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Tony groaned and opened his eyes, dust and rock were everywhere. His lab was yet again ruined, the computer was crushed and the armors where sparking. "Pepper…" he said and slowly sat up. Pepper wasn't there, his heart started to beat faster in panic. The sofa they took cover under was turned over and Tony was chained to his work table that was crushed by a large piece of stone and rock. He pulled on the chain but it didn't give, he scooted his way over to the table and looked at the lock on the chain. "Should be easy to pick…" he muttered silently thanked Pepper for teaching him to pick locks.

Tony looked around himself for something to use. All he found was a bent screw driver; he picked it off the ground and stuck it in the lock. Tony twisted the screw driver around until the lock clicked open; he got to his feet and made his way to the armory door.

Tony held onto his side as he made his way to the Rhodes house. When he got there he grabbed the hideaway key and unlocked the door. Tony made his way to Rhodey's room and shook him awake, Rhodey's eyes snapped open and he looked annoyed. "Come on man! It's two AM!" He said but calmed down when he saw his best friends face, Rhodey sat up quickly "What's wrong." He asked concerned. "Pepper's missing." Tony said shaking. Rhodey flew out of bed and put some clothes on.


Pepper opened her eyes only to be looking at the ceiling of a room she didn't recognize. She tried to move but her arms and legs were chained to the floor beneath her. Pepper trashed around but got nowhere, she heard a chuckle to her right and she turned her head trying to see who it was. Pepper heard footsteps and a man stood over her wearing a grin. He had messy dirty blonde hair and stormy grey eyes, almost black. "Hello Pepper…" he said happily. He crouched down next to her and stroked her cheek. Pepper jerked her head away from his hand, the guy laughed.

"You don't know me…but I know you." he said standing up again. Pepper just glared at him, "who are you?" she asked. The man smiled "my name is Dylan." He said answering her at once; Pepper huffed angrily and looked at her captor. "Well Dylan…one why did you kill those women? And two why did you try and kill me?" she asked. Dylan smirked at her as he walked around her body sizing her up, "Those women looked like you…that's….not right. I did it for you. And to the reason why I tried to kill you was that you are too beautiful and smart for anyone. I wanted to set you free, you're an angel stuck in a woman's body." He said his eyes glazed over.

"HAHAHA okay! You're CRAZY! You are so crazy…you make the Joker from Batman look like the sanest man alive!" Pepper said shouting at him. Dylan smiled and shook his head "Your human mind is clouding you…I need to set you free. People need to see me set you free." He said his eyes still glazed over. Dylan walked over to a table and grabbed a knife that was made of silver and gold; he walked over to a camera and computer and turned them on. He then walked over to Pepper holding the knife at his side, the redheads eyes widened "Ohhh… ok…that's a knife…a really…big knife…." She said panicking. Dylan smiled "This will set you free." He said crouching down touching her bare stomach. Pepper lifted her head and saw she was only wearing her underwear. Aww crap…she thought as her head hit the floor with a thud.


Tony and Rhodey ran into the city only to end up in Time Square (A/N Yes I love Time Square…lol) Rhodey hit Tony's shoulder and pointed up at the big screens. A video began to play and it wasn't good, Pepper was chained to a stone floor and someone walked towards her holding a rather large knife. "This will set you free." The man said touching Pepper's bare stomach and Tony bristled with anger; the man took the knife and cut a cross onto her stomach. Both boys were frozen into place in shock, Pepper yelped in pain and struggled against the chains that held her down. The man lifted the knife above her heart and was about to strike when Pepper yelled out "Stop!" the man surprisingly stopped what he was doing and looked at her intently. Pepper gave him a sweet smile but you could tell it was fake, "Can I be free for this part?" she asked kindly. Dylan smiled at her and set down the knife, he freed her legs from the floor but kept the shackles on her then he freed her arms. He picked up the knife again not noticing that Pepper wrapped her wrist around the chain she was still attached to and swung it up and hit him in the head with it.

Dylan cried out in pain and fell backwards on to the floor. Pepper got up quickly and ran towards the door with the chains clanging behind her.

Tony didn't know what to do; he didn't know where to go. He felt so useless.


Pepper ran out the door, her chains clanged behind her making it harder to move. She ran out another door and onto the street, people looked at her shocked. Pepper looked at them "help…" she said desperately. The door she came out of clanged against the wall of the building and Dylan stepped out his nose bleeding and he had a crazy grin on his face. Pepper stumbled towards the people on the street and they blocked her from the crazy man with the knife, Dylan slashed at the people with the knife and they jumped out of the way. He ran to Pepper, the redhead froze paralyzed in her place. "PEPPER!" someone shouted but it wasn't Dylan's voice it was Tony's.

Tony was running down the street towards her. Dylan grabbed her before she could do anything and ran his knife into her stomach, blood spotted her vision and the ground was flying towards her. "PEPEPR!" Tony shouted dropping to his knees next to her; he put his hands on her stomach trying to stop the bleeding. "You're going to be ok!" he said shouting making sure she could hear him. "Someone call an ambulance!" Rhodey shouted angrily. People were just staring at the dying girl in shock.

Pepper looked up at Tony and saw that tears were rolling his cheeks and then she saw nothing for the third time that day.


5 Weeks later:

Tony walked over to Pepper's bedside table and replaced the dead flowers. He looked at her and sat down in the chair beside her bed still holding the dead flowers, he rubbed his eyes with his hand looked at the slumbering redhead. She had been in a coma for about five weeks now and it has been driving him crazy, he wants to know she's ok. Tony stood up and threw the flowers away; he turned back and looked at Pepper again. A knock at the door made him jump and Pepper's nurse stuck her head in and smiled at him. "Hey Tony dear…I need to check on her…" she said and Tony nodded "Sure Molly…go ahead…" he said and sat in the chair by the window. Molly smiled at him and made her way into the room with a cart. The nurse checked Pepper's chart and then her bandages, and then she gave her more medicine. "Are you hungry dear? I haven't seen you eat in days…." Molly said looking over at him. Tony shook his head "No I'm fine…" he said and Molly gave him a stern motherly look, "Ok…just eat something soon." She said and Tony nodded.

The next day Rhodey walked into Pepper's hospital room and looked over and saw Tony snoozing by her bed as usual. He walked over and shook his friends shoulder, "Tony! Come on wake up!" he said and Tony's head shot up confused. "What? Is she awake?" he asked and looked at Pepper. His face fell when he saw no change. Rhodey sighed and tugged his best friend out of the chair he was sitting in. "Come on…you need a break." He said tugging him towards the door. Tony shook his head and tugged back, "No can't…what if Pepper wakes up?" he asked. Rhodey sighed and looked at him "Tony…if she wakes up the hospital will call you." he said and tugged Tony out the door.


Tony and Rhodey walked back through Pepper's hospital room door a couple of hours later to see a very large vase with blood red roses. Tony quickly walked over to the flowers and saw a card sitting next to them. He opened a card and pulled out Pepper's school picture. It had red words over her face that read.



Tony shook with anger and sat on the side of Pepper's bed. He took her hand "he will never come near her again." He said still shaking. Rhodey nodded and threw the flowers away.

1 month and 4 days later: Pepper woke up 2 weeks ago….

Pepper took a pill Tony gave her and drank her water. Tony watched her take it then he wrapped his arms around her. Pepper smiled and hugged him back, she felt him rest his head on her shoulder and felt his breath tickle her neck. "What?" she asked and Tony shook his head "nothing…you're awake…that's all that matter's right now…" he said. Pepper stood there and ran her fingers through his hair. He straightened and looked at her and smiled. Pepper's meds started to kick in and she became sleepy and dizzy, Tony noticed this and picked her up easily. He carried her from the Rhodes kitchen to the guest bedroom she was staying in because her dad had to leave for a mission that he couldn't refuse.

Tony set Pepper down on the bed and gently tucked her in. He walked over to the window and closed the curtains to make it darker for her, "T-Tony…" Pepper whispered from the bed. Tony walked over to her and sat down next to her. "What?" he asked brushing the hair from her face. "I-I can't stop thinking about it…the-the guy who…" Pepper said trailing off. Tony shushed her and kissed her forehead, "Pepper he will never come near you again. I won't let him." He said hugging her. Pepper hugged him back and kept his hand in hers. Tony was just about to leave but stopped when Pepper didn't let go of his hand, "C-can you stay…?" she asked and Tony sighed and laid down next to her, "sure thing Pep…" he said and wrapped his arms around her.

Pepper rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. "I love you…" she whispered before she drifted into a dreamless sleep. Tony glanced down at her and smiled, "love you too." He whispered back and spent this time to dream and think and plot for the future.

In Boston:

Dylan sighed and hung up his last picture of Pepper Potts. The pictures covered the walls like wallpaper. "She will be saved. She will be free." He kept muttering as he drew angel wings on her. "Next year she will be free." He whispered.

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