LOOK WHO'S BAAACK (explodes)

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*This chapter takes place a little over a week after Near's return to Whammy's*

~Near, Near come on you have to wake up. Come on, don't make me toss this food in your damn face.~

I awoke to a bright light burning my eyes and the familiar sight of a blonde, leather clad gentleman holding a metal tray. I sat up in bed and took the tray from Mello's hands. On it was a mouth-watering crepe filled with cool bananas and whipped cream, topped with fresh strawberries and powered sugar (the cooks at Whammys are not your average lunch ladies). Although eating is not something I treasure the most, this dish is a favorite of mine. I scooped a bit on my fork and had a taste- perfection.
As I silently consumed my food, Mello turned on the t.v. that sat mostly unused in the corner. He pulled up a chair by the bed and sat down, using the edge of the bed to prop up his feet.

I wish he'd get his dirty shoes off my clean sheets.

Although his main reason to visit was to provide me food and make sure I eat it, my time spent with Mello was never strained or uncomfortable. Yes, he did curse at me and push me down with his words but it was nothing I wasn't already accustomed to.
Dare I say it, I enjoyed his company.

After finishing the delicacy, I handed my tray to Mello, who also happened to be finished and was getting up to take his leave.

"I better get going, I don't want to be late to class. See ya shit head." Raising his hand as he walked out the door.

Couldn't he have thought of a better name to- wait. Don't I have class today as well?

I almost forgot Roger telling me that today I'd be returning to my studies. How could have I forgotten that? I mean, Mello has served as a great distraction- (I've never received a visitor that wasn't out to do harm aside from Roger in all my years of being here, and to have that other visitor be Mello, how could I not be a bit distracted?)
The idea of returning to class is fairly bittersweet. It will be nice to get back to working and being number one again (seeing as how Mello gained first place with me out of the picture), but being once again surrounded by the other children is not something I look forward to every morning to say the least.

I decided to get ready so I wouldn't be late when class started at 8:00. I don't normally take showers in the morning, but I know that today's transition from never leaving my room to having to go back to class with the other orphans (mere nuisenses who most likely celebrated my absence with confetti and sweets) would be a difficult one.

The hot water felt soothing on my skin and refreshing as it rinsed away the lather, but it did nothing to warm the frigid cold in my core that had built up over the years. I don't believe there's anything that can warm that.

As I got out and dried off, I couldn't help but find myself staring at my skin for the umpteenth time, my reflection blurred thanks to the steam that fogged up the mirror.

My bruises had completely healed.

I traced over my skin with my already shriveled fingers, silently missing the sore imperfections. Now I was back to being the clean, white, robot I was known to be.

I walked into the classroom and was hit with a wave of eyes and a thick, strained atmosphere. To make matters worse, I was late thanks to Roger pulling me aside on the way to class. I'm sure that even some of their pupils dilated while they stared. The teacher, a kind old women who felt sorry for me but also considered me as odd as every one else, welcomed me back to the class with the usual chatter, oblivious to the room's negative aura.

"It's nice to have you back."

"We've missed you."

"If you need any assistance just ask me or your classmates."

I replied with a simple thank you, trying to ignore the eyes that still glared onto me. To think I still had hours of this left to go.


The sound of the lunch bell rang out in my ears like the most glorious symphony I could have ever heard.

And then I remembered- this will be the first time all I've seen Mello.

I have a feeling he wouldn't be thrilled about my return. Has he already heard the news? Or has he already stopped by my room to bring my lunch, and found me not there?

I wonder if he's looking for me now?

My question was answered as a pair of rough hands grabbed my shoulders and slung me over and against the counter in the kitchen, away from the hustle and bustle of the dinning room. I should have known, my classmates can spread words as quick and easy as they spread soft butter on a warm piece of toast.

"Well, hello Mello. You seem surprised at my arrival back into the class room. May I ask why?" I spoke coolly. I didn't want him to think I had already been wondering about it.

"You little shit, you know why I'm upset!" He said, tightening the grip he had on the neck of my shirt.

I thought carefully about my reply, and spoke smugly, "Could it be that Mello doesn't want to give up his top spot?"


His grip grew even tighter before he flung me to the floor as if I were as light as a feather-stuffed pillow. He straddled me, his legs tight to keep me from squirming as much as possible, while his hands wrapped tensely around my neck.

I've meddled my way into dangerous territory and I'd only been in school for a few hours.
I watched wide eyed as he leaned down to my ear and I braced myself.

"I will be number one. You think you can walk in like you own the place and expect to get your spot back so easily? Don't be an idiot. You fell off your high horse and now a new king has stepped up and taken your throne. And," he continued, pulling my upper body off the ground so I could face him directly, "I'm ready to start a war if that means keeping my new title." He smirked, sure that his speech and violent moves gave him victory, but nothing could have wiped the pride off of his face faster than I did when I showed him my own smirk. I don't know if it was the silly analogy or the fact that he was so proud of what he said, but I almost laughed.

"Mello. If you didn't have to capability to surpass me before, what makes you think you have the capability now? I prodded, trying to evoke a response.

His face darkened, and he replied through gritted teeth,
"I will do whatever it takes to win."

He pushed me down into the floor before loosening his grip and climbing off my body, calmly making his way towards the door.
He stopped in the middle of the doorway with his back still facing me, and mumbled,

"Whatever it takes."