Hey everyone!
This is unfortunately not another chapter. I deeply apologize to anyone who has been following this story and waiting for new chapters that haven't come yet. I actually had quite a few written previously, but as I was using my laptop one day, it crashed, and somehow that deleted ALL of this story.
Of course, I have the five chapters that were posted, but everything after that is gone.
I have been meaning to come back and make a short story to pass the time or something, but after that crash I haven't been writing at all. Not because of it, but because of some other personal issues that have been distracting me and keeping me away from writing, and also, just a lack of inspiration.
But, I'm not here to make excuses. I'm here to tell you that I will be trying my best to get some writing done, and will hopefully have a new chapter up soon!
I hate it myself when I'm reading a story and I can't finish it. I don't want you to feel the same towards one of my works.

Anyways, sorry to fool you into thinking there is a new chapter, I just though this would be the best way to spread the news. Anyways, thank you for reading the story so far !

*** Also, I will probably be going back through and editing the first five chapters before I post any new chapters, so if you get an email about a new chapter (for those following this story/me) or you happen to be checking it out (because you don't have an account or aren't following me or the story) and see a new chapter has been posted, go ahead and reread the first five if you like! I won't be changing them drastically, but it will be a good memory refresher to go back c:

Thanks again ^.^