As Entertaining As We Make It


James knocked softly on his cousin's door, knowing that she was awfully upset because of the fight that had happened with her Mum earlier during the day. Admittedly, he wasn't quite sure what he was doing, he and Dominique hadn't spoken in weeks because of their misunderstanding about Hogsmeade at Halloween. They were going to go together with Fred and Roxanne, but James had bailed last minute.

"Go away," Dom's harsh voice came from behind the door; he simply rolled his eyes and pushed it open anyway. Dom was lying on the bed, her face in her pillow and her shoulders shaking ever so slightly. When she heard the door shut as James closed it however, her head shot up and she scowled menacingly at him.

"What the hell, James?" She snapped, dragging her sleeve across her face, trying to hide the fact that her tears were staining her face.

"I'm not leaving until we sort everything out." He replied, dodging the pillow she launched at him in anger. Instead it hit the door and exploded into thousands of feathers. Both James and Dominique stared for a moment, knowing that Dom had done yet more accidental magic, despite being in fifth year and only using it about half an hour ago whilst fighting with Aunt Fleur.

"You honestly can't go round making things explode for the next week and a half," James pointed out, "Not with all the family arriving later for Christmas."

"Oh for fucks sake, James, Christmas is going to be awful," Dominique moaned as James approached her and sat on the bed next to her. He half-agreed, Christmas with all the family was all noise. People would laugh, cry (mainly Grandma Molly), sing, and get way too drunk. But, of course, that was the point. Without all that, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas.

"Don't be stupid, Christmas, will be as amazing as always, and as entertaining as me, you and the twins make it," he grinned, raising his eyebrows and pulled out prank plan from his pocket.

"You really carry plans round with you?" Dom smiled, "No wonder you get caught at Hogwarts."

"Shut it, Dom," James nudged her playfully.

She glanced down at the paper and grabbed a pencil from her bedside table, "Let's make this more interesting shall we?"

James sat back and let her work her magic on the plan, because he was genuinely happy he'd managed to cheer his cousin up as well as make up from their previous argument. When she had finished, they smirked at each other, because right then they both knew that Christmas wasn't going to be bad at all.