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4:00 AM

A woman hummed to herself as she balanced her coffee in one hand and paid for a newspaper with the other. She took her newspaper and began to make her way to work, being extremely early in the morning not that many people were out. A strange noise made the woman stop at the mouth of an alleyway; it was the sound of a baby crying. "Hello?" she called stepping cautiously into the darkness. The crying continued and the woman kept walking into the darkness, a light coming off of a building shone a small circle of light on a baby carrier. The woman walked forward to the carrier and slowly turned the carrier around; a hand suddenly moved around her throat and pulled her backwards making her coffee fall to the ground. The woman tried to scream but a hand covered her mouth, "Shhhh…it will all be over soon." A male voice hissed in her ear right before he cut her throat.

7:45 AM

Pepper shook her head making her growing hair look messy; she groaned and pulled a brush through it making it look wavy and smooth. "I need a hair cut…" she muttered and grabbed her backpack. She made her way to school but she stopped. Something felt off, like someone was watching her. Pepper turned her head in different directions but saw nothing unusual.

7:55 AM

Pepper walked into the school and made her way to her locker. A tapping on her shoulder made her look up to see a pair of blue eyes, Pepper smiled "hey Tony…" she said and Tony smiled and nervously looked down at his shoes. "I…ummm…Happy Valentine's Day." He said and brought a card and a small box out from behind his back. Pepper's eyes widened and she slowly took the box and card from him, "Aww….Tony…this is so sweet!" she said looking up at him. Tony smiled "open it." He said leaning against the lockers. Pepper smiled and opened the card first.

Roses are red…

Violets are blue…

There is nothing more sweeter than you…

So look down whenever you're blue…

And know that I'm always with you.

Pepper looked up at him and smiled, she then opened the lid of the box. Pepper gasped at what she saw, a necklace sat there but it was something she has never seen before. It was just like Tony's heart monitor but smaller and attached to a silver chain. Tony gently took the necklace out of the box and placed it around the redheads neck, "if you look…the light in the center…it syncs up with mine." He said brushing her hair out of the way showing her that the light pulses like a heartbeat.

Pepper blushed and looked at her new necklace. "I…don't know what to say…" she said and Tony smiled "you don't have to say anything if you don't want to." He said. Pepper dropped the box and threw her arms around him giving a hug. Tony hugged her back but pulled away a little when his phone rang.

With one arm still around Pepper Tony pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked at it. He groaned and looked down at Pepper, "we'll talk more about this later…I have to go." He said looking down at her. Pepper bit her lip and nodded "be careful." She said hugging him again. Tony nodded kissed the top of her head and left. She sighed and began thinking about when she and Tony started to get closer.

It was when he stopped dating Whitney. They were alone in the lab together and Tony seemed really down and Pepper wanted to know what was wrong. He simply told her that he and Whitney broke up, she felt happy but she comforted him all the same. That's when they started to spend more time alone together. Pepper sighed and walked to her first class.


Iron Man crouched underneath the police tape and walked over to the policemen. "What happened?" he asked and they turned towards him, "Woman was cornered and her throat was cut. The killer left something behind." One of them said pulling back the sheet that covered the body, it was pretty gruesome. Her shirt was gone and only bra and pants remained, on the woman's stomach was the letter 'R' drawn in blood. "What do you think it means?" Iron Man asked while scanning the body looking for any more clues. "This is the sixth murder that's happened since midnight. All of them are the same…but with different letters. All the women are similar. Red hair, brown eyes, freckles…." A cop said shaking his head. Iron Man's head snapped up "six murders…and all of them are the same…looks like there is a serial killer on the loose." He said hiding the growing fear inside of him.

1:00 PM

Tony walked onto the roof of the school to see a certain redhead sitting on a crate reading a book. He smiled and walked up behind her "Watcha reading?" he asked whispering in her ear, Pepper smiled "Sherlock Holmes…" she said turning the page and putting a bookmark in her spot. Tony nodded "Not surprised you would be reading that." He said sitting down next to her. Pepper laughed and put her book away "how was the whole Iron Man thing?" she asked looking up at him.

Tony grimaced "Uhhh well there's a serial killer on the loose." He said and Pepper frowned worry etched on her face "do you know what their motive is?" she asked and Tony sighed "red hair, brown eyes, and freckles." He said looking her in the eyes. Pepper looked away only to have Tony take her chin gently and turn her head towards him. "I don't want you out of my sight." He said seriously and Pepper nodded. Tony then kissed her on the forehead and grabbed her backpack, "Come on…we need to get to class." He said and Pepper followed him off the roof but looked around herself first. That feeling of being watch suddenly washed over her, Pepper shook it off and ran off of the roof.

1:45 PM

Pepper and Tony sat in front of Rhodey whispering about something but he couldn't tell what. They had been becoming closer and closer and that made Rhodey very happy. Everyone looked up when the large computer screen flickered and went blank, the teacher tried to fix it but nothing happened. The screen then showed photo's of half naked dead women with letter's on their stomachs, the class gasped, the photo's whirled around the screen until all of the letter's were in order.


They all just looked at the screen in shock; more pictures flew across the screen. All of the pictures were of Pepper, and some of them were of Tony and Pepper together. Words scrolled by saying "If I can't have her…no one can." Then the power shut off completely. Pepper looked around and saw a strange red dot on Tony's chest. "Tony!" she shouted and glass shattered. A bullet flew through the air and everything seemed to slow down. Tony looked at Pepper and shouted and everything went black.

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