„Guys, you won't believe what just happened to me!" Murray was so excited that he started this funny laugh that could drive some people crazy. Before anyone could answer he told them „My friends Mona and Jeffrey are going to marry in a few days and I'm invited."

Cody and Nick looked at each other before Nick spoke: „Boz, are you sure that it's in a few days? I mean, the invatition seems a little late."

„Yes, I know, but they decided it just a few days ago. It was a surprise for her birthday. Isn't that amazing?" There was the laugh again. „But there is a problem, guys."

„What is it?" they asked in union.

„Well, they marry in England – they already ordered a ticket for me and asked me to stay for a few weeks with them after the wedding. I might be gone for at least a month. I'd love to, but I don't want to let you down, leave you with all the work."

Now it was Codys turn to speak. „Don't worry, Murray. Nick and I have lived and worked together for a long time before you came to stay with us. We will be okay." Cody saw the slight sadness in Murrays face. „It will be hard you know, but we'll try the best. And if things really call for you, we're gonna give you a call."

So it was decided. Murray would leave them in three days. At least one of them was glad, he had missed to be alone with his best friend. He liked Murray, but things have been easier before and they had much more time just for the two of them, it made it harder to keep their secrets between them. Murray was a bit nosy and he just had a talent to rush into the room at the wrong times.