"I AM GOING TO KILL YOU JASON GRACE!" My wife Piper yelled at me as she sat in a wheelchair. She was about to have our baby, thankfully we made it in the hospital room with Reyna as she was the godmother of our precious little daughter.

"I WILL HELP YOU KILL HIM!" Reyna screamed at me.

You see, after Leo and Reyna got together (shortly after the Giant war was won!) Piper and she have been like BFFs! So basically they she was really pissed at me for putting her through this.

5 mins later...

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Grace! You have a beautiful baby girl!" The doctor named Cristina said to us. She handed Piper our baby girl who was awake and she looked BEAUTIFUL! She had black hair like Piper but eyes like mine. To tell you the truth she looked a lot like Thalia...

Except Thalia had sharp features but my daughter had soft, sweet features. I already had a name for her in my mind but did not know if Piper would approve of it.

"What should we name her?" Piper asked looking at me with her big multi-coloured eyes.

"Well..." I rubbed the back of my neck, "I was thinking...Ella?"

Piper's eyes lit up as she replied "Yes! That's perfect!"

She handed me Ella after 2 minutes, as she was feeling tired after all that hard work.

Once she fell asleep I sat on one of the benches and started to talk to our baby.

"Hey, Ella. I'm your Dad. I love you! I love you and your mother VERY much. And I always will." I kissed the top of her head as she drifted off to what I hoped a dreamless sleep.