The Hunger Games

Gale and Katniss' Kiss-Katniss Pov

I wrote this story as I kinda wanted Katniss and Gale have the love story with out Peeta so this is my version of the kiss I think should have happened. I really felt sorry for Gale in the first two books and I write these in the sense that Peeta had no part in the story. So in this story Katniss does have feelings for Gale. Hopefully you all like it. ;) :) This takes place when Katniss and Gale are in the woods and walking back up to the fence.

Then suddenly, as I was suggesting I take over the daily snare run, he took my face in his hands and kissed me.

I was in shock and unprepared to this type of touch from Gale, It's never been like that between us. His lips pressed against mine softly and my head began to spin. His hands were warm and they pressed softly against my face. I then realised I was like his prey caught up in one of his snares and how easily done.

Before I got the chance to fully kiss him back he released his hold on me and stepped back.

"I had to do that, at least once" he said as he turned to walk away.

He got about six steps away while my head was spinning and I tried to get my mouth to say something. I took a deep breath and forced myself to walk up behind him.

"Gale...stop" I said. He froze but didn't turn around. I could see his breathing rapidly increased as his shoulders moved more often.

I walked the two extra steps that was between us. I reached forward with my right hand and covered the front of his right hand with mine. I squeezed his hand lightly and I saw him look down at our touching hands. I stepped closer and pressed my face against his shoulder and I trailed my left hand up in between his shoulder blades.

He turned around slowly and I released his hand. I looked up at him and he looked nervous and a little embarrassed. I tried to come up with something to say but I froze up. I didn't know what to say.

I moved in closer and put my hands on his chest. I kept my eyes looked on his and then kissed him. It was like before soft and lingering. I moved my lips against his and my heart began to speed up. He put his hands on the small of my back and he pulls me closer which makes me moan into his mouth. I trail my hands up his chest to his shoulders. I weaved my fingers through his hair and pulled gently which made him groan. His hands slipped under the back of my shirt and press against the skin at the small of my back.

The kiss that started soft has turned so passionately and deepens when I feel his tongue pressing against my lip asking for entry. I open my mouth and his tongue enters my mouth and slides against my own. One of his hands leaves my back and twists in my hair. I press harder against him so our chest touch and we both moan. We both break off gasping for air.

I look into his eyes and see they are dilated and drooping same as my own. When our breathing slows I softly cup his face with my hands,

"Did that show you what I couldn't put into words?" I say.

"Yeah I think it did" he says smirking and I laugh.

He strokes my cheek and puts a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I need to get home, I've been out here for hours and they'll be worried" I say.

"Okay, I've to head to the hob" says Gale.

He leans down and presses his lips against mine then my forehead and I close my eyes.

"I love you" He says.

"I love you too" I say.

He smiles and without hesitation I return it.

"See you tomorrow yea?" He says.

"Yeah, at dawn"I say.

We both turn and walk in different directions, Gale to the hob and I back home. My head spins thinking about the kiss and how the fire and hunger exploded when we kissed.