Forever Perfect


Roxanne was slowly staring to piss me off because she honestly didn't know when to stop talking.

"I need to know that it's possible that two people can stay happy forever."

"Roxy, for fucks sake, get off your soapbox and listen," I snapped, interrupting her spiel on relationships and its conjoining subjects, "The world doesn't work like that and you know it doesn't, stop being so naïve and pretending like all relationships should be perfect."

Roxy froze, staring at me like I'd said the worst thing in the world. Mentally, I sighed, but everything was willing me forward, trying to persuade me to make my point. After taking a short glance around the empty common room, I grabbed her wrist, pulling her towards me and pressing my lips to hers in a passionate kiss. She responded eventually, but just as she relaxed I pulled away.

"Was that a perfect kiss?" I said; my fingers still wrapped tightly around her wrist, "Would this be a perfect relationship Roxy?"

"Lily," she stuttered, not knowing what to say or where to look. I pushed her back onto the sofa and leant over her, one hand against her cheek.

"Both girls, both cousins in fact," I murmured, "Nothings perfect, Roxy, you just make the best out of it."