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God Slaying Hero

(Campione-Fate Stay Night)

~Realta Nua Route~

Chapter 1

"Shirou I love you." At this moment the invincible swordswoman was not the great king Arturia Pendragon. She was just Saber...My Saber. The Saber I will never meet again in this life.

The wind picked up at this moment which forced me to cover my eyes. When I looked back Saber was no longer there.

"That's just like you." I said to no one in particular. Here I stood on the brink of horizon holding my sister in my arms looking towards the rising sun waiting for something that will never pass. Here took a battle that would shake the myths and legends themselves. Here I last looked where my lover left me for her duties.

I could still see her in my mind, the noble king who fought for the sake of her people, and the girl who was denied her feminity. One who embraced her cruel destiny even though she knew it would damn her. Even after death she continued to serve her people by enlisting herself as a heroic spirit to attain the grail. And finally after finding the wrong of her actions she returned to her world to die like a normal girl.

"Did you have a nice dream Saber?"

I could almost hear her answer in the blowing breeze.

Promptly from the spot where Saber left, a golden light rise up. The sphere of light slowly approached my direction and buried itself into my chest. "Wha-," I said instantly comprehending and analyzing the familiar object, "Avalon."

I thought to myself, This Avalon is this time period's Avalon in other words it wouldn't return with Saber and her time, and so Saber returned Avalon to me huh. Looks like she left me something for me to remember her by I thought to myself as I automatically started structural analyzing the object's every curve and point. It's beautiful just like she was I thought to myself again.

"Let's meet again Saber," I said. "Beyond the hill of swords, wait for me…Arturia."


"Sempai! Are you alright?"

I turned around to see two very familiar faces approaching me from the bottom of the hill. I smiled from the bottom of my heart.

"Tohsaka! Sakura! What are you two doing here!" I questioned with a smile. Apparently Rin was still injured so Sakura lent Rin her shoulder to lean on. Sakura is helping her sempai huh! I thought to myself. "No wait, Tohsaka are you alright? You shouldn't be walking around."

"Don't sweat the small stuff. It's nothing life threatening Emiya-kun. I am after all a genius. This amount of wound I can heal in a day…Ow! Sakura please don't pinch me there. Owowow!"

"Tohsaka Sempai wasn't I the one who applied first aid and healing magic because you begged me," said Sakura with a dark aura around her. Then she whispered something to Rin that even my reinforced ear couldn't hear.

"Absolutely. It's all thanks to you that I can stand here right now. It's not like I'm trying to show off in front of Emiya again. It's all thanks to you Sakura. OWWW," drolled Rin.

Scary I thought again. I walked down to them with Illya in my arms. The two noticed my approach and quickly ceased to squabble between themselves.

"Rin could you show me where you're hurt," I told her softly approaching with a steady pace.

"…Hm ah right here under the ribs," she replied pointing to her side where blood seeped through her red sweater making that part even redder than the rest. For some reason she was stuttering and blushing. Actually Sakura was blushing too. I wonder why

I didn't say a word. I just walked up to her held onto Illya and the Azoth knife with my right arm and calmly placed my left hand on her wound. Then I closed my eyes and whispered, "Trace on." I saw my all my circuits with my minds' eyes and proceeded to flip one channel open. I felt my od pumping through that one circuit creating prana. I then proceeded to feed the generated prana into the ancient artifact that I still and will forever have with me.

"Avalon," I whispered again. I could feel the ancient artifact drinking my prana. In return it created a bright golden halo of light on my left hand which was currently on Rin's wound.

"Sempai." Sakura whispered her eyes wide.

"Emiya-kun," whispered Rin shocked for the first time in her life. I would be too if I saw this for the first time. After all right in front of their eyes the wound was closing in front of them at an exponential rate where you could actually see the flesh mesh together.

To tell you the truth, Avalon didn't really need a lot of my prana. Since Saber was here just a minute ago, her presence still lingered. As a result, all I had to give Avalon was the bare minimum amount for activation energy purposes.

To tell the truth, I am probably the only person besides Saber that will be able to use Avalon to an even minimum degree of success. After all I am a sword incarnate who had the ancient conceptual weapon inside me for a few decade, as a result my od started to match itself with Avalon's necessary prana type thus Saber's prana. My prana and hers will never be identical, but it's as close as one could get.

Usually this is impossible, but due to my status as a sword incarnate and Avalon's identity as a sheathe it fit quite well.

"Wow! Sempai I didn't know you could do that," said Sakura with wide eyes.

"Two minutes ago neither did me," I answered back. The wonders of being able to structurally grasping objects as long as you know they exist. Each cell in my body was familiar with Avalon sure, but I myself wasn't. Thus, once I knew that Avalon was inside of me I was instantly able to procure the data about it.

"So you learned how to transfer your ridiculous recovery abilities to another huh. Quite impressive if I do say so myself," said Rin hopping up and down and checking her wound. Looks like she's fully recovered now I told myself.

"Senpai is so talented," Sakura whispered.

"Heh. A lot of things happened." I told them.

"Hrmmm…Oni-chan good morning," Illya whispered rubbing her eyes. Unfortunately, the act of rubbing her eyes caused the blanket around her small frame to fall revealing her naked body for the world to see.

"Hmmm! IIYYYAAAAHHHHH. Oni-chan no ECCHI!" Illya screamed at the top of her lungs while kicking me in the shin.

Unfortunately for her I was currently reinforced so when Illya kicked me leg so it was like kicking a solid boulder. "Ouch!" screamed Illya in a cute way while holding her foot which was miraculously not broken. "Oni-chan no baka," she whispered again with a red teary eye, crouched down to make herself as small as possible around the blanket. Kawaaaiii! Of course her stomach gave in then and we all heard a pretty loud gurgle.

"Ummm, I'm hungry." Stated Illya bashfully with teary eyes.

We all laughed at that: Sakura, Tohsaka and me. Soon enough Illya joined us. We must have made a fine sight. A boy with red hair with wounds everywhere holding a sharp dagger, A girl with purple hair who looked fairly exhausted, another girl with pigtails covered in blood, and a small silver haired girl in nothing but a blanket laughing our sanity off.

This humor went on for a good 5 minutes before we were able to stifle our laughter. All of us just stood there with placant looks and staring at the sunset. Who knew such a day would come. None of us mentioned it, but we all knew someone was missing though.

Sakura brought herself a change of clothes for Illya, and she offered the little girl the clothes as soon as the humor died down. I of course like a gentleman turned away when Illya was getting changed. I heard the rustle of clothes, and in a few minutes Illya told me she was done, and I turned around to see that my sister was once again fully clothed. Thank goodness

"Is it all over Emiya kun?" Asked Rin with a sad smile on her face.

I sighed again and looked to where my Saber left. The place that will always remain empty. I then turned to the three waiting for my answer and said, "Yes it really is over." That statement was more for myself than for Rin, Sakura and Illya. My words sounded nostalgic as if trying to convince myself more than those three. Rin, Sakura, and Illya felt the remorse in my voice and remained silent for a while.


"Shirou kun." –They all said trying to comfort me.


I close my eyes. I calm myself by taking a deep breath, and turn to face them again. I look at each one of them and say, "I'm alright. Don't worry." The three looked somewhat reassured by my demeanor. "Sorry for worrying you guys." They started blushing from embarrassment because their faces were red and flustering. They must be embarrassed to have worried over nothing I thought. Hmm must be a women thing I told myself.

"Geez don't make us worry Emiya-kun," said a tsundere flaunting her pig tails again.

"Moh, Onichan," said my newfound sister pouting with those eyes.

"If senpai says he's alright…then…," fidgeted Sakura, looking down her shoes.

I put my now free right hand on Sakura's head and give her a winning smile. "Don't worry Sakura. I'm quite fine. I'm a hero after all." As soon as I stopped my statement a light breeze ruffled through the air shuffling my short red hair. Sakura had to put down her skirt which caused her to blush all the way to her ears. At least that's what I think was causing her to blush, but I wonder why she was smiling?

Illya, and Rin just stared at this exchange with a lightly angry look on their faces. I felt my back shiver unconsciously. Their stares were frightening, and I don't even know what I did wrong.

"Alright. Break it up you two. Let's go home already," shouted an angry Rin. Rin looked very pissed indeed. I had experience when Rin was in such a crappy mood in the past and it was not fun.

"Yeah Onichan, we should get going already," said a frustrated Illya. I didn't say anything back because if I did she might kick me again, and this time I felt my reinforcement won't be able to handle it.

"Alright alright alright. We better get home already," I agreed with them feeling my sweat drop uncomfortably. Sakura though was in a daze blushing and with long gone eyes. She seemed to be in her happy world.

I quickly shook her shoulders so she could wake up. She eeped ~Sempai~, and suddenly grew a shade redder. Wow Sakura sure can change colors I thought to myself.

As everyone started getting ready to leave I couldn't resist taking a last look on top of the hill where she last stood, and where we shared our last moments.

"Sempai. Let's go home," said Sakura to my right.

"Yeah," I said. I stared again where she left for a while. Would I ever return here again I thought to myself. After 2 to 3 minutes passed, I whispered, "I wish she was here with us."

I turned to leave and met the gaze of the girls. When suddenly Sakura and Illya started gasping for breath as dark miasma, something I was quite familiar with (thank you very much you fake priest) started overflowing from them.

"Sakura, Illya. What? Are you alright?" I screamed at them. They couldn't even answer my question.


I spun around with the Azoth dagger in my left hand ready holding Illya, who fainted and was extruding the black miasma, with my right hand. Who I thought to myself, steeling myself for another battle. However there was nothing behind me.

"What," I said as I started reinforcing my body to the max preparing for whatever that was causing my kouhai and imouto pain.


"It can't be…" I whispered. My eyes widened as I slowly comprehended the existence that was manifesting itself in two of my most important people. "Impossible." I screamed at the top of my lungs. "She…I…Saber destroyed you!

It's only answer was to continue laughing.

Suddenly our entire surrounding started being covered with the black miasma pouring out from Sakura and Illya. Rin was stuck in the middle succumbing to the influence of the evil it poured on us. I only barely retained my sanity with the not too long ago experience of the taste of this evil, and the influence of a partially active Avalon still inside of me. I tried to reach them through the black tar like liquid but couldn't get to them in time.

One by one Illya, Sakura, and Rin fell under the surface of the pool. I tried reaching for them under the murky substance but failed. "No! No! No!" I yelled. "Where are they?" I screamed to no one in particular. I never did expect an answer though. The mud reached my waist and threatened to pull me even deeper

"Where you wanted to go," said the weird voice again as it stroked my cheek. I spun around to see a figure radiating malice and evil like no other. Hell it was comparable to Berserker's aura, although Berserker's aura was full of madness, this one was just pure evil. He was a black man who seemed like he was from the middle east. He had black hair and a red bandanna around his forehead. He also wore a smock of red clothing around his waist. However the most surprising characteristic of his were the markings all over his body as if it was cursing him.

"Who the Fucking Root are you?" I yelled as the mud reached my chest. I tried reaching him with the Azoth dagger but failed to do so.

"Servant Avenger, Angra Mainyu. At your service…Master…"

I couldn't make heads or tail of that introduction though.

By then the mud reached up to my neck and the world was going black. My right arm with the azoth dagger already sunk into the surface and I couldn't pull free no matter how hard I tried.

I did what I could do. I acted instinctively and shot my left arm out and grabbed the heel of the damned bastard.

"You Bastard." I growled. My heart felt like steel, then again not steel, but something clear and strong but which easily shatters. I tightened my grip of my left arm on is damned heel. "Where did you take them?" I said, tightening my grip even further that I could literally snap his ankle off if he was a normal person. Unfortunately if what he said was true than he is a Servant, and my extraordinary reinforced death grip wouldn't faze him.

He smiled and squatted down to meet my eyes. He lifted a finger touched my left shoulder where the joint was. "Like I said, they're, where you're going Master." As soon as the last word left his mouth my arm felt like there were millions of weights cursing my arm. Suddenly even though there was nothing but air a sharp burning object came and literally severed my left arm from the base. Blood spurted from the clean cut like a fountain and painted the black murk red. My lifeless arm fell to the surface below that guys foot the grip still holding the heel. However, it was useless my left arm started disintegrating to a million pieces like ashes in the blowing wind and soon was no more.

I of course lost my anchor that held me in place and started sinking even further into the depth of the black surface. I didn't even bother looking at my lost arm nor the new stump I sported. I only stared straight onto that bastard's face with venom and hatred. My waiver didn't falter a bit even after having one of my limbs cut off and destroyed right in front of me. I only looked straight onward to my enemy…the evil…my villain.

The mud depth rose again and reached all the way to my eyes. However my eyes didn't budge even though my own blood blurred my view. I memorized every aspect every feature ever hair of my enemy, the person I must kill.

"I will kill you." I swore to the mad Servant. All the fucking bastard answered it was to continue laughing and smiling his damn ass off at my plight and oath. My eyes closed and the world faded away.

Chapter 2

"Emiya Shirou, is this all you and your ideals amount to?" Said a gruff voice.

"mmuugh" I whimpered as my eyes slowly opened.

I wasn't fully conscious yet. My eyes were unfocused and my view was blurry. My left side felt like there was a red hot coal and I couldn't feel anything down my shoulder. To be honest it took all my concentration to keep myself from retaining my sanity. I really did feel like going mad from the pain. But even more than this pain I felt an anger to kill the one who caused it and so much more. I put the azoth dagger I still held onto in my belt and held the gaping wound with my right hand stifling the blood flow to my best ability.

I panted with pain as I slowly got up. I looked to my surroundings and all I saw was white there was absolutely nothing here. Even the sky and ground was gone. It felt like I was standing on something invisible. The horizon as gone and even though the sun, stars, and moon were gone there was still plenty of light to see.

"Where am I?" I asked never expecting an answer.

"You are at the very brink of this world and the next." Answered a soft female voice.

I swerved to the right expecting to see the owner of that voice, but no one was there.

"Emiya Shirou," the voice again said, "I have a request for thee." Suddenly the very space in front of me warped and from the portal came… a stunningly beautiful woman with long violet hair and black outfit. Her eyes were shrouded by a blind fold and she sported a weird tattoo on her forehead. Her black outfit resembled bondage gear and her seductive form made her a very alluring woman, all the men of the world would desire. However all that didn't matter to me.

"RIDER!" I shouted as I jumped back to create distance between us. "What are you doing here." I whipped out my azoth knife with my right hand and pointed it at her readying myself for battle.

Rider just stood there quietly. I expected her to lash out at any moment with her ridiculous speed. Then she did something I never expected of her to do. She got on her knees and bowed her head. "I beg of you Emiya Shirou, hear my wish," She pleaded in perfect seiza. "I know I have wrong thee in the past, but still I implore thee hear my wish." Rider begged on her knees her head hitting the nonexistent ground below my feet.

"What?" I said tilting my head to the right. By now Avalon stopped the bleeding in my left arm, but it didn't change the fact that the wound was still raw and hurt like hell…or I was missing a limb. "What the hell are you talking about? And where the hell are we?" I asked her. I lowered my guard because I didn't think that Rider was going to harm me.

"Like, she said we're in the boundary between two worlds," said another voice as space warped again and another person emerged from the void. This time the man wore a red shroud on his hips that trailed down shortly below his knees with red sleeves. He also donned black armor below the holy red cloth. He was very tall and had a tanned overtone with piercing silver eyes and silver white hair. The man's hands were bare, but I knew that at a moment's notice he is capable of summoning weapons of legends.

"Archer…" I whispered my tone malignant. I never liked this guy. He just rubs me the wrong way, that says a lot since I usually get along with just about everyone. I…correction only I got along with Shinji that stuck up piece of shit, of an excuse for a human. No matter how different people were I am usually a lot more friendly than I am, but why do I that guy's guts? I mean how different could he be from me?

"Ah-Choo!" Sneezed Archer.

"Oh what's wrong?" I asked him. "Got a cold."

"I'm already dead. How the hell can I have damn cold. I'll have you know that I never got sick, not even once when I was living too. It's probably because someone is laughing at me," stated Archer.

"What a coincidence me too," I told him (hahaha Avalon)

"Yeah I already knew." Archer replied.

"Anyway tell me where are we?" I asked for the third time. "Could you elaborate more?"

Archer sighed and shrugged both his shoulders as if he was dealing with a kid. That bastard, just because I needed something from him he acts all high and mighty. I mean who the hell does he thing he is (LOL :D) thought Shirou.

"Ah-Choo Ah-choo," sneezed Archer again. "Yep, the Root must be laughing at me. I know it," he muttered under his breath.

"I shall explain," said Rider again in perfect seiza.

"Go ahead," we both answered at the same time. Then proceeded to glare dagger rather swords at each other

"After you and Saber were able to destroy the grail, some fragments still lingered, and with the arrival of my true master Matou Sakura-sama and the leftovers from the 4th Great Grail, there was enough of the grail to grant your wish. The grail as you saw beforehand was corrupted by the spirit of Angra Mainyu, the Persian legend of the compilation of all the evil in the world, who wished to be born anew in the world. However, Alaya would not stand for such an evil being who would no doubt destroy humanity. As a result, by using the grail and your wish as a medium Angra Mainyu decided to travel to another dimension where the spirit of Alaya and his Counter Guardians cannot reach him (Archer started squirming a little). However in the process of transporting from our world to the next, he had to drag you and the girls into the grail itself." Spoke Rider in a clear tone.

"Umm does that mean we're within the grail itself?" I asked.

"Baka. It means we're within the Throne of Heroes that is connected to the damn grail," exasperated Archer. "That's why we're here you damn brat how stupid could you get."

"Fine." I said to him wishing I could carve his face in but I still needed some answers. I took a breath and asked the most important question with serious eyes, "So where is Sakura and Illya, Rin and that bastard?"

"Those four already passed through without a hitch. Angra Mainyu seemed eager to arrive to the new world. But because of you struggled you lagged behind" Rider said.

"Then I'd better hurry as well," I said clearly impatient to be save my female companions. "I can't leave them behind."

"In your state you cannot defeat that spirit." Archer said pointing at my left arm or my absence of one with a monotone voice. "Also the dimensional rift that seperates this world and the next is slowly closing." He then pointed at a small shining rift or hole all the way to the west I never noticed. Well he was an Archer after all, seeing things far away was his specialty.

"Thus with your speed you will never make it," Archer stated with his eyes closed.

"Than what the hell am I supposed to do!" I screamed at him. "Even if I die. I will at the very least save Rin, Sakura, and Illya."

Archer sighed. He opened his eyes and looked me straight in the eyes. His tone of voice changed from monotone to grave and serious. I don't know what caused this change, but he was serious. He then asked me. "Emiya Shirou. What do you want to be?"

"A Hero." I stated instantly.

"What will you give to become a hero?" He asked again.

"Nothing." I stated instantly again. I remembered my father and me on the porch having that conversation. I remembered him talking how saving one means not saving another. However, I refused to accept that logic. I don't want to become a hero that picks the lives he will save. I want to be a true hero. "I will save everyone," I replied firmly.

Archer sighed again. "That childish ideal won't last." He said sighing again. "But let's see how long it will last." Archer than projected kanshou in his right hand. I expected a fight and brought the azoth knife up, but Archer had different plans.

Archer brought the deadly noble phantasm up and cut through not me, but his own left arm, severing the limb whole. I could only stand there looking dumbly while holding the dagger in my hands.

"Show me the strength of your ideals," he said once again in his monotone voice. He brought his severed limb with his right hand and connected it with my useless stump. He then whispered oh so slightly, "do not make the same mistake I made." His left side started bleeding profusely.

As soon as the arm connected with my empty shoulder the two started fusing with each other as Avalon started functioning to its maximum capabilities as if Saber was here. In seconds the limb was connected with the rest of my body.

"UUAAAAAAAAAA" I screamed as pain tore throughout my body. It felt like primordial fires were flowing into my body as circuits that were vaguely similar, but not my own started connecting to the ones I already had. The process of connecting the limb didn't hurt, but the strange circuits and prana hurt like hell.

Meanwhile as pain wracked throughout my whole body, I had a vision, a vision of a lonely man on a hill of swords with blades poking out of his body. The man fought countless wars to protect the innocent from harm, but in turn the same innocents he protected pointed their weapons at him. All that the man ever wanted was to stop wars, but he was blamed for those same wars he stopped and died in the hands of the same people he saved, all alone on the hill of blades, and his name is…

I dropped down to my knees panting and wheezing while coughing blood. "You are you…" I asked Archer again as I lifted my head up. But the red warrior was no longer there. Where he stood there didn't even remain a shadow nor a blood mark. I kneeled there with his strange arm…no my strange arm.

"Archer has already left." Rider stated from my right. "He has returned to the Throne of Heroes." She explained. "He explained that with his arm you should be able to access his memories and thus his armory." I knew Rider was telling me the truth. I knew that with his arm and memories I was capable of performing the greater feats than I could ever accomplish right now. However, accessing those memories and weapons had a cost…a deadly cost. My mind and body started hurting as if steel was poking stabbed within them.

"Yeah." I told her absent mindedly. It felt like Archer's arm was corroding my very existence. I knew that I couldn't keep this up and I might die if I continue like this. "That bastard." I whispered under my breath thinking of the white haired hero.

"Please listen to my request," stated Rider again. "I assure you that agreeing to my request would assist yourself as well," said Rider as she bowed again.

"Go on," I panted. My breath came in heavy rasps. I could see my own breath in front of me. This arm might be more trouble than it was worth.

"Please make a contract with me," Rider bowed again even more sincerely than she already did.

"Come again," voicing the question in my head

"I understand that the toll of supporting me would be heavy on you, but I must go assist my Sakura, my master," Rider explained.

"Sakura was your master Rider?" I asked with a question mark over my head.

"Yes she was my true master, but due to her reluctance to participate in the war she opted to lend a command seal to Shinji, that pathetic son of a bitch." Rider answered.

"So you wish to form a contract with me in order to save Sakura?" I questioned.

"Yes" she answered back.

"If you accept the contract and become my master, you will gain all rights over myself and with my noble phantasm it is possible to transport you to the rift as fast as possible." Rider explained. "I beg of you please agree and form the contract with me." Rider begged again on her knees. She was chewing her lower lip and seemed to truly be desperate.

"What do I have to do to form the contract?" I asked.

"Normally it would require a lot of prana to summon a Servant such as I." She explained. "But since I was already summoned by the grail, all it takes to form a contract with you is to exchange vows and have your new command seals inscribed into your arm. Afterwards all you have to do is supply myself with enough prana to keep me in existence."

I nodded at her explanation. I didn't enjoy the idea of making another contract with a different Servant than Saber, but I needed Rider just the way she needed me. I needed to get to the girls and the only one capable of transporting me fast enough to them was none other than Rider. I remembered that night when Rider summoned her Noble phantasm.

I sighed and stooped down and looked her in the straight in the eyes (or where her eyes should be) and gave her my right hand. I asked, "You won't regret this right. There is no going back on this contract you know?"

Rider nodded and started chanting, "I Rider, Servant of the mount, Gorgon Queen Medusa of Ancient Greece hereby pledge my services and wings to my new master Emiya Shirou, and for him I shall ride my horse to victory under our pledge."

As soon as she finished her oath, not 3 stigmas but a total of 21 stigmas appeared on my right arm, the command seals. From the new command seals I could feel a fair amount of prana being absorbed and fed to Rider under our new contract. The amount she was siphoning from me wasn't too great, but still felt quite burdensome. I'm going to have to get used to this I thought to myself as my circuits started humming constantly to feed Rider her necessary nourishment.

"Why are there so many command seals?" I asked as I stared at my right arm which was riddled with command seals all the way up to the base of my arm. I wonder how I look from a third person point of view. One arm riddled with weird stigmas and the other of a completely mismatched length with a holy red cloth covering it from shoulder to wrist. (Come on it would look cool don't deny it)

I nodded at Rider after we finished the contract. Rider stood up and she nodded back at me. She stood there with her stone cold look. There was no need for words. We both knew that we should go immediately

Rider materialized her nail chain in her hands. I already knew what she would do from Archer's memories, but the sight still made me cringe. Rider asked me, "Are you ready master." I nodded at her, and she without hesitation stabbed her own neck with the chain.

Blood spurted from her wound, and the shed blood gathered around her body to change her form itself. Rider and her own blood fused to slowly form the noble phantasm that once stood in our way. The B ranked anti-fortress noble phantasm Belleraphon, the Pegasus once again stood before me. The chain themselves became reign on her mouth and fell into my hands. My first noble phantasm, that wasn't a weapon.

"This is different than last time Rider." I told her panting due to the drain on my prana skyrocketing from her summoning the noble phantasm.

In order to conserve your prana I had no choice but to change my whole body to my mount explained Rider through the command seal.

"I appreciate it." I answered her.

"Let's go Rider." I said, as I swiftly mounted her. This was probably the first time I saw a horse let alone rode one, but I had an introductory course from Saber's memories. Let's hope this works I thought to myself.

Master before we leave, there is one more person who wishes to meet you Rider told me.

My question of 'who' died in my lips as a soft voice like the breeze on a calm spring day when someone called from behind, "Shirou."

I looked back slowly as if the world was coming to an end. I feared that if I turned too quickly the owner of that voice would disappear and I would again see nothing behind me. After what seemed like a lifetime I looked back and saw her, my Saber.

"Saber," I whispered fearing my eyes were playing tricks on me. Here I stood or rather sat on my mount as I gazed behind me as if I was looking at the most beautiful thing in the world which I probably was.

"Shirou we don't have much time," she told me sternly with her teacher tone of voice. "The rift is about to close and you have to go save everybody." She then changed her tone of voice to match the one she last took before we parted just a few hours ago. There was a small but definite smile on her face. "I just came here to give you something and wish you luck."

I could only nod at her, my eyes drinking in her figure in this plain of emptiness. She smiled a little wider as she approached me, in her arms lay a golden sword, the sword that gave her, her legend…Excalibur.

"Saber, you can't," I said as I instantly understood what she was trying to do trying to deny her offer. I tried to push the gift she offered me back to her, but she would accept it. Saber smiled again and shook her head.

"Where I'm going I won't need it." She told me. "You'll need it more than me, and I know you are more suited for it." She approached me and hugged me with joyous tears in her eyes. "Shirou, I'm your sword. I'll always be waiting, waiting for you to come one day. Until then please hold onto my sheath and sword." I could only nod at her as the world's most powerful sword sunk into my chest as a conceptual weapon. I felt the sword within me, as it finally reunited with its sheath. The pair was complete inside of me.

"Saber," I told her. "I swear I will come back. I swear I will return your sword so please wait for me." I asked of her as I pulled her in closer to give her a tight hug.

"Always," Saber said with tears freely flowing through her eyes and a bright smile on her face. "I'll always wait for you no matter how long it takes," she assured me. We hugged each other then and there in the place of nothingness for the 3rd time.

"Good luck, my hero." Saber whispered to me, as I looked forward again my hands gripping the reins tightly. Rider started trotting forward at a slow gallop picking up speed

I didn't look back. I only straightened my left arm and gave her a thumbs up my eyes only looked towards the goal.

"Let's go Rider!" I shouted. Rider answered with a war cry and pulling up her front hooves she galloped ahead going at full speed that made her a legend. Saber smiled in the background. Slowly Saber started disappearing into the void returning to her time at last.

I must repeat myself again that I am not a Rider. I can probably serve as any other class including Berserker if I tried hard enough, but I repeat I do not have any riding experience at all. Hell! I don't even know how to ride a damn bicycle. Now how the hell do you expect me to ride a damn Pegasus that runs at a speed of 500mph. Again I stress I don't have any riding skills!

Rider shot forward like an arrow, and I was definitely not prepared for this speed. I held on for dear life. Riding is difficult, riding a flying horse that flies at a speed of a damn car is excruciating, riding a flying horse without a saddle is near damn impossible. Thankfully the reigns I had in my hands provided enough purchase to remain on the Pegasus's back…barely. My head whipped backwards due to air pressure. I couldn't even scream.

This is insane I thought.

Hold on tight Master Rider said.

Tell me that earlier Baka I screamed at her. A few minutes in, I couldn't hold onto the reigns due to, the imbalance between my arms. Finally my left arm was ripped away from the reigns. Crap here I was barely holding onto the reign of a flying horse, travelling at a speed that's 3x the speed of sound with one hand. I need a purchase! I flailed around until my left hand brushed on something. I took the god given opportunity and grabbed it.

Heee. Master~ that's my tail! whimpered Rider.

"Bear with me Rider," I gasped. In normal circumstances I would apologize and let go, but I had no leeway at the moment. Such is the ill fate of those who are riding a damn flying Pegasus. I held onto her reigns and tail firmly and tried to right myself on the flying horse inch by inch.

Hmmnnyuu hmm hmmm Rider started transmitting to my mind. This was getting real dangerous real fast, and I'm not including the fact that we are going so fast that I should be dead.

Rider is really sensitive around her tail area I thought as her continual moans and chirps were sent to my mind. Including the sound I could see the image of the alluring figure of the black servant on the ground moaning with pleasure as…Don't get sidetracked Emiya Shirou I told myself. This experience was arousing to say the least, but in a situation where you might fall off and plummet to your death if you didn't hold fast, I had no time to enjoy the moans of a beautiful woman...or horse.

I noticed that we were rapidly approaching and our destination, but at the same time the rift was closing faster as well.

"I am the bones of my sword," I whispered underneath my breath. I felt something like a bubble rise from my left arm. It felt so foreign, but at the same time so familiar. Gears inside of me started turning. Perpetual fire started burning within me, and swords started being produced. I instantly understood each and every one of them as if they were my own body. The fire within me started burning. At the same time Rider upped her speed as she was responding to my aria. The wind blew across my cheeks, but I was no longer in this world, I was in my own world…a world of swords.

"Steel is my body, and Fire is my blood," a voice with my voice. This voice is not mine, I thought. My left arm responding to each each blade. The severe winds around me seemed to stop as a whole different environment seemed to arise from inside me. I automatically righted myself on Rider's back, no longer off balance.

"I have created over a thousand blades." I started seeing blades everywhere. Blades littered the ground and sky. All of these swords were fake, all of them were mine and yet were not mine.

"Unknown to Death, nor known to life," In the endless expanse that I saw I saw a hill. A hill covered in arms. There were weapons of all kind speared into the red earth of the hill: spears, axes, bows, shields, maces, and of course swords.

"Have withstood pain to create weapons," In the hill and amongst the weapons stood a lone figure with white hair and tan features. Cloaked in the garbs of a saint and heretic, he stood alone against a superior force. The lone man stood alone with only his weapons for company, but they too betrayed him one day as they were stabbed within him.

"Yet those hands will never hold anything." The man had but one beautiful, but unobtainable dream, to save others. The beautiful dream inherited by his father who saved him from the fires. Emiya saw the boy through the eyes of the man. The boy said but a few words, "I'll be it old man, I'll be a hero for you."

"So as I pray…" Emiya could feel the bubble within him threatening to burst. The inner world of his/mine was complete all I had to do was call upon its name to actualize it into reality.

I opened my eyes to see Rider has approached to end of the void world. We could see the rip in the dimension that Angra Mainyu opened to escape to the new world. We're here Master Rider told me. I nodded and urged her forward. Rider even though she was exhausted put in another burst of speed as she shot forward to goal.

There rift was closing fast and we were up to our last 100-300 meters. The rift when we got there was the size of a normal door now and in all honesty I thought we wouldn't make it. Rider though had other plans.

It wasn't a damn B ranked Noble Phantasm for nothing. From Rider's body erupted flames as we changed from an insanely flying horse to a damn insane meteor. Time seemed to stop once Rider used this new form. Honestly it was insanely fast, but the drain on my reserves almost doubled. My reserves were still in safe levels, but if I had to fight, I wouldn't be in a comfortable situation either.

"Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooh " I shouted as we approached the exit. "GO Rider!"

Rider responded with her own neigh as she burst forward with an explosion. I opened my eyes again to find ourselves still flying, but the setting changed. We were in the sky that was familiar to us with blued as far as the eye can see and occasional clouds. The Sun was bright high in the sky, and one could see the smoke rising higher and higher…wait smoke.

My eyes instantly traced to location of the smoke and found a city…on fire. I pointed towards the village and Rider understood without the need for words.

We were a white streak upon the sky as Rider finally reached the village. If it could be called a village.

The city was on fire. It was like my first memories all over again, this time though there was no Kiritsugu. Using reinforcement I was able to see each detail. Corpses littered the streets like trash. Fathers and mothers desperately tried to protect their children to no avail, and the children were crying in the corner. Homes tears were shed and blood was spilled. The exact thing I was supposed to prevent.

My eyes gravitated towards the epicenter of this chaos, the only place where damage was not done. I saw 3 silver crosses poked into the ground like sacrifices. There was a female on each of those crosses. In the middle of the triangle stood Angra Mainyu laughing at the chaos he evoked by merely existing. Probably the safe haven was needed to keep the girls alive.

"Rin, Sakura, Illya!" I shouted to them on the flying steed. They were unconscious and thus couldn't answer my cry.

"Eh…So you have arrived hero," Said Angra Mainyu as he turned his face towards my direction with his back turned.

I closed my eyes and felt the swords pointing at this monster wanting his blood for the sins he committed. I whispered, "Rider take care of the girls." Before Rider could say anything I jumped down from the flying horse straight into the middle of chaos towards my enemy.

"HAHAHA! Have you gone made hero? From that altitude you will die you know? HAHAHA" He laughed

"[Unlimited…]," I whispered as the eager blades started revealing themselves from within my body piercing me from the inside out. I really didn't care though. Blood flowed down those wounds. The blades and I shared one purpose.

Sensing the change Angra Mainyu abruptly stopped laughing and started paying greater attention to my left arm. "You..Did you? You Shitty Bastard!" He screamed recognizing me as a threat. He brought one of his cursed leaf blades up to curse me, but it was too late I was already upon him.

"[Blade Works]." I finished as I opened my eyes once more just as I was about to land on the ground. Angra Mainyu no longer had the smug look on his face he understood what I was doing and how much of a threat it posed. He knew that my no Archer's Reality Marble [Unlimited Blade Works] was dangerous.

A fire starting from me spread from me to the outer world. Archer's inner world started actualizing itself in the real world. The destroyed village disappeared and was replaced by a hill of swords. A mass of weapons as far as the eye can see. There were only two human figures in the barren waste field him and me, and only one shall leave.

"Ha, Ha, Ha" I panted as my reality marble sucked greedily from my prana. My Od was approaching dangerously low levels and I knew I had to finish this battle quickly.

"HaahmphHAHAHAHAHA!" Angra Mainyu laughed, "So in the end you will always oppose me neh Avatar of Ahura Mazda?" He laughed as he looked straight towards me. "Very well, I accept your challenge…hero." He spoke.

He faced me again this time serious with no smile or laugh on his face. Right in front of me Angra Mainyu's expression started breaking apart. His teeth were bared like some wild animal and his sarcastic humor filled eyes were replaced with madness, chaos and anger to kill the enemy in front of him. His hair started elongating until it seemed to be protruding from the back of his head like a tail. His hands that held the cursed swords started elongating and became claws shaped for ripping enemies apart. The tattoos on him glowed transcendently and started writing like animals. A Demon God!

"Kill Kill Kill Kill KIIIILLL" he screamed like a madman, as curses took form and were launched towards me. Each one of those curses were capable of killing hundreds of men with just a touch. They were death itself for mortals like me, this fight would end with one touch if I was careless

I didn't bother avoiding them. I merely put one hand in front of me and said…"[Rho Aias]," as I called forth the defensive noble phantasm from my world. Suddenly a 7 layered pink bounded field was actualized. [Rho Aias], the shield of Ajax the only shield that was capable of defending against the spear thrown by the great hero Hector, was now one of my greatest defensive armaments in my armory. Archer encountered this defensive armament some time in his life and added it to his armory during his life. It was his greatest defensive barrier which he had the most proficiency with, and thus the one I had the most proficiency with.

The curses thrown at me tried its best to find an imperfection within this perfect barrier but it was useless as the boundary was flawless. Soon enough the curses dissipated and finally disappeared without a trace. My ears started ringing as my mind felt something foreign infiltrate my senses (90%).

"Urrrraaaaaa," Angra Mainyu screamed. His sense of sanity disappeared as he started firing more and more curses at me. These curses didn't even try to find the weak points of the barrier, instead it focused on breaking each of them one by one.

I was pretty sure that my defenses would hold firm, but I knew I couldn't sustain a long battle, my reserves were failing and they were failing fast. I needed to counterattack immediately. "If projectiles is how you want to play let me show you my game," I murmured as I commanded my swords to rise and slice apart my enemy, curses and all.

This was my world, albeit it was more Archer's than mine. My true Reality Marble was still undeveloped although with the acquiring of Archer's memories it made leaps and bounds that would take years for me alone. Archer's was forged from countless battlefields and experiences. Due to our near identical prana, body, mentality and outlook (note: this is Realta nua Shirou not Heaven's Feel where Shirou abandons his ideals for Sakura) of being a hero I was able to actualize Archer's reality marble although my mind was slowly succumbing to its influences.

I dispelled [Rho Aias] and traced [Kanshou] and [Bakuya] into my hands. At the same time I mentally commanded the blades behind me to fire as they flew faster than baseballs towards my enemy. I at the same time ran forward with the twin swords in my hand. I became a human arrow except I was the point and the shaft were swords.

Angra Mainyu though didn't dodge, maybe he was too crazy to interpret the danger of my flying swords. Instead he screamed at the sky as black entrails started gushing out of his shadow. These shadows proceeded to 'devour' the blades I shot. Mind you none of them were Noble Phantasms nor were they mystic codes, but the sight of my swords disappearing into god knows what just disturbed me.

By then though I had closed the distance between the two of us and we started melee combat with both of our twin short swords. My [Kanshou] and [Bakuya] were evenly matched against the twin dark leaf swords. They had a name sure, but when I tried to look into their history it was so dark I couldn't make heads or tails of them. I could trace them sure, but it wouldn't be a pleasurable experience. I though did not play fair.

I focused my senses once more and delved deeper into the two swords in my hands. My mind started deteriorating faster (75%) until I discovered the twin swords' true abilities.

[Kanshou] and [Bakuya] were twin swords forged in ancient China by a duo combination of a blacksmith and his wife. The blacksmith forged these swords for the imperial palace, but his wife knowing his husband's trial chose to sacrifice herself in the forge for the blades to be made. Thus, the blacksmith in his grief forged a pair of yin yang short swords from his wife's sacrifice and high grade material. Kanshou the black pair symbolized himself the yin, and Bakuya the white of the pair symbolized his wife the yang. The couple even in death will attract each other and will always return to the user even if it is lost.

"Spirit and technique, flawless and firm" I whispered as I threw [Kanshou] and [Bakuya] towards the enemy and instantly traced new ones. The twin swords converged in their path as they attracted each other in their flight and tried to cut the enemy. Angra Mainyu though successfully blocked with his twin blades.

"Our strength rips the mountains" I again chanted as I repeated my attempts with the new pair and experienced the same results this time with the black entrails. The black entrails though failed to devour them due to [Kanshou] and [Bakuya]'s status as noble phantasms that despised monsters like Angra Mainyu.

"Our strength rips the mountains," I chanted as a 3rd Kanshou was traced into my right hand. "Our swords split the water," as another Bakuya followed her partner into my left hand. These swords I did not throw though. Instead with these swords in hand I ran forward towards Angra Mainyu, as we engaged in close combat again with each of our twin swords.

Amongst fierce combat I continued chanting, "Our names reach the imperial villa." The pair I had in my hands I started reinforcing supercharging them with prana until they finally broke changing them to Broken Phantasms.

While the two of us were exchanging blows, the two swords I had in my hands started extending gradually to twice their original size and started fragmenting in places making them resemble broken wings of black and white.

Angra Mainyu felt the danger of these new broken swords and tried to retreat to make distance, but then… ~Swish Swish~ the returning [Kanshous] and [Bakuyas] approached from behind trapping him in place and the shadow entrails were useless from the 6 front attack.

I jumped upwards with the broken [Kanshou] and [Bakuya] on my shoulders making me look like an angel descending upon a great sinner. When I reached the in pinnacle of my leap I shouted, "The two of us cannot hold heavens together!"

Once I started descending I continued with the poem, "—Two great men, sharing a life," I quoted as all six blades converged on the surprised opponent. I brought the massive twin broken wing blades onto Angra Mainyu's head just as the other four came from different directions.

"Crane Wings Three Realm!" I firmly said as the swords in my hands exploded upon contact resembling shrapnel bombs as each individual shard was a blade in itself. The 4 other swords exploded upon contact as well resulting in a huge explosion of swords.

This attack was even able to steal one of Berserker's lives, there was no way that Angra Mainyu remained unscathed. When the explosion cleared out I was panting, using a broken [Kanshou] and [Bakuya] were harder than I thought.

I didn't waste any time though. I again brought up my empty left arm and summoned the object that will one day qualify me for Archer class, Archer's black bow. I called up one of his favorite projectile weapon of his, [Cadabolg] to my right hand. I proceeded to load the nail cork screw sword into my bow as I aimed towards the middle of the dust. I drew the bow and started reinforcing and charging the noble phantasm until it reshaped itself to be aerodynamic and deteriorated to a broken phantasm.

[Cadabolg] is the sword of the ancient Irish hero, Fergus Mac Roich. In his life Fergus in rage was able to destroy 3 mountains from one attack with this sword.

"[Cadabolg II]," I shouted as I shot the arrow and at the same time experienced searing pain in my brain (50%). Even if the shadow entrails tried to halt my arrow, they would merely disappear in front of this broken phantasm. [Cadabolg] after all was a sword that specialized in puncturing through defenses.

A boom erupted from the place I shot my arrow. "Haah Haaaaah Haaah" I panted truly out of breath now. I was using techniques I never used before, and only saw in Archer's arm. All parts of me hurt. The swords within me threatened to cut me up from the inside, my mind was on fire and my circuits were probably overexerting themselves.

I dropped to one knee with my black bow as support, but never took my eyes off of where the enemy still was. I didn't doubt myself for a second that I had defeated him. I knew he survived and this fight was not over yet. In order to defeat him I needed something stronger something holy.

"Uraaaaaagh," Angra Mainyu screamed as black winds of some kind gathered around him. These winds cleared up the explosion dust, I caused, bringing my enemy to light once more.

Apparently my attacks left him really bloody, but nothing a fatal wound. He pointed at me and the black winds, a curse of some kind, raced towards me. I had lost the ability to dodge after the swords impaled my legs. I grabbed the nearest sword and blocked, but the best I could do was avoid a fatal wound. The winds cut my shoulder leaving a bloody mess in its wake. The wind was razor sharp indeed. Normally the gust imbued with the curse of severement would have cut off my arm, but hey I was a man made of blades. The wound slowly closed itself as blades started erupting inside my body to close the wound.

I retaliated by raising my left arm again and firing more of the swords in the ground as projectiles towards him. He defended himself with a stationary hurricane of black wind with himself as the center

This pattern continued for a good 10 minutes and it ended up with me becoming a bloody mess of torn flesh and swords. [Avalon] tried its best to heal me from the inside, but I was not Saber. I couldn't regenerate like she could.

"Haaaah Haaaaah Haaaaaaah." I panted again my breath coming out in rasps. Even though the temperature was far from cold, I could see my own breath in front of me. I could also feel my mind was breaking to pieces from accessing so many of Archer's memories. It felt like poison was seeping into my brain as my consciousness itself was slowly changing to steel. To add to that, I knew my prana levels were extremely low; maintaining Archer's [Unlimited Blade Works], charging a dozen different noble phantasms, and using a whole lot of different swords really drained it out of me. By my calculations I could only use one more noble phantasm safely.

"Haaaah Haaah Haaaaahh," I continued panting. My breath wasn't steaming white mist anymore. Each breath was followed by a red mist, and I knew what that mist was. "It's about time to settle this All the Evil in the World." I started hobbling towards him while picking up a sword in the path.

"Let's go [Caliburn]," I whispered. [Caliburn], the sword that chooses kings the sword in the stone, it was the first sword I projected and it might be the last one I will wield. I smiled as the holy sword started eating at the last fumes of my prana draining my od to extremely low levels. The sword started shining as a rainbow light before it finally settled as a piercing white shine. I hobbled up to him with my broken body, shining sword, and a will of steel (25%).

I painfully made my way up to my enemy who sensed the danger my holy sword. This was probably the finale. Something with the holy aspect as strong as [Caliburn] was a natural enemy for something as evil as Angra Mainyu.

Sensing the danger, even though the monster was raging mad, All the Evil in the World started changing something in a different language, "~$*&)% ^(." With each chant the darkness around him started getting thicker and thicker, until it became a perfect dome around him.

I understood what that dome was the minute I laid eyes on it. "A Reality Marble," I whispered. In a way I could say that the dome around him was his Angra Mainyu's own Reality Marble, but with such a mad crazy mind manifesting a complete one was impossible for him. His personal reality just wasn't complete, but hell it would make a fine shield though.

"Pierce the darkness…[Caliburn]!" I shouted as I raised the blade over my head and brought the shining blade of light down onto the dome of darkness (20%)..

"URAAAAAGH!" Angra Mainyu only screamed at my attempts as the blade of light was forcibly cutting through his darkness. He sounded as if the blinding light of my sword caused him pain.

Caliburn, is the sword that chooses, as a result it probably chose the weakest spot in the dome to strike, but cutting through a small world no matter how weak was a signifigantly difficult task, mind you (15%).

After a whole minute of pushing our respective weapons of light and darkness against each other I was unable to continue supplying the weapon with prana and naturally collapsed onto my knees (10%). However the moment I dropped to my knees, Angra Mainyu's darkness as well collapsed as both our respective weapons shattered. The darkness fractured and broke apart, and the sword snapped in half the blade though continued its path and stabbed Angra Mainyu in the chest leaving me holding the broken hilt.

"Urrrraaaaaaaaaaagh!" The monster screamed from pain, agony, and suffering. It clawed at the holy sword trying to remove it from itself, but whenever he made contact with it, the sword rejected him ([Caliburn] chose his weakest spot). As Angra Mainyu was howling with pain I dropped to my knees fighting for each breath of air. The last [Caliburn] took every little amount of prana I had left, and it seemed like my adversary still wasn't defeated.

"HAAAAAH HAAAAAAH HAAAAAAH!" I continued panting. My mind was gone (5%). In its place was steel. I don't know how I rose from my stooped position because swords were pierced every which way all throughout my body. It was a miracle that the swords weren't puncturing one of my necessary organs. All I knew was…There is the enemy…Kill it.

I got up to my feet and started hobbling towards him. The screaming monster noticed my approach and neglected the sword that was impaled in his chest for destroying me. It pointed one of its middle fingers at me and started shooting curses at me, much the way Rin shot off her Gandr curses. Who was Rin again though I thought (4%)

The curses that he shot were many and a variety, but it didn't matter what he shot towards me. [Weakness] hell I was already weak as a chipmunk. [Exhaustion] don't make me get started on that. [Madness] I already lost my mind as it became steel (3%).

Noticing the uselessness of his curses Angra Mainyu started screaming in anger, frustration and…fear. It knew that I was at that moment immortal to all of its curses, pains, and suffering. I was as dying as a man could be and nothing could stop me, not even death (2%).

Angra Mainyu did any sensible being would do in front of fear. It panicked. He quickly conjured one of his cursed leaf blades and said a sensible word for the first time "Death." The curse of death was loaded into the cursed blade and he rushed towards me intent on stabbing me (1%).

I didn't bother dodging. The blade with the curse of death easily pierced my abdomen as the curse started spreading throughout my body. Me I really didn't care. What more was another blade in my body. What more was another death to accompany my previous one that made me Emiya Shirou. I accepted them all, but not before I send this bastard to hell.

I quickly grabbed Angra Mainyu by his neck and held him tight so he wouldn't escape from my death grip. I closed my eyes and for some reason saw a petite blonde girl with a regal dress of blue on a clear hill of green grass. I felt myself smile for no reason, even though I had no idea who this girl was.

Angra Mainyu was struggling from my grip as he tried to free himself.

I then proceeded to dump everything, all the prana I had into noble phantasms. Usually there is a zero mark in prana usage that a mage should never cross, because it will surely lead to death. I was passing that line by such a large margin it wasn't even funny, my prana usage probably was reaching the negatives. My circuits were producing more and more prana even though my od was empty replacing the empty od with my life itself and I knew that if I did this I am going to kill myself (0%).

Hell I was going to die anyway, so why not. I started dumping prana that I could break the noble phantasm I was charging into broken phantasm. I started channeling prana, prana, and more prana into the noble phantasm called [Unlimited Blade Works]. All the blades within our vicinity started growing brightly as cracks started forming within their structure. Memories/data of these swords started flowing into me, which would have exploded my mind, but my mind was already steel. Even the blades inside of me were starting to fragment (-…%).

Angra Mainyu by now was desperate as he started clawing, punching and kicking me to free himself. It was useless, my arms were already steel that were locked into place, and the more he struggled the more he hurt himself.

I smiled and closed my eyes for what I think is the last time and whispered "Saber." I don't know how I managed to say that name my mind, memories and self was completely gone and turned into steel, but this name rang within my soul one last time.

As not a sword exploded but the whole world…no my world exploded, everything within the reality marble disappeared in a flash of white as all the swords in my world exploded at once...the hill of blades was no more…All the Evil in the World was no more…The hero called Emiya Shirou was no more. That day Emiya Shirou died once more…

Whew! So what do you think folks. I don't think I did that badly. Anyway back to the point. I know the first chapter was done rather hastily done, but I wanted to keep it in 20 pages.

Also as you can see I combined many routes together to form this new Shirou. This Shirou is still very much twisted mind you. Also the Reality Marble he deployed was Archer's [Unlimited Blade Works] not Shirou's [Unlimited Blade Works] (you can see from the aria) thus when he destroyed Archer's the reality marble disappeared from his left arm, but the memories of the weapons are still there, and so is Shirou's [Unlimited Blade Works] although not fully developed...yet.

Also please comment on Shirou's new looks. Like I already mentioned, one arm shrouded with the holy shroud of Martin, and one arm riddled with 21 command seals (just like Kotomine from FZ). two different arms of red fitting his already red hair...hmmm.

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As for Shirou's new authority...wait and see. I swear it wont be a disappointment.