Red, fiery, wicked pain.

Pain floods his heart and runs through his body.

Whispers of what were and what could have been.

She invades his thoughts often.

Her hair, skin, eyes, and fragrance rip his hearts apart.

His blood flies with her laughter, her smile, and her tears.

He still feels the shadow of her hand in his.

His soul races, much as they did, embracing danger or thrills.

The ebb and flow pain in her eyes is mirrored in his heartache.

Bad Wolf.


Her name courses through him every minute, every day.

Rose. Rose Tyler.


His envy of his human self is evil,


And choking.

When she vanishes from his sight,

He wishes his life would vanish too.

But he can't.

He has to fight for the whole of the human race.

He needs to defend them.

He needs to protect them.

That's what he does.

He ignores the pain and plays the hero.

She was one too.

So he's strong.

He's strong for her memory, her soul, her being.

He's the Doctor.

He puts his pain into his passion.

His anger.

His soul.

His being.

Rose. Rose Tyler.


He'll never forget her.