Warnings: strong language, detailed sex, mpreg. Sadly only this story and idea is mine, Harry Potter belongs to the wonderful JK. I make no money on this story, I write for my own amusement.

Chapter one

Harry Potter and his friends all returned to finish their last year at Hogwarts. Even though most of them were over the age to attend Hogwarts, the headmistress and the newly formed governors agree that they should be allowed to return if they wished.

Severus Snape had been found barely alive and was saved thanks to Poppy Pomfrey's expertise. Kingsley Shacklebolt the newly named minister spoke with Harry about what had taken place in regards to Severus, finally Harry produced the memory and allowed Kingsley and Minerva to watch it so they could see the extent Severus Snape went to in helping Albus Dumbledore protect Harry. They watched and realised what they all believed about Severus Snape wasn't right, so Kingsley and Minerva spoke to Severus to get the rest of the facts from him before he was given his freedom and given back his old job as potions master.

Harry Potter moved into his parent's home after having it repaired and when he got his letter about the books and equipment he would need for his last year, Harry was determined that Snape would not be able to taunt him. So he bought an extra cauldron, extra ingredients and practiced his potions but he also went further, he read the books over and over until he had them memorised, but he went further again and read more books on potions and what certain ingredients were used for. Hermione was amazed at Harry's knowledge on potions, she even admitted that he was more knowledgeable than she was, making Harry and Ron laugh. During the time it took to repair Hogwarts, Hermione and Ron had gone to Australia to find Hermione's parents, Hermione of course wanted Harry to go with them, but he turned her down saying he wanted to be alone for a while, much to Ron's delight. Another thing that happened during those first few months, Harry realised he was gay and worked out why he never realised before. He had too much on his mind to think of things as ordinary as his sexuality, not when they were all in life and death situations.

Ginny of course was furious, she had hoped they would get back together. But Harry was surprised that the rest of the Weasley's weren't happy with him either, they thought Harry had led Ginny on. He tried to explain, but they didn't seem to believe him, so he gave up and figured if they didn't like the fact he wasn't going to resume his relationship with Ginny as he was gay, then it was there problem. Harry had a feeling that George would be fine with him, but he was still too hurt over losing his twin. Bill didn't like the fact that Fleur still wanted to see Harry, she supported him and always will. Hermione of course had supported Harry, much to Ron's disgust, but Ron realised if he wanted Hermione to stay as his girlfriend, he would need to support Harry, so he did only when he was with Hermione. She realised what Ron was doing, but thought if she just gave him time to get used to Harry being gay and that he couldn't resume his relationship with his sister, then he might finally come around.

Harry, Hermione and Ron had to testify in certain trials, the Malfoy's being one of those. With Harry's testimony, Narcissa Malfoy was released but with restrictions, Lucius Malfoy was given life in Azkaban and Draco Malfoy was released with no restrictions. A few days after their trial, Harry received a letter from Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, both expressing their thanks and appreciation. Harry had been surprised but pleased as well. Now he hoped the two Malfoy's finally understood they could have a good life as long as they stopped all this pureblood bullshit and realised that all magical people were the same, some just had more power than others, but it did not matter what blood status they had.

Harry of course was famous around the magical world, being the man that killed Voldemort. Hermione and Ron were also known for their support of Harry throughout his years at Hogwarts and their help in the battle of Hogwarts. Their other friends, Neville, Seamus, Dean, Ginny, Michael, Terry, Hannah, Luna and all the rest were also known, just not as known as the golden trio. Harry felt a little apprehensive whenever he needed to go into a magical town, he always got attention, always got thanked, always got his hand shook, but he was also being asked out a lot, had woman kiss him, men kiss him and got felt up a lot. Harry had a lot of small kids run up to him all asking the same thing, for him to sign their pictures of him that the new minister had organised a couple of weeks after the battle of Hogwarts. Harry could never turn down those kids, but once it was seen he was signing for the kids, adults of all ages would turn up and want his autograph as well and it usually took Harry a couple of hours to go about his business and he always ended up with a sore hand from signing his name so much. Hermione, Ron and their other friends also got asked for autographs, which like Harry, they got used to doing.

The first few weeks back at Hogwarts, they returning seventh years which were called eighth year, realised how much work they needed to catch up on. The also realised that Hogwarts had never had so many students before, two lots of first years, then right through all the years and the added eighth year.

Just like they knew he would, Severus Snape was still his snarly self, but they also noticed he didn't always give Harry trouble, nor did he act quite as bad as he used it, even if he was still hard and cold and of course, he still favoured Slytherin's over the other houses. The first few times he asked Harry a question on a certain potion ingredient, he could barely hide his surprise when Harry answered every question correctly that had been put to him, which made Harry and his friends smirk. So after that, Snape hardly spoke to Harry unless it was a question aimed towards him.

During their first few weeks, Harry had wanted to speak with Snape alone, but he just couldn't seem to get his Gryffindor courage to surface. All he wanted to do was thank him for his help over the years, but he also wanted to speak with Snape about his mother, he was someone that knew her when she was younger and he knew her right up till they had their falling out in sixth year. Harry found himself outside his classroom a few times, sometimes he was outside the staff room, but he just couldn't seem to knock on that door.

Another thing Harry and his friends, but also the staff noticed, most of the returning Slytherin's all acted differently. They were a lot friendlier to students from other houses, there were no name calling, no hexes, nothing. It seems since a lot of their parents were either killed or locked up, they could be themselves. There were a few that never changed of course, they sneered at Harry all the time, they were malicious with the names they called him, which he ignored and usually smiled at them which made them angrier but it made Harry laugh, but those few Slytherin's never went too far, Severus Snape had seen to that and no student wanted to get on the bad side of the snarly potions master.