Ch. 5: Trouble for Stacey

On Avalon, Jade and the rest meet up with Xua Wing and told him what was going on. Xua Wing gives Jade a book on magical creatures.

"This book is a record of all known magical creatures," he said, "I need you to look through the pages until you find the creature you saw."

"No problem, Xua Wing," Jade said as she began looking through the book.

While Jade goes through the book, Drago, Ice, and Hsi Wu come in covered in gray goop.

"Drago, what happened to you guys?" Colleen asks.

"Stacey tried to pour quick-drying cement on us," Drago said.

"Luckily, the workers caught her before she can finish the job," Hsi Wu said while brushing the cement off.

"I know she's upset about the unicorn thing, but does she have to kill us about it?" Ice asks sarcastically.

"I don't think Stacey knows what she's doing," Jackie explains, "Jade said she saw some monster telling her to do bad things."

Xiao Fung and Tso Lan over heard everything just as they come in and got suspicious.

"Making her do bad things?" Xiao Fung got nervous, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking what I'm thinking, Tso Lan?"

"I hope that's not the case," Tso Lan hopes.

Then, Jade finally finds the picture of the creature she saw.

"I found it!" she said as she points the picture, "That's the creature I saw."

Hsi Wu looks over Jade's shoulder and gasps when he saw what it is.

"Oh no! An awgwa! That explains a lot!" Hsi Wu exclaimed.

"Awgwa? You mean like in "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus"?" Jade asks.

"Exactly," Tso Lan answers, "They are mountain demons that have the power to turn children bad and influence them until they become permanently evil."

"Mountain? Eh! That monster must have followed us from the Sienna Mountains," Jackie assumed.

"Is there a way to break Stacey from the awgwa? A way to break the spell?" Colleen asks.

"There's good news about that and there's bad news," Xiao Fung sighs, "The good news is there is way to break the spell; the bad news; however, is that the only way is for the child to listen to a stern voice of an adult she loves and respects."

"And there's only one adult we know that Stacey always respects!" Hsi Wu moans.

"My pop?! He can't discipline a whippet, let alone my sis," Ice reminds them.

"I know, Ice," Xua Wing said, "but he is the only one Stacey will listen too. We have to help her break free from the awgwa or she will wind up like Jack the Ripper."

"Jack the Ripper was infected by an awgwa?" Cody asks with a surprised look.

"I know some of history's most notorious killers were possessed by evil, but I didn't think it'd be a magical creature," Ice remarked.

"I'll get Shendu and Uncle to help me get to Valmont!" Colleen planned, "You guys find Stacey and make sure she doesn't get into trouble."

"I have a feeling she will try to find you," Xua Wing said, "This awgwa is making her put you through accidents. He probably has a reason for that."