Chapter twenty one

Hermione and Draco stepped out of the fireplace in Minerva McGonagall's office first, then Severus with Harry who was holding Lily in his arms.

'When Severus told me Harry, I can tell you now that I was speechless. But can I see your daughter?'

Harry smiled and stepped over to his old headmistress, but instead of just showing her, he placed Lily in her arms.

'Say hello to Lily.'

'After your mother,' Minerva smiled, 'Look at all that dark hair, but since both her fathers have black hair, that's understandable. She's beautiful Harry, Severus.'

'We think so Minerva,' Severus smiles, then pulls out the copy of their wedding certificate and places it on her desk, 'Are the rooms ready?'

'Yes, you just need to decorate Lily's room how you like. This is going to cause quite a stir among the students and staff,' she smiles and places Lily back in Harry's arms before picking up the certificate, reads it, 'That seems to be in order,' she hands it back to Severus who puts it in his pocket. 'Why don't you settle in and Harry, since you are no longer a student, you can sit with Severus at the staff table, with Lily of course.'

'Thanks Professor, I'd like that.'

'Well, that is another thing, Minerva from now on.'

Harry grinned, 'Alright…Minerva,' he chuckles and hears Hermione and Draco laugh with him.

'Come on love, let's get our daughter settled. We'll see you later Minerva,' Severus nods then with his arm around Harry and Hermione and Draco carrying the bags, they leave the office and head to the fourth floor where a door that never used to be there now was. Severus lets the others in then takes Lily's bags, 'I'll go set the room up.'

'Thanks babe,' Harry smiles then sits down, 'Okay, well, she believed it. Thank you again for that.'

'It's fine Harry, I wanted Severus happy and he is with you.'

'So you won't be with me at the Gryffindor table?'

'No, but you won't be there for much longer Hermione, it's only what, seven weeks before the end of term. When do the N.E.W.T.s start?'

'In four weeks, so we've got a lot of studying to do. I really should get stuck into that,' Draco said.

'Thanks again for everything,' Harry put his hand out and Draco shakes it.

'Just give him a chance Harry, nothing to shocking to soon. This is all new to him.'

'I know and I'm going to take it easy. Before, at home, that was different. But it's fun to wind him up and very easy to do,' Harry, Hermione and Draco laugh but softly with Lily sleeping peacefully in Harry's arms, 'You never mentioned Ron once Hermione, how's he been?'

'We don't talk, but he doesn't look upset or angry, not since Christmas. So that talk he had with Charlie seems to have done the trick. Maybe you'll see when he sees you.'

'Maybe, but after the way he behaved, I can't be as close to him as I used to, but if he's friendly, I will be, but that's all. Now remember, no telling anyone anything, I want to see the shocked looks from everyone when I walk in then when Minerva makes her announcement about us, that is going to be hilarious.'

'Are you still being a cheeky brat Harry,' Severus shakes his head in amusement.

'Always, that's me,' Harry gives a cheeky smile, 'So I can put Lily down now.'

'All ready to go, I even painted her room in a soft lilac with white lilies all over the walls.'

'Oh, that's so nice babe,' Harry kisses him then turns to Hermione and Draco, 'Say goodbye, for now, you'll see her after dinner,' Harry waits until Hermione's kisses Lily on the cheek, then Draco kisses Lily on the forehead before he walks into her room and places his daughter in her cot, then covers her up. Harry stands there staring down at Lily when arms slip around his waist, 'Hey Sev.'

'Hey Harry,' Severus kisses Harry's head, 'We belong together in every way now. Are you happy Harry?'

Harry turns in Severus' arms, 'Extremely happy Sev, this is what I want, to be with you and Lily.'

'Exactly what I want, but she should sleep a bit longer, care to make love with your official partner?'

Harry grinned, 'Yes…please,' Harry groans softly, then the two men leave Lily's room and go into their room and Harry notices that the bed is bigger again, 'Great, it'll fit both of us easy, I've got a habit of sprawling on my stomach.'

'Easier access to you my love,' Severus slowly turns Harry to face him then starts to undress him, but not once does his eyes leave Harry's. When he finishes, Harry undresses Severus and exactly like before, his eyes never leaves Severus. They climb into their bed, their arms around each other, but they just kept staring into each other's eyes, 'This is perfect, you here, in my arms, where you belong.'

Harry smiles, 'Yes, I belong here, with you,' Harry slowly leans in and captures Severus' lips with his own in a loving but passionate kiss.

Harry showers while Severus feeds and changes Lily, then Severus showers while Harry just sits and talks to his daughter. When they were ready, Severus picks up the baby bag and put his arm around Harry and they slowly make their way down through the school. A few students that were late for dinner stared with obvious surprise as they walked past. They glance at each other outside the doors to the great hall, then they walk in. The great hall falls silent as everyone turns to see Harry carrying a baby in his arms, and Snape has his arm around Harry. He looks up at Severus, smirking then gives his friends a wave and a big smile before he settles in next to Severus at the staff table. Within seconds the students erupt in loud chatter, but Harry and Severus heard both their names and talk about a baby. Harry grins at Hermione then at Draco before he makes sure everyone sees as he places Lily in Severus' arms, kisses her head then starts to eat.

'Putting on a show my love,' Severus grins.

'I have to babe, it's so much fun.'

'Oh you cheek brat, what am I going to do with you?'

'Put up with me, but most of all, you're going to love me,' Harry gives him a cheeky smile.

'Yes, I will love you, forever,' Severus leans slowly towards Harry and kisses him softly. They stare into each other's eyes, but the hear the talk which makes them both grin, 'I think their getting the picture.'

'I should think so babe,' Harry grins, then turns back to face the students who are all staring at him, he smiles then starts eating again. But Harry notices that Ron is gazing at him, but not in disgust, but shocked. Harry also sees something else on his face, in his eyes, regret and possibly acceptance, he wasn't sure. But he knew one thing, Ron seems to be okay with gay men now, even Harry and Severus together. Harry knew they would talk, but they will never be as close as they used to be. Now though, Harry had his family, he turned back to Severus and watched as he talks quietly to Lily, he tells her all about Hogwarts and how when she is eleven how she will become a student. Harry can't stop smiling as he watches Severus talking to his daughter, their daughter, his heart swells with affection for both his partner and his daughter and knew right then, everything was going to be okay.

The end: