Chris was visiting his old high school in Astoria. He roamed the dark hallways, devoid of company. He was silent in the school, walking and studying the details of his former life's mundane day to day. He saw his old locker and opened it. The picture of his ex girlfriend still hung inside. He crumpled it and threw it down the hall. He saw his appearance in the mirror. He had pale, granite like skin that made his red hair and crimson eyes pop. His teeth were perfect. They appeared sharp and pearly white. He looked as though a statue from ancient Greece put on a t-shirt and jeans and walked around.

He chuckled lightly, making the only sound he had made since entering the school. It's funny how a trip down memory lane will change your outlook, he thought, grimly. He held another picture from his locker up and compared it with the mirror. The picture had his name stretched across the bottom, Christopher Steven Clark. He would always wear that football uniform in the picture. He would always bear that boyish, invincible grin. His eyes would always sparkle that blue tint. He would always have a freckled face. He would be pale, but not too pale. He found that he liked having a bit of the past with him. He broke the mirror with a mere flick of his wrist.

That's not enough, Chris snarled as he grabbed the top and bottom of the locker. The firm steel yielded to his grasp. Underneath his hands, the locker was crunched to a molding of his palm. With a rage fueled tug, the locker door screeched and was ripped from the hinges. He turned and launched the door at the camera. He heard a gasp from behind him. Chris smelled blood and heard the rapid beating of a heart. He looked at the janitor with an inquisitive gaze. A light chuckle was heard throughout the hallways. The janitor began to scream. Nothing ever left his lips because Chris tore the old man's head off. He bit the corpse and drained it of blood. As quickly as he was in the school, he was gone.

He was running as fast as the wind, when he began thinking about the time before the change. He was thinking about Whitney and losing Rachel….

Chris was your typical high school football player. He was the star receiver and cornerback. He dated Rachel Corsan, the senior vice-president and cheerleading captain. They met when she moved to Oregon from Florida in the eighth grade. He was living the perfect life: football, girls, class president, wealthy parents, and good grades. He had been given scholarship offers from Oregon and WashingtonState both. His whole world got flipped upside down during his AP English class on September the second.

That's when she walked in, Whitney Walker. The new girl. She had pale skin and blonde curling hair. She was impeccable. Jim West tapped Chris on the shoulder and whispered, "Looks like Rachel's not the hottest girl in school anymore." Chris waved him off and noticed that she was staring dead at him. Her eyes were sea green. Mr. Rathers pointed her to the desk next to Chris, "Chris,help Miss Walker catch up, please."

Chris was actually blushing and stammered, "Uhm y-y-yes, sir."

Chris was actually a little happy that he got guide duty for once. He flirted casually with the girl. "So, yeah. Where are you from?" Chris asked.

"Panama City, you smell really good," she replied back. She took a playful sniff in the air.

Chris felt his cheeks getting hot and said, "Oh, yeah, thanks. Was it very nice there?"

"It was alright, if you like the sun and the beach that is," Whitney giggled.

"Yeah, we've got some shit weather! At least out football team is good, again," he mentally reminded himself not to be a douche bag.

"Really, now?" she said incredulously. She looked at his letterman jacket and said, "I guess you're on the team?"

"Yeah, I play receiver and cornerback."

The bell rang and the room erupted into movement, "Whitney, what's your next class?"

"Algerbra with Higgenbottom," she said back politely.

"Really? We've got that one together, too," Chris smiled at her.

Chris left Whitney at her final class when Rachel appeared with a furious look on her face. "What in the HELL were you doing with that girl! On second thought, I don't want to know. If you're through hanging out with sluts after school, we're still on for the movie."

"She's just a new kid, and Mr. Rathers asked me to show her around. You know I'm not cheating on you, baby." Chris gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Well, I'll see you tonight."

He began to lope his way out of the school for football practice. Rachel's such a dumb bitch, he thought, I mean, she knows I'm not cheating on her. Especially not with a girl that moved here today! At least, not yet.

Chris leapt through the air and caught the ball. He came down directly in Rick's path. Chris spun around the line backer quickly and ran full speed ahead. He dropped a shoulder and knocked the small scout safety to the ground. He heard the whistle behind him. "Alright, boys! Let's go for half back pitch right. Clark, switch over to D, you'll see the Seagulls pull this play a lot this Friday. Jackson, come in for Clark."

Chris hustled into position. He rushed forward as soon as the ball was snapped and through the fullback to the ground before slamming into Jake. "Alright, that was the last play of practice. Go home, dip your wick, and get ready for walk through tomorrow. Shirt, shorts, and helmets."

Chris went on his date with Rachel and did just what his coach told him to do. He had pulled into his driveway and got out of his Z71 when he saw Whitney carrying boxes inside. "Hey, Whitney, Is that you?"

"Chris? It's Whitney, what're you doing here?" Whitney yelled back as Chris jogged over.

"I live right there," Chris replied, "here let me help you with that." Chris picked up his the heavier box and carried it inside. She walked him to the edge of her yard and he asked, "So, can I get your phone number?"

"Sure," she replied. Chris handed her his iphone and she handed it back. He found her name and saw a winking face beside it. He went back inside and fell asleep.