde coated in black leather sitting in the guest chair by the bed, head leaning on his left arm which was propped up on the chair's arm. His hair was covering his face, but it was obvious he was napping away.

What business could Mello have here?... What business do I have here?

Without another thought, I began the painstaking process of trying to get myself out from under the covers and out of the bed. I even held my breath, fearing the littlest sound could wake the older boy.
The deep groaning of the bed rung out in my eyes, sounding loud enough in my ears to wake somebody two stories down. Thankfully, the sound did not stir the blonde. Slowly, I began to creep to the door, my eyes still locked on the male in the chair. Maybe I can find somebody to explain - someone other than the hot head in the room.

Maybe I should have focused more on where I was walking and less on him, because sure enough I tripped over a wire that was sticking out from under the hospital bed, landing hard on the cold tile. My bare skin made a loud slapping sound against it, and the wires in my arm pulling the fluid - drip to the floor. My body ached, and to make matters worse, Mello's head snapped up, and violently looked around. Jumping up from the chair, he moved to the bed and leaned over, thinking I may have fallen off. I could see his wide eyes squint and follow the tubes from the fallen machine. Slowly, he got up from the bed and moved to it's end where I was. He stopped, his combat boots only an inch from my face. I could feel his rough hands grab my arm and yank me up, the needles in my arms moving around painfully. He then walked to the other side of the bed to sit the drip back up. After that, he sat back in the chair, eyeing me.

After what seemed like hours, he finally spoke up. "I'm guessing you want answers, am I right?"

"That would be helpful."

"Well, I guess I should start with the fact that you've been knocked out for about two days. You are also anorexic, and if you didn't already know, severely underweight. Was really too dumb to think nobody would find out and nothing bad would result from it?"

Wait. I've been in a coma for the past two days?

"What I choose to do to my body is none of your business."

"Hey, ass-wipe, don't get an attitude with me. Just be glad I was there to cushion your fall. I mean, you're head still kinda hit the ground which is why you were in a coma, but if I didn't catch you, you'd be dead. Not to mention I have to play mommy for God knows how long. Does Roger really think I want to take care of you, especially after you're always one upping me?" The last part he said more to himself than me.

Did he really...?

"You... saved me, Mello?"

"Well, yeah. I wasn't just gonna let you fall. I'd rather not have your blood on my hands until I can come up with a good alibi and a way to pull it off without getting caught."

"Well, uhm..." I cleared my throat, " Thank you, Mello... I think."

"Oh please, save the gratitude for later." He waved his hand as if to dismiss my thanks, and leaned over to the bed side table to grab the T.V. remote.

We sat in silence for another couple of minutes, the only sound coming from the television. My mind played back everything he had said. Being in a coma, being diagnosed with anorexia; it was a lot to take in at once. Still thinking, a particular thing he said stuck out to me.

Mello has to what?

"Uhm, Mello..."

"Mhm?" He was still invested in the car chase being played out on the screen.

"Roger is making you... take care of me?"

He sighed, " Yeah. I honestly don't know what is wrong with that man. I know he's getting old but I don't think he's suffering from Alzheimer's already."
He shook his head and walked over to the hospital phone.

"I starving, and I'm sure you are too. Want me to call something in before I head down to the cafeteria? " I nodded and slumped back on the bed.

What has Roger done?