At the ouran academy at the chair man's office

*Knock knock *

Come in said the voice behind the door

Chairman May I speak with you Haruhi asked

of course my dear how could I say no to one of my favourite nieces what is it that you want to talk to be about dear said Yuzuru

I am sorry I didn't tell you this before uncle but papa died 2 weeks ago, I thought that you should know now since we need your help said Haruhi

oh I'm sorry to hear that Haruhi, what can I help you with said Yuzuru

we do need help with moving our stuff to the new house that we have since our mother did leave it us and she and auntie Anna used it when they were younger said Haruhi

I will get someone to move the stuff for you anything else, you look like you haven't been sleeping at all, I suggest that you go and get some rest haruhi, I have a room that you could use but there is only one other person that uses this room and that is mitzukuni haniazuka and sometime takashi morinozuka stays with him, after the holiday I presume that Hannah will be coming to ouran with you said Yuzuru

Yeah that is what she said but she will be coming under the name Rose as well as you know the Éclair will be coming as well she will be living with us since she will be coming here in a few weeks we are hoping to have the house ready by the time she arrives, she is currently with Rachael helping her with the making of the new school uniforms that we have designed I should you them so she is helping Rachael with the finishing touches to the uniforms, its just been so hard with getting everything done said Haruhi

It is your choice if you wish to tell takashi or mitzukuni about your father haruhi, try not to stress out too much I don't want you to be in that condition again, I hated seeing both you and Hannah like that exclaimed Yuzuru

I will tell mitzukuni and takashi about papa I know that Tamaki will have something planned since today is our birthday but I don't know what and since only mitzukuni and takashi will listen to what I say and they won't tell the others unless it is absolutely necessary said Haruhi

come on lets get you to that room that I was talking about so that you can sleep said yuzuru

Yuzuru and haruhi leave his office and head to the room where he said and he explained to haruhi that there are girls clothes in the wardrobe near the second bed where as the wardrobe near the first bed has boy clothes and then he leaves and haruhi changes in to the girls clothes and she has taken off her wig that she has on to reveal her long hair and her binding bandages that she wears and she goes to sleep