A/N- I've had this idea stuck in my head for so long. Especially after TATM. I absolutely loved Amy's character and really wanted to explore her relationship with the Doctor further, but just to be clear: This is NOT Doctor/Amy, it will be strictly Doctor/Rose.

Also, just to clear up any confusion. This story is going to start with the Episode 'Rose' and continue through to 'Parting of the Ways'. Amy comes from after 'Angels Take Manhattan'.

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Chapter 1 - Hendrik's

"We're all Stories in the End. Let's make it a good one, Eh?"
-The Doctor

Amy came to in the darkness.

She groaned, curling in on herself as she lay half unconscious on the cold floor. Her head pounded like a bad hangover and she felt like she was going to vomit. She tried to calm her stomach as she rolled on her side, ignoring the shooting pain in her head. Her blurred and her eyes watered and she blinked furiously to try and clear her sight.

Where was she? She could remember something, a cool brush against her back, a pressure, and then nothing. She had been scattered across time, being pulled so very far away. Away from her raggedy man.

But towards Rory.


"R-Rory?" She called out, her voice hoarse. Her vision cleared and she scanned the room she was in. "Rory!"

She strained to sit up, trying to get a better look at her surroundings. Where had the Angel sent her? She studied the room. It was dark but her eyes slowly adjusted. It was cold, and there were boxes and bags scattered along the walls. Plastic mannequins littered the room and they were wearing clothes that screamed Twenty-first century.

Where was she? And where was Rory?

A loud noise echoed through the room. Whatever it was, it had woken her up. In the back of her head, she identified the sound as a lift. With a screech of metal, it stopped. Amy groaned in relief. Maybe she should just close her eyes...

"Wilson?" Amy jumped as she heard a voice, a female voice, echo throughout the basement. "Wilson, I've got the lottery money." It was coming from another room, on the other side of a closed-door. She could see light streaming from under it. "Wilson? You there?"

Quickly, Amy jumped to her feet, holding her breath as her vision swam. She didn't know where she was, but she figured she wasn't supposed to be here. The last thing she needed was an arrest warrant. Looking at the mannequins she furrowed her eyebrows. She was in a clothing store maybe? Why did the Angel bring her here?

"I can't hang about 'cos they're closing the shop." The girl in the other room seemed annoyed and tired, probably wanting to go home. Amy looked around for another exit. She had to get out and find the Doctor. Judging by the girl's accent she was back in England, probably even London. "Wilson!"

Amy could hear the girl mutter to herself angrily. Come on, give up and go away, she thought to herself. She tried to back away from the door, but only managed to trip over one of the mannequins, which fell to the ground with a loud crash.

Oh, great. Amy cursed her own lack of grace and quickly moved to hide behind a pile of boxes.

"Hello?" The girl called again, more warily. "Hello, Wilson, it's Rose." Amy tried to quiet her breathing. It seemed her entrance had not gone unnoticed. "Hello? W-Wilson?"

Amy could hear the girl coming closer, her footsteps echoed against the quiet basement. The door to the room was pushed open and she crept inside.

The girl was young, with blond hair that fell straight and rested softly just past her shoulders. Amy couldn't see much of her face from this angle, but from what she could, the girl was very pretty. Shapley eyebrows, big eyes, and a jawline she would kill for.

The girl, who had said her name was Rose, reached out and flipped a switch.

Amy breathed out a quiet breath of relief as the lights came on, showing the rest of the room to her. It was more like a hallway, filled with boxes and mannequins. A stock room perhaps. Either way, Amy remained hidden behind her pile of boxes, unseen by the girl.

"Wilson?" The girl moved further into the room and down the hall, nearing Amy's hiding place. "Wilson?"

She spotted something and rushed past Amy towards another door, which Amy hadn't been able to see in the dark.

Then behind her, the first door closed with a loud bang!

Oh, that's never a good sign.

Rose had run back to the first door and was desperately trying to open it, but it wouldn't budge. "You're kidding me." She groaned. Amy quickly tried to edge closer to the second door without the blonde girl noticing her. She managed to reach the door, but not before she knocked a metal wrench off a shelf where it landed on the floor with a clang!

Oh, this was just not her day, was it? She winced and jumped behind another box. If she could get through this without getting arrested it would be a miracle.

Rose whipped her head around. "Is that someone mucking about?" She cried, sounding terrified. Amy felt bad for scaring the girl but stayed hidden. Rose hesitantly started to walk down the hall again. Amy cursed silently and tried to open the door she was beside, but it was locked as well.

This was just great. The Doctor better pay her bail when this was all over or she was going to kill him.

"Who are you?" The girl was suddenly right behind her and Amy screamed. She turned around to see Rose staring at her with narrowed eyes. Amy put a hand on her chest, trying to calm her breathing.

"You scared me." She tried not to sound guilty as Rose studied her.

"Who are you?" She asked Amy again, looking around the basement, "How did you get in here?"

Okay, time to lie.

"I came with my uncle. Er-Wilson! I can't find him now, and the doors locked." Amy hoped the girl wouldn't notice how badly her hands were shaking. It was a pretty good lie if she said so herself. Probably one of her best.

"Wilson's your uncle?" She asked, skeptical. Amy nodded.

She was about to continue with the lie, hoping to get out of here quickly, when something caught her eye from behind Rose. Her mouth dropped in shock and Rose spun around.

"What the..." Amy gasped. The mannequin was...moving. By itself. She tried to open the door behind her but it was no good. It was locked.

Rose backed away from the mannequin, which was slowly walking towards her. Behind, more of them started twitching and turning towards the pair.

Amy leaned over and grabbed the wrench that she had knocked to the floor, ready to use it if she needed to.

"Yeah, you got me!" Rose forced out a chuckle, "Very funny." But they kept advancing on her. Amy ran up beside her, holding up the wrench.

"Stop or I'll swing. And don't think I won't!" She threatened. She'd faced worse than shop dummies in her time.

"Right, I've got the joke." Rose back away and Amy kept up with her.

"I don't think it's a joke," Amy mumbled, still looking for an escape. She hoped they weren't walking into a dead-end. The dummies weren't moving fast, and they didn't look armed. But there was a lot of them

"Is this your idea?" Rose asked her, gesturing to the dummies.

"Oh, I wish it was." She gave Rose a tight smile, not taking her eyes off the things in front of her.

Amy jumped as something touched her back and she twisted to see more dummies approaching them from behind. They converged on her and Rose, backing them up towards the wall.

Amy raised her weapon, hands shaking. If she could clear a path then they could get to the doors... which were locked. There goes that plan.

Rose tripped over a box as they kept coming. Amy quickly helped her to her feet. She tried to pull her along further but quickly discovered that they were trapped. Turning back she saw dozens of the dummies circled around them, coming closer and closer.

Amy turned around, wrench raised. She wasn't about to be taken out by a shop dummy!

One of the dummies raised its hand. Rose cringed down, waiting for the inevitable, but Amy raised the wrench that swung, knocking the dummy's arm clean off.

"Run!" Another voice whispered.

Before Amy could turn to see who had spoken, Rose had gripped her hand as she was yanked around a corner and through a door that neither she nor Rose had noticed before.

They found themselves in another long hall, but they were running too fast for Amy to pick up any details about where they were.

They were following a man, the one who had spoken earlier. Very short hair, near bald, with big ears and a leather jacket. He had Rose's hand gripped tightly in his as he dragged her along.

Now, who was this guy?

Whoever he was, he seemed to know where he was going, so Amy followed him. The dummies were hot on their trail, moving faster than they had been back in the stock room.

They burst through another pair of doors and into a waiting lift. Quickly the man pushed the 'Close door' button, but the dummies were faster. One of them stuck its hand in and the door closed around it, getting stuck.

The Man grabbed the arm and pulled four times until the arm came off with a loud pop. The dummies fell back as the elevator doors closed in front of them.

"You pulled his arm off!" Rose said in shock, looking disturbed.

"Yep. Plastic." The man tossed the arm back to Rose, who caught it with surprise. Plastic that could walk? Like Rory had been?

Rory! She'd forgotten again. It was obvious he wasn't here. He had been dead for years by 2012. There was no way she was that far in the past. So why was she here? The Angels send you so far back that you're dead by the time the present catches up with you. Something must have gone wrong.

Or maybe she was going to die right here and now.

"Very clever, nice trick! Who were they then, students? Is this a student thing or what?" Rose interrogated him. Amy doubted this man knew any more than they did. Just a nice bloke in the right place at the right time.

Although, he did look rather nonchalant. His arms crossed over his chest as he waited for the lift.

The man turned and looked at Rose like she was a bit thick, "Why would they be students?"

"I don't know." Rose was breathing hard.

"Well, you said it. Why students?" He kept checking the lift, looking a bit in a rush. Amy was too. The sooner she could get out of here and find out where she was the faster she could find the Doctor.

Her mind kept going to Rory, but she pushed it away. There was a way back. If it came to it, she would fly to New York and track the Angel down herself. Even if she had to wait a few years. Amy was an expert at waiting.

Rose struggled to answer the man, "'Cos to get that many people dressed up and being silly, they got to be students."

The man turned with a smile, seemingly impressed, "That makes sense...well done."

"I don't think they're students." Amy raised her hand, which still held the wrench she'd used on the mannequins. The man turned to look at her.

"What'chu raising your hand for?" He asked her, and she lowered it, feeling a bit foolish.

Rose cut back in, "Whoever they are when Wilson finds them, he's going to call the Police."

"Who's Wilson?"

"Chief electrician." The lift came to a stop with a grinding halt.

"Wilson's dead." The man said bluntly, then walked out. Rose stared at him blankly, then ran out

"That's not funny. That's sick!"

"Hold on." He moved Rose over to the side and Amy went to stand beside her.

"I've had enough of this now!" Rose was angry. Amy went to calm her down but got distracted by a very familiar buzzing noise coming from the other side of the man. Seconds later the elevator controls sparked. "Who are you, then? Who's that lot down there!" Rose kept yelling questions at the man, but he just ignored her and walked away.

Amy ran after him. There was no way it was him. That would be far too big of a coincidence.

"I said, who are they?!" Rose yelled from behind them, finally catching up.

The man spoke as he walked, not even turning back to them, "They're made of plastic. Living plastic creatures. They're being controlled by a relay device in the roof, which would be a great big problem if I didn't have this." He held up a device that looked like a small bomb.

Amy couldn't believe her luck. Of course it was him! Who else would keep a bomb in their coat pocket? He looked different, but couldn't Time Lords change their face? Like Melody had?

The man continued, "So, I'm going to go up there and blow them up," He opened an exit door at the end of the hall, "And I might well die in the process, but don't worry about me. No, you go home, take your red-headed friend with you. Go on." He pushed Rose and Amy out the door, which he was still leaning against, holding the beeping bomb, "Go and have your lovely beans on toast, And remember, Don't tell anyone about this, because if you do...you'll get them killed."

And with that he shut the door, leaving them alone in the alley. Rose and Amy exchanged identical looks of shock. Rose at everything happening around her, Amy at the fact that she'd somehow managed to meet the Doctor, a different Doctor, long before he'd ever met her.

Dear lord, she was River's mother.

Then the door opened again and the man leaned out.

"I'm the Doctor, by the way. What're your names?"

"Rose." The blonde girl said nervously.

"Amy." She said, deadpanned. Wait, maybe she should have lied. Is meeting her here going to cause some big temporal disaster? Maybe not, River did it all the time.

"Nice to meet you Rose, Amy." He grinned widely, and held up the bomb, shaking it lightly, "Run for your lives!"

They both stood there for a few seconds, staring at the door in shock. After a moment or two Rose ran off without a look back. Amy let her. Better for her to get out while she could.

But she just stared at the building. Why did the Angel send her here? To the Doctor? The very man they fight so hard against.

Maybe they didn't. This wasn't how the Angels operated. There had to be something else going on, and the only man in the entire universe who could help her was blowing up a shop.

She turned away from the building. Rose was gone, run off home. She must have a boyfriend or a family to go to.


She'd forgotten about him again. She shook her head, clearing her mind. Why was it that whenever she finally chose Rory, the Doctor found another way to drive himself into her life? Even if he didn't know he was doing it.

As she walked she felt the adrenaline leaving her body. She was so tired. The day seemed to never end. She had maybe twenty quid in her pocket. Not enough for a place to sleep.

She felt something drop on her hand and looked down. It was a tear. Reaching up she realized she was crying. Makeup mixed with the salty drops on her hand as she angrily wiped them away.

No, she'd been through worse than this. Rory and her had been through worse. They had always found each other again. And if she didn't find him she was damn well sure he would find her. He would always find her.

Behind her, the shop exploded. Several people ran around screaming and she could hear sirens in the distance. She knew the Doctor would be long gone by now. He always was.

He couldn't help her find Rory. He had said that much in the future. Assuming Rory had gone to the correct time period then he was trapped. But maybe he knew why she was here. Because there had to be a reason. You can't just simply pop through time without rhyme or reason.

At least, she didn't think you could.

But now there was nothing to do about it. The mysterious younger Doctor had fled, leaving a burning building and a confused ginger behind in his wake.

She would search for him though. Any version of him.

But starting tomorrow. Right now she needed sleep.

"Who was that girl you said was there with you?" Jackie pulled the phone away from her ear. She had been gossiping with her friends for almost an hour about the explosion that had ripped Rose's job apart.

Rose reached up and rubbed her forehead. It had been such a long day. All she wanted to do was crawl into her bed and die. "I dunno - Amy, I think her name was Amy? She said she was Wilson's niece."

Jackie thought hard, "Is Wilson the electrician?"

"Yes, mum."

"He had a good bum on him. But I thought the telly said he was an only child? They did an exposé on his life you know. Very interesting. He was a looker that one. Pity." Jackie rambled.

As her mother walked away, Rose thought about what she had said.

The T.V. had said he was an only child. And that Amy girl really didn't look anything like him. She was tall, red-haired and Scottish, whereas Wilson had been blonde and a Londoner through and through. And she had barely blinked when that man...the Doctor, had said Wilson was dead.

So, had she lied? Rose shook her head.

It didn't matter, she doubted she would ever see the red-haired girl again.

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