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JJ sighed as Spence parked the SUV in the Academy parking garage. "So much for vacation," she said turning to face Spence.

Spencer took a quick glance around the parking garage, making sure that no one was watching and then leaned across the center console.

"Mmm," she moaned as she felt Spence's lips press against her own, "baby… what…"

Spencer smiled at JJ, his whole face lighting up, "We're a little early. We have few minutes before our vacation is officially over."

JJ got lost in Spence's eyes, their vacation replaying in her mind. The weekend had gone by way too quickly. She'd glanced into the rearview mirror when they were a little over an hour from home to find that Spence and Henry had fallen asleep with their heads tipped towards each other. On pulling in the driveway they'd both woken up, and from that point on the weekend had flown by between unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping… and of course lots of quality time with my boys, she thought. She gave him a soft smile and leaned in for another quick kiss. "We should go in or you won't have enough time to properly doctor your coffee Doctor." JJ teased.

"Mmm Dereeeeekkkkk," Penelope moaned, "you have to… oh goddess you smell good…," she moaned as Derek nuzzled against her neck, "you have to stop. We're in the break room… we're totally gonna get caught… probably by Strauss… you… mmm… you know how epically bad that would be right?" she asked, her voice becoming high pitched at the end.

Morgan smirked against Penelope's neck, nuzzling her neck as he stood behind her, his hands on her hips as she worked to arrange the bevy of delicious treats she baked over the weekend to celebrate JJ and Reid's return. That and he knew that she knew that sweet treats were a truth serum for the good Dr. Reid. She'd never be able to pry where they'd been on vacation out of JJ without the aid of alcohol… but give Reid sweets, and he'd sing like a canary. "I don't care…" Morgan moaned hoarsely, not ready for their weekend to be over.

"Hey you two, welcome back!" Alex said with a smile as she glanced up from the file she was working on and watched Reid and JJ make their way across the bullpen.

"Thanks," JJ with a grin as she sat her purse on her desk.

"So, did we miss anything here?" Reid asked as he pulled his messenger bag strap off over his head, laying the bag across his desk as he turned to look at Alex.

At that moment, Rossi appeared from his office and responded to Reid's question in lieu of Alex. "Oh, I'd say so." He teased, wondering how long it would take for Morgan and Garcia's antics while JJ and Reid were away to get back to them.

Alex smirked and chuckled, having over heard some of what Garcia and Morgan had been up to. Talk about curiosity killing the computer tech.

Reid and JJ looked between Rossi, with his in-the-know grin, and Alex's amused expression as they tried to figure out what exactly they'd missed.

"Welcome back," Hotch said with a nod as he exited his office, stack of files in hand, prepared for the team's daily briefing.

"Thank you sir," Reid replied, "and thank you for letting us come in a little bit late this morning."

"It's no problem. I know how hectic the first day back can be with trying to get little boys back into the regular routine." Hotch replied with a smile as he thought about how hard it was for Jack to get back into the swing of things after time off from their regular routine.

"Not to mention big boys." JJ teased as she poked Reid in the side as she stepped up next to him.

"Hey!" Reid yelped grabbing his side and JJ's hand.

JJ laughed. "Come on; let's go get you some coffee flavored sugar before the briefing." She said, resting her hand on Reid's back and pushing him towards the break room.

"Oh I need a refill, I'll join you." Alex said, grabbing her now empty coffee cup from her desk.

"Might as well top mine off." Rossi added with a shrug as he looked down at his half full mug.

"Me too." Hotch added as he fell in step with Dave in following most of the rest of the team to the break room.

"Hey, where are Garcia and Morgan?" JJ asked as the group crossed the bullpen.

"Garcia mentioned something about getting a plate of baked goods ready for our briefing and Morgan had one on one tactical training session this morning." Hotch replied.

JJ stopped in momentary shock in the doorway of the break room… not quite believing what she was seeing as Reid bumped into her. "Is that what they're calling it these days?" she asked as she looked over her shoulder at Hotch where the rest of the team had come to a stop behind her and Reid.

Rossi snickered. "Well, I'll be…"

Alex chuckled and shook her head. It looked like she hadn't been that far off the mark all this time after all...

Hotch somehow managed to maintain a straight face as he turned away from the scene before them to look at JJ. "It would appear that is what they're calling it these days." He said, the humor of the situation creeping into his voice for a moment before he cleared his throat.

"Eeep!" Garcia chirped in surprise as she pulled away from her chocolate snuggle bunny's lips to look at the source of the sound that had disrupted her oh so pleasant pre-briefing break room make out session. "Hotch… sir… I… we…" she stammered, her face going red at not only Hotch, but the whole team catching them.

"I believe we have a briefing to get to?" Hotch said in an amused tone of voice, knowing all too well that the teasing would commence once the team was behind closed doors and away from the prying eyes and gossip mongering of the bullpen. It also appeared that he had more to discuss with Garcia and Morgan than just their peeping tom activities last week, he thought as he snickered under his breath in amusement after turning his back on the team and heading for the round table room.

Rossi flashed Morgan and Garcia a knowing grin and a wiggle of his eyebrows and then turned to follow Hotch. He could re-fill his coffee after the briefing… and then he wouldn't have to walk in between the BAU's newest ooey gooey lovey dovey couple to get a cup of FBI motor oil tinted Joe.

A perplexed looked crossed Reid's face as he looked back and forth between JJ, the coffee pot, and where Morgan and Garcia stood straightening themselves out. It was almost as if he was attempting to determine whether or not it was safe to approach the coffee pot and silently asking JJ for her opinion as he whimpered at the thought of having to go through the whole briefing without so much as a taste of coffee.

JJ stood with her arms crossed and her eyebrows raised, silently staring down her best friend and waiting for her to crack and tell all. It was only fair after all the times she'd been subjected to an interrogation at Penelope's hands.

Alex chuckled in amusement as she watched the scene in front of her.

Morgan rubbed his hand over his neck ever so briefly and then decided to roll with it. He picked the two coffee carriers up off the table in one hand and then picked the plate of Penelope's baked goods up in the other and handed it to her. He breezed to the doorway, guiding Penelope alongside him with his hand on the small of her back. He stopped in the middle of the group still in the doorway.

"Plain black, just the way you like it Alex." He said as he lowered his hand from Penelope's back and pulled out one of the plain black coffees from the coffee shop just down the road from the base. He'd run out after his tactical training lesson this morning and picked up coffee. He and Penelope had decided that the news might best be broken to the team over good coffee shop coffee, rather than the dark witch's brew that the FBI served up, and some home-made baked goods.

"Thank you Morgan." Alex replied graciously, her lips twitching with a smile.

"Here pretty boy. Our regular barista made this for you… I'm not sure how much sugar is in this… but she told me it's your usual… so maybe this will help jump start your brain." He said as he looked at his best friend who stood, still gaping like a fish, in the doorway of the break room.

"And one for the Pennsylvania petite..." Morgan said attempting his most charming grin on JJ as she stood staring he and Penelope down with her arms crossed.

JJ finally cracked and shook her head, a grin crossing her face, as she uncrossed one arm and reached out, taking the proffered cup of coffee from Morgan's outstretched hand. She fell in step with Garcia and bumped her shoulder against her best friend's shoulder. "Sooooo lunch later?" she whispered with a 'give me the details tone'.

Penelope's fading blush rose back to her cheeks. "Um… yeah."

Morgan rubbed the back of his neck and head and cast a sidelong apologetic glance at Penelope that he hadn't listened to her about them getting caught as the team teased them as they sat around the briefing room table taking a few minutes to enjoy baked goods, coffee, and camaraderie before they got down to business.

Penelope fought back against her blush, "Enough about Morgan and I my gorgeous gray matter and goldilocks, tell us how your vacation was."

"It was good. We had fun." Reid replied after swallowing his first bite of his second brownie.

Penelope narrowed her eyes. Reid's sugar rush that normally led his to say whatever was on his mind in long strings of spoken words filled with details must not have kicked in yet. "That's it?"

JJ shrugged. "It was nice to get away. It was pretty scenic with all of the snow."

Hotch nodded. "Sorry I interrupted your time off with my phone call on Friday."

"Wait, how did you get a hold of them? I couldn't get a strong enough signal to ping their phones." Penelope interjected.

"JJ's family's cabin is in the same area as the case that Morgan was consulting on. I thought they'd be able to help out with the case, but then the LEOs called Morgan and let him know they'd captured their unsub." Hotch explained.

Penelope nodded. "Oh. Wait… if you were in that area, you must have been snowed in… and maybe without electricity… you didn't have cell phone signals… what did you do without a connection to the outside world?" she asked.

JJ's eyebrows rose in amusement as she stared at Penelope, waiting for her to connect the dots herself.

"Oooooh right… kind of the point of going away to a cabin huh?" she replied sheepishly, answering her own question of how peaches and the boy genius had spent their vacation. "Wait…?" she asked as she looked back and forth between JJ and Reid. Then a sudden realization hit her. "You knew where they were." Penelope said accusingly, spinning in her seat to look at Hotch at her realization.

Hotch smirked. "Last I checked; I was the Unit Chief and have to be able to get a hold of anyone at a moment's notice."

"I… I can't believe I didn't think of that." She mumbled, sinking in her seat as Morgan's jaw dropped and he slapped his face, his hand dragging down his face that he didn't think of using that to talk his baby girl down off the ledge earlier in the week… preferably BEFORE having to explain why he was boosting her up to peek in JJ and Reid's living room window to a Police Officer.

Rossi smirked. "What's wrong Morgan? Didn't think of that before getting noticed as peeping toms earlier this week?" he said with a nod in JJ and Reid's direction.

JJ and Reid's eyes widened as they turned to look at Penelope and Morgan, waiting for them to explain this latest bit of news.

"Garcie? Something you want to explain?" JJ asked.

At that moment Garcia's laptop dinged, signaling an incoming Skype call. "Oh look at that… must be important… could be case related." Garcia said, changing the subject as she pressed the button to answer the call. "GUMDROP!" Garcia exclaimed excitedly at seeing who was on the other end of the call.

"Hey guys!" Emily said greeting everyone, as Garcia spun the laptop around so that Emily could see everyone and everyone could see Emily. Then she moved to join the rest of the team huddled up in front of the laptop.

A chorus of hellos and other cheerful greetings as well as the appropriate nicknames bounced back and forth over the internet connection for the first few moments of the call. Then Emily announced the reason for calling.

"I know you all have a briefing to get to since it's just the start of your day there, but I thought now would be a good time to call so that I could catch you all at once. PG and I were talking last week, and it made me even more aware how much I miss you all… so I booked some time off for this summer and I went ahead and got my flight booked."

"Yay! Oh Gumdrop it's going to be so good to see you. We so have to do a girls' night, all four of us." Garcia enthused as the rest of the team cheered in their own excitement to see her.

Alex smiled where she sat off to the side. She'd never had the opportunity to meet Emily, but she had heard wonderful stories from the rest of the team. She looked forward to the opportunity to meet the woman the rest of the team counted as family and held in such high regard.

"Summer… it will be all hot and yucky in the district though." Garcia said making a face. Then she was hit with an epiphany with the revelations that had occurred this morning. "Oooo… but maybe JJ knows of somewhere that we can go to get away…" she trailed off suggestively as they all turned to look at JJ.

JJ glanced at Spence, who nodded. Then she turned back to the rest of the team and Emily on the laptop screen. "Sure, why not? The cabin is just as gorgeous in the summer as it is in the winter time. The lake is great for swimming off the dock… we can go out on the boats… and we can have bonfires. It'll be great." She said with a smile as she thought of how much fun it would be to have everyone up to the cabin. Plus it would be fun for Henry to have Jack there to play with.

"JJ are you sure?" Hotch asked quietly, knowing how sacred each of the team members places of solitude could be.

"It's fine Hotch. You guys are family. Plus I'm sure my Mom would love an opportunity to spend a little time with all of you without the drama from last time." JJ responded.

"Okay, if you're sure you're okay with it." Hotch replied with a nod.

JJ nodded, indicating she was sure. "I know Henry would love having a whole week of boy play time with Jack. of course he and Beth are invited... Alex, feel free to bring James if he's in town." JJ offered as she turned to the newest team member, wanting to make sure she knew she and her husband were included in the team get-away to her family cabin.

"Thank you JJ. I'll let James know the next time we talk on Skype so we can plan for it." Alex replied.

"I'll email the dates of my time off so everybody can plan for it." Emily added with a nod, "So… I caught up a bit with PG when we talked last week… but anything new?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

The team turned to look at Garcia and Morgan where they sat next to each other, waiting for them to tell Emily their news.

Garcia cleared her throat. "So, Emily, gumdrop… any idea where one could buy a fire proof suit?" she asked.

Emily burst out laughing at PG's comment and the confusion on the rest of the team member's faces.

"We gotta move. They aren't on to us yet, but they're gonna be soon if we stay here much longer." One member of the group said as they sat huddled around debating their next move and damning the idiot member of their group that got caught.

"Well where are we gonna go? This was supposed to be a safe hideout for us for the winter." Another group member said.

"Yeah, well clearly that ain't workin' out so well." Yet another member snarled.

The fourth member of the group shrugged. "Why don't we just head south now instead of waitin' 'till spring. I never liked winter anyway… and we're gonna want to be close to port anyway for when we're ready to be back in business."

"True. Alright, let's get packed up and head for warmer weather. We can figure out exactly where we're goin' once we're on the road." The leader of the group said, watching as the others nodded and then headed off to get everything ready to go.

Okay so this author's note is at the end because I didn't want to give away too much at the beginning of the chapter, but I also didn't want to leave you all hanging an wondering what the heck when you saw that this story was marked as complete, but that it ended like this. Originally the story was going to end here... (obviously without the cliffhanger bit with the unsubs)... Originally - I just included the bit with the unsubs as way for Garcia to know about the snow storm conditions in the area where JJ and Reid were - without her knowing that JJ and Reid were in the area where the snowstorm happened... but then you all started wondering about the unsub... which made me start wondering about the unsub... so now I'm working on the details for a sequel...

I'll try not to leave you all hanging for too long... but I also know that you're all waiting anxiously for more updates on Though The Road Was Never Smooth and The Road Before Us... not to mention the sequel to Sleight of Hand... you know Use Your Illusion... which I am off to work on now.