disclaimer: I don't own Ouran high school host club, sorry for not updating regularly i have a case of writers block and couldn't figure of what to write in the story but i am still going to continue with this and my other stories

Meanwhile in the school gardens

Kasanoda: excuse me miss, but no one is allowed in this area of the gardens

Haruhi: I know Kasanoda, beside the chairman knows that I am here since me and my mother planted all of the plants, along with my twin sister

Kasanoda: oh I see, are you OK Haruhi, the twins or Tamaki didn't upset you did they because you seem kinda sad,

Haruhi: no they didn't do anything, I'm sad because about 2 weeks ago my father died and I am just trying to move forward a step every day and no Tamaki and the others don't know, well apart from takashi he knows

Kasanoda: oh I am sorry for you loss Haruhi, I didn't know that you had a twin sister

Haruhi: no one knows apart from my uncle i haven't even told takashi about her

kasanoda: i am nearly finished here i was going to go and get some lunch have you had yours

Haruhi: yes i have but i would like a cup of tea so i will come with you but please call me Sophia as that is my middle name only takashi has seen me like this.

Kasanoda: oh i see, well my lady Sophia would you honor me with escorting you to the cafeteria

Haruhi: yes of course

they both leave the garden and go to the cafeteria, haruhi goes and sits down and kasanoda goes and gets his lunch and haruhi's tea what they don't know is that the chairman is also in the cafeteria keeping an eye one her as well as tamaki, the host club walk in to the cafeteria and spot kasasnoda speaking to haruhi.

tamaki: hey kyoya who is that sat with kasanoda

kyoya: i don't know tamaki, i have never see her before

tamaki: then we should go introduce ourselves then

takashi: no leave her alone

tamaki: what do you mean no mori senpai

mitsukuni: what takashi means is that she could be the girl that your father was talking about this morning and besides your father is over there *points to where yuzuru is*

tamaki: oh i see

twins: well tono are we going to get our lunch or not and we have an idea why don't we sit with them as there is plenty of room on the table

tamaki: good idea you two

they go and get there lunch and then go to the table where haruhi and kasanoda are

kasanoda: tamaki what do you and your friends want

tamaki: we were woundering could we sit with you two

kasanoda: oh well i am not sure, let me ask sophia what she thinks

Haruhi: sure as long as you keep the noise down *rubs her head*

kasanoda: are you ok sophia do you want me to get your uncle

haruhi: no i'm fine

where yuzuru is with the other staff members

*phone beeps*

yuzuru looks at his phone and looks concerned

the text reads

* yuzuru its rachael hannahs has collapsed watch haruhi, i am taking her to the hospital already called yoshio so he knows*

back at the table where haruhi is

kasanoda: are you sure that you are ok sophia

haruhi: yeah *drink her tea*

kasanoda: ok if you are sure

tamaki: excuse me miss but me and my friends would like to introduce ourselves and welcome you to ouran

haruhi: there is no need i already know who you are, you are tamaki the chairmans son, the one next to you is kyoya he is yoshio son, the twins are rachael hitachins sons i am very familier with her work and the other two are mitzukuni haniozuka and takashi morinozuka and are the sons of akito morinozuka and sato haniozuka and together you all make up the host club now if you excuse me i will be going now.

tamaki grabs her arm to stop her from leaving

haruhi: let go of me this instant, otherwise i will have to use force to let go of me

tamaki: no how do you know all that information you haven't even been here before to know all that

haruhi: my uncle works here and he told me who you are now let go of me

kasanoda: souh she said let her go now


hannah: haruhi are you ok

haruhi: yes i am its just tamaki has got a hold of my arm and won't let go of me

hannah: oh i see well i am at the hospital i collapsed with a headache earlier while at rachael's, i am fine though so you don't have to worry, i will see you later with uncle at the resturant yoshio is making me stay a while with rachael and then we will leave for the resturant together.

haruhi: oh ok i did get a little headache earlier, i got to go i think i am worrying kasanoda he got me my tea earlier and was watering the garden that we did with mother we must put something in there of father.

hannah: ok don't forget eclair and aunt sophia is coming soon, i think there flight must have landed by now so i told eclair when she rang me earlier that she was to meet you at school and i also told her that you would be using your middle name so that the host club apart from takashi don't know who you are, takashi hasn't even told mitzukuni yet.

haruhi: ok i will see you later then

telpathy ends*

kasanoda: sophia are you ok

haruhi: yes i am fine sorry about that i must have spaced out, please let go now you are hurting my arm

tamaki lets go and eclair walks through the doors and towards where haruhi and the host club are.

eclair: sophia darling its good to see you again

haruhi: eclair its good to see you again too how was your flight

eclair: it was ok very entertaining

haruhi: how is she

eclair: she was tired so she went to the house while i came here are you alright your arm is red

haruhi: yes i'm fine just before you came tamaki had a hold of my arm

tamaki: eclair what are you doing here

eclair: i came to see sophia and her sister rose as well as transfering here after spring break

tamaki: oh i see

over to where yuzuru is

sara: chariman who was on the phone

yuzuru: oh racheal hitachin one of my niece is with her today and she was just taken to the hospital is all and she wanted to tell me that it was nothing serious just some exhaustion that she was suffering from

sara: oh i see, umm chairman why are you looking over to where your son and his friends are

yuzuru: oh it just that the girl over there who is talking to miss eclair who came last year for the ouran fair is also my niece also her and her sister are twins you see like the hitachin twin they have a bond you see and they can feel what the other feels however sometimes if one twin is sick so would the other one be. i am just worried is all

sara: oh i see