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Ch. 1: More on Sophie

A week has passed since the Ski Trip. Colleen and Shendu are at Uncle's Rare Finds, telling him and the Enforcers about what happened with Stacey and Ice. They were all pretty shocked, especially the Enforcers.

"Aiyaa! Ice and Stacey are Valmont's children?!" Uncle exclaimed.

"I can't believe Ice's sis is the Devil Brat!" Finn yelled fearfully.

"Just when we thought she was gone for good!" Ratso added.

"Tch. You can't blame the Enforcers for being afraid," Shendu explained, "When that big brat was a little brat, she would kick them in the shins until she got what she wanted."

"With any luck, we won't bump into her!" Chow pleaded.

"Speak for yourself," Finn complained, "I have to help Sophie with her Annual School Parade float."

"Yeah. Our theme this year is magic symbolism," Colleen explains, "That's why we've chosen a Dragon for our float."

"Excellent choice, Colleen," Shendu happily stated.

"Stacey wanted a unicorn to represent her family's "nobility", Colleen said, "but Principal Ramsey wanted to show something that symbolizes spirit and goodness. What's even more unfortunate is that she and the rest of the Popular Posse are gonna help with the float, despite Sophie's objections against all of them and mine against Mikey for that matter."

Finn and Colleen walk out of the Uncle's shop and walk to the next trolley stop.

"I notice you spend a lot of time with Frank and Sophie, Finn," Colleen said, "Don't their parents ever help?"

"It's not that simple, Col," Finn replied, "My sister works as a psychologist for teens, so she's always books, and her dad is an executive for a medical consulting company, so he is away on business a lot. Frank is okay with it, but Sophie demands to be the center of attention."

"I forgot. She and her mom never talk to each other."

A few minutes later, they finally got onto the trolley and headed to Magus High. Little do they know the Awgwa sent by Tchang Zu is riding on top of the trolley to carry on his mission: to take control of Stacey and have her get rid of the J-Teens. He uses his finger to circle a magic window and contacted the Thunder Demon.

"I am on my way to the school, Lord Tchang Zu," the Awgwa reported.

"Excellent," he replied, "Once your there, you can take control of that brat Stacey and use her to put the J-Teens through numerous accidents."

"Yes, Sir, and once the J-Teens are gone, Stacey will be the one taking the blame and nobody will suspect you while you take over Avalon.

Both chuckle with evil in mind.