Penelope's apology

Penelope P.O.V

I was a fool. Bentley was right. I thought wrong. I was hoping that I had made the right idea for once. I should have known, Sly was his friend and he was mine too. I got to get out here to tell Bentley.

"I'm sorry."

Bentley P.O.V

It has been 3 weeks since Penelope mysteriously vanished from that prison in England and I've been getting mysterious postcards as to the whereabouts of her. Murray was shocked when I had told him that I was going to chase after her. He tried to talk me out of it, but this was something I just had to do. If Sly was here I could picture exactly what he would say. Carmelita understands even though she wasn't happy at first. My sources tell me Penelope was last seen at a Paris hotel not far from here and Carmelita was en route. I knew I had no time to waste, gathering my gear I raced off to find Penelope. I just hope she will forgive me.

Penelope P.O.V

No No NOOOO! I couldn't get caught now I have to apologize to Bentley and Inspector Fox was going to make that difficult and then I turned and hit a dead end Inspector Fox was right behind.

"FREEZE" She called out "If you want to see Bentley again. Freeze right there." I froze. "Now turn around"

I turned back to see him. Bentley right there a look of seriousness on his face.


Wow I'm glad I finished that one part. Part 2 of this two-shot won't be uploaded for a while.




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