The next morning he woke up and sent Rachel a text message first, "Hey, baby, I hope you have a great day. Good morning and I love you." Right after, he was contemplating whether or not he should text Whitney. Finally, he decided he would. So, Chris sent her a text saying, "Good morning, have a great day." Chris took a quick shower and got dressed. Just as he was about to leave, he remembered to put on his jersey.

He saw Whitney next door struggling with her Jeep Wrangler. He walked over and said, "They're pretty and all, but you have to make really good friends with a mechanic to own one. You can ride with me, if you want…" Chris trailed off.

A few minutes later, he moved his shoulder pads and helmet out of the front seat to make room. Whitney got in the car and smiled. For some reason, her eyes were darker today than yesterday. Chris dismissed the thought and started up the truck. "So, you coming to the game tonight? We're playing the Seagulls, they've got Nick Jones. He's being recruited by Stanford and UCLA, maybe even USC."

"I might be able to, it's according to if my car starts." She grinned at him, "you got any good music?" She reached and turned on the radio. Immediately, Chris realized the song that was playing on the CD last. Suddenly, the chorus started to blast, "I wanna make love to you…" Whitney grinned playfully.

Chris started to blush and said, "Rachel loves that song…"

"Who's Rachel?"

"My girlfriend for three years," Chris replied. He felt a little pang of guilt for a second. Then Whitney touched his arm, She's so cold. He couldn't help it and shuddered a bit.

"That's sweet. For a second, I thought you had planned on using this song on me," the blonde vixen winked at him and her teeth flashed for a second. Just a second, Chris had veered on the wrong side of the road. Two seconds later, a black SUV slammed into the driver's side of the truck. Everything went black.

Chris woke up and saw that it was past ten o' clock. At night. Shit, the game! Chris looked and saw that his left arm was broken. He tried to get up but felt a mind blowing pain in his side. He realized that it was his ribs. Then it dawned on him that Whitney was with him. Ignoring the pain, he got up and walked to the nurses' station.

"The blonde girl that was with me, Whitney Walker, is she okay?" Chris was afraid that she was in worse shape than him.

"There wasn't a girl with you. I imagine you would like the score of the game?"

"Yes please." He was in a daze. How was Whitney not hurt? How was she not even here.

"43-10, the Seagulls won. I'm sorry," the black nurse replied.

Out of nowhere, Chris saw Whitney walking mysteriously down the hall. In the other direction, he noticed Rachel. He turned the other way and walked towards Whitney. When he realized she wasn't there, he decided to go back to Rachel.

She left about thirty minutes later, but left flowers and some brownies. Chris ate a few brownies before falling asleep.

He woke up at about one in the morning to the feeling of being watched. He looked around for a second and saw someone sitting in the chair by the window. "Hello, is that you, Rachel?"

The shadowed figure got up and moved closer. It was a woman, he could tell that much. She straddled him, bringing a burst of pain. He looked up and saw that it was Whitney, but her eyes weren't blue. They were a crimson red. Chris tried to back up, but she grabbed his shoulder.

"Listen to me Chris. I have something to offer you," Whitney trailed off. Chris was full of shock and fear. "How would you like to be faster, stronger, and perpetually young?"

He stammered for a second and then remained quiet. "I could give this to you," Whitney said in a casual tone. "One bite, and it's all yours."

Chris struggled, he pushed and shoved, trying to get her off of him. Her grip on his shoulder tightened. He suppressed a scream when his collarbone cracked. He passed out from the pain and shock.