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Now without further ado I present

God Slaying Hero King ch5

"King it is time to wake." The soft voice said as it tried to stir him awake

"Just five more minutes," a voice groaned as it tried to hide under the sheet.

"Such sloth is what caused many great people to have fallen in history king. Please awaken or else I might...have to resort to unpleasant methods."

"Alright, alright, I got it...jeez," said a boy with unruly black hair as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Shizuka you have know weekends exist because of a reason you know like sleeping in."

"I beg to differ King. Weekends exist to complete any uncompleted work during the week King. Such laziness is only for the unkempt mass and peasants which you most certainly are not. Furthermore I am not your sister King."

"Hmmm~! What the heck are you doing here Liliana-san!" The black haired boy fully awake jumped out of bed fully aware of himself.

"Do not misunderstand my liege. I have took an oath to serve thee King. Thus my position is always at your side for whatever thy needest of me. As a result, is my duty to organize your schedule and lazing in bed is most certainly not part of it. Now awaken King." With those words the silver haired knight walked up the cowering teen still in bed and started pulling on the sheets.

"Oh yeah~," Godou said. Usually Godou woke early yet today he decided to sleep in. After all last night he fought against the Balkan Devil. Hey he deserved a break.

Thinking of the fight.

Godou looked at Liliana. The soft fairy like appearance was bewitching to the eyes. The long silver hair tied in a pony tail would entice any sane man.

"Wh-What is it?!" Liliana shouted as she held her arm with her other arm blushing.

*sigh* "Why are you here again?" Godou asked with a really dull expression. Usually any man would be enticed. Godou wasn't a normal man.

"Wh-Wh-What! Is that the first thing you say once you've seen your new knight! In fact did you already forget my oath to your already!" Liliana shouted.

"Oh yeah." Godou said scratching his head.

"Oh Yeah!" Liliana retorted back outraged that her new lord forgot all about her in just one night, "It was just yesterday!"

"Alright, alright please calm down Liliana-san," Godou said as he tried to calm down the raging fairy.

After breathing heavily for a while, Liliana was finally able to reign in her outrage. Alright she thought, although I might not be as...impressive (looks down at chest) as Erica I still believe I am somewhat stunning! Liliana mumbled to herself.

*cough* "I might have over reacted," Liliana said as she tried to hide her blush. It was unknightly behavior to act in such manner...it's not like she was jealous...REALLY!

"Anyway King it is time to awaken." Liliana repeated trying to change the topic.

"Oh alright," he said as he shifted in his bed. After all the talking it wasn't like he was sleepy anymore after all! Godou's leg brushed against something in bed 'No way! Did she!?...Why Now!?'

"Awaken my lord the sun has risen." Liliana said impatience written in her face.

"Um heheh~, Liliana-san would it be alright to sleep in today," Godou said as he rubbed his head sheepishly. "After all I just had a huge battle with the old man yesterday and I'm tired..."

"Please do not hesitate. We all know that Campiones tend to recuperate in just one night." Liliana retorted as she grabbed the sheet and pulled.

Godou grabbed his end of the blanket and struggled.

"Wait...wait a moment Liliana. Now is not a good time to..." the black haired boy said as he struggled against the silver haired night.

"No excuses." With that the silver fairy with strength that betrayed her looks quickly gave a strong tug that stole the sheets from the bed...and exposed the other occupant of the bed.

"Hmmm~ Lily what are you doing here." Said the blonde haired girl in her underwear...racy and skimpy underwear.


"Hmm. Where are the covers? Hmmm. Oh well I'll make do with Godou then," said the blonde as she quickly grabbed the male at her side as she pressed her breasts into the lucky bast-I mean very unfortunate teen.

"Erica! What do you think you're doing?" Said the black haired teen as he futilely struggled against the iron grip of the blonde knight.

"Godou with the covers gone I need a new source of heat after all. You can't expect me to freeze can you? I need you next to me because your body heat will serve that purpose." The blonde vixen said as she pressed her body further into the young man's body.

"E-Er-Erica." whimpered the frozen young man. Godou was afraid to move because if he moved any more he might just feel something he really shouldn't feel.


"Hmmm Lily? You want to join too?" Erica said as she just noticed her presence.

"SHAMELESS!" Thundered the silver haired knight her whole face was red and steam escaped her ears. It almost threatened to blow up.

"Ara Lily what's wrong for a pair of lovers to share a bed?" Erica questioned with a smile.

"Eh!" Godou gasped.

"Y-you're dressed so shamelessly a-and it's not fitting for a knight!" Argued the redder girl.

"Ara Ara is there something for a female knight like myself to offer my body and purity to the king?" Erica questioned with a smirk.

"Kuh." Lilianna grunted as she clammed her mouth down.

"Wasn't that a part of our oaths as well Lilianna 'to offer our allegiance, sword, and our bodies.'" Erica said like a sly fox.


"Don't tell me you're taking back your oath already!" Erica fake gasped. "It hasn't even been one day and yet you already broke your oath. Now that's shameless as a knight and a woman Lilly."

"I-I did not mean." Lilianna said with her face completely white with shock from what Erica was implying.

"There, there now Lily I understand that you did not mean it like this, after all you've only just recently been liberated from the service of Voban-sama." Erica said consoling her childhood friend. "However you must understand this is also a part of our duties as Godou's retainer. After all, our king is most certainly a lecher!"

"Oi oi," Godou said.

However Lilianna did not listen. With a dangerously red face Lilianna was fidgetting around in an uncomfortable manner

"Ku, Kusanagi Godou... It's fine if you don't mind the perception of others, you're already a famous advocate of lechery. It's well within reason to have one or two ha...harems under your management... Yes, you will then bathe in a bath filled with champagne and indulge in debauchery together with your lovers, no doubt about it! And then one day, you will gather every beautiful woman in the world, creating the biggest harem history has ever recorded! - Ku, what depravity!"

"What kind of unbacked fantasy are you making about me!" Godou shouted with tears in his eyes.

"I-I understand." Lilianna said as she started stripping. "However understand this Kusanagi Godou. You might have my body yet you do not possess my heart."

"Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Screamed our unfortunate protagonist. Of course that's when Shizuka walked in.


"Neh Erica." Kusanagi Godou prodded as he rubbed the black eye courtesy from Shizuka.

"Yes Godou, you may ask whatever is in your mind." Erica said.

"You said you needed me somewhere right?" Godou said with a tic mark forming on his forehead.

"Of course Godou."

"Normally you would say something like that for some small menial task in town right?"

"Hmm I suppose," answered Erica.

"Then why the hell am I on a plane flying to Italy!" Godou screamed out.

"King please remain silent. You are bothering the others on the plane." Lilianna said to the left of him.

"Hmm. Oh sorry about that." Godou said to her.

"I suppose Lily is doing her job well," Erica said. "However, I'll repeat it to you again, I'm your number one woman Godou, remember that."

"Umm. I too would like to know the reason why we're going to Italy," said the young Japanese girl to the right of Erica. She had an innocent expression on her face with long chestnut brown hair going down to her waist. She was absolutely stunning to look at and equally impressive as the gold and silver haired girls.

*sigh* "Well I planned to save it," but if Yuri asked me I guess I can't really help it Erica said. "Well, Lily if you please."

Clearing her throat Liliana cast a small spell that would insure the topic of the discussion to not spread.

"Apparently just a week ago a mysterious deity appeared in a city," said Erica.

"Who!?" Godou immediately asked feeling his blood immediately run faster in his veins as if anticipating conflict.

"We're not sure. Even before we were able to get a glimpse of the god he was slain." Lilianna said.

Godou gave out a small whistle, "Wow that was quick. Doni really outdid himself this time."

Erica sighed, "No it wasn't that idiot."

Godou was surprised. After all the only ones who can fight on par with gods are other gods and Campiones. "Who did it then?"

"About that." Erica said as she opened her purse.

"Apparently five days after he's slain this one, he fought against another god, Perseus and slain him. However during the fight a camera was operational which was automatically programmed to take a picture at a specific time. It just happened to take a picture of this person." Erica finished.

"M-may I have a look," Yuri asked as she extended one of her porcelain hands out to Erica.

"Why of course." Erica answered as she handed a folded piece of paper.

"Wha-," Mariya said with pure awe in her voice.

"I understand Yuri. I was in shock too when I first saw the picture." Lilianna said.

"Can you divine anything Yuri," Erica asked.

"I'm sorry the picture does not have any direct divine powers and thus it is impossible to get any divine revelation." Yuri apologized.

"Don't worry about it," Erica said, "It would be stranger if you did get one."

"However...wow," remarked the shrine maiden as she looked at the picture. "Although this may be a photograph it looks like a painting."

"I know," agreed Erica.

"The sheer emotions caught on that picture are awe inspiring." Lilianna agreed as she took the photograph. "It might be one of the only document with a Campione and god in combat."

"I know it severely touches my knightly honor," agreed Erica.

Unable to hold his curiosity in any more Godou asked, "Hey can I have a look too."

"Why of course my king." Lilianna said as she handed the photo to Godou.

Godou gratefully took the piece of paper from the slender hand of Lilianna. With bated breath he opened the picture to see...

"What the heck!" Godou said.

The surrounding area was completely red and black with ashes. The sun was probably rising from behind the picture as hypothesized from the shadows. However all of Godou's attention was focused on the two recipients in the middle of the picture. The camera by some miracle was able to catch a perfect picture of the battle or the end of the battle.

In the middle of the picture was what seemed like two beings in combat? A white man with gold hair and a teen with red hair extending a meter or two behind him. The white man was obviously the god, and probably the red one was his opponent.

The white god looked like a handsome man in pure white clothes only marred by his blood. His blonde hair waved in the wind like sunlight. Light seemed to converge to him and a broken sword lay in his hand.

The red one though was an anomaly. Godou wouldn't have been able to tell if he was a god or a man if it wasn't for his plain clothes. The boy seemed like his age or a bit older but his face told differently. Godou could tell because his face too showed emotions like that. This one already surpassed his physical age with his mind alone. The pure determination showing in his golden eyes was visible to everyone even if the camera was blurred. His appearance was questionable too. A meter or two long red hair ran behind him like a tail and black ash like substance seemed to fall from it. His right arm had red tattoos all over the surface and he wore a torn red sleeve on his left arm. He had a red X on his face that crossed his golden eyes. He looked like a demon, but his expression told differently.

The picture showed the red one stabbing the white one through with what seemed to be a scythe all the way through. The red one put his whole weight onto that weapon as he ran forward to pierce him. The white one stood there with the object in his heart. Blood ran everywhere from the wound and colored the black ground crimson

However what caught Godou the most was their expressions. The white god seemed to have a relieved expression and a smile on his face. The red god had a face of pure determination; there was pure unadultered steel in those eyes. Godou could feel it.

"Who is he?" Godou asked his blood boiling with the desire to fight.

"He is the 8th Campione Godou." Erica answered.

"The 8th!" Yuri shouted in shock, "But when?...how?...who?"

"We're not sure," answered Erica as she shook her head. "That picture in your hand is the only hint of the 8th."


"It's precisely why we are traveling to the place they fought perhaps we might be able to find something with your exceptional Spirit Vision." Liliana said as she indicated to Mariya's direction.

"An eighth huh~," Godou said as he stared at the photo.

Wait a moment Godou thought to himself as he looked at the red haired supposed 8th. Those features.

A minute passed

-that chin.

Two minutes passed

-that jaw bone.

Three minutes passed

-those eyes.

Four minutes passed.

-that hair.

Five minutes passed.

That nose.

It finally struck Godou why he was going to Italy. It was like lightning hitting someone and a light bulb flashing on at the same time.

"He's Japanese!" Shouted our very surprised protagonist.

The three girls just stared at him like he was stupid...which he admit he probably was.


"Hahahaha! The 8th is really interesting!" said the blonde man as he held the picture up towards the sky.

"It's only been a week and he already killed another one!"

"Please stop fooling around Doni," said the butler next to him.

"What's the matter Andrea? I'm only celebrating the fact that one of my siblings is growing you know." The identified Doni said.

Rivera, the official right hand of the 6th Campione sighed. Times like this made him really hate his job. However he was the only one capable of doing this job because of his history with the Idiot. Plus the pay was good.

"I really want to fight him!" Doni shouted out.


"What?!" Doni complained.

"I should have expected that answer." Rivera said as he turned away.


"You have to stop drinking Annie!" Dr. West said as he tried to dissuade the young girl from drinking anymore.

Taking her lips off of the bottle for a moment Annie just looks at Dr. West before she bursts into tears. "Listen to me!" Annie cried as she hugged the doctor and threw all her stress onto him. "Jack is a cheater!" She cried, "I thought he was single...but yet...and..."

"Words and sentences Annie," Dr West said.

*chug a lug a chug*

"Stop drinking and listen to me!" Dr. West exasperated.

*Pu* sound was made when the bottle separated with Annie's lips. "What is it~?" The 5th Campione said with clearly under a drunken tone.

*sigh* "Please look at this." Dr. West sighed as he handed Annie an envelope.

"What is it?" The masked vigilante drawled like a drunken old man. A blush evident on her face for all to see.

Annie opened the envelope, and took out a piece of paper.

"The Eighth Campione," Dr. West replied with an even tone.

"...I see," not Annie but the masked hero known as John Pluto Smith whispered completely sober and serious. The young eyes skimmed the picture.

"Interesting," Annie/JPS whispered.


"Master~ how long must we continue?" said a young boy.

"Dost thy doubt thy master?" Questioned a lovely voice.

"Even if Heaven falls. Even if Hell rises. Even if the World is destroyed. I shall not doubt thee master." The young boy said with obvious fright in his voice.

"Nevertheless, this calls for more training my young eagle." The lovely voice continued.

Li Yinghua sighed inwardly but showed no sign of it on his face. "Master we have arrived," Li Yinghua said.

"I see," said the beauty as she walked to the summit.

A beauty like that of a heavenly maiden stood atop of the mountain overlooking the world with a critical eye.

A soft chill wind blew in the mountain that ruffled the robe that the beauty wore.

"hmm," she said as a beautiful eagle caught her eye.

The bird approached Lu Yinghua and herself and finally landed itself on her young eagle's arm. With practised ease the young eagle of the Chinese Campione untied the piece of beautiful silk tied onto the bird's foot.

"Master," the young boy offered the silk to the beauty bowing and on one knee.

Without a word the Campione took it and opened it to read the message written on the soft surface of the silk.

A beautiful smirk appeared on Luo Hao's mouth. "Hoh," she said. "Another one."


An old man seemed to be lazing around on his throne sleeping. However the sheer form of the man frightened even the bravest souls.

Taking a deep breath a man walked forward hiding his trembling the best he can, although he failed.

"What is it?" The old man said without even bothering to open his eyes.

"V-Voban-sama!" The man squeaked, fear clearly showing in his voice.

"I asked you once. Do not make me repeat my question." Marquis Voban the oldest Campione said lazily, his eyes were still closed

Knowing if he did not give an appropriate answer shortly he will become a dead servant or a pillar of salt the man brought forth all his confidence.

"Voban-sama we have just received news that...well a Campione has been born."

The green eyes famous for having ended thousands of men with just a stare the [Eyes of Balor].

A smile graced that man/monster's lips. The smile could be a good thing or a bad thing it was like being in a precipice, fall and you die. "Ho...Really." Although the question was not said the man knew that he had to give more info or he risked dying.

"Yes...well the 8th's identity still remains unknown." -glare. The man hurried continued.

"However we were able to capture his image." The man said as he offered the envelope to the Balkan Devil.

Voban lazily tore open the envelope and glanced at the picture. The grin widened...too much, the subordinate knew that he was treading on dangerous grounds now.

"H-he supposedly defeated two herectic gods in a span of a week."

The grin widened considerably as it cracked the old man's lips. "Hoh! Two in a week...I see."

Knowing that he was in the old man's good side he hurriedly continued. "He defeated the unknown deity that appeared in the Italian city of Tisa and approximately 5 days later he defeated Herectic God Perseus who appeared in Napolis.

"Hmphhmmmhmmm." Voban grumbled under his throat. "Huhahahahahahahahahahaha!" the man full out laughed. "Amusing! Truly Amusing! To try to emulate me and succeed in killing more than one god in a week."

The unnamed subordinate swallowed the lump in his throat. Something told him to get away.

"Huahahahahahahahah!" Voban continued to laugh. "You!" Voban suddenly growled looking at the man squirming under his throne.

"SIR!" the implied man shouted.

"Get this boy." Voban said, the fire in his eyes lit.


The Black Prince Alex, the Campione from England was known to be privy around any matter concerning his interest, but in matters that did not. Well let's say he didn't give a damn. As a result, he was a man that kept his ear on the ground and listened to any rumors blowing in the country, but ignored any that were, to his ears, unimportant.

A beautiful girl of 21 walked down towards a café. She had a bright smile on her face and clutched an envelope in her hands. Her destination was clear.

"Oh what a coincidence meeting you here," the beautiful lady said with one of her hands covering her mouth as if displaying her surprise, to a lazy looking but calm man sipping his coffee.

"Yes and what a coincidence that you the White Princess herself, who should by all right be locked up in the Witengamot building be out in a stroll and just happened to meet me. What are the odds of that happening White Princess Alice?" The man replied without even looking up from his cup.

The girl smiled. "Why very low indeed," she replied feigning a smile that would have made a fox proud.

*sigh* "What do you want...if you want the ancient pair of mirrors I took, well you're out of luck," the man said.

"Although I would like those priceless mirrors, which I may add originate from the temple of a War god from Mesopotamia back. I have different matters to speak to you about today." The lady said,"However, how long will you have me wait before you offer me a seat. It is unbecoming of a gentleman to have a beautiful lady such as myself stand in the middle of a discussion, let alone a king such as you Alex," she berated.

The Campione of England grumbled but nonetheless he gestured to one chair.

"Thank you," Alice said as she sat down on the provided chair.

"You got 1 minute." Alex said, "By then I'll have finished my coffee after all."

"Always in such a hurry," grumbled Alice.

"50 seconds," Alex said as he increased the pace he was drinking his coffee.

*sigh* Alice took out the manila envelope and reached in. Slowly she withdrew a picture. "Have you seen this?"

Alex gave the picture a quick glance.

"Isn't that the new 8th Campione," he said.

"Why yes indeed," Alice said.

"If you came to give me this news you're wasting your time." Alex said as he finished his coffee.

"No what I'm going to speak to you about is something top secret. Even the higher ups of Witengamot do not know this," she whispered.

"Go ahead," Alex said his interest perked.

"I had a divine revelation about this new Campione…" Alice whispered quietly.

"Go on," Alex said. Even he a Campione would be interested in the prophecy of the White Princess.

"This man, this 8th is related somehow with Artus."


"Can you feel anything Yuri?" Erica asked.

"I'm sorry. I was unable to attain the vision," apologized the hime-miko of Japan.

"Don't worry about it." Godou said as he consoled Yuri.

"Indeed. Visions are based off of chance after all," Liliana continued as she looked across the red/black wasteland.

The visions of a hime-miko are crucial in times of need, when gods or divine beings wreck havoc in the world of mortals. They can be the trump card that helps identify the identity and perhaps appease a god. They also have a multitude of abilities that are special to them alone like Spirit Vision, Disaster Purification, and Divine Possessions although the last two are very rare. Furthermore, with training they could become special magicians known as Witches in the West.

Amongst all these special abilities of the mikos is Spirit Vision, a very common but very useful ability. It is the ability of the miko to attain divine revelation from the astral realm to identify a god. With this ability it is possible to appease a god before the herectic god/goddess wrecks havoc in the world of men. Even though the Spirit Vision is such a useful ability the probability of a vision is actually based off of chance. One may get it or one may not get it.

Mariya Yuri from Japan currently has the highest success rate in Spirit Vision. The odds of her attaining a vision are approximately 60% while other witches at best are half of that. As a result, her abilities are highly desired and protected by the History Compilation of Japan.

"I can feel the presence of gods, but I am currently unable to attain a vision," she whimpered, like a depressed girl.

Usually in where gods and Campione battle likes some amount of their divine presence. By sensing this divine presence mikos are able to attain visions. However, distance and time are factors of attaining a vision. If a miko is directly exposed to the presence of a god there is more of a chance of her attaining divine vision. However, since Kusanagi Godou and Mariya Yuri arrived late to a rather "stale" battlefield they were unable to attain the visions.

"Hmm," Erica murmured as she looked at the destruction of the city of Napolis. "Must have been a fantastic battle to destroy the whole city into rubble like this. Indeed the once bright city of Napolis famous as a tourist location became a dry wasteland in a mere night after all, almost like Pompei.

"Well, I can tell that there were a total of 4 different divine beings present in the conflict but nothing more," murmured Yuri as she laid her fingertips on the ground. "I am currently unable to differentiate between these divine beings," she apologized as she laid her head down in shame.

"Don't kill yourself over it. It's fine really," Godou said shrugging his shoulders. "We'll deal with it when the time comes."

"Godou-san~." Yuri said with a smile. Normally Godslayers would kill/maim/rape/... their subordinates for failing, but Kusanagi was different. For him it was more like "Eh~ whatever."

"Well this was a useless trip after all." Erica drawled with a yawn.

"Indeed," agreed Lilianna.

Godou did not say a word. He took another look around the scorched earth trying to imagine the battle that took place. Due to the divine presences still lingering in the land his Campione blood was partially being aroused.

"King let us return." Lilianna said as turned back to the parked vehicle waiting for them.

"Yeah," Godou said, "just give me a minute."

"What a waste of time," Erica yawned, "I could have gotten another hour of sleep."

"It couldn't be helped," Yuri protested as she got up and dusted the red dust from her green miko skirt. "If it is true that the new king is Japanese like Godou-san then it is natural to take precaution after all." Mariya explained.

"Well said Mariya Yuri," Lilianna agreed. "History has shown that two godslayers in close proximity will seek battle against each other, and if this new god slayer returns to Japan he will no doubt challenge Kusanagi-sama."

"How troublesome." Erica said as she stretched, of course her boobs were even more pronounced from this simple action.

"Well they are ticking time bombs after all," Mariya said looking like a mother scolding a naughty child.

"It might be true that Kusanagi Godou tries to restrict himself, it doesn't change the fact that his fight due tend to swallow half of the city." Lilianna said.

"Oi~!" The Insulted Pacifist said in protest, "It's not like I try...to..." Godou drawled but then abruptly stopped talking. He started squinting his eyes.

"Godou you must keep in mind that you...Godou what's wrong?" Erica asked.

"No, nothing's wrong. It's just something glinted over there." He said as he pointed towards the horizon.

"I don't see anything," Lilianna said as she squinted her eyes towards the direction of Godou's finger.

The youngest Campione started walking towards the direction of the faint but definite light. "I think it was around...Ha! Here it is!" Our young Campione said as he spied the squinting light again. Although he wasn't aware of it himself, due to his senses being heightened in his partial Campione state Godou was able to detect something that even Great Knights couldn't detect.

"I think it was around here." Godou said as he started digging the red earth with his bare hands

"What is it?" Yuri asked as she started walking towards her male classmate.

"I don't know." Godou replied with a frown, as he continued to dig.

"Godou. What's wrong?" Erica said as she approached from behind.

"King?" Lilianna asked.

"Just a little more." Godou grunted as his hands continued to scratch the earth. "Ow." Godou said as he quickly retreated his left hand from the earth, a small drop of blood trailed down the 7th king's finger.

"My lords are you alright," Lilianna cried with alarm as she quickly took a hold of the finger.

"Don't worry about it." Godou said as he started blushing, after all a beautiful girl was holding his hand. "It's just a little cut after all." He said as he scratched the back of his head with a laugh.

Noticing the situation and how she desperately holding the hand of a young man, Lilianna blushed as she quickly let go of the hand. "P-Please be careful of such things." Lilianna said with a blush. "You're a king after all; you shouldn't be the one to dig the dust. It sets a bad example for others!" Lilianna shouted.

'Jiiiii stare.' Of course Lilianna and Godou then noticed their situation and how there were spectators to see their exchange. Especially the Yamato Nadeshiko miko next to them. Mariya didn't say a word, but the sheer strength of her stare pierced Godou and Liliana hearts like swords.

"Edo~ Mariya-san?" Godou whispered like a troubled child.

"Nani Godou-san~." Mariya said with the shadow of death behind her.

The seventh god slayer that usurped the authorities of the god of victory and fought countless other gods and godslayers started fearing for his life as sweat the size of bullets started raining down his forehead.

"*sigh* Godou is still so immature," Erica sighed as she put down her head and rested it on her hand. "Hmm what's this?" Erica whispered as something caught the corner of her eyes in the little hole that her beloved dug. Erica narrowed her eyes.

Something glinted in the ground.

Following the shine Erica bent down and dusted the dust off of the item that caught her attention.

"What's this," Erica repeated as she uncovered...two black and white pieces of metal coiled together. Almost like husband and wife.

Normally anyone would just ignore the random pieces of metal, however coincidentally Erica happened to be a magician of iron; as a result she felt something within those pieces metal...sort of like her beloved sword Cuore di Leone.

"Sentience of Steel," Erica whispered with a hush. Obviously a female magician specializing in iron would be familiar of this term after all.

Erica calmly like a lady befitting of her status reached into her handbag and took out a handkerchief. Slowly she collected the pieces of metal in the soft silk handkerchief.

While Kusanagi Godou was getting his head bitten off by the normally shy miko, the silver knight standing beside her lord noticed her childhood friend's suspicious actions.

Walking up to her blonde haired rival/friend, the silver haired fairy like knight peeked over her shoulders. "What is it Eri..." The silver haired knight's eyes widened as she focused completely upon the twisted white/black pieces of metal.

Erica finally noticed the presence of the girl peeking from behind her shoulders. "Oh Lilianna it's not...Lilianna what's wrong?" Erica asked with evident concern.

The pupils of the silver haired knight dilated as she stood completely still. It looked like she froze in place as the young girl stared at the twisted/melted but still together melted pieces of metal.

As mentioned before, witches and mikos are essentially one and the same. As a result, although the rate of having successes unlike Yuri was smaller Lilianna was a witch capable of Spirit Vision.

The stunned/frozen knight finally opened her mouth and spoke the words that came from her vision," [Kanshou]... [Bakuya]."


"Yes," confirmed the hime-miko as she held the pieces of metal in her hand and stood straight in the blowing wind. With the straight back, her eyes closed, and hair blowing in the wind while holding a handkerchief holding pieces of metals, Mariya looked like a sage of some sort waiting for...something.

"So it's true." Lilianna whispered.

"Yes," Mariya reconfirmed. "These metals definitely came from the twin married sword [Kanshou] and [Bakuya] from Chinese Mythology, Divine Artifacts."

"Really," Godou said as he examined the pieces of metal. "These things were that great?"

The blonde beauty crossed her arms and leaned on the wall; she closed her eyes and started recounting, "[Kanshou] and [Bakuya] also known as Gan Jiang and Mo Ye named after the creator/blacksmith Gan Jiang (Kanshou) and his wife Mo Ye (Bakuya). A truly tragic and sad tale of woe."

Lilianna nodded as she leaned on the table. "Legend has it that the King of Wu ordered Gan Jiang to forge an Imperial Sword for him...of course failing is equivalent to death."

With a sad face Mariya took up the story again. "However Gan Jiang was unable to create the sword that fits the King's description and stared panicking for his life. In his desperation Gan Jiang did not notice that his wife was worried for her husband. So she took a gamble, she risked her life."

Lilianna and Erica nodded with a sad expression. Erica continued, "In order to grant swords divinity and make them reach the realm of gods, the sacrifice of human life is absolutely necessary in those times." Erica said as she summoned her beloved sword Cuore di Leone.

"You don't mean to tell me that Mo Ye did...?" Godou was unable for finish his sentence. Dread apparent in his face.

"Mo Ye for her beloved husband decided to throw herself at the burning furnace right in front of her husband." Mariya said with closed eyes and a sad expression.

"..." Godou said no more.

"Even my I1 Maestro and Erica's Cuore di Leone were made in a similar fashion," explained Lilianna as she caressed her beloved sword in its sheath around her hips. "I1 Maestro was made and shaped in the presence of the masterpiece of a dying and unknown musician during the Renaissance. As a result, no one but this sword and the deceased composer know the full tune of the supposed greatest work of the era." Liliana finished.

"Cuore di Leone too was forged under the beating heart of brave lion's heart. Legend has it that the supposed male lion fought against an impossible foe to protect his pride, and won but succumbed under its great wounds and died. However his heart kept on pumping even after his death, as if still beating to try to protect his family. Magicians used this beating heart to forge my sword Cuore di Leone also known as Brave Lion Heart." Erica explained as she too started caressing her sword.

Mariya took up the story once again. "With tears in his eyes Gan Jiang used his wife's sacrifice as well as the Essence of Five Mountains and the Metal of Six Heroes into two blades. The black one..." Mariya said as she pointed to the black piece of twisted metal, "was named [Kanshou] after the blacksmith and the white one..." Mariya continued as she moved her fingers to point towards the white piece of metal was named, "[Bakuya] after the brave wife whose sacrificed herself for her husband."

"...I see..." Godou nodded with a sad expression.

Erica walked up to Mariya and picked up the pieces of metal, one in her right hand and the other in her left. "These swords supposedly have a great attraction to each other, "Erica said as she examined them and returned them to Yuri.

The romanticist novelist Lilianna smiled as she continued, "even in death these swords attract each other, making them ideal throwing weapons," Lilianna said. "Legend has it that once thrown these swords will definitely one day reunite with each other and return to their wielder no matter what."

Mariya bowed her head, "It's sad." Yuri said a she caressed the pieces of metal. Even twisted, destroyed, and melted these pieces of metal still reunited with each other after all."

"Hmm truly like two wings flying asunder each other." Lilianna whispered as the tragic but romantic story lit the fire of her romanticist novel passion.

"Sounds like us right Godou~," Erica teased as she poked Godou's chest.

"Us?!" Godou said in alarm as he was brought out of his stupor.

"You'll stay with me even in death right Godou?" Erica whispered with an adorable expression that half the men in the world would give their right arms for to be able to see and perhaps aimed at them.

"Godou-san...," whispered the Hime-miko looking adorable as she scrunched up her shoulders and blushed. Although, Mariya Yuri was a realistic person who works hard she too like perhaps every other girl was a romanticist.

"My king I believe our relationship is more similar. After all, I am your knight and I shall follow you till death and beyond...like the two wings flying asunder each other." Lilianna finished as she quoted herself again. She was clearly trying to sound professional, but failing due to the blush evident on her face.

"Ah~," Godou replied looking horribly lost.

"Godou!"/"Godou-san!"/"Kusanagi Godou!"

"Alright I get it..." The only boy said in exasperation. Obviously he didn't though.

The two innocent pieces of metal continued to glint in fluorescent light.

"Mariya, could I keep the fragments?" Godou asked as he outstretched his hand.

"Of course Godou-san. You're the one who found them after all." Mariya said as she handed the fragments. Usually such pieces were deemed as treasures and guarded jealously by different organizations, but no organization would dare try to pry the fingers of a Campione to get pieces of metal.

Taking up his serious face again Godou pocketed the twisted/melted pieces of the projections. Due to them having been melted there were no sharp edges to be worried for. "[Kanshou] and [Bakuya] huh?" He said trying to imagine the 8th Campione who wielded them. "I wonder what type of person he is."



The voice kept on piercing the darkness of her tired and unconscious mind. There was no form of semblance of thought in her mind just the feeling of being tired.


The voice finally managed to rouse her mind just a little. Perhaps it was because it was annoying or perhaps it was because the voice was laced with urgency and concern. Either way her mind started to, once again, function.

With hesitant and slow motion the eyes of the unconscious girl started to open. The bright light of the ceiling partially blinded her, but in just a few moments her eyes adjusted itself to see the other occupants and the especially concerned person hovering above her.

"Rider~," the purple haired girl mumbled drowsily as she registered the other taller magenta haired woman standing above her. Sakura absently noted that her ex-Servant was fully healed and still in her battle clothes. The tight fitting black leather outfit hugged her body exposing all her curves and a modest show of her cleavage. The only thing missing was the ever present blindfold replaced by the mystic eyes killing glasses that she, her sister, and Illya crafted when sem~...

"EMIYA SEMPAI!" Sakura shouted in alarm as her brain suddenly went into full active mode as she recalled what happened to her beloved sempai. Of course she immediately rose up to sitting position from what she now as she recognized the bed, as she recalled all the events that unfolded.

Rider could pride herself on being an extremely fast and capable servant yet even she was not fast enough to dodge the Noble Phantasm known as "Sakura's Forehead When She Is Concerned For Her Sempai" attack.

The foreheads of the two purple haired girls collided with each other with a resounding clash that echoed through the whole room.

"Owwie," Sakura said as she clutched her forehead in pain. "Rider are you alright?"

The powerful black servant's face could not be seen. Instead she was in a comical but alluring position with her butt up and forehead in her hands on the floor as she squiggled around in pain as well. Luckily there were no men in the room or else they would have bent down in pain themselves no doubt.

"I'm...alright. Do...not...worry...Sakura," the black servant seemed to gasp as she lay on the floor waving one of her hands around to reassure the purple haired girl. Of course from a 3rd person point of view the motions of the hand looked equivalent to that of a waving white flag of surrender.

"*sign* Sakura is really desperate when it comes to her sempai isn't it," teased a voice from the corner.

Sakura quickly swiveled her head towards the source of the voice and pinpointed on her sister. "Tohsaka-sempai!" whined the purple haired girl as she blushed under the pillow.

"Rider are you alive?" Illya asked in the background.

Rider merely continued to wave her hand and continue saying "I'm fine...I'm fine...I'm fine," in a trance like manner.

Suddenly realizing the missing comforting presence, Sakura popped her face back up as she scanned her settings like a computer.

They were in a square room with two beds, different from the hotel room that they were usually in. A Japanese flag was spied outside so she could confidently deduce that they were back in their homeland. There was a small refrigerator in the background and some furniture.

Rin was right next to her. Rider was on the floor. Illya was hovering right above her. And Sempai was...

Like a broken machine Sakura's head turned until she was looking at her nee-san as she croaked out a question. "Where's Sempai." Sakura demanded with cold eyes and a smile.


Elsewhere thousands of miles away the same question was being asked.

"Where the hell am I?" Said a red haired teen as he regained consciousness. His heavy eyelids opened as he started assessing himself.

Closing his eyes the teen murmured under a low voice, "Trace On."

The red haired boy plain out sucked at magic however there remained a spell that he was always confident at. Structural Grasping. Using this rather basic magic Shirou is fully capable of scanning objects such as swords and other weapons. However right now he turned this magic onto his own body as he assessed his current situation.

Hmm, no broken bones or torn muscles. The swords in my body vanished all superficial and mental wounds and pain had vanished. Burns and cuts have all healed, and even the giant headache that he suffered disappeared. All in all, Shirou was at perfect condition.

All my wounds have healed Shirou voiced in his thoughts. Shirou knew that having [Avalon] in his body helped but this recuperation was ridiculous.

Well can't say I'm not thankful for it. Shirou thought as he once again opened his eyes...And promptly closed them again.

"Why the FUCK am I flying!" Shouted a very surprised teen to the world. Ever so slowly Shirou peeked his eyes open to scan his surroundings.

Looking around Shirou found that he was flying at a ridiculous speed as his surrounding blurred past him. Looking around he saw large bodies of water, great plains, mountains, farmland and even cities go shooting past him.

"UAAAAAAA!" Shouted the legendary god slayer who defeated 2 gods in record time.

Something started crawling up his stomach and into his esophagus. "Oh no~," Shirou dreaded with an apprehended look on his face.

"Blurgh...Blagh" Unable to keep his stomach contents inside his stomach the great devil king promptly emptied his stomach contents.


Shinji Matou (not the fate version) thought himself as a supreme breed amongst cattle. He had blue moppy hair and had a high attitude. For proof women flocked to him in droves.

Of course the women flocked to him not because of who he was, but because of the contents of his wallet. No one in their right mind would ever love this arrogant bastard for who he was. Shinji hailing from an old line always had a lot of money on hand. Of course he did not notice this fact nor did anyone tell him.

Today was a special day for him. Today was the day that he would confess and capture the heart of the school idol, whom he considered his only equal. For this purpose he specifically dressed up in a fine suit, did his hair and even put on cologne.

He even went on stage in front of the whole school for this purpose.

With dramatic (unneeded) hand motions Shinji started his love confession, "Oh goddess of my eye you have captured my heart with your beautiful eyelashes. Now my only wish is if you can look upon me with those jade eyes of yours."

The girl only went, "Eh~."

Without giving up Shinji continued. "You are without a doubt the most beautiful fruit of them all, truly a diamond amongst rocks. Now I only ask of you to lend me your hand."

The girl looked sick to her stomach.

Shinji did not notice. "It is only common for jewels and gems to be amongst each other. I who have been blessed by the Gods only want what's rightfully mine."

The girl had enough. Not only was this cynic bastard embarrassing her in front of the whole school but he was also claiming her as his own. Who the hell does he think he is?

With fury in her eyes the girl screamed, "Who the hell do you think you are?!"

Claiming a pose like that of Jesus with open arms, as if to show who he was Shinji announced, "The Blessed One...," like a saint.

Now before we continue this horrible story, the reader must understand that the field they were in was outside in a garden of flowers (shinji-absolute effect). The rest of the school population was lined up amongst bleachers to see this horrible soap opera (some already fainted from cheesiness). However, when the cheesy confession was going on no one notice a ray of light go shooting past them.

Of course fate just had to play her course and the timing when Shirou (King) barfed was when Shinji (clown/blessed one) made his announcement. So...Continuing

"The Blessed One by the Gods!" Shinji announced to the world as he looked up at the sky like a holy man...

...only for vomit to fall right in his face and clothes out of nowhere.

The students, the teachers, the girl, even the grass was quiet after that. It was as if God himself could no longer bear Shinji's messed up cheesy confession and threw up at him.

10 seconds later the whole world laughed at Shinji.

Needles to say Shinji moved out of the area by the next day.


While Shirou was in his own hell flying god knows where, another king too was suffering hell.

"De, Erica why the hell are we here?" The 7th king demanded as he started seething.

"What do you mean why are we here? We're obviously here because we all decided to stay rest and sleep here." The blonde beauty said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"We could have just gone to a hotel or something!" Kusanagi Godou shouted in panic!

"Ara Godou you wanted to spend some alone time with me in a love hotel," Erica whispered with a smile like a devil."I wouldn't mind that."

"I didn't say that!" Kusanagi Godou screamed trying to protect whatever innocence he had.

"Ara if Godou wants it I wouldn't mind changing my schedule for that purpose," Erica said as she wrapped her impressive cleavage into the only boys' arms.

"Shounen is something the matter?" Questioned a tall beauty as she walked up to the blonde girl and black haired boy.

Turning around Godou tried to seek help from the owner of that voice. "Lucretia-san..." Only to promptly shut up immediately.

"What is it shounen?" The famed witch asked.

"W-Wh-Wha-WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!" Our very lucky protagonist screamed as he tried to shield his eyes and a massive blush started creeping up to his cheeks.

"A swimsuit like yours and your girls." Lucretia Zola said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"A swimsuit! Isn't that just a piece of string?" Godou shouted as he tried to hide his eyes.

Kusanagi Godou after having travelled to the city of Naples planned to immediately return to Japan. However, due to a sudden weather catastrophe all the flights heading to Japan were cancelled. In such a situation Kusanagi Godou received a call from the witch Lucretia Zola on an invitation to her home for a vacation. After all they were close by and the storm would not clear up for at least 5 days.

Godou was suspicious but the girls immediately accepted after hearing about the chance to personally meet the Witch of Sardinia.

Of course being in a tropical area and around the sea Erica immediately proposed a swim in which Godou vehemently tried to deny but was soundly out voted.

"Neh Godou," Erica whispered in his ear, "How's my swimsuit?"

"..." A blush spread in Godou's face as he tried his best to avert his gaze from a potentially dangerous sight. Especially the part that was touching him, the soft, bountiful, and full part that was currently enveloped around his...'DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!' He shouted at himself to wipe the thought from his mind.

"Godou~," Erica drawled with an adorable expression.

Meanwhile Kusanagi Godou's mind went into hyper drive as he tried to cut all feeling from his right arm. Even so it was impossible. "I-It's g-good." He said trying to sound as natural as possible. Even though Lucretia-san's swimsuit was daring Erica although a little more modest was still arousing. The Italian beauty wore a bikini with the major themes being black and white. The upper portion did little to hide her massive bust nor did the lower potion cover the waist. In fact one could say the swimsuit showed off more of her figure. It was a sight that would have put gravure models to shame.

With a smirk Erica took Godou's arm and with strength that contrasts between her image put the arm of the male under the swimsuit this time in direct contact with skin. WH-What are you doing Idiot!" Godou shouted loudly as his face became even redder.

Erica with a smile of a devil said, "Well since Godou didn't seem satisfied I thought that doing this was the only choice." The devil in the beauty's body squeezed tighter.

That was it Godou's brain short circuited. 'Ah~ Grandmother in heaven I'm coming.' Godou said as he felt like he was flying.

However just when Godou was about to depart to the afterlife a voice called out to him which forced him back, namely the voice of Mariya Yuri.

"G-Godou-san what do you think you're doing?!" The surprised Hime-Miko said with a flushed face.

Quickly following the source of the sound Godou found Mariya Yuri in a modest blue one piece standing on the sand with a shocked expression. Although, 99% of Godou was thinking of a way of trying to protect his innocence, Godou could not help but unconsciously comment to himself, 'Mariya is cute in swimwear.'

"Mariya!" Godou said sounding like a boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. "You have to believe me. This..." The innocent boy got no further.

"I understand Godou-san!" Mariya said with the force of a judge bringing down the hammer on a sinner. "Just because we are far away from home, it doesn't give you the right to fool around Godou-san!" Yuri said. "Engaging in...Such activities should wait until the right age Godou-san."

Under the onslaught worse than Vauban's lighting or wolves Godou could do nothing but hang his head in shame.

Sunbathing in the corner Lucretia took all this in with amusement as if watching a soap opera. Whistling the famed witch whispered to no one in particular, "That miko sure has a lashing tongue." However, Lucretia made no move to stop this or solve the plight of the black haired boy (victim); instead she continued to enjoy the show.

"Mariya," the young boy said with a pleading look.

However the miko did not relent. Instead she became harsher. "I am severely disappointed in you Godou-san I thought you would be a little bit more..." Flashing in Yuri's mind was the handsome vision of Godou battling against the Marquis for her sake. "...A little bit more mature," with a blush.

Erica seeing this thought, 'Hoh! Looks like Yuri is becoming more docile.' Looking at Godou she sighed and said, "Godou you sure are a sinful man."

Godou did not notice the underlying meaning nor did he notice Yuri's change of expression. He looked at Erica and just said, "This isn't my fault." Godou started struggling under Erica's grip. "Now let go of me." He protested loudly trying to prove his innocence

By all stroke of luck, Godou somehow struggled free of Erica's grip. However the momentum of struggling gave him a little too much force.

'I'm free!' Godou thought as he was no longer trapped in the (cough) valley. However, his freedom was short lived. "What's this?" The unfortunate man whispered as he noticed the piece of fabric caught in his right hand. It took a few minutes for Godou to process the identity of the article of clothing that seemingly seemed to have appeared out of nowhere in his hands. "Th-This is!" Godou stuttered as he stared in disbelief at the black and red cloth in his hand. Slowly like a broken machine Godou turned his gaze to the blonde Italian beauty that held him captive just a moment ago.

"Ara Godou. Aren't you bold today?" Giggled the beauty. The blonde Caucasian stood under the sun shining beautifully; however there was a clear yet decisive difference between the Erica now and the Erica just a minute ago. Namely the article of clothing that hid her impressive assets from view were now gone. All that stood in the way was but her arms in folded position as if Godou still remained in her arms

"E-Erica!" Godou stammered the blood rising to his cheeks.

"What's wrong Godou?" The girl said with a smile clearly enjoying the plight that the young man was going through.

Swallowing the saliva that collected in his mouth Godou shouted, "E-Erica I'm sorry!" With those words the Japanese boy dogedzad as he offered back the article of clothing he tore away from her.

Smiling Erica walked up to her beloved and took back the offered swimsuit. "It's fine Godou. In fact it's rather refreshing for you to act more manly in such situations," Erica said with a smile as she put on the swimsuit again. "Besides we should not have any secrets between us. As lovers there is no reason to cover our bodies from each other's views." The blonde said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Also, instead of me you should be concerned for yourself," pointing behind Godou.

"What do you mean?" The honest man said following the finger to see...It was clearly summer the sun was shining and the day was bright, yet Godou felt a chill that froze his bones in place.

"M-Mariya-san?" Godou tentatively poked.

"G.O.D.O.U-S.A.N!" The Hime-miko drawled the name with venom. Yuri had watched as Kusanagi Godou (in her view) snatch off the top part of Erica's bikini with force. The world seemed to stop at that moment for her. It seemed like there really was no hope for Japan's lustful King!

(5 minutes later)

Lilianna walked out of the dressing room in her modest swimsuit. The swimsuit wasn't as daring as Erica's but likewise it wasn't as conservative as Yuri's. It was a black and blue one piece that totally covered the front but exposed the back. Actually Lilianna was quite proud of this swimsuit. In her view it showed off her well toned figure but not too much so that it was indecent. It was just right in her opinion.

She was comparatively later than the other girls because she was rather busy arguing with Karen about her choice of swimwear.

Karen seemingly produced and encouraged a rather shameless swimwear. How could anyone wear such a thing in public! The swimwear just barely covered the essentials.

Karen promoted what was a bikini that was way too small for a sane person to wear. The upper portion barely covered the chest with what seemed like triangles. The bottom portion also exposed way too much for anyone to wear in public.

Lilianna rejected the swimsuit immediately but Karen pursued the topic relentlessly.

She said things that didn't make sense like, "No male will be there besides the Kusanagi-sama," or "In order to appeal to Kusanagi-sama this is the best way."

In the end though Lilianna strongly refused and Karen went back disheartened but not yet defeated. Saying things like, "One day Lilianna-sama, I will definitely...one day," with a camera glinting in her hands.

Due to the argument with the maid, Lilianna was late. Thus she had no idea why one of the 7 mighty Kings was lying on the beach with bruises all over his body with an expression of defeat, despair and protest.

Cautiously walking up to the fallen King Lilianna poked the fallen boy like one would poke a dead animal with a stick and asked. "Are you alright?"

As an answer, all that Lilianna got were what seemed like continuous muttering like, "It's not my fault," and tears of regret and pity.


The day ended. Night was falling. The beach session as well ended and all the participants retired back into the comfortable accommodations of the eldest host.

However, the plight of our male Campione was far from over.

"Arianna more~" drawled Erica with slur as she waved a glass around.

"Hai. Hai." A male voice said as he grabbed a bottle and poured the rich red liquid into a glass.

"Yay!" Erica squealed like a child as she drank the wine. "Glub. Glub. Glub. Kya. More!" The drunk woman shouted as she thrust the cup in Godou's direction.

Muttering, "Hai. Hai." Godou again served Erica the expensive wine.

"Glub Glub Glub! Kyah! Good wine after a swim is perfect!" The Italian beauty announced as she drank the umpteenth cup with a faint blush across her cheek. "Don't you agree Arianna, Mariya?" She questioned with a smile as the clearly drunk girl grabbed a hold of Godou.

"Like I said, I'm not Arianna-san." Godou told the drunk girl. "I'm Godou!" Godou sighed stroking the back of the girl that immediately fell asleep from the first drink. It seemed Mariya had very low alcohol tolerance, probably because she has never drunk it before; after all she was a shrine maiden. Thus, when Erica persuaded her to drink Mariya was knocked out cold from her first sip. Currently she was sleeping soundly next to Godou.

This was almost exactly like the time Erica and he first arrived in Lucretia-san's mansion.




'...or maybe' worse Godou decided as he turned around to look at the drunk trio.

Currently Karen-san, Arianna-san, and even Lucretia-san were all sprawled on the couches drunk on wine. Their discussions ranged from broad topics, examples such as...

"Lucretia-san you're breasts are so huuuuge! What size are they?"-Arianna


"I'm wearing black underwear!"-Karen

Or even

"I like younger men."-Lucretia

Although Kusanagi Godou was right in the room, he absolutely ignored them. "Nope! Those girls are definitely not there! I did not hear a thing! I am deaf! I am deaf! I am deaf!" As one can see, the young adolescent boy's mind was currently in a complicated turmoil.

However, Godou surprisingly was not the only person sane in this situation.

"Neh Godou drink up!" The clearly drunk Erica said as she waved a bottle around. "You got to drink to get big." With those words she flung her arms around the person to her left as she hiccupped.

"Erica I'm here." Godou sighed as he waved his arms to grab her attention.

Hiccupping and giggling the girl laughed, "Arianna how could you be Godou!" As the girl just leaned more to the left.

So who was the person to the left?

"How shameless Erica. To have mistaken me for your lord merely because of a few drinks," the cool beauty said as she sipped her wine. Pushing the girl draped over her Lilianna scooted more to the left to escape the drunk Erica leaving Godou to fend for himself.

"Godou is so mean!" Erica bawled as she suddenly jumped at the unsuspecting cool beauty.

"Kyaaah!" Lilianna shouted out loud as Erica suddenly toppled her over. "Erica get off of me!" Lilianna growled as she pushed against the drunkard. However it was useless, Erica was already strengthening her body with magic. Although, Lilianna could do the same, her magic specialized in witch techniques, flight, and speed. Sadly Erica surpassed her in terms of reinforcement magic.

"Godou kun is so shy." Laughed Erica as she gave a cute hiccup. "Give me a kiss!" The blonde girl suddenly pursed her lips and leaned forward towards the one she perceived as Godou.

"Noooooooo!" Lilianna shrieked as she struggled around escaping the ominous lips. "I will not give my first kiss to a girl. Moreover you!" Lilianna shouted as she dodged the lips by quickly moving her head. To the real Kusanagi Godou that was looking from the sidelines it seemed like a game of whack a mole, except Erica's lips was the hammer and Lilianna's lips was the mole.

"Ara ara. fufu. Godou is so shy." Erica laughed as she restrained Lilianna tightly. In the process of restraining the supposed male however Erica noticed something unusual.

"Hmm Godou what happened to your chest?" She asked with genuine drunk tone. Erica quickly restrained the still struggling girl as she massaged the "male's" chest. "It seems a little soft and bigger than normal?"

"Noo...aaaa...don't touch...haaaah...hiiih." Heavily breathing Lilianna protested against Erica's advances however Erica did not let up.

"Wow their soft, almost like a girl!" Erica decided as she touched them even more ignoring the struggling girl.

"What do you mean almost? I am a girl!" Lilianna protested loudly.

However Erica did not listen she continued the rub the small but definite mounds of the small fairy like girl. "They're good, but they aren't as good as mine." Erica whispered in Lilianna's ears before she suddenly bit down gently on the ears.

"Erica...iyaaan." Lilianna protested again as Erica this time put her hand under Lilianna's shirt. Lilianna then spotted Godou shying away and implored for help. "My lord...iyaaa...p-please...help."

Kusanagi Godou was a man amongst men. As a god slaying king none could challenge him in this fact. However it doesn't change the fact that he was a man and thus inferior to woman when they were pissed, jealous, or especially drunk.

"Sorry Lilianna." Godou whispered looking away from the immoral scene. "I can't help your there."

Having heard the words that spelled her doom Lilianna's eyes glazed over.

"Godou~," Erica drawled as the drunk girl started licking the exposed neck of the silver haired girl.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The doomed knight screamed in terror.

"G-Godou-san what happened?" Mariya Yuri said as she sleepily rubbed sleep from her eyes. It seemed the scream of terror woke her up; however due to the alcohol still in her system she still wasn't fully awake. Rubbing her eyes the cute girl looked even more cute as she yawned like a small child.

Stroking the soft hair of the shrine maiden Godou put his finger in front of his mouth for the universal motion of silence and said. "Shhh! Mariya just sleep." Godou thought that exposing Mariya, the innocent shrine maiden to this chaos would be catastrophic to her pure heart.

Mariya still in a daze looked up and nodded as she put her head down and slept with cute noises like a cat as Godou continued stroking the soft hair.

God help me! The god slayer soundlessly prayed.


"In the name of the King of Gods, I command you winds to blow! I command you seas to storm! I command you rain to fall! I command you lightning to strike!" Said a booming voice.

Though these words sound like any normal words uttered, these are the spell words of a God to make weather bow down to him. Thus, if one heard it directly, they would have heard power reverberate in each letter uttered.

As was said, the winds blew, the seas stormed, the rain fell and lightning struck. In mere seconds the tropical weather of Mediterranean became the middle of a raging typhoon.

However the summoner of the storms couldn't be seen. In fact all one could see was a shining source of light that illuminated the storms and the night.

The light like a sun turned around to see the other entity behind him hidden in the shadows.

Although there was no face thus no facial features, if one saw this scene he/she would have sworn that the light was somehow smiling. "Is that good enough old comrade?" It asked with a chuckle.

Under the luminous light the shadows retreated to show the form of a handsome young man in his 30s. However even under the light shadows still danced on the man's face. Nothing more could be discerned. Laughing the divine figure said, "Thank you old friend. I shall treasure your gift." The voice that came out was like no other. It was melodious yet full of wisdom, it was youthful yet experienced. It was deadly.

"Hahahaha!" The light laughed. "No thanks needed old friend. After all this is merely repaying you a favor." The voice in the light boomed like the storm.

The two divine deities looked at each other for a while.

Finally the youthful deity asked. "Are you sure about this old friend? I am going to hunt your prey you know and from the start you were always a selfish type that never shared." The voice had a hint of malevolence in it as if daring the other deity to make a move.

In response the being in the light just laughed. "Muhahahah! Oh old friend you never were the intimidating type." The god's laugh once again prompted the storms. "Besides," he added, "In this form I wouldn't even be able to stop you."

The other divine deity nodded. "True...Beelzebub...no Melquart."

Due to the battle between Kusanagi Godou a few months ago the Herectic God Melquart was severely injured and his physical body destroyed. Thus, he had no choice but to wait and slumber in the earth to regain his strength, vitality, and body. However, in this slumber one dared to awaken the Phoenician King God.

"However!" The thunders boomed in a threatening. "Be warned old friend!" Lightning struck near where the two deities spoke. "My prey will not be defeated with parlor tricks."

The other unnamed deity narrowed its eyes. "Duly noted," he said aloud raising his divine power, not in a defense or intimidation but in a sign of respect and acknowledgement. The rain around them started steaming from intense heat. Soon the whole area was surrounded in dense fog

The winds slightly lessened. Melquart the divine king stared through the dense fog at the other deity. The Ancient King snorted which blew a massive wind that cleared the fog. "Something tells me that my prey won't fall to you old friend."

The other deity in response turned his back and started walking away. However once he was at the edge of speaking distance he shouted, "I'm the one who foretells old friend." With that the deity disappeared. Like a vanishing flame.


Putting the blanket over the sleeping girls, Godou looked down upon the sleeping faces of Erica and Mariya. The two were sleeping side by side like sisters, each were cute and beautiful in their own way.

Sighing Godou left the room as he made special care not to make any alerting noises as he closed the door. Just before the door closed Godou whispered to them, "Good night," and finally shut the door without a sound.

Sighing again from all the chaos that happened just 10 minutes ago Godou scratched his face as a blush came on his face. The girls were all crazy and drunk from the wine however given enough time they all fell asleep making the chaos that took place look like a lie.

Calmly walking forward in the large hallway, Godou arrived again at the living room where the chaos took place. Honestly the room was a mess. Bottles lay everywhere. Furniture was smashed. Drapes were torn. Chairs were strewn all over the place. Wine leaked on the floor.

Sighing yet again, Godou rolled up his sleeves and got to work cleaning up the mess that the girls caused.

"Wh-What are you doing King!?" A voice said with shock and alarm.

"Hmm." Godou said as he searched for the source of the sound and finding a very startled Lilianna rooted in place.

"What do you mean 'what am I doing?' I'm obviously just cleaning up the place," Godou said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You my lord are a King! Such actions does not suit you!" Lilianna retorted as she immediately walked forward and swiped the towel in Godou's hands. "Please leave such menial tasks to me." Lilianna said as she rolled up her sleeves.

"Aaah.." muttered Godou as the silver haired girl immediately got to work wiping the spilled wine with an air of professional. "I'll at least help," he offered as he started lifting the heavy furniture back to its place


"Now-now," Godou admonished her. "I was part of the reason why the room is dirty, so obviously I should help." Godou said as he pushed and heaved.


"Lilianna-san," Godou said a little sternly. "When someone offers help, it is mannerly to accept."

"...Y-yes sir." Lilianna said as she unwillingly accepted the helping hand.

Together the Knight and King like a pair of maids cleaned up the damage.

"Whew!" Godou said as he wiped the sweat from his brow. "That took a longer time than I though."

"Indeed," the other occupant of the room said as she threw away the last piece of trash. "That took longer than it should have." The girl agreed as she flipped her hair.

The action of flipping her hair attracted Godou's eyes. The waving hair emphasized her beauty and Godou couldn't help but stare. Lilianna had a different but definite charm. She looked regal and knightly like a strict woman, but also a type of girl that would take care of the house in her husband's absence. It was a completely different type of girl compared the extravagant Erica but still a beautiful girl nonetheless.

Lilianna noticed Godou's staring and she couldn't help start to blush. Slowly she covered her petite body with her arms and shyly said, "P-Please don't stare at me." The action was equivalent to a scared puppy looking up at his master. In other words, it was extremely cute.

"S-Sorry!" Godou shouted as a blush came to his cheek. Quickly he turned the other way to show that he was no longer staring at the girl. Thinking fast Godou stammered, "I-It's just that I was surprised a knight like you Lilianna-san was capable of cleaning!"

Lilianna in turn blinked and answered back, "I understand why you think this, but please do not associate me with that girl." In both of their minds was the image of a lavicious young Italian beauty who never cleaned up after herself.

Continuing the silver haired knight said. "Although we are both knights, she and I are completely different people. Perhaps akin to two sides of a coin." The eyes of the girl narrowed as she remembered all the horrible experience she had to go through because of that girl.

"hah~," Godou said as he felt the ill intent radiating off of her.

Awkward silence took place.

"And we interrupt his program with important news." Something said.

"Hmm." Godou thought as he followed the sound to a Television. Due to the modern appliance being a distraction in the party Lucretia san turned down the volume but it was never fully turned off. Grabbing the remote located on the coffee desk Godou turned up the volume to listen to the supposed emergency.

On screen was a man in a raincoat standing in the middle of a storm as he described the supposed weather catastrophe. "Thank you Giavi!" The man roared into his mike. "I'm afraid the sudden hurricane has only gotten worse." The man said. "Towns and cities in the east have already declared it an emergency and immediately locked down their citizens. "The people are encouraged to pack their essentials and head to emergency procedures for the night due to the heavy storm that threatens their home."

"Do you have any reason why this storm took place?" Another newscaster asked.

"No! In fact the meteorologists too are absolutely stunned by this change in weather!" The newscaster said. "The storm suddenly rose in the east Mediterranean and came east onto the harbor of Italy." Live films of the destruction of the west side of the country was shown as proof. "We advise everyone to engage in emergency procedures. As of right now, there is a good chance the storm will spread to the west and continue to wreak havoc throughout the country."

"Crazy weather." Godou commented as he turned off the TV.

"Indeed." The knight muttered as she stared hard at the modern appliance. 'Something feels off.' Lilianna muttered to herself. Although, Lilianna paled in comparison in terms of [Spirit Vision] compared to Mariya her senses still reacted. [Spirit Vision] not only provided information about deity, but it was akin to a 6th sense for witches and mikos. They give vague hints/feelings of what is to come. The stronger the person's [Spirit Vision] is the more accurate it is.

The knight looked out the window. Day had already fallen and night had arrived. However the winds only blew harder.

"Indeed." The knight muttered again.


The deity stood in the middle, the eye of the storm. No winds blew here. However outside the bounds the storm was tearing up land, sea, and lives.

The deity took a step...and the storm followed. Though [Storm] was not of the deity's Authority, it was still under his control through one of his own Authorities .It was a gift from its old friend the Ancient King.

The deity continued to walk for it had a specific target in mind. Campione!'

Although the country's usual resident [The King of Swords] was not present but another one was here all the way in the west.

And so the god travelled, to hunt a god slayer.

The unknown god mouthed his target. "Kusanagi Godou."


Since ancient time it was the duty of a knight to watch over the people. This will has been inherited by the Templar knights and thus the many knights belonging to the many magic organizations including Bronze Black Cross.

...And that included Great Knight Lilianna Kranjcar.

Putting on the cape exclusive for only Great Knights in her organizations Lilianna Kranjcar picked up her beloved sword and walked out to the balcony.

Her eyes were directed to the East. Witches were gifted extraordinary sight and thus Lilianna was able to see far, far enough to see the storm brewing in the east.

'Danger.' Her instincts screamed at her. Something about this storm striked a chord with Lilianna. Furthermore, the storm was unnatural. It seemingly came out of nowhere and was creating havoc on her home country.

As a knight, as a practitioner of the mystic arts it was her duty to check this phenomenon herself. After all, communications with her organization has been cut due to the storm. It was up to Lilianna alone to check out the disturbance.

Armed and prepared the lone knight walked through the mansion till she arrived onto a large balcony on the west side of the mansion. Even from here the winds blew harshly on the windows.

Opening the doors Lilianna stepped out. The cold night air brushed her face as she stood outside in the cold night air.

Looking back she saw the warm abode of dame Lucretia, where Erica, Lucretia-sama, Arianna, her own maid Karen and finally the 7th King.

Usually, Lilianna would have requested for assistance. Help from the famous Witch of Sardinia and the hime-miko Mariya Yuri would be very welcome and though Erica was annoying she was without a doubt skilled as a knight. Furthermore, protection from a King would almost guarantee success in whatever she attempted. However...

'Sigh! I can't ask for assistance from drunkards.' She told herself. Furthermore, having a King's assistance was not necessarily a good thing. After all, whenever a Campione is involved the problem is bound to escalate. It was akin to turning a screw with nuclear energy. Thus, Campiones are humanity's last hope, they should only be sought for when all else fails. Though King Kusanagi is the youngest and was only a Campione for a few months this fundamental fact amongst them doesn't change.

As a result, Lilianna had no choice but to go scouting herself. The young girl persuaded herself with words like, "it's only scouting," and, "there will be nothing out of the ordinary."Nonetheless Lilianna was getting nervous.

Slowly, Lilianna unlatched the lock that held the door of the balcony in place. There was no need for Lilianna to open the door herself. The winds instead pushed the door open and left the balcony open.

Taking a deep breath Lilianna walked out to the outside into the dark night. The darkness welcomed her. Winds were felt from even this distance.

Stopping at the very edge of the podium Lilianna was about to engage in witchcraft, before a voice called her out.

"Lilianna-san. What are you doing out there?" A voice said.

Swiftly turning around Lilianna spotted the look of a very confused teenager staring back. "K-Kusanagi-sama what are you doing here?" Lilianna asked back surprise evident on her face. A blush started forming on the knight's face, as if she was caught doing something guilty

Yes. There stood Kusanagi Godou staring back at Lilianna. He was dressed in normal attire as if on a stroll. Lillianna never expected to meet the King. In fact she never expected her to meet anybody. Right now it was 1:30 in the night and normally in this time everyone should have been asleep.

"King!" Lilianna cried in shock. "Why have you not retired to your chambers?" She asked.

Sheepishly Godou scratched the back of his head. "Umm the storm and rain sort of...roused me I suppose, " Godou lowly said. Thinking about it her previous master Marquis Voban said so himself. Campiones enjoy storms and feel invigorated within them. Lilianna was deep in thought. Godou though suddenly asked. "What about you Lilianna-san? What are you doing here?"

Caught without a givable excuse Lilianna started stuttering, "H-huh oh me...umm well you see...I thought that...uhh...the moon looked nice so..." Godou only stared at the flustered knight. Lilianna-san's actions were completely different compared to Erica's. Lilianna was honest to a fault but Erica was a smooth talker. One had to admire Erica's oratory skills but Lilianna's flustering was cute in its own way.

Taking on a serious pose Godou ordered, it was not a question, it was an order for an answer. "Is it because of the [Storm]?" Godou firmly questioned. There was no space for talking, even Erica would not have been able to dodge the question.

"Yes." Lilianna nodded.

Godou sighed and again asked. "Is it a god?"

Lilianna remained silent for a while and answered back. "I don't know."

"I see." Godou nodded. "Take me with you." Godou said his mind made up. "It's too dangerous to go alone."

However, Lilianna refused the offer of assistance. Shaking her head, Lilianna said, "No my King. You are our last line of defense. To approach a god even before your [Sword] is complete is unwise."

"Ku." Godou grunted. "Even without the [Sword] I'm still capable of battling against other gods." Godou argued.

Turning away Lilianna loudly said. "It is the duty of the knight to go first into the battle for their king!" Lillianna started walking closer to the edge of the podium. "Thus, even if this one life is sacrificed, if it is for the victory of the King, then there is nothing to regret" Lilianna finally reached the very edge of the podium.

"Lilianna-san!" Godou shouted as he quickly ran forward trying to grab onto her before it was too late. However, Godou was unable to latch onto the knight.

The last thing Godou saw was the beautiful form of the lonely knight. The winds carried her long silver hair in the breeze like the tail of a winged Pegasus. The small body looked even more highlighted under the moon's radiance giving her appearance a sacred fairy like look. Her blue eyes however betrayed her feelings. Lilianna was afraid. Lilianna though a knight was also a girl of 16 who has yet to experience the joys of life. Thus it was obvious for the knight to display fear. After all, if this storm truly was caused by a god, then she will be walking towards her death. To Godou the form of the brave but scared maiden was beautiful but also revolting.

Although, Lilianna has sworn an oath towards Godou, she was unlike Mariya or Erica. Lilianna was Godou's knight, but her heart was still closed. After being forced to serve the Balkan Devil, it should have been obvious that she be wary of Campiones after all. Even in the group she was alone in a way. Erica though a childhood friend, was not a person she could confide in. Mariya could have been a friend, but due to the guilt Lilianna self-inflicted from betraying her to Voban, the knight couldn't approach the miko. Lastly, Godou was downright a Campione. Lilianna only engaged with Godou for necessities and that too in a knightly manner.

Godou's hand only caught empty air.

Building magical power up into her legs Lilianna chanted. "O' wings of Artemis, grant me the power to journey through the night and soar across the heavens!" As soon as the last syllable left her mouth Lilianna's boy was covered by a blue hue that seemed to propel her to the skies. These were the spell words of [Flight] only capable by witches like Lilianna. Though it is a magic very suited for transportation, short term wise the magic was very untrustworthy because one needs to have a firm mental picture of the area in order to use this magic. However thanks to the rather accurate images displayed on the TV this requirement was not a problem.

Like a bird the girl flew into the storm. Leaving the boy staring at her retreating form with clenched teeth and fists.


"KUSOH!" Godou cursed out loud as he slammed his fists on the railings.

"If only I was a little bit faster!" Kusanagi Godou berated himself as he continued slamming his limbs on the iron railings.

Though the body of a Campione looked more or less similar to a normal human this was most certainly not the case. The bones and structure of a Campione were sturdier than steel. As a result, though pain lashed through him, the sheer force and hardness of Godou's fists melded the iron railings.

"Lilianna-san," Godou whispered through his clenched teeth. For a minute Godou stared off to where the girl left. It really wasn't fair for her to bear such a mission all to herself. Furthermore, Godou could feel it. His blood was raging and his senses were sharpening. His instincts as a Campione were arousing themselves. This could only be mean one thing. A god was approaching...and Lilianna went to halt him.

"KUSOH!" Godou cursed again as he ran back inside. There was only one thing he could do in such a situation. Although Godou was a pacifist, he could not allow Lilianna to sacrifice herself.

Dashing out towards the main entrance Godou only paused for two seconds to grab his jacket. Furiously Godou slammed the door open, as he rushed past the obstacle.

Though there were no directions, no way for Godou to find where Lilianna had gone, Godou knew. The blood in him pumped furiously. His instinct told him where to go.

"That way!" They seemed to say as Godou sprinted forward. Each step caused his heart to hammer more. There was no doubt about it.

Campiones instinctively search for battles, thus they search for the only ones that can provide it to them, in other words other Campiones and gods. Godou as a Campione was bestowed with the same instincts though he would vehemently disagree. So Godou knew that this direction he was choosing would lead him closer and closer to the god he must fight.

And near the god he will definitely find the girl.

And so the King ran to save his knight.


"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Godou breathed hard as his breath lodged in his throat.

"Damn that was stupid." Godou panted to himself. Now that he was sane again, Godou realized that catching up to Lilianna on foot was plain suicide. He had no form of transportation besides his own two feet.

"Kusoh!" Godou cursed as he stood up again. Sweat dripped down his brow even in the wind and rain. Running like this would only waste his stamina before the battle.

There was no other choice. Godou closed his eyes and summoned his Authorities. Within him rose the crest of Verethragna The [Ten Incarnations of Verethragna]. Looking at the direction he was supposed to go Godou made the crest turn until it reached the [Boar].

The [Boar] was a powerful authority that summons a jet black boar as a divine beast. It was a powerful authority and by summoning it Godou would be able to travel the distance in a heartbeat on the beast's back. However, each of Verethragna's authorities could only be used once, and furthermore in a situation where Godou was unable to use the [Sword] it was dangerous for Godou to hastily use any of his offensive authorities. Furthermore, the [Boar]'s requirement was that he designate a large target or else it won't activate. Thus, using the [Boar] is bound to cause massive property damage.

"Kusoh!" Godou cursed again. However, he didn't have a choice.

"May his spine be crushed; may his bones be broken, his tendons torn, his hair ripped from his skull; may his blood, spilled over the earth, be churned into a bloody froth. I shall become one who buries fangs into the sinner's flesh, that the will of the Lord be followed: Thou shalt be purged!" These words were the spell words of power to summon the [Boar] with that Godou was able to summon the [Boar].

Just when the ground he was standing on was about to turn into black beautiful fur.

"Halt Kusanagi Godou," a soft voice commanded behind him..

A soft feather fell in front of Godou's eyes. Halting the summons of the avatar Godou stopped. The [Boar] within him started complaining. It was like a little child throwing a tantrum because the vacation trip it was promised was cancelled.

Ignoring the child throwing tantrums within him Godou shouted. "Who's there." Quickly spinning around Godou saw nothing. Godou narrowed his eyes. Something was definitely there.

A warm breath tickled the back of Godou's ears. "Still have so many openings," a feminine voice whispered. The soft breath tickled Godou's senses.

The God-slaying Devil King of the East that slew a god and fought many of his peers to a draw screamed like a little girl."Kyaaahhh," Godou screamed as the hair stood up behind his neck. Turning around he saw the one responsible for torturing him. "Y-You...Athena!"

"Fufufufu" Laughed the goddess, "This goddess is always entertained to see thee suffer Kusanagi Godou." In front of Godou stood a petite little girl in a short skirt, vest, knee socks and a hat. The winds caressed her soft silver hair. She although immature in the body was beautiful, like an unripe fruit. However, what truly stood out about his woman was not what was outside but what was inside.

Still flustered from the preemptive offensive strike Godou shouted, "W-What are you doing here!"

Giggling the goddess answered. "Would it be wrong to say I came here to see you?" A faint blush appeared on the goddess's white skin.

"Wh-Wh-Wha-What?" Godou stammered his face flushed.

"Of course. That is not the case." Athena said as she turned away. The back of the goddess was small. "I need thee's help Kusanagi Godou."

The blush vanished from Godou's face. "What is it?" Godou asked.

Turning back Godou saw not the face of a powerful goddess but the face of a little girl asking for help. "I need thee's help.

"Why?" Godou asked suspiciously. Though Athena looked like an innocent child she was after all the goddess of wisdom. Using others as her pawns to get what she desires is not above her..

"To halt my Uncle."


The storm buffeted against Lilianna's tender cheeks.

"Kuh~," Lilianna said to herself as she travelled towards the center of the storm. From the outside she was unsure, but now that she was inside it Lilianna could tell. A god was definitely causing this storm.

The closer Lilianna got the stronger the winds blew in her face, but all Lilianna could do is persevere. Raising her magical power to the limit she accelerated faster into the storm. Her whole body shined in a blue hue. Any normal person in the storm would have been sent flying from the gales, but Lilianna was spared from this fate because of her witch lineage and her exceptional magic power. Nevertheless travelling through a storm summoned by the gods was still without a doubt difficult, even if Lilianna was sheltered.

The knight was travelling for at only 20 minutes through the storm, however her senses told her that the eye of the storm was close

"Huaaaa," the knight shouted as Lilianna put a burst of energy into her flight. With a massive last effort Lilianna burst through the storm to find a calm space of land.

Panting from exhaustion the knight fell to the ground on her knees. After a minute of resting she surveyed her surroundings. "How horrible," she said. the city she was in was ruined beyond recognition. whole houses toppled over and destruction was everywhere. Luckily all the people evacuated, but their homes were no more. This was at least a national level catastrophe. Turning 360 degrees Lilianna saw the whole destroyed city surrounded by the tempest like a cage. A typhoon like this one caused great destruction from its massive winds and rain, but strangely the very center of the storm where destruction should have been at its peak is strangely quiet. Not a single drop of rain fell here.

Standing up Lilianna summoned her beloved sword. I1 Maestro immediately answered her summons as a silver saber appeared from the blue magic circle. It was good to be armed in dangerous territory and the sword provided the lone girl with comfort.

Lilianna again drew a magic circle and summoned from her personal magic space a normal water bottle. After using the magic necessary to transport herself here Lilianna was downright tired. Taking a generous sip from the bottle Lilianna cleared her throat.

"Now where do I go." Lilianna whispered to herself. Although she was at the center of the hurricane, the eye was impossibly large spanning miles. Furthermore, she could not use [Flight] magic and no form of transportation besides her own two legs existed.

However, that problem solved itself. "Hmmm~ I thought a rat sneaked in," a beautiful melodious tone said.

Instinctually Lilianna reacted by jumping back to create distance and drew her sword. I1 Maestro sang in the wind as it curved an arc in the air. The sword was made from the dying breath of an unknown master in music. It was on par with Erica's Cuore di Leone in terms of power and one of the highest grades of magic swords.

The hand holding the sword and the sword within the hand both trembled.

"Y-You are," Lilianna quivered with obvious fright in her voice. Nervous sweat dripped down the girl's brow. The heart in her chest stammered as if screaming at her to run. The hand holding her beloved sword was slippery with sweat. "..A god."

Lilianna stared at the fiery bird. The bird was burning however it was not hurt in fact, it seemed to enjoy the flames. However, the burning bird was burning a peculiar blue flame a flame capable of burning all creation, but this fierce form was merely an outer shell. Though faint Lilianna could see that within the fiery form of the bird was the silhouette of a man. This man was most definitely a god and 10 times more dangerous than the outer shell of the bird

The man within spoke, "not exactly."

Lilianna swore she was looking at the god straight in the eyes, however the next thing she knew the voice was speaking from behind her. Quickly Lilianna tried to turn around to cover her exposed back, but it was too late.

"But close enough." These were the last words Lilianna heard before the world suddenly went black.


Truth to tell Lilianna honestly expected her to never open her eyes again. After all the sheer fact that she survived an encounter between a Herectic God is extraordinary and unusual. Gods don't care about humanity after all. To them humanity is just another bug crawling on the surface, thus they really don't care if they step on another one or two.

However, the silver haired maiden's eyes opened. Thus, Lilianna Kranjcar was not dead. Slowly the eyes opened to show bright blue pupils. "Where am I?" Lilianna asked herself trying to get up. Lilianna found herself lying on the hard floor of the ruins of the city. Currently she was outside with the moon shining on her.


Something caught on Lilianna's leg. Looking down Lilianna found herself chained in place. Inspecting the long chain, the situation was hopeless. The long chain seemed unbreakable through mortal means, furthermore it exuded a divine presence making it a Divine Artifact.

"Kusoh." Lilianna cursed as she futilely pulled on the [Chain] holding her.

"It's useless mortal." A voice boomed.

"Who's there!" Lilianna shouted all Lilianna saw was empty space. "If thee be an honorable god show thyself!"

Suddenly the air shimmered right in front of Lilianna. It seemed like space was distorting but that was not the case.

'A mirage!' She thought to herself as the air seemed to distort from what she felt was extreme temperature.

"As you wish." The voice of the god said.

Lilianna could only stare at the young man that suddenly appeared in front of her. The man was dressed in a fine white robe. A gold/white cape covered the left side of his body. His attire was simple like ancient Greek clothing yet beautiful. However, what attracted Lilianna's eyes was the face. It was too beautiful to be true. It was shaped like a fine young man, yet it could also be considered as beautiful like a woman. The god's blue/white hair was tied behind his head to form a small ponytail. Even the voice was beautiful like a young man, but as melodious as a fine woman.

'Glorious!' Lilianna thought as she found herself entranced by the appearance of the young man. However, though the face that seemed to be carved from marble was entrancing the eyes were even more alluring. The eyes of this god told so much. Pity, sadness, pain, glory, and joy it was all there. Above all, a mysterious blue flame seemed to dance within the eyes of the deity.

Suddenly, a vision struck Lilianna. "A god of tricks which lead to the fall of great men and gods. Using his tricks the god stole from other gods. A deity intricately related to the flames. But punished by a higher power to be chained onto the earth. However a necessary force that keeps the balance of the world for destruction is needed for creation. Thus, a divinity of the Earth.." The vision stopped. "I see you origin is that of not one but triple identities!"

Smiling the god in good humor said, "Hoh, the ability to see one's origin I see. Thus a descendant of the fallen goddesses you are young witch. I have heard of the 7th King obtaining a concubine of your age but have not heard that you are of witch blood." The fire in the god's eyes danced.

"The 7th King?" Lilianna asked in a questioning manner.

The smile faltered. "I have no quarrel with you young maiden." The voice truly seemed apologetic. "However I must lure your lord the 7th into this battle ground. Forgive me."

Understanding that she became the bait to lure Kusanagi Godou into the eye of the hurricane, the battlefield, Lilianna tried to argue. Struggling Lilianna bit her lips and retorted. "For what reason does a god hunt a god slayer?!" It was outrageous for a god to suddenly pop up and challenge a god slayer. Although, it is a dream come true for a number of godslayers.

The smile faltered. "I'm afraid...it must be done." The fire in the god's eyes stopped dancing instead they burned fiercely threatening to destroy any obstruction in its way.

"B-But my god please have mercy." Lilianna tried to argue. Campiones though troublesome are the world's and humanity's last hope against heretical gods, thus a precious resource that cannot be wasted.

Shaking his head the god refused the pleas of the girl.

"I'm afraid I must decline young maiden." The god said fiercely. Again the god knocked the girl unconscious. The silver haired girl once again fell unconscious on the feet of the god.

The fires now burned everything in the god's eyes. "All Campione must die...Kusanagi Godou must die."


The god stood outside in the eye of the storm as he waited for Kusanagi Godou to arrive. The deity has heard of the 7th Campion's sense of justice before. Looking at the unconscious girl on the floor the god smiled. Taking this maiden would ensure Kusanagi Godou's arrival into his battlefield. After all just a few weeks ago the boy was said to have challenged the eldest Campione the Balkan Devil because his concubine was taken. If that be the case, then he would surely arrive once his newest mistress was taken.

Now the deity had no need searching for the Campione for he will arrive by himself. That was the second purpose of the storm after all. The first being to corner the King and the second to serve as a battlefield where one cannot run from.

The storm blew strongly outside. "Kusanagi Godou.' The deity thought. He was known as the 7th king, the second youngest of the Campiones before the mysterious 8th that suddenly appeared. Thus, if one hopes to slay a Campione Kusanagi Godou was his safest bet.

'My prey won't fall to parlor tricks.' The words of his friend suddenly rang out in the god's mind. Though this Kusanagi Godou was young he was able to weaken his comrade to such a level. A Campione cannot be logically understood.

"I know old friend." The deity whispered to no one.

The god stood up from his resting position. Blue flames surrounded the god's body until once again the flaming bird was formed once again.

"Kyreeeeee!" The fire bird screeched. Though the god was within the flying blue flame bird, the creature of flames was alive and had its own conscious. Thus, the fired bird was a divine beast of a high degree. The Authority known to many as the [Phoenix].

"That's why I will fight with everything I have. Come Kusanagi Godou!"

Suddenly not 10 meters away, the wind blew. Normally within the eye of a hurricane no winds blow, however this was not a normal wind. Mixed in with the wind were owl feathers that blew within the gales. Little by little the little breeze grew into a massive twister with numerous feathers. Suddenly, the mini tornado stopped. The winds stopped and following the laws of nature the feathers one by one fell. However, the owl feathers was not the only thing within the small storm.

From within the feathers and winds stepped out a black haired teen. The boy was of eastern origin and his skin was slightly more tan than average. His hair and eye was black. He wore a normal black jacket and average attire of white shirt and black jeans. However, his expression was different. It was the piercing stare of a warrior.

A small amused smile cracked upon the unnamed god's lips. "So you arrived through the help of my young niece eh god slayer?" The voice of the god was filled with nostalgia.

However Godou did not give an answer. Godou arrived for one and one purpose only.

"Where is Lilianna-san?" The boy no Campione asked. There was no room for negotiation only an answer or a promise to get an answer.


Kusanagi Godou stared at the deity in front of him. Though the god didn't seem to be a war god with experience, Godou knew he was a strong opponent. Something about this deity told him that he was unlike any opponent Godou faced before.

The god stood in the form of a blue bird of flames. Godou and the deity both stared at each other, acknowledging and measuring each other before the actual fight. Battle was inevitable between god and god slayer, the only question was when the destruction would start.

Sneaking a glance to his surroundings Godou was thankful that the city they were in was already evacuated and abandoned. 'Here I can go all out without having to worry about property damage,' he told himself, his gaze returning to his opponent.

Narrowing his eyes, Godou once again said in a determined voice. "I am a pacifist. If you return Lilianna-san and stop the [Storm] and leave. I will do nothing." The heart in his chest hammered like crazy, blood in his veins ran like never before, and the breath in his lungs came out with an excited pant. Even in this excited state where Godou's body itched for battle, Godou's mind tried to avoid conflict. However, if this proposal was shot down, blows would be exchanged.

Within Godou the crest of Verethragna and the 10 incarnations were readied.

A minute of silence followed before the head of the fire bird the [Phoenix] pointed to the far right as if saying 'There!' Godou followed the bird's line of gaze. Some meters away was a blue black blob lying on the ground. On careful inspection, Godou saw that the blue black thing was the form of an unconscious silver haired girl wearing garbs of blue and black. There was only one person with silver hair and uniform of blue and black Godou knew of.

"Lilianna-san!" The king shouted as he sprinted towards the fallen girl.

His legs carried him quickly towards the unconscious girl. Picking her up from the ground Godou inspected her for major wounds. Finding none Godou started trying to rouse her.

"Lilianna-san! Lilianna-san! Wake up Lilianna-san!" Godou shouted as he shook the unconscious girl.

"Mmmmnnnn~," the girl moaned as her eyes started opening. Slowly the blue eyes opened and started focusing.

"Lilianna-san are you okay?!" Someone seemed to shout at her. Squinting from the bright lights and sudden muscle pain Lilianna once again awoke...to find her in the arms of Kusanagi Godou.

"Eeeep!" The young girl screamed. Quickly she tried to move away from him, but having lied down on hard rock for god knows how long her body wouldn't obey her.

"I-I'm f-fine." Lilianna blushed. Who could blame her? This was the first time she was in the embrace of a man besides her father after all.

"That's great." Godou truly smiled.

Ba-bump! Lilianna's heart beat irregularly. The flush on Lilianna's face increased. Even though they were in a situation that might cost their lives all Lilianna could pay attention to was the smiling face of the gentleman that looked down on her. The situation was almost exactly like the plot of one of her love novels. The damsel in distress is at her wits end when suddenly the gallant gentleman come and rescue her from doom. The only difference was she was the damsel in distress this time and the Campione was the gentleman.

'Ha-humph." Coughing to feign her obviously distressed heart Lilianna quickly regained her composure and stood up. "Many thanks my King, but the situation now is much more pressing than of my health." Lilianna said peeking at the destroyed city.

Godou nodded in agreement and looked up at the one who caused it.

"Will you accept my demands and retreat, or do we have to come to blow?" Godou questioned clenching his fists. Again summoning the coat that symbolized her status as a Great Knight of Bronze Black Cross, Lilianna stood up and drew her sword I1 Maestro. However, when she stood the [Chain] still secured on her foot let its existence be known as the jingled.

"Shit." Godou cursed as he saw those [Chain]. The situation was indeed bad. Because of those [Chain], Godou could not retreat. Furthermore, Lilianna couldn't help him in the battle. However now was not the situation to be paying attention to other things.

"The blue flames may burn all creation to nothing. Destruction is it's only name. Go and purge all my enemies. [Phoenix]!" The first to strike was the mysterious deity. With those words the Authority of the fire bird was awakened and the bird of destruction quickly sky dived at the King and his knight.

Battle has begun.

'If I dodge than the damn bird will definitely kill Lilianna-san. Godou thought. Damn I've got no choice!' With that Godou's mind was set. He looked at the flying mass of fire that was approaching them and called up his Authorities.

Raising his right hand Godou summoned his most destructive incarnation. "May his spine be crushed; may his bones be broken, his tendons torn, his hair ripped from his skull; may his blood, spilled over the earth, be churned into a bloody froth. I shall become one who buries fangs into the sinner's flesh, that the will of the Lord be followed: Thou shalt be purged!"

Lilianna could only stare as a giant black boar suddenly manifested itself above Kusanagi Godou's raised hand. The obvious divine beast gave a roar of impatience as it pawed the empty air like the earth. The humongous creature though could not speak, was exuding an obvious message. "If you get in my way, I will kill you."

Godou struggled to control his most troublesome Authority, namely the [Boar]. The [Boar] was the 4th incarnation of Verethragna that symbolized Godou destructive tendencies. The requirement to summon the mighty Divine beast was a large target must be selected. Due to it having been almost summoned just a few hours ago the divine beast was restless. It wanted to destroy its target which was namely the giant fire bird that was getting closer, however with effort Godou reigned in his authority. "Now is not the time." He mentally told the giant beast bidding his time, "When he gets a little closer." With a huff the boar relented. "Fine~."

The giant bird was approaching.

Faster and faster the flames approached.

'A little more~.' Godou thought.

The fiery bird was now close enough for Godou to feel the heat. The sheer heat made Godou perspired. Quickly with a smile Godou licked the falling sweat with his tongue as he kept his eyes on his target.

"NOW!" With that Godou swung his arm as if he was throwing a baseball. Following his master's command the [Boar] leapt gleefully at its target with a war cry.


With the deafening cry of the [Boar] the humongous divine beast leapt at the flying bird tackling it to the ground..

"Skkrrrrrreeeeeeeee!" The bird shrieked as it was tackled with 500 tons of pure destruction.

The [Boar] stood atop of the [Phoenix] as it tried to trample the fire bird out of existence.

The bird and the boar both fought for dominance. The [Boar] trampled and speared the bird, but likewise the [Phoenix] attacked by burning and clawing its opponent. Both beasts battled fiercely against each other. None losing against the other. Not one backing up an inch.

However it was foolhardy for a downed bird to defeat a land animal in battle. The mighty tusk of the [Boar] pierced the soft underbelly of the [Phoenix]. The battle should have been over by then. Godou and the [Boar] relaxed a little.

That was a fatal mistake.

With its last will the [Phoenix] bleeding and dying suddenly spread its wings.

The [Boar] could only watch as the large wings literally enveloped his from 360 degrees.

"Rrrroooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr!" The [Boar] cried in a panicked voice.

However it was over. The [Phoenix] with its last effort suddenly combusted into pure flames...with the boar inside.

"Sqqquuuueeeeekkkk!" The [Boar] cried in pain. Though the mighty [Boar] was powerful and excellent in defense the extreme heat from all directions was too much for the creature. With a last cry the [Boar] fell. The large creature eyes closed as it faded out of existence.

"Wh-What!" Godou said. In his past fights, though the [Boar] was not a reliable authority it tended to always be victorious. It even proved useful against the fight with Melquart, but for the proud beast to be defeated like this.

Suddenly Godou felt a chill as the hairs on his neck rose. Before his mind even registered the threat his legs already started moving. Quickly Godou threw himself down, and not a moment too soon.

Although he couldn't see it he could feel the intense heat from a heat lance that was aimed to assassinate him. The lance made of blue flames sailed past Godou, the flames shearing some hair from the back of his head.

Quickly, Godou pivoted from his right foot and did a 180 degrees turn.

Even before Godou became a Campione, Godou was an excellent catcher in baseball. The catcher's job was to catch the ball, thus an important skill Godou honed in his days as a catcher was the ability to read the trajectory of projectiles.

The Campione did not turn around to see where the target was. In Godou's mind the target was already caught. The flame lance's trajectory pointed towards his head from the right. Thus, if one took it the other way the lance was thrown from behind him in the left. It was an instinctual act for Godou. Follow the line and you'll reach the origin. And in the origin you'll find the pitcher.

"Huaaahhhh!" Godou said as he lowered his center of gravity and charged. Though the Divine beast granted by the [Boar] incarnation was gone the Authority was still active. The authority of the [Boar] not only granted him a giant boar but it also granted him extra strength and speed though it could only be used in a straight forward charge.

A charge like now.

With a tackle that would make even a professional football player raise an eyebrow, Godou charged against the god.

Caught off guard the god had his wind knocked out of him as he was thrown down upon the ground.

'Now!' Godou thought. Now was the best time to end this fight.

Jumping back to avoid self-damage Godou called upon his most powerful Authority. The 10 crest of Verethragna, within Godou started to move again. This time the crest landed on the [White Stallion].

[White Stallion] the 3rd and most powerful incarnation that Godou had, and like the [Boar] this authority too was restless to be used.

The requirement for this incarnation was the sinner to be a great sinner that has caused harm to the people. The unknown deity no matter what type of deity he may be was responsible for the massive [Storm] that stole the homes of many people. As a result, the flames of the sun was usable against this opponent.

Lifting his right hand in the air Godou recanted the spell words to summon the spear of the sun. "For victory, hasten forth before me! O Immortal Sun, I beseech thee to grant radiance to the stallion. O Stallion that moveth godlike with wondrous grace, bringest forth the halo of thy master!"

Even though the sun has yet to rise and it was night, a bright radiance was seen in the east.

Even though it should have been in the dead of night, from the east horizon the sun peeked through, basking the battle ground with golden radiance.

Lilianna stared at the rising sun. Thinking back she remembered this authority that was used between Kusanagi Godou and Marquis Voban. Supposedly this authority was the 3rd incarnation of Verethragna that summons the spear of the sun, an impossible powerful authority. The requirement was also fulfilled that time as well. Remembering back Godou used this authority on Voban to get rid of his dead servants and the elder Campione together, but it was halted because of...

Lilianna's eyes widened. 'No!' She thought. If the deity was who she thought he was then for Kusanagi Godou to use this authority was probably the worst mistake possible. "No! King! Don't!"

However it was already too late. From the rising sun a beam of light was suddenly released. That streak of light adopted the form of the incarnation of justice, the form of a glorious [White Stallion] capable of burning all of its opponents to nothing.

The mighty form of the [White Stallion] galloped full force at the intended target...the mysterious deity...the sinner.

Although the mighty incarnation capable of even killing gods were approaching the deity did not retreat. In fact the deity seemed perfectly calm.

Godou could only hope that this was the end of the battle. With the [Sword] unusable a quick resolution with the [White Stallion] was the best he could hope for. However, things always don't go as planned.

The mysterious deity raised his left hand surrounded in blue flames as if to block the oncoming avatar of the sun with its own element. The horse surrounded by the solar flare didn't stop. A futile effort. The [White Stallion] kept on charging forward, and exploded on its target.

The [White Stallion] like a bomb exploded upon contact. The flames that spelled the destruction of many surrounded the unknown deity. Only for the up to now undefeated flames to be absorbed into the blue flames completely without even putting up a fight.

Wide eyed Godou stared at what just occurred. The authority that has never failed him before was easily countered. It was the authority in his arsenal with the highest fire power Godou could muster. It was even capable of pushing back Melquart, That Idiot, and even Verethragna himself.. No that wasn't it. Godou could feel it within him, or the lack of it. "N-No way." Godou whispered refusing to believe what happened. "How did you just steal my Authority!?"

Flexing his left hand the god said. "Hoh~."The god chuckled. "Do you mean this authority!" Raising his right hand towards the sky the unknown god started chanting.

"For victory, hasten forth before me! O Immortal Sun, I beseech thee to grant radiance to the stallion. O Stallion that moveth godlike with wondrous grace, bringest forth the halo of thy master!"

The exact same spell words that Kusanagi Godou himself uttered not just a moment ago was coming out of the mysterious deity's mouth this time. Likewise accompanying each word was the form of a rising blue sun in the east.

"Shit!" Godou cursed as he understood what was going on. Not only did this guy steal his authority, but he was using it on him.

The blue sun released a brilliant ray of light that promptly transformed into a beautiful blue [White Stallion]. Neighing the giant creature of destruction seeked out its target.

Although Kusanagi Godou was always embroiled in many unwilling fights that he was forced to participate in, it didn't change the sheer fact that Kusanagi Godou himself caused massive property damage in each of his battles. As a result, though Godou was the rightful owner of the authority, Kusanagi Godou could also theoretically be targeted by the [White Stallion]'s fury. Somehow due to the unknown deity stealing the [White Stallion] that theory was being proven, and sadly the hypothesis was proven correct.

Finding its target the blue [White Stallion] dived nose first at its target.

Although Godou was a Campione, even he won't survive from the front attack of the spear of the sun. Usually the correct choice in this situation is to retreat and fall back, but even that option was denied.

Godou peaked behind him, to see the reason why Godou could not retreat. Lilianna could only stare at the approaching mass of flames coming to end her life. The [Chain] securely fastened on her leg would not break and thus her fate was sealed.

Godou could not retreat because if he retreats Lilianna would surely meet her doom. So Godou had one choice.

Again the [Ten Incarnations] started to move.

Once again spell words filled Godou's mouth. "For I am strongest amongst the strong. Truly, I am one that holds each and every victory. I care not whom challenges me, whether man or devil; I may face all my foes and all my enemies. Regardless, I shall crush all those who wouldst stand in my way!"

Though the [White Stallion] was a powerful incarnation of fire, to the eyes it looked huge. Furthermore, the incarnation of the sun took the form of a powerful raging horse. A creature known for its sheer physical power and thus harnessed by humans for it. As a result, Godou was capable of using the 2nd incarnation of Verethragna, the [Bull].

The [Bull] grants Godou an immense amount of physical strength. As long as Godou has his two feet planted on the earth, power will flow in through the ground to his arms. However the requirement for this Authority was that Godou had to be fighting against an opponent of immense power or mass. Professional boxers were considered too weak for the incarnation to take effect, the power had to be at least on the level of a wild bear, and the [White Stallion] though a mass of flames was still a powerful horse and thus it fulfilled that requirement.

"Uaaaaaaaaa!" Using the great power that coursed through him Godou picked up a huge boulder the size of a truck with both hands. After the passing of the storm the whole city was torn apart, thus boulders like these were common.

"Fly Away!" Godou shouted as he threw the 200 ton projectile at the raging flames.

The giant mass of flames met the giant projectile head on and exploded in a super nova. The proud boulder was instantly reduced to nothing, but it served its purpose by making the [White Stallion] prematurely explode. However, although the projectile averted direct damage from the sun flames, it could do nothing about the explosion.

Crossing his arms Godou shielded his head and braced for impact.

"Guh!" The sound naturally came out of Godou as the stellar level heat assaulted his body. The heat of the flames just burned away the sleeves of Godou's shirt and jacket. Sweat poured down on Godou's face as he took the brunt of the explosion. Godou did not move from that spot.

Lilianna thought her life was at an end, but apparently it was not so. After the 7th King threw the boulder at the flames, direct hit was avoided but the aftershock still remained. If direct damage of the [White Stallion] was as hot as the sun, the aftershock of the incarnation was lava level. Thus, even if she was hit with just the aftershock, she had no hope of living. However, even now when she should by all right be dead she was still breathing, because someone had taken the hit for her.

"Kusanagi Godou~," she whispered under her breath as she looked at the large back of the man that is protecting her.

Although a Campione's body was resistant to magic, the indirect damage of the flames of the sun was still extremely painful. Blisters formed on Godou's arms. Sweat poured down his brow and his throat was suddenly very dry.

The waves of heat continued assaulting the King, and the King continued shielding his knight.

"I am strongest amongst the strong. Truly, I am one that holds each and every victory." Chanting the ancient Veda of the Persian Warlord Godou channeled the strength of the War god Verethragna. - I care not whom challenges me, whether man or devil; I may face all my foes and all my enemies. Regardless, I shall crush all those who wouldst stand in my way." The magic power in Godou multiplied after the spell words of Verethragna was uttered. This in turn increased Godou's magic resistance, so he could endure the stellar heat from his own authority.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the flames of the [White Stallion] burned itself out. Leaving the King and Knight intact put heavily damaged.

Dropping on one knee Godou started breathing hard as sweat poured down his brows. From having to endure the might of one of his own incarnation Godou was truly exhausted. The sheer amount of sweat blurred his vision and soaked his clothes. Never before had Godou desired to rest more than now, however now was not the time. Still panting Godou got up. His opponent was still there, and that means Godou's fight was still far from done.

The deity stared hard at the god slayer. To think that he survived his own most powerful authority, flames of the sun. Though enemies the god could not help but respect the Campione, however this feeling changed nothing. The man in front of him was an enemy, an opponent that must die.

"Come." With one word the deity summoned blue flames again into his hands.

Godou nodded as he picked up some debris into his hands.

A battle of projections began. On one hand, the god was throwing concentrated flames capable of burning all of creation. However, on the other hand Godou threw rocks the size of baseballs with the sheer force of the [Bull] backing them. Both projectiles were deadly.

However, it was obvious who was winning.

Yet another fireball hit Godou as the young Campione tried to ignore the mighty burns that spread across his body. Raising his magical power yet again Godou ignored his wounds to throw his own projectiles.

Though the enemy was a god, it was obvious he was not a war god and thus unfamiliar with projectiles. On the other hand, Kusanagi Godou was a baseball veteran and thus more accustomed to throwing weapons. Yet why was Kusanagi Godou losing!

The answer was obvious to everyone there, including Lilianna Kranjcar.

'Because of me~." The knight thought as she could only cower under Kusanagi Godou back.

Kusanagi Godou definitely had better aim and a throwing arm than the god, yet he was clearly receiving more damage. The reason for his defeat lay behind him. Lilianna. If Godou moved the chained Lilianna would be hit and without a doubt the fairly like girl would instantly be reduced to ash if she was hit with flames wielded by gods unlike Godou, a Campione. As a result, Godou could do nothing but stand in place unlike the other god who could dodge his own projectiles.

"Shit," Godou cursed. The situation was bad indeed. His opponent was free to move, but Godou could not. Yet another fireball hit Godou on the chest burning his skin off. In retaliation Godou threw the rock in his hands at where the fireball came from. With a speed that clearly surpassed bullets, the rock flew from Godou's hand and did not hit but exploded upon the ground, however by then the target was no longer where he threw his weapon.

"Shit," Godou cursed again.

Looking helpless Lilianna could do nothing. Reflecting back Lilianna could see that she was a liability to Lord Kusanagi, however rather than abandoning her like all other Kings would have done, Kusanagi Godou shielded her. Reflected on the eyes of the silver knight was the back of her king.

'Yes for the King!' Lilianna thought as she summoned her I1 Maestro. Losing a Campione was equivalent to losing an irreplaceable resource. After all though they be Devil Kings they are also humanity's last hopes against raging Herectic Gods. As a result, knights like Lilianna had a duty to serve the Kings.

Gritting her teeth the young fair like maiden turned the sharp blade of Maestro I1 in her hands. The blade served her well. Making a pair with Cuore di Leone, I1 Maestro is considered a high tier magic blade. It served Lilianna well throughout her years as a Great Knight...and it would serve her well now.

Gritting her teeth strong enough to draw blood Lilianna brought the razor sharp blade of her blade down...on her own foot.

THE PAIN! Even though she had prepared herself beforehand pain raced through the small body of Lilianna as the young knight screamed.

"Aaaaaauuuuuuugggghhhhh!" Lilianna screamed. The sharp blade easily sliced through the maiden's soft flesh and clothes, but halted at her bone.

Screaming and writhing Lilianna again made her mind as she started grinding the sword through her own body again. Never before has so much pain been experienced by the knight. Although Lilianna was a Great Knight with plenty of experience under her belt, she could not help but shed a few tears.

"F~for the K-King…" Lilianna muttered as she dug the sword even deeper. Even in the midst of pain, Lilianna understood the consequence of such an action. She would lose her prized agility and speed from this. Her heredity as a witch would now be useless. Furthermore, she would probably lose her status as a knight. After all who ever heard of a knight with but one foot. Everything she worked for from her birth till now would all disappear. However…

"F-For t-the K-Ki-King!" She said. This was how precious the beings known as Campiones are.

It was naught but impossible for the divine artifact of the gods to be destroyed. The [Chain] secured of Lilianna's foot was all but unbreakable, thus like an animal trapped in the trap of a hunter the only available option was to cut off her own foot.

Blood seeped through the ground.

'I1 Maestro." Lilianna pleaded in her mind. 'Please serve me well this one more time!' The blade that she used to defeat so many opponents and was always there to support her was now being used on herself.

Swallowing the bile and tears that threatened to show themselves Lilianna lifting the bloody blade high one last time. The knight planned to cleanly cut her own foot with one more stroke.

Closing her eyes the young girl swung.

The blade...her blade that will take everything from her...her friend.

...The pain never came.

Opening her eyes the silver haired maiden gasped. The silver haired maiden eyes flew wide.

"Y-You Big I-Idiot!" The bleeding figure said.

"K-Kusangi G-Godou…" Lilianna couldn't believe her eyes. The sword that she swung, her I1 Maestro that she intended to cut her own leg was embedded into Kusangi Godou's left arm. Thankfully the bones of a Campione is harder than steel and thus prevented an amputation, but it still didn't change the fact that the wound was serious.

Lilianna stammered. "M-My King what do you."

"Obviously I'm here to save you!" Godou shouted into her face.

A flush appeared on Lilianna's cheeks and her heart started beating just a bit faster. "B-but it's a knight's duty to assist a king." Lilianna argued, "for the King a knight should be willing to lay down her life."

Grabbing the blade of I1 Maestro Godou pulled out the sword from his body. Godou's hand was bleeding. With a grimace Godou shouted like a commander to his subordinate. "Lilianna Kranjcar!"

Responding immediately Lilianna squeaked, "Yes!"

Godou looked right into the silver haired maiden's eyes as if he was looking into her soul. "You are my knight, are you not?!"

Lilianna answered, "As I have vowed my liege."

Cracking a smile Godou said. "Then you are mine, and because you are mine, I will not allow any harm to befall you. Whether that be from an enemy or from your own self. Understand?!"

The blush widened on Lilianna's cheeks. The situation was almost just like one of her romance novels. The strong dominating male would claim the damsel in distress. The only difference was the damsel was herself and the man was Kusanagi Godou.

"Y-Yes~." Lilianna whispered back.

Smirking like the gentleman Lilianna always visualized in her novels, Godou replied back. "Good."

Lilianna slightly moved closer to Godou.

The [Chain] chinked, and all eyes focused upon the restrainments upon Lilianna's ankle.

Lilianna's hopes instantly depleted. As long as these [Chain] were not released then the situation would not change. She would still remain a burden upon Kusanagi Godou. As one Godou and Lilianna both looked at the god who stood outside the range of attack.

"It's useless." The god said with a shrug. "Even I cannot unravel my own [Chain]. It's impossible."

"I see." Godou said his smile rising. Slowly with caution Godou took to his hands the [Chain] fastened on Lilianna. "However~!" Raising his face Godou stared straight at the God. His eyes showed not impossibility, but possibility a will to do the impossible.

"I'm a Campione!" Directing the full strength of the [Bull] towards the divine [Chain], Godou pulled as hard as he could. The sheer strain of the muscles were shown. Godou gnashed his teeth. The [Bull] works not by physical strength of the body, but a mysterious power that flows from the Earth and into Godou's body. Power unlike any other was felt within Godou's body, more power than ever before as Godou forced his Authority to the very limit.

"Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Godou shouted as he pulled the chain as hard as he could.

The god only watched amused. "I told you. It's impossible."

Godou smiled. "To a Campione…" Godou said as he pulled harder. "THERE IS NOTHING CALLED IMPOSSIBLE!" A chink in the divine [Chain].

Lilianna stared wide eyed at the impossible being done. Those [Chain] were the embodiment of a legend that has imprisoned a god for almost eternity, yet they were breaking in front of her very eyes. A legend was breaking to a will. Well after all the existence of Campiones are impossibility after all, it was perhaps inevitable.


Crick-Crack…the divine [Chain] started fragmenting.

The god could only stare bewildered by this impossible feat. Those [Chain] held even him down for millenias, yet this youngest god slayer who had become a Campione for not even a year was breaking them. Truly the existence of a Campione was an anomaly. Even a god of foresight such as him did not see an ending such as this.

"There is nothing called impossible eh." The god smiled.

"BREAK!" Godou shouted as he used 100% of his strength on the [Chain].


The [Chain] binding Lilianna disappeared as the divine artifact was ripped apart by the sheer strength of the [Bull].

Perhaps it was Spirit Vision but for just a moment Lilianna could see herself as a trapped silver bird in an inescapable cage. No matter what she does there was no hope for her. However, in that situation another more divine bird came down and opened the door to the cage freeing her to fly in the skies like she has always desired. The birds flew in the clear blue sky...like two wings upon a bird.

"Kusanagi Godou~." Lilianna whispered her voice and face tinged with the redness of youth.

In response Godou grinned back, only for him to fall on one knee.

"Hah hah hah hah." Godou signed in exhaustion as he struggled to stand up. Having used so much of his reserves to break the [Chain], Godou could positively say that he was at the end of his rope. "Shit," Godou cursed as he looked up at the god. Luckily the god hasn't attacked yet, but the fight was far from over. Godou knew that fighting more in his critical condition would definitely spell his defeat.

"Crap! If only I knew his name." Godou muttered in complaint.

"Is that what you seek my lord?" Said a voice next to Godou.

"Huh Lilianna-san!" Godou shouted. "What are you doing here? Run away the [Chain] are gone right?!" Standing next to Godou was the blue knight. Having already administered first aid on her Lilianna was ready to battle

Lilianna shook her head. "It's a knight's duty to stand beside their lord. Like two wings of one bird." Lilianna said firmly. "However enough of that what do you mean by the god's name my King!"

Godou gave a wry smirk as he looked at the god standing a few meters away. "One of my authorities require knowledge about the opponent to use." Godou's eyes never left his opponent. "However, right now I have not even one clue about this guy not even his name." Yes the situation looked bleak. Godou had already used up 3 incarnations [Boar], {White Stallion], and even the [Bull]. To add to that, his body suffered innumerable wounds. To top it all off, the [Sword] could not be used. The situation was really too hopeless.

"I-I see." Lilianna said as she got up. "I might be of assistance to you in such a situation my King!" Lilianna exclaimed.


"Though I am a Knight, I am also one with the disposition of a witch and thus of the same descent as Mariya
Yuri. As a result, I have received the blessing of the god's divinity in the form of a [Vision]. Now please order me my King! What must I do to unlock your Authority?!" The silver haired girl looked determined.

Godou turned his eyes and looked at the determined eyes of his silver knight. Those eyes showed her will. However, like all males in the same situation Godou's eyes strayed down. Down her blue eyes all the way down her lovely face to the pink awaiting lips.

Godou blushed. His flushed face quickly looked away as he banished his evil thoughts. Trying to find an excuse Godou stammered. " Umm L-Lilianna-san. Uhhh. W-well to do the ummm ritual needed for the authority I-uh-we need umm you see time. And I really can't do that in a battle right!"

The knight did not notice her lord's flustered state. Instead she nodded her head in a serious manner and said, "I see so we must buy time to unlock your Authority my King." Nodding her head Lilianna drew her sword. "In that case leave the cover to me my king!" Lilianna confidently said.

"A-Alright!" Godou said clearly confused. That was before something glinted in the back of Godou's vision.


"Lilianna-san." Godou shouted to grab Lilianna's attention.


"I want you to follow my instructions." Godou said.

"Yes!" Lilianna obeyed.

Godou took a minute to explain his plan.

"Can you do this Lilianna-san?" Godou questioned with a serious expression and his face too close for comfort.

Blushing a little Lilianna answered, "If you have ordered it I shall accomplish it no matter what task it may be!"

"Are you done discussing young monarch?" The god in the distance asked. "I am growing weary of waiting."

"He he he!" Godou laughed as he stood straight up again. "Sorry for that." Kusanagi Godou closed his eyes. With the [Bull] already expended Godou again forced the 10 crests to move. Right now in such a situation, Godou needed an Authority that would grant him speed and close combat prowess. It was his guess but the god in the distance was not a war god who specialized in battle, thus close combat should be his weakness.

There was only one choice.

"Every sinner shall tremble before my power. Now is the time, that I obtain the toughness of ten mountains, the strength of a hundred rivers, and the power of a thousand camels! Upon my mighty self, I shall bear the symbol of the raging camel!"

Godou felt intense power once again flow through his whole body. This was Verethragna's 3rd incarnation the form of the raging [Camel]. Along with the [Bull] which was just used the [Camel] was the other authority Godou possesses that is related to the Earth. This authority grants Godou a number of different abilities including: intense vitality, explosive leg strength, enhanced endurance, extreme fighting prowess, and of course increased regeneration. Against such an authority even the most well known martial artists would be able to do nothing, it was even capable of holding its own against that sword idiot after all. However, for this authority to activate a certain amount of damage must be dealt on Godou, namely like the gaping wound inflicted by the magic sword of a certain knight.

With sharp eyes Godou looked straight at the god as he bent his knees like an Olympic athlete. He could feel the divine power coursing through his legs as he moved.

"This is round 2 you bastard!" Godou shouted as he literally leaped the distance shooting straight towards his opponent. The sheer force of the [Camel] carried Godou almost immediately to the god. Although, the [Raptor] is faster the speed of the [Camel] could not be looked down upon either.

"Tch!" The god immediately started throwing his blue fire at the fast approaching Godou.

Though the [Camel] also blesses the user with increased endurance and vitality the damage of these divine fires was nothing to scoff at. Furthermore, Godou was already exhausted from enduring damage. On the other hand, the [Camel] is a power excelling in close combat which the other god is most certainly not adept at. Thus, if Godou is able to get closer his chance of victory rises that much. However, in a long drawn out battle his stamina and strength will fail and sooner or later he will fall.


"Hear the sorrow of David, people! Alas, may the heroes fall! Alas, may the weapons of war be destroyed! O' mountains of Gilboa, I pray that dew and rain will not fall upon your peaks! I pray that your lands grow infertile, unable to flourish! There, the shield of the hero was cast away! The shield of Saul, unpolished with oil, was cast away over yonder! Undrinking blood of murderers, the unretreating bow of Jonathan! Unconsuming oil of the brave soul, returning the sword of Saul in vain! Alas, the heroes, fallen in the midst of battle! O' bow of Jonathan, with eagle's swiftness and lion's strength, a hero's weapon. Go forth in assault, upon my fleeing enemies!"

From behind a loud determined voice shouted out these words. These were the [Song of the Bow] an ancient magic that summons the bow and arrows of the hero David recorded in the Bible, a favorite of the knight Lilianna.

The magic sword I1 Maestro morphed in Lilianna's hand until the sword was replaced by a silver bow. The girl swiftly pulled back the string taking aim upon the god.

"Kusanagi Godou leave the back to me and go!" Lilianna screamed as she let the arrow fly.

"Tch." The god said as he swatted the magic arrows with his flames. The arrows of David are potent weapons even capable of harming gods, but even they are but nuisances to gods. However, nuisances were enough to divert attention of the god.

Immediately Godou closed in on the god and unleashed the battle prowess of the [Camel] upon him. Godou's foot flew to meet with the god's face, but again the god blocked with his arms. However, from that block Godou confirmed his theory. The god was not a warmonger. He was not used to the art of battle. The fighting prowess of the [Camel] could discern that.

Quickly Godou continued by throwing a sharp sweep towards the god's midsection which the god dodged. Though the god was not a battle god, he was a god nonetheless.

Getting serious Godou planted his right foot into the earth and jumped with his left leg swinging backwards. The momentum of his left leg carried Godou's body till he flipped in midair like a martial arts movie.

Taken by surprise the god could do nothing as the blow that could break steel landed on his shoulder. However it was far from over. Again turning in mid air Godou spun as he let his right foot fly sideways dealing a blow at the god's chest.


The blow was so strong it was audible as the god's body flew backwards kicking up dust as it skidded around.

"Haaah haaah haaah. Panting with exhaustion Godou got down on knee as he tried to catch his breath. "That was the first proper blow I dealt you." Godou said between breaths.

It was a powerful blow indeed filled with all of the strength Godou could muster. It should have done quite a lot of damage.

The god flew away a few meters his body having skidded upon the earth raising up dust. The path was clearly traceable because of the almost straight line carved out by his body. His form was hidden under the dust that was kicked up.

"Get up!" Godou said as he stood up on his legs. "That was far from enough to destroy you and I know it."

With bated breaths Godou waited till his opponent stood up again.

From the dust a voice was heard. "Yes. Perhaps I should have used this form from the start." The melodious tone of the divine being was heard.

Godou braced himself for whatever that will pop out of the dust. Narrowing his eyes Godou expected once again for the god to shoot his flames. He was right but he was also wrong.

The flames came, but they didn't come out they came in.

With shock Godou could only stare as the stars in the skies one by one blinked out as they gathered in the form of blue flames. One by one following they blinked out of existence as hundreds, thousands...billions of stars twinkled out and gathered as small flames.

"For the world has forsaketh me, for the sun will never shine upon me. I take my divine rights from the night. I am the destroyer of all creation. I swear that nothing shall remain from my flames. So come forth thee young embers glowing upon the darkness. Come and gather once more so as to form the light that will forsake the sun in the sky."

With each syllable the flames gathered into the dust. One by one they merged with each other. Though they were of small number there was an uncountable number of these small embers which would grow into a magnificent bonfire. And suddenly the flames stopped.

Godou looked up and grimaced.

"The stars...are gone." Lilianna said in a bewildered manner. It was true. The heavenly bodies known as the stars were no more. Each and every one of them disappeared.

Godou swallowed the saliva in his mouth. This was bad, his instincts of a Campione were screaming at him that the situation got worse a hundred fold.

"Kami-goroshi!" With a blast of wind the cloud of dust dispersed under the gales.

The first thing Godou saw were the wings. Rather than wings they were like pure darkness and light added onto the back of a person. They were identical wings of black with mysterious white designs. They were beautiful like the night, however even a fool would understand that these wings were ominous, dangerous...deadly.

However, these wings were only the beginning. The dust continued to disperse until what laid inside was fully released.

"Y-You." Godou said his eyes wide with surprise, "are an Asura?!"

The god's arms from the elbows down were gone. However his limbs were not gone. In fact they increased. Floating around the god's body were arms of blue flames. There was no skin on the arms. No muscles, no skin, no flesh, all that remained in the limbs was bone. Bone covered in blue flames. Around the arms itself were strange white bandages like the tendrils of souls

The dust finally all dispersed to show the full form of the god's new form. The handsome god with a fallen angel's wings was surrounded with the devil's 6 arms or [Hells]

"Let us continue God slayer! [Last Hell-Purgatory]!" The divine being roared.

Though Godou perceived that the situation became far worse he smiled through his sweat and smiled a predatory grin. "Ready when you are god!" With that Godou infused a sudden burst of divine power into his legs and sped off like a bullet towards his prey.

A battle began between god slayer and god.

Although Godou with his [Camel] incarnation was more battle suited and experienced, the sheer specs and the abilities of the god in this form matched the battle ability of the [Camel]. Each of the 6 [Hells] of the gods were very destructive, one punch could demolish a whole mountain. Though Godou's legs infused with the [Camel]'s might were strong enough to resist his body would probably be under extreme damage with a direct hit.

Furthermore, the black wings of the god granted the divine being flight capability which matched the [Camel]'s movements.

Swiftly Godou rotated his head to the left to avoid one of the [Hells] which flew by where his head just was. Continuing the momentum of the rotation Godou quickly extended his left leg and kicked the god, only for one of his other [Hells] to take the blow.

In such a situation where the 2 contestants were evenly matched the one who will win is probably the one with more stamina, which is the god. Having suffered numerous blows before the duel began Godou was in a disadvantage. He knew that his body would fall before the god's would.

All in all, Godou was clearly losing. However, the smile on Godou's face never faltered. In fact the smile only widened as time passed as if victory was in his hands.

No matter how much powerful the god became, it didn't change the fact that he was inexperienced with combat. As a result, though the god had 6 arms or [Hells] there were still openings that Godou could exploit.

In baseball one has to wait for the perfect chance to swing the bat, if one swing too early or too late it would result in a strike. Furthermore, one has to instantly determine whether the ball is too far to hit with his eyes alone. Before, Godou became a god slayer and he was a normal high school baseball player our young prodigy was known to excel in this area. Godou was known to have excellent decision making skills that would carry his team to victory. Right now those skills would prove themselves against a god.

As mentioned before, the god was not a battle god thus no matter how many arms and weapons the god had there definitely were openings.

'Not now.' Godou thought as he dodged a blow by a hairs breath. His instincts told him the time to strike a blow was fast approaching, but now was not that time. Continuing to dodge blows Godou bided for his time as he played a game whack the mole with the god. The only difference was Godou himself was the mole and the god had six lethal hammers to whack with.

"Why?!" The god questioned as he rained more blows upon the Campione.

"Why what?" Godou answered back as he deflected yet another blow aimed at his heart with his knee.

"Why do you smile?" The god asked. "It's obvious that the situation is in my favor and against yours so why do you smile god slayer?" The god again sent another one of his bone hands aiming for Godou's face.

Flipping 180 degrees Godou sent the arm right back as he landed. Godou and the god stared at each other's eyes. In both of them there was no hesitation. "Because I'm going to win!" Though the fight was clearly against Godou's situation those eyes told a whole different story. They showed confidence and no answer other than victory.

Having gotten impatient, the god made an amateur mistake. "GODSLAYER!" The deity shouted as he threw all six flaming [Hells] at his opponent.

'Now!' Something in Godou shouted. Obeying the order of his instinct Godou leapt. This was the opening Godou was waiting for.

"UAAAAAAA!" Godou shouted as he infused maximum magic power into his legs. Lifting his right leg 180 degrees till it pointed towards the sky Godou slammed his foot down.

It was like an earthquake happened in that small area. The land started changing and rocks flew, and just for a moment the god lost his target as he tried to balance himself.

"Ku-Rai!" Godou shouted as he jumped forward and slammed his left foot into the god's midsection.

"Gu!" Coughing blood the god was sent flying backwards.

Though the [Last Hell-Purgatory] was a powerful Authority, it like all Authorities had a weakness. That weakness Godou decided was the [Hells] themselves. Though powerful these [Hells] served as both offensive and defensive. Thus, when all 6 [Hells] were taken out of the way the god was pretty much defenseless. Having sensed that was the best chance for victory, Godou waited until the god sent all his arms to attack.

However that blow was not enough to defeat the god.

"Shit." Godou cursed. "The guy moved back." That was exactly the case. To minimize the damage the god moved backwards with his wings at the moment of impact, thus greatly weakening Godou's blow. Furthermore, Godou had reached his limit on sustaining the [Camel] incarnation and could feel his authority slip away.

Coughing blood the god stopped himself as he got into bearing. Though the split minute decision saved him, the blow without a doubt dealt the god a great deal of pain. However even though there was blood dripping down his chin the god smiled.

"This is my victory Kusanagi Godou." The god declared as he stood up again surrounded by all six of his [Hells]. "Your authority has been exhausted, and you yourself have been exhausted. Accept defeat."

Godou lifted his tired face, and the god again stared at Godou's gold eyes. They haven't changed one bit. Even now they showed absolute confidence on victory.

"You know." Godou said as he got up and dusted himself. "I am a god slayer." Godou wiped the blood in his mouth. "But I can't do everything by myself." Smiling Godou said, "I'm a useless King that can't do anything by himself." Godou's eyes blazed with victory. "That's why I rely on my comrades!"

Understanding a split second later the god looked to the right away from his race's sworn enemy to someone else. Someone that by all right shouldn't even register in his sight as a threat.

The one that the god was staring at was none other than the Great Knight of Bronze Black Cross and Kusanagi Godou's premier knight Lilianna Kranjcar.

However, how was this human who by all right should be considered an insect to the god able to catch his surprise.

Within Lilianna Kranjcar's hands was her I1 Maestro in the form of a bow knocked with 6 arrows. However, it was not the arrows that Lilianna was using that caught the god's eyes, it was what was trailing behind each arrow to form a net of some sort.

"My [Chain]!" The god shouted with alarm as he understood the danger he was in

Smiling Godou said. "That [Chain] can even hold a god right?"

In a loud clear voice Lilianna again shouted the verses of the [Song of the Bow]. "Hear the sorrow of David, people! Alas, may the heroes fall! Alas, may the weapons of war be destroyed! O' mountains of Gilboa, I pray that dew and rain will not fall upon your peaks! I pray that your lands grow infertile, unable to flourish! There, the shield of the hero was cast away! The shield of Saul, unpolished with oil, was cast away over yonder! Undrinking blood of murderers, the unretreating bow of Jonathan! Unconsuming oil of the brave soul, returning the sword of Saul in vain! Alas, the heroes, fallen in the midst of battle! O' bow of Jonathan, with eagle's swiftness and lion's strength, a hero's weapon. Go forth in assault, upon my fleeing enemies!"

As soon as the last word left the knight mouth, the silver maiden let the arrows fly. The time that Godou bought was necessary for Lilianna to produce 6 simultaneous arrows, because the number of arrows reflect the amount of magic power Lilianna had left. Her aim was true and steady. One by one the arrows pierced the palms of the 6 [Hells] of the god and trapped the god in his own [Chain].

"What!" The god shouted in surprise as having been caught in his own entrapment. Summoning his flames the god tried to burn his [Chain] which were futile.

"My King!" Lilianna shouted as she hurried to Godou's side. "Are you alright?" She asked.

"I'm fine." Godou said with a warm smile.

"We must hurry!" Lilianna said with urgency. "Those [Chain] true would hold a god, but the arrows acting as nails will not last. So we have to do the ritual to awaken your [Sword]."

"Eh~." Godou said as his smile faltered.

Kneeling Lilianna said, "Please order me Kusanagi Godou!"

Godou stared at the lovely figure of the knight again. That straight and pristine silver hair in a pony tail and that petite figure. However above all those innocent lips that had never known a man.

Blushing madly Godou shouted loudly. "I-I-I can't!"

Getting mad in a cute way, Lilianna shouted again. "Kusanagi Godou now is not the time. Please order me to do the ritual that will unlock your Authority!"

Having reached limit Godou shouted like an embarrassed girl. "I-I can't order you to kiss me!"

"Kiss?" For a moment Lilianna was confused before her brain started working. Then suddenly the blood in her brain transported itself to her face and her face lit up like a Christmas tree. "K-K-K-K-KISS!" She shouted.

"Umm yeah." Godou said as he scratched the back of his head. "We Campiones have a resistance to all magic even from our own side, so you can't cast magic on us. But the story is different if the magic was cast inside...and to do that ummm well it has to done orally."

Having understood her situation Lilianna started rubbing her red cheeks and kept on saying again and again. "K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Kiss~."

"Uaaaaaaaaa," Godou heard from the left. Looking there he could feel an intense amount of heat concentrating as the god tried to escape its imprisonment. His blood as a Campione started stirring once again.

Laying a hand on Lilianna's shoulder, Godou brought the girl out of her stupor and looked directly at her with a serious expression. "Lilianna-san take this chance to escape." Godou softly said with a smile. "I'll try to hold him off a little."

Lilianna was brought out of her stupor and just stared at her lord. "But if you fight like this there is no chance of victory!" Lilianna argued. "Please order me to use [Instruction] on you my King!"

Godou smiled. "I can't do that." With that Godou dropped the hand on Lilianna's shoulder and turned away and started walking away.

As soon as the hand on Lilianna's shoulder moved away, Lilianna could tell that something extremely bad was going to happen at this rate. Instinctually she knew that the back of the King that was walking away would never return if something not be done. The King would never return. Her King would never return. Kusanagi Godou would never return.

She acted before she thought. Her feet started running before she knew what was happening. All she had in her head was, 'I can't let him go!'' She quickly caught up to Kusanagi Godou's back and pulled his shirt till he was facing him.

"Wha~ Lilianna-sa…!" Godou never had a chance to finish his sentence as a soft pair of lips made contact with his own.

Godou's eyes widened with surprise at what was happening.

Slowly Lilianna broke the kiss to look into Godou's astonished eyes.

"I-I come to you not as a Knight but as just the girl Lilianna Kranjcar. That way you don't have to order me." The maiden said. There was an innocent blush on the cheeks of the girl called Lilianna Kranjcar, making her look like a heavenly maiden. It was the face of a girl in love.

"Lilianna-sa…" Again Godou was abruptly interrupted as the foreign lips touched his own.

"I am yours my King. We are like two feathers from the same wing. Please refer to me as 'Lilianna.'" The innocent maiden said in an embarrassed tone.

"L-Lilianna." Godou whispered his face red.

Smiling Lilianna continued, "I am yours my King. Everything I am. Everything I have. Everything I have seen is all yours. So please take from me what is yours." With that Lilianna pursed her lips and closed her eyes as if waiting for Godou to come to her.

Godou could not resist. Swooping down Godou caught Lilianna's lips in his own. At that moment Godou and Lilianna could feel a bridge between them form. A magic bridge for the purpose of exchange of information. [Instruction] was ready to be cast.

For a moment lips separated. Breathing heavily Lilianna started speaking in a heavy tone. "The god you face is a god of dual identities, however both of them share the same identity as the god of Earth born of flames."

As if in a hurry, the kiss continued again. However unlike the last time, Godou inserted his tongue into Lilianna's mouth. Lilianna obediently accepted the foreign object. Saliva was exchanged and the magic bridge between the two widened allowing more information to pass.

Breaking off the kiss Lilianna continued her lecture. "In Greek Mythology the great Earth goddess Gaia and the sky god Uranus came together and gave birth to 12 gods known as Titans. The god you face is one of these Titans."

The two lovers again tasted each other's lips, but this time it was Lilianna who was on the initiative as she licked Godou's lips and begged for entrance. Godou relented and once again tongues tangled as information was passed on.

"However during the Crusades when the army of Christianity invaded the lands. The identity of the god was taken and twisted into a new form. As one of the Titans the god was hailed equivalent to the antagonist in the Bible who once was a seraph. His name Satan."

Godou and Lilianna's kissed again with a passion. Embarrassment was thrown out the window, as the two eager lovers exchanged emotions and information.

With tears in her eyes Lilianna embraced her lord. 'Ah my King!'

From within Godou's consciousness the 10 incarnations once again started to move. It kept on moving until if finally stopped at the last possible authority. The [Warrior] was evoked.

The [Sword] to slash apart the god in front of him was finally forged.


"My flames shall not withhold upon any creation. My flames shall burn all things to ashes. Nothing shall escape this fate for one day the world shall be reduced to nothing." Using words of power the deity trapped within his own [Chain] infused more of his divine power upon his blue flames. As if answering his request the flames from his six [Hells] rose dramatically as the arrows imbued with the [Spell Words of David] finally burned away. It was remarkable that a mortal spell was able to resist the flames of a god for so long.

"Uuooooooo!" Summoning more of his divine strength the god released himself from his bonds with a loud crash.

Flexing the fingers of one of his many arms the god looked around to survey his surroundings. The dust from the earthquake stomp that the god slayer caused has still yet to recede and thus neither he nor his companion could be located.

Closing his eyes the god whispered. "You can't hide from me." With that the black wings on the god's back opened to create a gust of wind. The wind blew apart the dust.

Only to see bright golden light erupt from his enemy.

"Using words of power, I bring forth justice in this world! Powerful and eloquent are these enchanting words. For they are powerful and bring forth victory. For they are powerful and bring forth healing!"

Suddenly the ruins of the city where the battle took place was gone. Everything from the sky to the earth vanished replaced by a barren landscape.

"Th-This is…" The deity whispered as he once again accessed the Memories of the Void to see which authority was being used. "The words of power to rend apart gods."

"You're wrong!" A voice said that caught the deity's attention. Quickly tracing the source of the voice the god once again looked upon the confident eyes of the god slayer, with swords rising from the ground.

Kusanagi Godou stood a few distance away standing confidently and proud, in his left arm was the form of the beautiful maiden clinging to his side, in his right was the form of a huge sword of gold the very manifestation of [Sword].

"These are the Words of Power to rend apart you...PROMETHEUS!"


Prometheus. Yes that was the god's identity. His true origin. His name.

And so god and god slayer stared at each other. [Sword] and [Purgatory]. Kusanagi Godou and Prometheus. The only question now left was, who would make the first move.

Prometheus made the first move. "My flames shall burn all creation!" Though short these too were words of power for the sake of strengthening his authority. As soon as the god was finished one of his [Hells] shot forward like a falling star.

"Prometheus was a god intricately related to the element of fire!" Godou shouted. Meeting the [Hell] of blue flame in air a sword of gold intercepted the projectile.

"Hailed as a trickster hero the god stole fire from the sun and passed it down to men! Thus, the spear of the sun would have been useless against a divinity such as you" It was a stalemate. With sparks the sword of gold and the [Hell] of flames separated itself and returned to their side respectively.

"Kusanagi Godou focus your [Sword] on his authority over his flames." Lilianna suggested.

Nodding Godou took a stance again and called upon more spell words of power. "However, Prometheus that is not your only face! Because of your pagan origin the religion of Christianity took your legend and changed it so the once Greek hero god became twisted and distorted to the form of an evil demon by the Christians."

Responding to Godou's words the sword in the skies started raining down upon the god. From her 3rd person point of view Lilianna could see the gold swords cut through the blue blaze of the flames, however it was useless. The sheer amount of concentration of those flames outdid even the swords made to cut them.

"This Authority of yours is the last form of the victorious warlord Verethragna is it not!" Called the god as he stood in the middle of the hailstorm of swords. Though he was rained upon by the words of power to deny him his divinity not one sword made through the impenetrable shield of his 6 [Hells]. As if acting by their own conscious the [Hells] whirled around him like a tornado burning the [Swords]. "However, though muddled Verethragna is still a god of [Steel] and [Steel] is weak to flames!" The god called out.

Without hesitating Godou continued uttering his words of power. "Your other face is that of Satan Lucifer, the fallen angel of heaven!" In the air the swords were readied to rain down upon the god. "This face of yours, since old has been associated with the characteristics of stars." Again golden swords started raining down upon the god. "One of Satan's symbols was the five pointed star and Lucifer has been known as morning star! You having the name of both divined your Authority over the [Blue Flames of Hell] from this legend. Thus your flames come from the stars themselves!" Responding to the words of power, more swords started raining down upon the god with six [Hells].

Slowly but surely the swords started coming more and more closer to the god's body as his six [Hells] were being out paced by the swords.

"Th-This is!" Prometheus called out as his flames started weakening under the onslaught of swords.

Godou raised his sword high. "This aspect of Satan and Lucifer is related to your true aspect of Prometheus through many characteristics. For example, the shared identity as gods of flames, trickster, traitor, and chained for all eternity by a higher power."

"Silence!" The identified god, Prometheus called out as he infused a massive amount of divine power to his flames. Acting in accordance the flames grew into the size of a bonfire that melted all the surrounding swords.

"Even that aspect of multiple arms came from your core as a treacherous god!" More swords rose from the ground ready to strike against their wielder's opponent. "Though not named and too ancient to remember nor be recorded in legends you were a member of Asura were you not?!" Godou announced. "Hinduism being the absorbing religion easily accepted your legend and incorporated it into their pantheons as a member of Brahmins! However once the Brahmins were grouped into asuras and divas, you being the treacherous deity was naturally grouped with the asuras thus earning your six arms or [Hells]!"

More and more swords were forged, shaped, and shot at the god. By now the god's six [Hells] were unable to fully protect the main body and cuts and damage was being dealt, but it was not enough. Though the [Sword] was a superior Authority made to cut down Prometheus it was not enough. The sheer concentration of the myth and power upon the god's six [Hells] were too much for the [Sword] to cut through.

"Kusanagi Godou!" Lilianna called out.

Looking down Godou made voiced his question. "Yes?"

"If things go like this the [Sword] will not hold up!" Lilianna said in a panicked voice.

Nodding Godou agreed. The sheer might of Prometheus's [Flame] and [Hells] would outlast the [Sword], acknowledging this fact Godou whispered. "I'll have to take the gamble then."

"Huh~." Lilianna said as a question mark formed on her head.

Raising his golden sword high Godou called upon more of his spell words, "Prometheus also has another title as a creator, for together with Athena he was responsible for the creation of man!" One by one the swords in the skies started converging and gathering upon the golden blade Godou held up. With each new addition Godou's [Sword] grew larger and larger. "For the sake of man, he tricked the gods on the offering of sacrifice by coating the innards and unneeded parts with fine skin while he told the men to hide the good parts in poor quality skin. Also, he was responsible for teaching man knowledge about how to live farm and prosper!"

Finally, the sword in Godou's hand reached maximum size. This was Godou's decision. Rather than fight a drawn out battle, he will use all his spell words at once. By gathering his separated [Swords] into one form he would cut the god's divinity.

"Ironically this feeling of love towards humanity was twisted into hatred and envy when the god was assimilated into Christian mythology!" Shouting out his spell words Godou dashed forward. It was an all or nothing attack.

"Do not speak of that tragedy!" The god shouted fury in his face. Truly the god's anger was shown. To think that he the god that had loved humanity would be portrayed as a monster to them. Summoning all his [Hells] once again the god ran forward to match Godou.

"KUSANAGI GODOU!" The god shouted.

"PROMETHEUS!" The god slayer shouted.

Godou swung.

Prometheus swung.

Silence followed.

It was a scene from a duel. Both sides attached at the same time and now with their final attack executed their backs facing each other they waited for the verdict.


Slowly the humongous golden sword in Godou hand started cracking. The cracks widened until finally the sword was destroyed falling to pieces in Godou's hand until all that Godou had was the broken hilt.

As if that was the cue the world created by his [Warrior] authority started fading away. Having exhausted the [Sword] and used up all his spell words there was no way for Godou to maintain the world.

Reality started manifesting itself. Godou, Lilianna, and the now identified Prometheus were once again back in the destroyed Italian city.

Releasing the [Warrior] incarnation, Godou stood up and watched as the hilt in his hands started fading into golden particles.

Godou smiled and whispered three words, "I cut it."

As if agreeing with Godou's statement the [Storm] that terrorized the whole country of Italy dispersed away as if the horrible wind and rain was just a lie.


'What just happened?' Lilianna asked herself. As soon as the [Sword] was used the [Storm] was dispersed while the god remained unharmed.

"The [Secret tome of Prometheus]." Godou said as he looked at the god. "That grimoire had a part of your Authority correct?" Godou didn't bother waiting for an answer, "it has the Authority of [Thief], to take the authority of another deity. However, from the beginning that Authority was yours."

Prometheus turned around. Nothing seemed to change about him, however the deity looked enraged.

"However, such an Authority has many limitations. For example, you have to be intimate with the owner of the Authority or the Authority has to be of solar attribute. As a result, you were able to take [Storm] from an acquaintance and my [White Stallion]."

"You god slayer!" Prometheus growled.

Godou ignored it and continued explaining. "However what if your divinity as Prometheus was cut? What then?"

At that moment Lilianna understood. Having had his aspect of Prometheus cut away, the god could no longer employ any authority from that legend. To think that Kusanagi Godou thought so far ahead.

"Though you have temporarily cut apart my divinity as one of the Titan lords, that will not change who I am." Prometheus said as he calmed his anger. "Furthermore, I believe that was your last offensive Authority." Although the blue flames wielded by Prometheus weakened they continued to burn. "I however can continue."

Lilianna could see that Godou would lose at this rate. Having expended 5 of his 10 Authorities, there were no offensive authority left for Kusanagi Godou to use.

"That's why I said 'it's a gamble." Godou retorted back raising his left hand towards the sky.

"It's useless Campione. You cannot fool me you are no longer capable of fighting. Lay down your life, and I shall make it painless." Prometheus offered. In actuality it was not a bad offer, dying without pain was quite an offer for a warrior who walks the path of death.

Godou smiled. Then he did something no great King would do. He stuck out his tongue like a little child and said, "Be~. I don't plan on dying here."

Prometheus narrowed his eyes, nodded and said, "so be it."

Running to her lord's side, Lilianna summoned her sword and said. "It's foolhardy to fight a god without one's Authorities my lord. Please leave this to me."

Godou however gently pushed down her sword. "I told you I don't plan on losing." He looked at his target Prometheus.

Looking up towards the east, Godou once again summoned the authority with the greatest firepower in his arsenal. "For victory, hasten forth before me! O Immortal Sun, I beseech thee to grant radiance to the stallion. O Stallion that moveth godlike with wondrous grace, bringest forth the halo of thy master!"

"Impossible!" Prometheus shouted as Godou uttered the words to summon the spear of the sun. "Your authority can not be reused so quickly!"

However, one could not argue with the effects, responding to the spell words the sun once again rose from the east. With the [Storm] gone all of the participants could see the glorious life giving light rise. Finally the sun gave out a solar flare that transformed into a raging stallion intent on destroying the sinner.

Facing the spear of the sun, Prometheus countered with his blue flames of the stars. It was a spectacular sight. The god using all his [Hells] and flames was pushing against the meteor of fire with all his might. Ironically, at that moment Prometheus resembled his brother Atlas with the weight of the world on his shoulder.

Blue and White contested for supremacy as the two fires tried to burn each other.

"It's useless!" Godou called out. Prometheus sweating and exhausted under his efforts looked towards his foe. "Once the sun comes out the stars must fade."

Prometheus nodded. He as a god of wisdom also understood that no matter how much he would fight against the spear of sun, he would not win. Slowly the flames of the eternal sun started corroding and burning away the blue flames.

However, the god did not give up. He still pushed against the solar spear with all the strength in his six [Hells]. Slowly the bones of the six [Hells] started cracking. One by one the [Hells] started failing Prometheus. His Authority was already at its limit. No matter how powerful his Authority was trying to hold off a nuclear level blast was far too much for his bones, to add to that his [Purgatory] was already severely weakened by the [Sword].

"For me the god that has created and taken care of humanity to be punished by the will of humanity. How ironic." The god called Prometheus smiled.

Finally the last [Hell] succombed to the mass of fire and Prometheus was engulfed by the solar punishment. The sinner was at last judged.


Godou and Lilianna watched as Prometheus was devoured by the onslaught of flames. Silence followed, the same question was on both of their minds, 'did we win?'

Having expended the [White Stallion] Godou fell to the ground breathing hard. He was exhausted in both body and soul. There was not a part of him that didn't hurt. His heart felt like it was threatening to burst and his lungs felt like they were on fire.

"K-Kusanagi Godou!" Lilianna shouted in alarm as she lent the man her shoulder.

"I'm okay." Godou said, however Lilianna noticed that he did not refuse her offer of support. Together they watched as the flames continued burning a crater.

"K-Kusanagi Godou," Lilianna called out hesitantly.

"Yes?" Godou answered.

"Ummm, though it is not my place to ask this, but how was it that you were able to use the [White Stallion] twice in one day? I thought all your Authorities have specific requirements and can only be used once."

"Aah that." Godou murmured. "Well it's true that my Authorities could be used only once, but you see I never fully used the [White Stallion] it was stolen from him because of his [Thief] authority." Godou explained. "Thus, I when I used the [Sword] to cut the aspect of Prometheus away from him the Authority naturally returned to me."

Having heard Godou's words Lilianna was still skeptical about one point. "B-but there is no reason to believe that your Authority would return in usable state, it could have returned already expended." Lilianna argued.

Godou stayed silent for a while. He closed his eyes and said. "That's why I said, 'its a gamble.' Anyway it was the best shot to victory so I took it."

Lilianna remained silent. Her face remained calm, but her thoughts were in a turmoil. She reconfirmed in her mind that Campiones were truly irregular beings. To think that Kusanagi Godou could see hope in such a narrow opening, and have the will to bet his life on a theory. 'They truly are Devil Kings.' Lilianna told herself.

Lilianna stared at the exhausted form of her King as she supported him with her shoulder. Though he had dirt and grime all over his face and bloodied to a pulp Kusanagi Godou smiled. To her he looked glorious and powerful, like the form of a beautiful but dangerous tiger.

Lilianna could feel heat rise to her cheeks.

"Hmm what's wrong Lilianna-san?" Godou said looking oblivious.

"N-Nothing!" Lilianna shrieked.

"That's good-d-d-d," Godou murmured as he slipped from Lilianna's grip and fell upon the earth.

"K-Kusanagi Godou!" Lilianna shouted in alarm as she noticed the falling weight. Quickly she caught the falling boy. "Kusanagi Godou! Are you alright?" Lilianna screamed in worry. However, Godou never gave her an answer.

"H-Heal! I have to cast healing magic!" Lilianna shouted. Quickly the silver haired girl uttered some words and her hands started glowing in a blue light. However as soon as she landed her hands upon the young man's chest her spell self destructed.

Realizing her error, Lilianna shyly glanced at the only part she could input spells.

"Th-This is just for the sake of healing." Lilianna convinced herself, but her red face told a different story. Slowly the knight leaned down. The spell to cast healing at her lips.

"Kusanagi Godou." She whispered as she closed her eyes.

"So the young warrior was capable of halting Honored Teacher." Said a calm collected voice.

"Uheeeeeeh!" Lilianna screamed as she just noticed the presence of someone else. Swerving she located the source of the voice. "Honored Athena! What are you doing here?!" Lilianna shouted in surprise. Lo and behold right in front of Lilianna was the majestic form of herectic Athena.

"I'm merely greeting the victor." She replied as she approached Lilianna and Godou.

Taking up Godou head she smiled and whispered. "Even now though you are strong and full of potential, you are so full of openings." With that the goddess swooped down and planted her young lips upon the fallen boy casting healing magic on him.

"Eeeeehhhh!" Lilianna said as she complained looking like a bird who had her worm stolen.

Slowly the many wounds on Godou's body started healing.

"Hu hu." The goddess laughed as she finished her spell and kiss. "Take it as the victor's prize, and my compensation for involving you," she softly whispered in the unconscious Godou's ear.

Having finished what she came here to do the goddess brushed her hair and stood up. "Girl. Once your lord awakens tell him that Athena has repaid her debts and we will meet again to settle our old score." Finished on what she wanted to say the goddess started walking away. After about five steps the wind started blowing and owls started appearing out of nowhere. Slowly the form of the goddess started fading away. "Ah!" Athena said as if just realizing it. "Tell your lord also that Prometheus has not fallen yet. Next time we meet we shall exchange fists and swords. Beware of himself for thee shall only fall by mine hands." With that the form of the petite goddess finally disappeared in the midst of wind and feathers, leaving Godou and Lilianna alone.

"...WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" A very bewildered Lilianna screamed to no one in particular.

"Urrm," Godou said in his sleep. "A few more minutes."


"Tweet tweet tweet." Godou heard in his sleep.

Slowly our war weary protagonist arose from his sleep. His eyes still felt heavy but his body felt fine. Actually to tell you the truth he felt refreshed as if he won the baseball tournament he did in his younger days.

The bed felt comfy and warm, but something felt a little off, almost like it was too fluffy.

Rising from his bed Godou still had heavy eyes that refused to open.

Raising his arms high Godou stretched his still sleeping limbs and started yawning. "Mmmmmmm," the awakening King let out in a very satisfied manner. The feeling of his muscles stretching and his joints popping back into place felt good.

"Good morning Godou," Murmured a voice straight from hell.

A dry wind blew a dust cloud across Godou's bed. Maintaining his satisfied face, sweat started pouring down Godou's face, and his whole body was shaking like a leaf.

"This time I decided to greet you Godou." The devil's voice whispered in Godou's ear.

Shivering Godou whispered to himself, "I seem to be having a nightmare. Back to sleep." Quickly laying down and going under the covers Godou vehemently tried to ignore reality.

"Well if Godou is like that I suppose I have no choice." The devil whispered.

'Safe.' Godou thought.

"I'll have to join you!" Godou could hear what sounded like clothes falling to the ground.

Bolting up like Frankenstein Godou screamed at the top of his lungs. "I'M AWAKE THERE'S NO NEED FOR THAT!"

Putting on a fake pouty face Erica said, "Hmm what a shame. We haven't been able to share a bed since we last came to Sardinia."

"There's no reason for us to share a bed!" Godou shouted back at her. "Besides why do you have to take off your clothes just to sleep!"

Erica smiled and said, "I can't sleep if I don't have clothes on. Also, what's wrong with a pair of lovers sharing a bed."

Godou took a huge breath and was about to complain, but that he never had the chance.

As if someone was coming from hell the door to the bed room opened in a very hollow manner and an aura that Prometheus can't compare to was released from beyond.

"G.O.D.O.U.-S.A.N~!" The chest nut haired miko said. "I think we have a lot of things to talk about. Namely about your indecent history."

"Umm Mariya-san." Godou uttered very slowly with sweat running down his neck. "Would it help to say I had no say in the matter."

Smiling sweetly the hime-miko replied in a very short and concise way.


Though Godou's face was frozen in a supposed calm facade, his mind was in a turmoil. 'I need a distraction! Something to get these two off my back!" Godou shouted at himself as his mental persona of himself started ripping his own hair off.

'Please God! Help me this once!" Godou pleaded.

God answered his prayers.

"My Lord you have awakened!" Someone outside announced in a refreshing manner. "Mariya Yuri I am happy to see that you are sober as well." She said as she completely ignored the presence called Erica Blandelli.

Blushing cutely the Hannya miko returned to the usual Mariya Yuri as she tried to hide her embarrassment. "I'm umm so sorry for being a nuisance!" The miko said as she bowed to the Lilianna.

'I don't know what happened, but safe~.' Godou thought as he gave an inward sigh of relief. 'Perhaps my luck is looking good today.' It was way too soon to think so. In the end God decided Godou will have hell this morning and Godou will have hell this morning.

"Umm Kusanagi Godou!" Lilianna called. Call it instinct but Godou could suddenly feel that he was not going to make it alive this morning. "I had some time and made some frittata. Umm would you like some." The silver haired girl offered what looked like an expensive gourmet dish of egg and what seemed like lobster.

Godou, Erica, and Mariya looked from the dish to the obviously fidgeting knight as she offered the dish to Godou like a maid would offer something to her master.

"D-Do not misunderstand Kusanagi Godou!" The flustered girl said. "I just happened to have extra ingredients on hand and didn't want to waste it," she said in a totally unconvincing manner. "It's not as if its something I prepared because of what you did last night."

A ping could be heard in the serenely silent room. When a flustered girl offers a boy something in a very obviously tsundere way while mentioning something involving 'last night,' anyone would obviously take it in a wrong way. Of course Lilianna never noticed that she just sentenced Godou into a deeper hell.

"Hoh." The blonde girl said as she gripped the arm of the shivering boy. "What happened last night Godou." Meanwhile the victim could feel that the girl was using unnecessary force to squeeze his arm.

The bowing girl who still had her head down started turning her head in an eerie way as she looked to the left, right into Godou's eyes. The suddenly shy miko transformed into a demon in Godou's sight.

"Ummm." Godou said as he thought of how to explain himself. Normally one wouldn't just go right out and say. 'I fought a god.'

However, Godou never had a chance to explain himself as his 2nd knight never understood the mood. It was equivalent to burying Godou alive.

"He was magnificent!" Lilianna exclaimed as she blushed. "So wild and powerful, that I was swept off my feet in a fantastic manner. Together we were able to overcome all odds and pierce through the storm and fire. Now I have fully offered my King my allegiance and loyalty. We shall forever be like two wings of the same bird."

Silently Godou closed his eyes as he prepared himself to use the [Ram].


"Huff huff huff." Breathing deeply the form of a man with black wings could be seen crawling in the earth. Though reduced to such a form and suffering great amounts of pain one could easily tell that this injured man was not to be trifled with.

The winds started blowing then. "You look horrible old friend." A deep voice said carried by the winds.

In the middle of his pants the deity known as Prometheus grinned. "Melquart," he said. There was no sign of alarm nor emotion in the pronunciation of that name, just an acknowledgment or greeting.

"Better than you." Prometheus muttered as he stood up and unfurled his wings. It was beautiful to behold the god's sight. Though injured and his authorities were cut there was no doubt that a god was a god and thus out of reach of humanity's reach.

"True." Melquart breathed. Although, Prometheus was severely injured from his battle, he at least held onto his corporeal body. On the other hand, Melquart was reduced to his spirit form from his last battle.

"I warned you on underestimating the child." Melquart said in the winds. "Though very young and not battle worn, it does not change the fact that he like the others are the illegitimate children of Epimeteus."

"True." Prometheus laughed as he repeated the exact term Melquart himself used. "Perhaps I was too hopeful." The god flexed his recovering limbs in a lazy manner, the arm started cracking.

"Tch." Prometheus said as he stopped testing his arm. Prometheus in his battle with Kusanagi Godou suffered great damage, but not irreplaceable damage. In time his strength, authorities and limbs will return.

"Consider this a debt paid old friend." Melquart said. A sudden gust blew from the west and in the gust was a shining ball of power. It was divine power or energy.

"Muchly appreciated old friend." Prometheus replied as he reached for the glowing ball.

Slowly the outstretched hand closed around the irreplaceable treasure that no mortal would ever be able to harness. Once in the god's grip the light passed through the god's hand and flowed in his core revitalizing the tired deity to a degree.

Again Prometheus started testing his healing arm. This time it didn't crack.

"Looks like more time is needed." The god muttered to himself as he tested his other hand.

"So what will you do now." Melquart questioned. Though, the divine king Melquart gave a part of his divine power to Prometheus, it didn't change the fact that Melquart was still a powerful god king.

"I must achieve more power." Prometheus said as he stood up and looked towards the north.

"I must regain the [Lance]."

The winds stopped for a moment to show the god's surprise. "That thing!" Melquart said clearly shocked. "Are you sure friend? Though that thing is powerful, it's a double edged sword and it in itself is a god."

Nodding the deity known as Prometheus answered Melquart's question with silence.

"From the start you were a fool old friend." Melquart laughed as the winds started swirling in an amused manner. "Well can't say I wasn't because we both 'fell.'"

Prometheus smiled.

"However be warned old friend. The [Lance] is not a subordinate weapon. It has a will and legend of its own. It chooses who wields it not the other way around." Melquart gave his friend the last warning. To accentuate the warning lighting and winds thundered and blew across the small ravine they were in tearing apart all things.

"I will wield like I did before." Prometheus said. No hesitation could be felt in his words.

"Fool!" Melquart laughed with mirth.

"I have a mission to fulfill and for that purpose I am willing to go through any lengths." Prometheus announced, blue flames again were rekindled within the god's eyes dancing and burning everything.

"Hahahahaha!" Melquart laughed, "Do you even know where that thing is located?"

Nodding Prometheus turned to the north. "In…"


Shirou did not know how long he was flying, but he could confidently say that he circumvented the earth in record time at least once.

By now Shirou no longer had anything in his stomach to throw up.

Having accustomed somewhat to his mode of transportation Shirou decided to 'experiment' with his ride.

'Well this at least proves that I'm a magus.' Shirou thought to himself as he started fiddling with the light that he was in. It was a magus's nature to be curious of any phenomena and research to the very end on whatever thing that catches their interest.

Though Shirou had fiddled around with the light that he was in for a few minutes he understood nothing. From a 3rd person point of view it was obvious. Shirou had elementary magus education, and his origin and element were nowhere near that of light. Perhaps if it was ether, he would have better understood exactly what he was riding, but sadly it wasn't.

After muddling through more and more, Shirou finally was able to discern the main core of the light. It looked like a magic circle except made completely with light or in Shirou's case ether.

'This must be the thing that makes this work.' Shirou thought to himself. Now like all curious people Shirou reached for the circle.

Now here is where the difference is. If anyone else touched the circle, it would have been fine, however Shirou was no longer a normal person. Though, Shirou did not know it he was now a Campione and Devil King, as a result he possessed the same traits as them. Namely ridiculous magic resistance.

As soon as Shirou touched the magic circle the circle faded away and the beam of light that Shirou was riding started faltering.

"Uh oh." Shirou muttered as he felt his mode of transportation buckle.

After giving out a few whines the light finally vanished leaving a bespeckled Shirou in mid air.

"Oh shit." Shirou muttered as gravity finally took his course and pulled our very unfortunate incarnate down.

"Curse you Zeltrech!" Shirou shouted as he fell faster and faster into god knows what. Rule #1 of Magi blame Zeltrech for all your failures. Even a novice and 3rd rate like Shirou knew this unwritten rule.

However fate did not frown on Shirou. Though Shirou did not know it he was actually not that far from land as he thought so as he fell, our hero wannabe did not have to fall far.

His feet hit something hard after 2 minute of falling and he tumbled through. Shirou could feel his body falling through what he absently noticed a roof and into a large building.

However, Shirou's mind was completely healed and thus he was able to think at full capacity.

"Trace on." Shirou called out.

Immediately 2 nameless sword appeared in Shirou's hands. Though not Noble Phantasms or even mystic codes these would serve their purpose.

Plunging the swords into anything that Shirou could reach, the very unfortunate hero starting halting his descent. Though his on the fly plan worked the sheer momentum of his fall kept him falling down and down. Meanwhile Shirou had to duck his head as his body plunged through more and more floors. It was a good thing that Shirou had already reinforced his body to the maximum already. It was also a good thing that the building that Shirou crashed in had many floors.

Shirou could feel the numerous amounts of pebbles and rocks fly at him as he crashed deeper and deeper into the complex.

'Shit when am I going to stop!' Shirou said to himself.

Through structural grasping Shirou could tell that he was approaching the last floor of the building quiet fast. Unlike the other floor which he went through this floor was apparently much larger and spacious, furthermore he could tell that there were a lot of people gathered there.

'Please stop!" Shirou prayed as he reached the final floor. Though his momentum was greatly reduced he could feel he was still pretty much a human cannonball.

Shirou plunged through the 5th floor like a bullet.

Shirou plunged through the 4th floor like without too much resistance.

Shirou plunged through the 3th floor this time much more slowly.

Shirou plunged through the 2th floor like a slow enough so he could see what was going on. Hanging between the 2nd and base floor with his sword in the roof of the floor Shirou finally stopped. He noticed that he was in a dark room with flashing lights right below him and a lot of people making noise.

They were screaming something in a language that sounded familiar, but Shirou did not have the luxury to sit down and think.

Suddenly Shirou felt something snap within his hand and again Shirou started falling. Although, two short swords in Shirou's hands had served him well, they were already at their limit. With a snap the sword finally broke and again Shirou continued falling into what he finally understood was a stage or a live concert.

"Shit!" Shirou cursed as he fell face first from whole meters in the air. Thankfully Shirou did not release his reinforcement or he would by all rights be dead. A Campione died because he fell would be a real joke.

With a crash Shirou finally fell onto real ground and the stage suddenly quieted down.

A lot of dust was raised from Shirou's entrance and no one could see what had happened.

"Tch." Shirou muttered as he quickly got up and started planning his escape. After all he did not want to make front news so quickly in god knows where. Then the Clocktower might seriously come after him.

Running towards the back to where he spied a door Shirou ran head first to avoid any witnesses from behind spotting him.

Of course that meant he did not see that there was someone in front of him.

Crashing into someone both Shirou and the girl fell to the floor with him on top of her.

A loud "Kyaa!" could be heard in the stage.

Of course that's when the automatic fans in the large room started turning which blew up the dust.

Now that the dust started clearing up Shirou noticed that the girl under him was quite cute, but she was also dressed in weird flashy clothes that no one ever wears normally. Furthermore, his automatic structural grasping told him that the clothes were actually made out of very fine material. Now combined with the fact that this was a concert and there were light shows and a large audience shouting their head off, Shirou finally understood what he just crashed into.

"Shit." Shirou muttered as his brain finally started kicking in and he understood how much shit he was in.

The very first thing that the audience in the stage saw was the form of a man on top of their idol in the midst of her concert. Though the face could not be seen because the man's face was dirtied with a lot of dust and dried blood everyone saw the intimate closeness that their idol and this stranger was in.

"Umm." Shirou heard from below him to see the face of the girl that he was currently on top of. 'What a beauty was,' first thing Shirou though. Truly the girl was beautiful. She had long lustrous blond hair with a bow tied on both ends and a very beautiful face that shouted beauty. Though her face was tinged with red Shirou could tell that her face and skin was normally very white and pristine. Her eyes were vibrant blue like that of the sky.

"S-Sorry!" Shirou muttered quickly as he reinforced his body and started running. However, he did not run empty handed. Shirou understood the situation. This girl had seen her face. So that meant only one thing. If he did not want to be caught by the Clocktower she had to be dealt with.

It was perhaps the first time that an Ally of Justice kidnapped someone.

Shirou quickly knocked the girl unconscious and carried her in his arm like a sack of potatoes as he started running like hell was chasing him.

To the audience all that they could see was a blur the bastard who knocked down their idol vanish in a speed no one could manage carrying their precious idol away.

That day Emiya Shirou, although his name and face was not given made national news, as the one who plunged into a live idol concert and kidnapped Cecilia Kreinhart, the most popular idol in the nation as well as…

The 2nd royal princess of the country of Britain.

I just had to end it like this.

Yes. Yes. Shirou just landed on top of a idol/princess in the end of the chapter. Do not blame me for it. Blame Shirou's natural charisma on the ladies. It's like a magnet. Positive attracts negative. Rule of the Universe. Shirou's latent Gar power is coming into play. Do not miss out on it.

I've seen many manga where the blue flames of Satan come out and I thought, hell I gotta import that.

The next chapter won't have much fight inside it. Instead there's going to be some politics and fugitives. Look forward for fun.

Also I found my first chapters as rather bland and boring. True the action was good, but that was it. Furthermore, I found I left a 'bug' (you guys all know who I'm talking about) unsquished. I will try my best to fix them. I might even have to split the first chapter into two. Many changes must be made.

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2) [Thief]

-It's an authority that allows the user to steal the authority of another divine being. However, to use this authority one of the two restrictions must be fulfilled. One, the authority must be of solar attribute symbolizing the legend where Prometheus stole fire from the sun. Two, or the god/Campione must be an aquaintance with Prometheus for the authority to work.

3) [Phoenix]

-Like the name suggests, this authority summons a mass of fire shaped like a bird as a Divine Beast. The talons and beak of this bird is capable of burning away all of its opponents. Furthermore, it is very loyal to its master. Lastly, the divine beast is capable of doing a kami-kaze attack which kills both him and his target if all else fails.

4) [Chains]

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5) [Last Hell-Purgatory]

-Prometheus's strongest form where he has all his restriction off. In this form he has access to his base form and the following two authorities.

6) [Hells]

-Prometheus's strongest authority. This authority grants him 6 new arms made only of fire and bone. They are proficient in both offense and defense. In offense it is the strongest spear capable of burning all it touches with its super concentration of the blue flames. As defense it is the unbreachable shield that covers all 360 degrees from all sides with a mind of its own. This authority works by concentration all of the stars in the sky into one or rather 6 limbs. When using this authority. The skin and bone arms that Prometheus usually has disappeared replaced with the 6 [Hells].

7) [Night's wings]

-This authority grants Prometheus his wings as a fallen angel. With these he has high maneuverability and speed from any direction. All in all, it is a convenient ability that allows instant transportation/acceleration/flight. One can even call in a combination of raptor/gale. If someone with high faith and weak mental strength stares into these wings his soul will be stolen. Furthermore, it is a symbol of his rebellion from God.

Story Recomendation - (I plan on only giving one recommendation at a time in my future works.)

1) One Punch Shirou- Sir Godot

-For anyone who enjoys One Punch Man and FSN they should really read this. It's actually a short oneshot, but really humorous. It made my day. Jesus I laughed so hard when I ready this oh my god. Imagine Shirou as Saitama. Shame there is no sword involved but still horribly funny.

2) Memories of a King- Polly 93

-What a treasure. Jesus This story is great and not a lot of people know about it. True there's no Shirou, but the author wrote the past of Arturia so well that it really doesn't matter. A time where Arturia could be Arturia and why she's Arturia. This story is like a diamond in the dust. Go read it and favorite it now (Command seal disappears)

3) Usurper of Victory- Me - The Hero of the End

- Before I start explaining about this story I want to ask you a question. There are times when right after you read a story you wish there is more right. Well fear not for I will grant you your wish. This is my 2nd story combining FSN and Zero no Tsukaima. The whole point of this story actually is so I could wipe the smug faces of the damn nobles by throwing in a divine king a damn highest royalty that would shit on their noble pride and they can't do no shit back. Their magic is useless. Furthermore, Godou hails from a normal background. Now this would be rich. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Die damn nobles die. Now immediately after you finish this story go over and read this one. I promise it won't disappoint.

Sayonara folks. Till next time.