Haruhi pov

Hannah's note: dear sis I have gone to Rachael's be back later Hannah p.s. also I found a letter from dad that was addressed to the both of us I have already read it.*

Haruhi goes to where the letter is it reads

*dear Haruhi and Hannah

Happy birthday sweethearts, if you both are reading this letter then that means I am already gone, both of you have already found out from the letter that your mother left that you are related to that idiot Tamaki because his mother is your mothers twin sister, before you two were born Tamaki and his mother came to Japan from France, at the time Tamaki didn't know that your mother was carrying twins, he told us that if the baby was a girl he would treat her as his own but if the baby was a boy he would treat him as he was a big brother, shortly after they left you both were born the only people that know that you and your sister are twins are all the host clubs parents, you two already know that you are both engaged to the hitachin twins, Tamaki and the others have fiancée's too which you already know who they are, Haruhi your full name is Haruhi Sophia Rachael guardine fujioka and Hannah yours is Hannah rose-marie guardine fujioka, in a couples of days after your birthday your aunt will come to Japan and stay with you both as she can't see tamaki because of his grandmother love you both your father

Ryoji (Ranka) fujioka (dad)*

It's been 2 weeks now since dad died; no one knows about this not even the others in the host club. I keep telling myself to keep moving forward each day, I have to tell someone about this so today I plan to tell the chairman of the school that my dad has died after all he is my uncle, I just hope that the twins or Tamaki doesn't bother me today, today happens to be mine and my twins sisters birthday, the others have never met her and I don't on plan on them meeting her not yet anyway, well I better get to school before classes start and tell the chairman everything, bye dad, bye mom, oh and mom I found your letter thanks for planning our weddings already with the twins mother, you see I have met the twins and the others before and when I was younger, I fell in love with Hikaru and my sister fell in love with kaoru our mothers promised each other that we would marry each other, the other secrets are that one me and my sister have is that we rare disease that if we are upset or our bodies are under too much stress our bodies shut down in to what we call a standstill, that happened once before when our mother died and our aunt has it as well so we may look the same age as the twins but we are older than mitsukuni and takashi today we are twenty one years old also we are co owners with the twins mother of the hitachiin fashion line we have designed some of the outfits our selves but now we are designing the new school uniforms I am doing the boys, and different uniforms for the host club my sister is doing the Girls and our different uniform.

End pov